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VIDEO: Uncle Luke weighs in on Shapiro, NCAA investigation

CORAL GABLES -- I made it down to Miami Northwestern High this afternoon and caught up with former rapper Luther Campbell, whose ties to UM go way, way, way back.

Here's what Uncle Luke had to say about Nevin Shapiro (who called himself Little Luke).


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Break It on Down Luke!

enjoy his take! But lets be realistic, the amount of evidence is pretty substantive in the Yahoo story. Good to see Marve and other players clear. Hopefully that means the same for the rest of the current players that are guilty! I still have a feeling Miami is going to get in trouble but really hope that it doesn't have to deal with current players!

As expected Luke makes no freaking sense. Sure Shapiro is a piece of dirt, but Luke completely exonerates the greed and debauchery of the UM players and coaches. Shapiro didn't put a gun to anyone's head. It might be hard for a poor inner city kid to turn down a free meal, but we're not talking free meals here. We're talking yachts, strip clubs, night clubs, liquor, prostitutes, bounties, gambling, and even an abortion!!! That's why I don't respect Luke's opinion - it's completely prejudiced and irrational. And notice how Luke had to take some type of bizarre, senseless shot at Gainesville. It's obvious that, like most UM fans, he lives under the shadow of Gator Nation, but his idea that Miamians are going to slit their throats if UM gets the death penalty is ridiculous. The U is irrelevant even in Miami. Don't believe me? Go to Sun Life Stadium on a Saturday and count the empty orange seats.

The most popular sports in Miami are:
1) Miami Dolphins
2) Miami Heat
3) Florida Gators (more alumni in 305 than U can count)
4) Florida Marlins (who I love)
5) Los Industriales de La Habana
6) Dominos (just ask los balseros)
7) Drag racing on Okeechobee
8) Little League baseball
9) Jai-alai
10) Miami Hurricanes (only for the over 30 crowd, who remember the long gone glory days)
Honorable Mention: F.I.U. football - who will soon eclipse the U as the # 10 most popular sport in Miami

Let me ask, you gainsville transplant. You put 305 as you poster name but you really dont know squat about the 305. If you look at Sunlife stadium when the Dolphins, Marlins are playing there is always empty seats. When you look at the Heat at the American Airlines Arena you see empty seats. These is what we keep telling ya'll wannabe "Miamian gators" that there is more to do down here in Miami then there is in gainsville. Got back to gainsville and find some commom sense dude!

It's obvious that your opinion is completely irrelevant due to the fact that your name is "305 gator". You're clearly biased and sour about the fact that you live in Hurricane territory. Maybe its time you move to hick town, crappy Gainsville where you belong.

everything from 2001-2006 its 100% correct, thats when all major infractions happened.

2007-present is all made up lies.

All current players will be cleared.

If Marve and the player from nebraska are cleared, then so will the current players.

If Spence, fortson knew these allegations where coming when he first said these comments they wouldve left for the draft.

Guy is a fraud. All his pictures and details where from the early part of the decade. Notice he doesnt have any pictures wit the current players.

Shannon hated this guy, and told his players and coaches numerous of times if they came in contact with him they would be kicked off or fired.

NCAA heard about this over a year ago, and started their investigation 5 months ago. And now they are only sending 2 reps to interview 5 months later? Really??? Why so long??

Miami might gets punished but not as bad as we think. All current players wil lbe cleared!!

Gator, get a grip, no one in Miami other than a gator alumni cares about Florida. If the guy has something that is legitimate proof then that is one thing. But pictures of guys is not exactly proof of anything other than they were associated with a scumbag. Thats it. It means nothing. So what if he has a receipt for things. That doesn't mean it was bought for a player. Last time I checked receipts do not have a players name on it. And lastly I find it funny that a bone head Gator like Crowder went out and said publicly that he had sold his jerseys and memorabilia and the NCAA never questions or investigates that. This right after Terrel Pryor got busted. In all seriousness these boosters and agents need to be the ones that are penalized, not the University. If Randy Shannon, Larry Coker, Frank Haith, and Donna Shalala knew of this, then they along with any current players should be penalized by the NCAA. If the coaches knew it then they should not be allowed to coach in the NCAA, or in Shalala's case be eligible to hold a University job at any University. The NCAA does a poor job of penalizing the wrong culprits when they should be hitting the ones in authoritative positions

305 gator, the only reason why there would be more gator alumni than cane almuni in South Florida is because of the low admission standards in gainesville. Last time I checked you only needed a heartbeat to get in the UF which is a downgrade from the previous standard of drooling.

"there is more to do down here in Miami"

This is hands down the dumbest reason anyone can come up with for not going to games and supporting their team.

There are only 6-7 home games a year. What do you do on saturdays during the fall that you are so busy with? Do you go to the beach?
Come on just come out and say it, you are a fair weather fan like the majority of um fans. Talk talk talk but than you get on here and say sorry I'm too busy to go to games. thats a joke. 10,000 fans at a home game is sad for a city this size.

Soon you might not have to worry about making up excuses on why you can't go to the games. There might not be anymore games.

I'm still giving current players the benefit of the doubt. We have to back these guys if there's no proof. If proof comes out that current players accepted benefits, they have to go.

Tyrone Moss, you can talk all you want, but you're still a no talent bust.

305 Gator, you are a moron. No one in Miami cares about Gators. Your teams stench runs through most of the state. You still smell it a little in Palm Beach County, but by the time you get down to Broward, the odor fully disappears. I really feel for Coach Golden and his staff on this whole matter. The thing that gets me though is this- The NCAA has been investigating this whole matter since April, but waited till this Monday to actually go down to Coral Gables? Also, if they have been investigating for 5 months, how is it that Coach Golden did not know this? Was it some kind of undercover investigation that UM administration and staff were not privy to? I know personally that I had heard about this issue sometime last year during the season. Anyhow, I know that many people hate Coach Shannon on this board, but I was glad to hear (from interviews with Luke, Dan Weitzel and Charles Robinson-both who broke the story) that Randy hated this guy like poison from day one and wanted him to stay clear of his players and the program. The scum bag, still was able to reach his tentacles into the program though unfortunately. Anyhow, some good news does come out of this that Robert Marve and Orson Charles (who this guys said he did illegal things for while they were being recruited and while Marve was on the team) both have been cleared to play by their respective schools. I just hope that things play out this way: 1) We find out which players have to sit and which players can play (hopefully they all are cleared to play). 2)Coach Golden can keep this recruiting class together. 3) The NCAA rules on this issue sooner, rather than later (I don't want a 5 years investigation and ruling like USC received). 4) Of course, as all UM fans do, that the damage is as minimal as possible. Even though I wish we would be completely exonerated, I just think that we will get some type of punishment. The death penalty? No. Punishment and sanctions? Yes. We will see how it plays out and all hope for the best. Lastly, I know that Luke does lots for the community and that we all took this news like a kick in the groin, but for him to say that some took it like they took hearing about 9/11, was just a little too much for me. Anyone who took this news like that needs to get some perspective. JMO.

To all you chUMps talking smack, I was born, raised, and I reside in Miami. This is MY hometown! There are too many Miamians who are proud alumni of the University of Florida to count! I spent four years in Gainesville and loved every minute of it. How many years did you guys spend at the University of Coral Gables? I bet most of you went to MDCC or FIU. Suckers! And canesftw, do some research: UF is by far THE hardest university in the state to gain acceptance to. In fact, it's private schools that have lower entry standards because it's so damn expensive to attend (you have to be filthy rich - like Nevin Shapiro - to pay tuition at UM). Do research clown. You obviously never attended your "beloved" UM.

Home game for the Gators in Sun Life Stadium in 2013. If UM can't make it, we'll play FIU - they're better than U anyways! At least the Golden Panthers have won their conference!

If there is "more to do here in Miami," then why is Luke saying everybody's going to "slice their throats?"

Maybe they should just buy a ticket to a game instead? Wait, they can't, because there's "too much to do here in Miami."

I'd go to a game but I'd rather:
-shop at Dolphin Mall
-rollerskate on Lincoln Road
-ride my bike down the Rickenbacker Causeway
-eat at La Carreta
-shop at the USA Flea Market
-smoke weed at the park
-stay home and watch the game on TV
-troll Gator blogs and talk smack about how great UM is and how crappy Gainesville is because there are "more things to do in Miami"


One of you guys in prison, do the right thing for Shapiro.

Oh God, the attendance argument AGAIN?? Give it a rest Gator fans... Miami is a small private school with 10,000 undergrads, and yet averages 50,000+ attendance a game each season. That's 500 percent! Meanwhile, the University of Florida has 32,000 undergrads and averages almost 90,000... 300 percent. Add in each school's alumni base to the equation and my point is exponentially stronger!

And billy bob joe -- I like your point that Forston and Spence would have skipped to the draft if they thought anything could come of this. I think there's little doubt of what happened during Coker's tenure, but I think when Randy came in he largely exonerated this type of thing. Now Frank Haith is a different story....

I do believe oUr work is done here Arty ...

row 2 ... axe for Connie or Randall

And who cares where U were born, raised, or how U were raised? If U loved Canesville so much then move back there and get on your teams blog, nimrod.

or Grandel ... Randal


gonna be a great Fall and Winter in G'ville


# 16 is rett to go

Yeah I want to agree with U Cane Mutiny about Randy. Coker I wouldn't doubt it but Randy I just don't see it. IF Randy knew about it I think he may have known it when he was DC and when he bacame HC he distanced his players from him as much as he probably could. Man Jacory's gotta be thinking "what else can happen to me"

On a sidenote, is it just me or is Donna Shalala the ugliest woman on earth? Some halloween store could make some serious money off of her likeness.

Posted by: DMacUM09 | August 17, 2011 at 04:58 PM


Ur done


Hey people, all of this so called evidence is still nothing but heresay. This guy has sour grapes because he tried to blackmail former players into paying his legal bills. He will lie and scheme all he wants. The National Conartists Athletics Association (NCAA) will still need hard evidence or the school could sue them. What's the talk about the abortion? No player recieved an abortion. Some ho got one but who is gonna prove a player got her pregnant? Even if a player did Shithero said the player did not know anything about it. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This will not even amount to probation for the "U" just watch and see. The media is running wild because it's Miami. They want to turn over the band wagon that Golden has rolling. Ignore them. Worried about recruits? Nah, it may attract more as there could be several openings if and a big if it were true.



What really happened to the great "U"?
No ACC champ
No Bowl game win
No Stadium (All the school listed above has stadiums...)
Declining attendance
Fired Coach & AD who Quit

U even know just whyamd how U got crUshed ?

'caUse U were crUshable ...

You know, I just love when people talk about the lack of attendance at Miami football games. Eveyone wants to compare apples to oranges and say everything is apples. Well some little tidbits for your perusal.

University of Southern California plays in the 100,000 seat Rose Bowl (a stadium owned by the city not USC) and rarely sells out.

Cincinatti, Maryland and Rutgers give away thier student tickets for FREE so the students will attend.

Miami plays in a stadium that sits more than 70000 people which is larger than the majority of stadiums in the country.

Miami has a small student population and a small alumni base compared to the state schools listed above.

Miami is located in the middle of a large metro area and has no room to expand much more to build a stadium on campus. (remember FIU was built out on the edge of miami near the everglades and was provided the room by the county government and state government for expansion. FSU is in rural north florida also with room for expansion and Gainsville is nothing but trailer parks with nothing else around (primary reason why I didn't go there was the campus was too big and raw sewage all over the floor in one of the dorms I visited))

UF, FSU, USF, FIU and FAU are all state schools meaning the public owns the stadiums they play in because tax payer money was used to finance them. And yes, bonds that were sold to finance the expansions were also financed by the state coffers.

What would be real interesting to know is what are the prices of student tickets to one of these venues? How much money from state coffers are being used to subsidize football at all of these schools. In a recent article in The Record (a newspaper in northern new jersey) 46 of the 52 BCS schools receive a subsidy. Sunshine laws require state institutions to provide information on thier spending. Private institutions are not covered by sunshine laws. If my memory serves me right, Miami, Vanderbilt, Duke, Syracuse, and Notre Dame are private institutions. I think Boston College is the sixth. Anyway, this means Florida football gets a subsidy. In other words Miami fans are paying for Florida fans to go watch Florida football otherwise Ben Hill Griffin stadium would be just as empty as Dolphin Stadium.

The truth is no one respects the rules of amateurism – not the players and certainly not the administrators. They don’t embrace the austerity that should come from operating a system that, for tax-avoidance purposes, is hyped as just some extracurricular pursuit.

Know this about Nevin Shapiro: He rained down millions on Miami players during an eight-year spread, yet he didn’t come close to the levels of gifts and graft that former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker lavished on athletic directors, presidents and conference commissioners.

Shapiro took scores of players out on his $1.6 million yacht. It didn’t cost nearly as much as the Orange Bowl spent in 2010 to provide 40 athletic directors and four conference commissioners (plus spouses) with a four-day Caribbean cruise.


Uncle luke? Who gives a f*ck what that moron thinks? All I know i s that we win the acc and our 6th NC this year. Dare I say I am delusional?

Th emedia is runningrampant with this story- basically has crucified Miami before any evidence was confirmed. The jhack at Yahoo interviewed Shapiro, but did they interview the current players who are being accused? Did they confirm some of these allegations, like the pregnant stripper, the prostitutes, etc? ITS ALL HEARSAY, but they are running wild with it.


The word of a lying con man.

He's already said he lied about some things.

Hope the NCAA has enough sense to determine how much of this is true.

Gator fans on this blog are no better than Nevin Shapiro. You are low life scum that revel in oythers misery.

Good luck UF being the doormats of the SEC...again, and to go back to irrelevance as you were for 80 years.

Gators. That word makes me laugh.

Another hack, from SportingNews is calling for MIami 's program to be shut down.

Another guy swears Golden will be gone by December. he basically guarantees it

What is it with you media people that you want so much attention for yourselves?

Media- get over yourselves.

Jacory is done here as QB. Guys has tons of emails and texts with Shapiro. No way they march him out as the starter....done.

Shalala has done a great job of throwing Al Golden under the bus on this. Instead of taking the interviews on this, she has Al Golden march out there.

No doubt Golden is out of here at the end of the season.

Uncle Luke on his high horse....hilarious.

We get into trouble and publish and interview with Uncle Luke as our defense. When the death penalty comes....look back on moments like this.

texts and emails... Hearsay. What do these texts say, were they one way? How are they incriminating of anything? Again...Hearsay.

hearsay. Yet the Herald, and everyone is assuming that wrongs were doing by everyone. Prove it. Substantiate it. everyone here is basing their opinions from the yahoo article, and now the Herald has run with it. So everyone assumes everything is true. Like Gospel...from a danged criminal. LOL. Everyone is so stoopid.

Hey warchemist, you're an idiot. Take a trip to Gainesville and you will see that it is a bustling metropolitan area. The only idiots who will laugh at that are the retarded Cane "fans" who have never stepped foot outside of South Floria. Oh, and passing a sign that says "Gainesville" on the turnpike does not mean you have been to Gainesville. But then, I guess you guys are desperate right about now. ESPN is just crapping all over U right now. Once again, the U is the toilet of college football.

Yeah, sure SUICYDOUCHE, Canes are so irrelevant like, say, Montana State, that you spend time on both teams' blogs ripping them, right.

As for Turdville a "bustling metropolis" or even a "nice college town," wrong on both points. I have been to that church-infested backwater many times. It is an ugly collection of small buildings without the quaintness of a small-town feel. It is just as ugly as Knoxville and Starkville where Inhave also been.

Gainesville and UFailure will forever live in the shadow of Miami. More wins, rings and culture.

As for the dope who said UFelony is the hardest school in the State to get into? False. As the largest state school, it's mission is to accept otherwise unqualified Florida residents. Combined with the statewide cuts in education spending and the state if Florida already being 48 out of 50 stTes in public education funding tells you something about the quality of a UTrailer education.

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years

Tyrone Moss's admission is bad and Holcutt lied. USC's sanctions were brought by testimony of a felon. Best case scenario is loss of scholarships and no bowls for 4-5 years. Oh Paul Dee's quote yesterday was hypocritical.

we dUne

Hamburger make up your facts as you wish, another typical delusional Miami Moron. Just ask any smart high school senior and they will tell you UF is the hardest school to get in in Florida by far. Those are 2 things you don't have.......smarts and high school........that is why you are confused.

305Gator, go jump in with the real gators, follow me, ill take you to them,,the hurricanes are love and admired around the country,, just ask espn, abc, who carry thier games on national television, more so than any other school,,the U get ratings, sorry, win or lose, they get ratings, the NCAA know this, th NCAA know ESPN have a tv contract with the ACC, the big draw was the U, Florida State, and Virginia Tech, The U will lose scholarships, ban from bowl play for a couple of seasons, but trust, nothing more than that, the system is broken, and has been for a while, the NCAA know this as well.

Posted by: AL

I like that,"the system is broken" excuse is what the cane fans are saying NOW. No one said "the system is broken" when USC or Ohio State got penalized.

This is Ur wakeup call Cane Fans ...

It's Ova.

Insecure Gatr grad, I went to a school that makes UTrailer look like Burger King University. I grew up in Miami and am a die-hard fan. UTrailer was not even my safety school so if you want to compare academic credentials I am more than ready.

You are on a Cane blog spouting on about UTrailer's alleged superiority. That is pure insecurity. Heidi Klum doesnt have to shout about how beautiful she is. The insecure Pig, like Snooki, does.

UTrailer is Snooki. Miami is Klum. You are insecure.

Canes own you. You are the product of a failed public education system.

Posted by: Hamburger Helper in Trailerville

I would say Miami is more like Naomi Campbell. Way past her prime and always in trouble.

As a Seminole fan here in Tallahassee, I hate to see this happening to Hurricanes and the ACC. Since the inception of Athletics at FSU, Miami was the ONLY in-state school who would play us home and home in all sports without exception. Even though the rivalry has gotten beyond intense at times in all sports, there has always been respect that FSU and Miami played their contests like no other. Good luck Hurricanes and hopefully we will continue to play many classics in the future.

Thanks, LT Erwin.

Suzy-Q, PLEASE show me anywhere NEAR the sheer number of obsessive, hatefilled, and personally attacking messages from Canes on a Gator blog as we are seeing on here from Gator trolls. Don't try to act Hloier-than-thou when you guys are on here day and night, 1am included, in posts attacking the school, the city, the fans, and the posters on here daring to say anything positive about their school.

Until then, don't act like Canes fans troll your boards anywhere NEAR the level you people do on here, except in occassional retaliation.

Posted by: AL

I like that,"the system is broken" excuse is what the cane fans are saying NOW. No one said "the system is broken" when USC or Ohio State got penalized.

Posted by: Nevin's yacht | August 18, 2011 at 09:52 AM

Actually, we did. You just couldn't see it through the mass of Gator troll comments on here. Plenty of folks said players selling their used jerseys and rings for tatoos, when the jerseys and rings are THEIRS in the first place, is no reason for punishment, and in fact the rules should be changed. The SEC and ACC commissioners BOTH said that as well, so don't make it just an ACC or SEC thing.

Hamburger make up your facts as you wish, another typical delusional Miami Moron. Just ask any smart high school senior and they will tell you UF is the hardest school to get in in Florida by far. Those are 2 things you don't have.......smarts and high school........that is why you are confused.

Posted by: jls14234 | August 18, 2011 at 09:13 AM

You guys want to obsessively troll here, we get it. But when he states a fact, you can't disprove it with anecdotal evidence and then throw in a personal attack on his intellignece when he is actually right and you are wrong.

Miami is ranked higher academically, 47th versus 53rd in the US News and World Report.

Miami is more selective, and has higher than average SAT scores.

Admissions Data (2010):
•Percent of Applicants Admitted: 39%
•Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
•SAT Critical Reading: 590 / 680
•SAT Math: 620 / 700
•SAT Writing: 580 / 680

UF is less selective, and has lower average SAT scores than Miami.

Admissions Data (2010):
•Percent of Applicants Admitted: 43%
•Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
•SAT Critical Reading: 570 / 670
•SAT Math: 600 / 690
•SAT Writing: - / -

If you really wish to use acceptance rates as your criteria, both schools lose to FIU anyway, so your criteria is flawed, since they are not a top 50 school by any stretch of the imagination. Toughest school to get into does NOT equate with best school.

We are in the middle of a scandal, plenty of material for you there, and you want to question acceptance rates? Really, if you are gonna troll, use the stuff that is out there as fact, rather than piling on with lies.

@Canesjunkie & Billy bob joe good feedback and thoughts gentlemen. In 2001-2006 we're going to suffer for those yrs only. But 2007-present I think we're good on these. And i'm like Luke they need to provide alot of proof in order to have me worried. Now Tryone Moss u we're straight garbage so I can't count you as a U player lol. Man u needed so much work done in order for you to be a good player. But I think everything will be fine but why did the NCAA waited so long to look into this? That's the funny thing that is hitting me. When u hear things like this u should automatically be on this right a way. But This isn't nothing but pure motivation for these guys. Everyone that is on the UM schedule this year they better be prepared because these guys are going to play every game with a chip on their shoulders.

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