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UM releases depth chart

CORAL GABLES -- Along with the news from the NCAA, here's the depth chart according to UM (with suspensions).

QB: Stephen Morris | Spencer Whipple
RB: Lamar Miller | Mike James | Maurice Hagens
WR: Allen Hurns | Kendall Thompkins | Phillip Dorsett
WR: LaRon Byrd | Rashawn Scott or Tommy Streeter
TE: John Calhoun or Asante Cleveland or Chase Ford or Clive Walford 
LT: Joel Figueroa | Malcolm Bunche
LG: Harland Gunn | Jared Wheeler
C: Tyler Horn | Shane McDermott
RG: Brandon Linder | Jonathan Feliciano
RT: Brandon Washington | Jermaine Johnson

DE: Marcus Robinson | Anthony Chickillo
DT: Micanor Regis | Olsen Pierre
DT: Darius Smith | Jalen Grimble
DE: Andrew Smith | David Perry 
SLB: Ramon Buchanan | C.J. Holton
MLB: Jimmy Gaines | Gionni Paul
WLB: Jordan Futch | Denzel Perryman
CB: Mike Williams | Lee Chambers
CB: Brandon McGee | Thomas Finnie
FS: Vaughn Telemaque | Kacy Rodgers
SS: Jojo Nicolas | A.J. Highsmith

Special Teams
K: Jake Wieclaw | Matt Goudis
P: Dalton Botts | Jake Wieclaw
KR: Lamar Miller | Brandon McGee | Phillip Dorsett
PR: Phillip Dorsett | Kendall Thompkins 


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figs at left tackle is asking for trouble!

If you think this is it, you're crazy.

The NCAA will be back and it will be ugly. All this does is prove that the NCAA believes players took money from Shapiro. All they need is a couple of snitches like Tyrone Moss and we're done.

Tyrone f**ing Moss needed to get got.


Jacory was suspended for a game based on...140 bucks!

Seriously, if that is the standard then almost every college football player across the country would be lucky to get off with 4 game suspensions based on the odds and ends handed out to them throughout the year(s) from various boosters that would violate NCAA rules.

The only thing wrong here is the NCAA caved in to the monopoly, ESPN, and others, who have decided the Miami Hurricanes should get the death penalty no matter the proof or lack thereof.

I keep saying that the NCAA had better proceed with great caution as I believe that there are infractions that will eventually be uncovered (SEC) that could bring entire conferences down should the NCAA overreach with the Canes penalties, thus setting precedent.

Give Jacory a break...his crime is the equivalent to spitting on the street and having an overzealous cop (NCAA) arrest the phlegm expelling perpetrator.

Surprised Streeter is not starting. I hope it gets on the field. Offense is going to be our strength....at least until Spence gets back on the field. Love that kid...

I caution Canes fans that ESPN and the other sham outlets that are heavily invested in the cries for the death penalty relating to the Canes are busily reloading after today’s setback (for them). And in the coming days they will be even more hysterical, while belligerently citing more misleading angles and screwball assumptions as to why the Canes should be banished from college football...don’t believe them!

These cross-eyed snake oil salesmen will also try to sell you on the theory that because 8 kids were found to have committed minor violations that means Shapiro was telling the truth and the whole Yahoo! story is fact...don’t believe them!

Just remember, the findings of today were the most easily arrived at due to the current players readily describing their mistakes to the NCAA. Going forward the investigation will ‘mostly’ be centered on individuals who won’t be so forthcoming with the NCAA, simply because they don’t have to.

Keep the faith and know that ESPN and the other usual suspects will be trying to destroy our current recruiting class with their lies and speculation all through the upcoming season, but in the end this case is based on the word of a jock sniffing, rodent, convicted ponzi scheming liar.

Yo Arty ... all the the current boyz did wuz save they asszzes ...

They sang like Birds to confirm wat wauz the goins on @ Dat U ...

U'll see Cane fan


props to A.D. ... he kept Duh U scrUd U just like Mike woUld'dah done.


yeah they're back huh Arthur ?

Only one injury away from WHIPPLE TIME!

Please God, help us make it through Monday night.

Posted by: UMoney | August 30, 2011 at 11:35 PM


God can not help U ... U can barely help Urselves ....

The N.C. TWO A is twiddling their thumbs and smerking @ U ...

U enjoy this 8-5 year, say bye bye to Ur recruiting class and fiddy/fiddy the next 8 years.

Institutional Control ?

Well said TheWhat. Go Miami beat the turtles.


Why is it necassary to attack players and call them names, if they are not performing where you would like??? They all try their best!!! They are 18 - 22 years old. If you are lucky enough to have had kids, you know a 22 year old in college is a KID. They all make dumb decisions. In the case of football players, they are not Pros. So not pros that $1200 of illgotten gains sat Ray Ray down for 6 games...200 a game! Its ok to crticise but not hurt or try to destroy. The same guys who are hurtful will praise them as soon as they do nosmething they like. Go Canes! WE will beat the Terps.

I think --- a Golden run team, motivated, not making mistakes-- not giving up the ball--- playing with energy and enthusiasm---will give us what we have been waiting for since Coker was canned and Shannon was given the chance.

It has been a very wierd couple of weeks-- and closure is good-- it will be so exciting monday nite at 8-- cant wait.

So, for you scientists out there, is there a positive correlation between # of stars in the recruiting rankings and propensity to take improper benefits and break the rules?

In this small sample of suspended players, it seems to be the case, no?

And the Northwestern players are "leading the way." Aldarius Johnson appears to be a self-defeating young man who has not performed up to expectations, despite the hype. It's a shame. What is his future? As is too often the case, where was his father to guide him? To instill a strong sense of right and wrong, instead of entitlement? How about the other kids?

Coach Golden is right on to seek young men of character for the program, no matter their "stars." They will tend to be refractory to slimeball "boosters." Some boost, huh?

In the meantime, the season holds a lot of promise for the Canes. Let's start by putting a big hurt on the turtles! Good days are coming for the Canes!

Some Great Posts, FINALLY Game time! Checklist:

1. volume on TV off - CHECK!
2. watching Lamar rush for 138 - CHECK!
3. watching Anthony, THE GOON, be unblockable from DE position - CHECK!
5. Final score, amidst all of this crap - Canes 28, Maryland 10 in a very serious, hard hitting statement game from Golden - CHECK!

Yea, espn, get a life. GO CANES!!!!!

I am with you. Gonna duplicate this
checklist and use it!
Go Canes!

Streeter had a Injury that's why He's not starting.

WCC- It's funny that you are only calling out JH12. That's rather weird..

I told you so...you got to have faith in this team and their coaches. Everything will turn out fine and so far, not to bad. I win will really stick it to all the ones who turned their backs on the U when things did not look to good. Bad choice...I really beleive that this is going to be one of the best years in a long time for the U. Go Canes...we are proud.

If Maryland can run the ball, they will wear us down and it will be long day..

Anyone read the NCAA release on their website? IT reads just like yahoo's reports. That certainly can't be a good sign as the players confessed to exactly what Nevin said he did. This is going to be bad.

First and most important I have to thank you guys who keep me posted out here since I move to Colorado from Miami 6 years ago. I started posting as Canecern when Larry Coker thought he was in the Midwest. Obviously alot of this started with him. As for Randy Shannon, the only problem I had with him was that he was not a good HC. The reason I think Jacory will great this year as per the last few years is because Al Golden made sure he worked his as off. I had a big problem last year when Randy had him standing during practices while he was hurt and then basically gave him the starting job without ever giving Morris a chance. We all saw the result of not having players earn there spot. As for the NCAA, I hate to give excuses but if they can fine a team out there were players did not take a gift, they should just automatically anoint them NC. Jacory and the rest of these kids did this while they were coming in as freshman, who knows what this little scam artist did to get there attention. One thing for sure that little amount of money did not make this kids want to come to the U. Instead of hurting the Kids who did nothing the NCAA needs to go after the coaches and administrators if they knew and banded them from every working in any College. If the players take money or gifts without the coaches knowing then they are off the team and can't play any college ball ever. I think that may be enough to discourage these behaviors.

Hey Manny how can you work with Morons like Guitierrez Robertson Cote and Degnan all day ?
It has to be hard.

Ok this is not to bad. I would say about 90% of the players on the depth chart have significant playing time. The areas of concern are the lack of depth on the d-line and the lack of experience in the kicking game. Can't miss field goals and give Maryland good field position all game long. D-backs starters are ok. All have experience but the back-ups not so much. Could be a problem in nickel and dime situations. The most glaring has to be what happens if Morris goes down to injury and Whipple takes over.

Manny and Susan,

Any details on Streeter's injury situation?

Until we get leadership, we will not win. If our upperclassman are all suspended, there are no leaders. GO CANES - but be prepared to lose 6 or 7 this year.

Aldarius is going to leave school and get an apartment in Hialeah with Ryan Moore.

Who U's kidding WESTCOASTCane. Miami will absolutely lose some scholarships next season and in 2013.
I guess you and your ilk have forgotten that the National CORRUPT Athletic Azzwhol-ssociation intends to make a bloody SCAPEGOAT of the Miami football program. Albeit there will be no death penality.
So, enjoy this season because the next two seasons will probably be difficult times in Coral Gables.
Just a major college pigskin aficiando whom doesn't have an axe to grind with Cane football. Like the HATERS around the coUntry.

This is a serious question - please, CanetilIdie, tell me exactly what President Shalala has done that you want her fired? Academically, she has raised the U to another level, the med school especially - as an alumnus, this is the most important thing to me. We couldn't afford to maintain the OB and the City didn't want to - so specifically, what has she done that is so reprehensible?

Well Well reason for optimism. We needed double shot of optimism before the Hangmen NCAA ruling comes down. We need Porter and Luther Robinson to get healthy to solidify that dline. So for Olivier Vernon, but he now has a season and a half remaining. Go Canes.

Let's just hope that Dorsett focuses on catching the ball first,then using his amazing acceleration and cutting ability to take it to the house! Hester style!

This is a serious question - please, CanetilIdie, tell me exactly what President Shalala has done that you want her fired? Academically, she has raised the U to another level, the med school especially - as an alumnus, this is the most important thing to me. We couldn't afford to maintain the OB and the City didn't want to - so specifically, what has she done that is so reprehensible?

Posted by: OhioCane | August 31, 2011 at 02:04 PM

I agree with you Ohio. I think that many 'Canes fans are mad at her because they think she did not promote or tried to put a "strangle hold" on the football team. I do agree that she could have supported the football program more and I think over the past 6 months that she has done a much better job. The issue is though many 'Canes fans believe that she should give football 99% of her time and resources and give the other 1% to other arbitrary and meaningless things like, umm, lets see... academics. I can't speak for all as to why they despise her, but I will tell you this, defending Shalala on THIS board is fighting an uphill battle. Be prepared to get roasted.

aldarious was put in a position where he could help his mom and he took advantage now he's ashamed and rather sit out than admit how many times and how much he got...write a letter to the proper committee of the ncaa...just tell it all and it'll be over and you may just play this year. GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCANES!!!!!!

I have one question that bothers me? After the Spring and the Scrimmages that had this Summer Why isn’t Tommy Streeter starting over Byrd?

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