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VIDEO: Uncle Luke weighs in on Shapiro, NCAA investigation

CORAL GABLES -- I made it down to Miami Northwestern High this afternoon and caught up with former rapper Luther Campbell, whose ties to UM go way, way, way back.

Here's what Uncle Luke had to say about Nevin Shapiro (who called himself Little Luke).


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Thank you, Five Titles. Does "toughest" mean based on percentage of applicants?

Well, if every 'neck in Florida applies, i.e. 1 million, and each class is limited to 20K then yeah, that would be tough on a percentage basis. If by tough you mean rigorous academic standards, well, Gatr trash, you lose.

As always, insecure Gatr trash thinks they are so much better than they really are.

Wasn't then cliche about "arrogance of ND and tradition of Wake Forest" said about UFelony?

Thank you Uncle Luke! Well said. One thing Randy was and that was paronoid about agents and overzealous boosters. I would find it hard to believe that he condoned any of his players associating with this guy. I have yet to see a reciept for a hotel bill, resteraunt receipt, or p%zzi bill with any player's name on it. We have not seen any players bank account with large sums of money deposited.



the bryce brothers, robert marve were all clear by their current universities and the NCAA, why cant the same be done for the current 12 miami players??? i mean, did the ncaa investigate and clear these players months ago, or recently? if recently, why cant they do it for the miami players? no one has accepted or been accused of accepting any money after 3/2010, the guy was tyring to keep his butt from the FED pen by then,

Across the nation how many 18-22 year old athletes would turn down guaranteed money or extra benefits?

Do I think that the university knew? I hope not but that all depends on what coaches such as Haith, Hurt, Pun, and Stoutland have to say.

Like I said earlier, we should be in a lot better shape thanks to Randy Shannon. The dude loved the U and I don't see him doing anything stupid to bring down the program. In one way or another he might have been the best thing that happened to the U.

Remember, that these are all allegations and just because you have a receipt and pictures dated back to 2005 does not mean we are currently guilty. If I spent $2000 at a hotel during a bye week does not necessarily mean that it was for Miami players. It could mean that he spent that money on himself because he couldn't make his image bigger by being on the Miami sidelines.

Furthermore, what credibility do any of his girlfriends have knowing his business was illegal and staying by his side all this time? Reality is that unlike other schools Miami will always have to prove its innocents. Give me surveillance tape of Miami players entering the hotel or even his yacht and I will believe, but I won't buy in that a person who hid the truth from the government is now telling the whole truth. Do I believe that everything he is saying is a lie? No, some of it is true, because the odds are in his favor that a renegade booster will lure in one single 18-22 year old player out of 85 or more athletes to take his money and his benefits. Do I believe that he was as successful under Coach Shannon? No, and if he did lure in kids the odds are against him to have lured coaches as well.

Just because there is a paper trail does not constitute as proof that the money was given to a specific player or coach.

This guy is the worst type of person on the face of the earth who lives to take advantage of the less fortunate and even more importantly against juveniles. Based on that alone I agree with Uncle Luke that the court system needs to add more time for either perjury or for soliciting sex to minors.

Fire shalalalala noe

...i'm just going to sit back and wait and see...
A lot of people chiming in...mostly to stir the pot and rile us up.
I will say though, how surprised I am with so many people running with this. I do respect Herbstreit and Urban Myer, and a few select others, who have asked everyone to consider the source, and hold opinion 'till this is all worked out.

That is what I choose to do.

You Guys need to chill out! The Leaders NCAA Are a bunch of hyprocites. Who make so Much Money Off of Football And Basketball and The Pocket untold riches and lie about it. These People in charge need to be inestigated by Congress and found guilty and sent to prison

As for you Canes haters namely you Gaters
remember pell.

305Gaturd, Just two words for ya: SCHOOL ENVY!

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