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Al Golden talks about his team late Sunday afternoon

Here's a transcript I did from Al Golden's call with us today:

Would you like to see a more aggressive Jacory Harris, like yesterday in the second half, throwing downfield more and taking chances?

"I just want Jacory to play within the system and I know Jed wants the same thing and I thought he did a good job doing that. He threw the ball out of bounds a couple times, scrambled a couple other times and then took shots when they were there.

Again, I thought he stepped into his throws really nicely – two posts to Travis, one to Hurnsey, and he scrambled one time and hit Dorsett. He did some good things. We just have to make sure he stays within the system and take what the defense gives us."

He came alive in the second half. Why is that?

"He’s been playing pretty good football. Again quarterbacks are going to throw interceptions. We just don’t want a great number of them. Right now he’s doing what we’re asking him to do. He’s almost 70-percent [completion rate]. He’s four touchdowns and I think three interceptions. He’s executing the offense. We should have been a little better on third down, but I think some of that was due to the two penalties. But clearly he’s doing what we want him to do. He stood in there and took some hits and made some throws. I’m excited with Jacory and the direction he’s going with us."

Lamar Miller's injury status?

"It’s a shoulder injury. There’s no status and there’s really no story right now. We don’t think it’s going to be anything too bad but we’ll find out when we get out tomorrow."

On the drive where K-State got its final touchdown, Sean wasn’t on the field first four plays. Why?

"Very early in the fourth, right after the pass to travis that got you lead? It was just a situation where we were going to rest him three or four plays and then get him back out there. We try to rest the guys for a couple plays here and there and then make sure we’re not doing it in bunches. In other words we don’t want to do it at D-line in two or three spots while we’re doing it at linebacker and the secondary. We just want to give him a couple plays so we could finish the game strong."

 Brandon Washington, any reason for concern there?

"No. I think he’s going to be ok. They both got banged up in the game. We knew it was going to be a big physical team we were playing. We could see that on tape. But clearly they were that. we have some guys that are banged up, but we anticipate both those guys being back."

How is the confidence of Mike James, with his turnovers and yesterday's two unsuccessful runs? How is he emotionally?

"I think he’s doing OK. The biggest thing down there was we didn’t execute. We gave it to Mike. Mike is the same guy who finished that drive down there last week. He’s a 220 pound back. He’s a good back down in there.  Lamar was banged up a little bit. It’s good to give it to mike down there. He’s a big physical back, but we didn’t execute. Again, give credit to ks. But we actually lost a yard which left us with a fourth and 2 and clearly you don’t have as many choices as if you were left with a fourth and half a yard. We didn’t execute as a team and mike was only part of that.’’

Penalties have gone from 10 to 5 to 4. Yesterday, a couple illegal procedures killed things.

“Bad ones, yeah. Not only were those two bad but then we took possession of the ball after K-state scored and got an illegal block in the back and we started off on our own 10 which hampered that drive. The penalties overall have been better but the two on offense, our first two drives I believe, came at critical times. First time we were left with a third-and-one, then we were third-and-6, and we ended up settling for a field goal there. Then the next one was fourth-and-3, 39 or 40-yard-line. I thought it would be just as good to go for it there as it would be to punt. So we did that and we went offside. We ended up completing that ball, but we jumped just a hair too quickly. So those are significant plays, especially in a [game] that comes down to the final play of the game. Those two plays ended up being really big, costly plays for us."

 Run defense, any rhyme or reason why they were so successful against you yesterday?

"No. 1 we didn’t tackle very well. We didn’t tackle the quarterback very well. He’s a big strong runner and we knew that going in. We just had too many missed tackles on him and we weren’t as precise as we needed to be, quite honestly, on defense. We need to make sure we’re all on the same page and one guy is not playing one technique and the other guy is freelancing and the next thing you know you’ve got a big play. We had too much of that. We have to stay focused and play collectively on defense. Hopefully we’ll get that fixed here."

Chase had a huge catch but no other receptions from tight ends. Why aren’t the tight ends catching more balls?

"You guys keep asking me and I keep telling you, we’re going to keep trying to make sure we have enough plays in there to get them the ball and to make sure we’re doing what we need to do to get them the football. I thought obviously Chase made a big play there but we‘ve got to get the ball to Chase and Clive a little bit more. We’re just going to stay with it until we do it. I thought we game planned to get the ball better in Travis’ hands and certainly Alan and Street are doing much better. Dorsett showed up which I knew he would ultimately. So now we need the same out of Chase and Clive. We’ll keep working on it. It’s something important to me that we get them involved and hopefully we’ll improve that this week."

 Bethune Cookman has like 27 kids from South Florida on that team, probably many of whom dreamed at one time of playing at Miami. This is a huge deal for them, their first BCS opponent. How dangerous a week is this, when you combine their level of excitement with the potential for morale issues after loss to Kansas State. How leery are you of where things stand?

"This is an excellent opponent coming in, so very leery, No. 1. No. 2, not really worried too much about our morale as much as I am worried about just the process and moving forward. There are very few teams that have opened up playing three bowl teams to start off the season, so hopefully our kids are learning. We’re improving. We certainly have to do better in many areas. I’m not saying that. We’re playing good competition. We’re getting better. This is the next test for us. We know they’re going to come in here and fly around. They’ve had nine days to prepare for us, so I know that has got our guys’ attention. We’ve just got to stay focused on the process and get ready for Bethune. They’re going to provide us an incredible challenge on offense – multiple formations, segments of the spread option that we’ve just seen, so that will get our guys’ attention, and very aggressive on defense. Clearly this will be a great challenge for us this week."

Because they are so diverse offensively, do you have any real time in the schedule this week to certainly not look past them, but obviously then you have ACC road games the next two weeks. Can you do any planning that can carry over this week?

 "No. We’re not there right now. We’re playing too many young guys and we’re trying to settle into being a good team ourselves. We’re just trying to improve right now and we’re just trying to fix the things that we’re not doing well. For all the things we didn’t do well we had a chance to win that game. That’s ultimately on my shoulders and that’s something that I’ve got to get fixed. And that’s something that we’ve got to get fixed as an organization. Our kids are fighting back. They’re competing. They’re giving themselves an opportunity to win and we’ve got to make sure we do that. But we don’t have time to move forward right now on anything else but Bethune."

They had four fumbles yesterday and you couldn't get one turnover. How important is it that the defense starts forcing turnovers?

“It’s critical. It’s absolutely critical because I don’t know what our average starting field position is. I think it was around the 30-yard line or 29-yard line so that left us a long field the whole time. They put the ball on the ground four times and we didn’t get it. Their offense is a high degree of difficulty offense, which means it’s not only a high degree of difficulty for us to defend, but also to execute. When you’ve got a got in your face and you stop and throw the ball out to the perimeter there’s a greater chance that something can go wrong. That ball was on the ground four times and we didn’t get a turnover. We didn’t pick one off or catch one of the deflected ones and of course the one that looked like a lateral we weren’t able to get that one either. From that standpoint we need to create more turnovers."

 Will there be any changes in the depth chart defensively. Will anyone lose their job or gain a job?

"I don’t know if anybody gained or lost. We’ll sort through that here today. Obviously on the offense we expect seantrel to be back in some capacity. He’ll start off as a backup and work from there. Shayon Green on defense, we’ll try to work into the mix at defensive end. Other than that, just off the top of my head I don’t know if there are any other changes.

 We’re counting on those guys playing. They already practiced the last eight or nine days, so we’re counting on those guys getting ready to play."

 Can you clarify when Seantrel returned to practice?

"He practiced basically all last week. He has been doing conditioning. Obviously he was suited up for the game and did all the warmups. He’s feeling good and as long as he doesn’t have any setbacks we’re going to continue to move forward with him. But he’s in good shape and he hasn’t had any adverse reactions so we are expecting him to be ready to go in the game and we’ll see how he develops this week. Shayon is in the same boat, too."

With Lamar, might this game be, if he’s not hurt badly, an opportunity for him to rest up?

“All respect, we’re trying to win the game. That’s all we’re trying to do. We’re trying to get better and win the game. Bethune has got an excellent team coming back. They’re off to a good start this year. They’re going to come down here with great energy, with nine days preparation. They’re well coached and we better bring our A game, and that’s it. There is no looking ahead. There is no resting anybody. We’re getting ready for a football game. Hopefully there will be a point in our program where we’re settled in and we have depth everywhere and we’re not playing freshmen sometime in the future where that will be the case. But right now this is about us getting better and becoming a better football team."



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Nice straight answers from a coach that lost the day before. Quite a bit of difference from the Dolphin's coach who most of us cannot understand what he says, if he says something.

U Cane fans are a complete riot... Say, J-42 had happened to stumble into the Endzone for the Win, U Cane fools whould be all fired up with pump up chests screaming that Ur ready to contend for the National Championship right now...

Just remember this Cane Fan ...

A message to Golden, sort of from the movie Gladiator, "don't loose the crowd", the more Jacory plays, the more the team loses its fan as manifest by the poor attendance and boos. 3 years wasted. Time to develop Morris and give the recruits a peak of who might be leading them next year instead of an uncertain situation.

Ur Cane Walk is AWESOME !!!

The Pre-Game Kehoe HambUrger Drill is INTENSE !!!

The Sideline Dancing prior to Kickoff is fUnky !!!

Canes are no doUbt SWAGelicious !!!


bUt, once the ball is in the air ...

Still NOTHING !!!

1st and goal from the 2.....Think if Morris was at the helm that we could not have spread the field and pushed it in with him at QB?

I'm not saying bench Jskinny, I'm just saying this is where the coaches failed to use thier personel to WIN the game!!!

Coaches failed. Coaches didnt execute. I can think of a billion formations which would have gotten us that 1 yard. These are highly paid football coaches and former payers they couldnt?

Pathetic doesnt begin to decribe that last drive

Kehoe and the oline need to be held accountable 100%

Marcus lattimore carried the bll like 34 times 2 weeks ago and a nother bunchthis week, and lm6 is hurt? And mike james? Whts his excuse?

Didnt execute
Didnt execute

Sounds like the upper/lower extremity bs

Im sick and tired of excuses

1.5 yards people. 1.5 effen yards.

Gator a55ho le:

All i need to say is:

Tough schedule d bag

i cant stand shalala. she is so much about her money its disgusting. all she cares about is her f*ckin endowments and nothing for the college experience. we are a football school with excellent academics. not an ivy league school that plays football. what doesnt she get? the fan experience is completely lost on her, but not their money. there are some things in life that are worth the cost. the shapiro scandal was on her watch. new leadership is needed. one that understands the value of marketing your school for support. one that isnt narcissistic and talks out of both sides of her mouth. one who is accountable.

that means taking measures to excel in athletics, thus creating popularity and public support for the school; now and for future generations. that means creating a lasting impression on the student body by giving them memorable experiences. that means taking measures to create a buzz around the school. what pisses me off is no one inside the school is making any effort to address the issues of the athletic program outside of hiring new coaches. where is the accountability? where is the foresight? the plans for the future? where is the growth for the program as a whole? Golden seems to be the only person marketing the program the way it should be. Hes doing everything in his power to turn things around. But he cant do it alone. Where is the help from the top? The alumni?

can anyone answer these questions? any plans for a new near-campus stadium? new jerseys? new facilities? competitive coaches pay? lower game prices? market to the typical miami fan. who the h*ll can afford to go to a game on a consistent basis at $450 a game, for lower bowl seats, for a family of 4!? thats why u only see sellouts for the biggest game of the year. no one can afford it. not to mention the fishbowl is a terrible stadium, with terrible seating, with a terrible corporate atmosphere. you want recruits to stay committed? show them the promise of a bright future. football is what put the school on the map. its what brought in the money for growth. stop sitting on your pile of money you gremlin. give back to the program, its fans, and its future.

OH AND WE NEED A NEW STADIUM OPERATOR (or whatever its called). Ive never heard a more awful stadium production. Meaning: PA announcer, music played, piping the band through the loudspeakers, stadium sounds/graphics/videos, etc. all god-awful.

On the positive end, one thing I will say is that goldens team plays hard and swarms well. If only we had more depth…

Sorry for the rant. If you disagree, fire away.

Thats cool Illum, I hear ya and am with ya. Get rid of that little troll faced midget. We were doing just fine until she was hatched out of her pod. New stadium operator heck we need our own stadium. She's the reason were stuck like chuck at this stupid stadium were at now. And I agree instead of putting this building up or this dept. getting the money invest in the one thing U have that makes the school money on its own the FOOTBALL Program. Who cares where we are in a nerd poll, what matters is us being number 1 in the football poll. Thank God Al Golden is our HC now the man needs some help.

Why didn't we throw an alley-oop to Streeter lined up against the 5'8" corner? Seems obvious to me that we'd have an advantage.

Well... Guess I'll Bottle the end...

All Good points on these posts. I thought the kids played as good as they could have yesterday. I saw a lot of passion and fire on that field. I believe Al Golden has done an incredible job so far as our head coach and he will bring this program back from the doldrums.. And that is the problem.. the thing that I haven't heard any fellow hurricane fan come up with in all these posts and rants.. complaints.. whatever.. WE ARE IN THE DOLDRUMS! For our 5NC's to the years where we just missed.. We as a fanbase are spoiled.. We expect for the canes to just be great no matter what every year.. Dont get me wrong.. Nothing wrong with expecting to win.. But we must face reality.. and here it is...

These kids just don't have it.. Whatever "IT" is they don't have it.. They'll win some games and play well... but they don't compare to the worst of the Hurricane teams in the glory days.. And thats just the truth! I'm tired of waiting for Jacory to come around.. Tired of seeing this defense.. with all the so-called talent.. get trampled.. Tired of the vaunted 2008 class! Its now laughable..

Im calling out some writers and news broadcasters on this one when they say the Hurricanes are.. SO TALENTED.. If they are.. then where does it go on game days.. When it counts.. I saw a defense yesterday get stomped by a Quarterback and Running Back... by themselves!!! A defense with all this NFL talent.. Please!! What a joke!!!

Reality is that these players are so overblown and overhyped it hurts. The only true stars we have are Lamar Miller and Sean Spence.. Jake Wieclaw is actually looking pretty good too.. Other than that Mediocrity or Below...

Reality is that this thing is going to take a long time to turn around.. Jacory was brought in to be the savior..and he's still learning???
Four years later???

I say move on.. If I'm Golden I start playing the young guys now.. Starting with Stephen Morris.. Get Dorsett, Scott, Chickillo, Perryman, Crawford and Finnie into the game so I can start building for the future..

Reality is the dream of the 2008 class is dead.. Heck, It maybe never lived?? but its time to move on...

And as far as Shalala.. FIRE HER BEHIND NOW!! She is an abomination as a President. How can you trust a true blood politician to lead your school anyway.. The Answer U Can't..

In closing I just want to say that I love the U.. Im not a fairweather fan or bandwagon fan.. I grew up watching this team and will always cheer for them.. Jimmy Johnson is still my hero From Steve Walsh to Gino Toretta to Ray Lewis and all the way down the line.. The canes are in my blood.. And my blood is pulsating with fury and crying tears of sorrow at the same time.. Us canes just have to get used to a word that we don't like when it comes to football and Al Golden... PATIENCE.. b/c thats what its gonna take.. As painful as it may be...

But after watching VT,UNC,FSU and GTech; none of them are world beaters. We can win all of those games if we get better gameday production from our players, but much more so from our coaches.


Posted by: ATLKane09 | September 25, 2011 at 11:46 AM

" if " huh ? ... jUst when will U Cane fans learn ?

Below Fiddy/Fiddy ...

36-31 since Coker huh ?

Take out the 6 Duke, 6 yearly 1-AA scrubs, 3 Central Fla, 2 FIU and 3 USF Wins the last 6 years and U are 16 and 31 verses any relivant competition what so ever ... SIXTEEN n THIRTY-ONE !!! Anyone, Anywhere,Anytime huh ?

Ur now # 6 in the State of Florida, and don't U even try to deny it...

Can U even begin to comprehend just how bad that is ? But yet Ur just on the verge of "being back" riiiieeet ? Ur an embarrassment to Urselves on a National level that will only get worse the next 8 years. U can believe Dat U dolts.

Scream Cane Fans, Scream loUdly ... No one can hear U ...

What U are...take out all the Big 12 scrubs besides Ok State, OU, Tx Tech, and A&M, and take out the "powers" such as Rice, Sam Houston State, and N. Texas....what record does the University of Texas have since 2006?

Posted by: TonyCane | September 25, 2011 at 07:54 PM

So what Ur saying Kansas State is a Big 12 Scrub huh ?

Must really really sUck to be U then ...

Man - I hear ya'll goin on about you'd do this and you'd do that but guess what? They didn't call and ask, they didn't offer you a contract to coach the U. They chose Al Golden who did a real good job with Temple - over a couple of years - so that's probably what it's gonna take so get your dress in a bunch about something you cannot control. That is unless you like high blood pressure...

The experience at the stadium is aweful and the team makes it worse. This is one of the worst defenses ever....we are rebuilding.

Why am I still watching Jacory play?

We aren't going to win anything this year....how does Jacory 'getting it' help anyone?

Bench chokeory... Or we will boooooo him out of the stadium everytime he comes out. Come boys lets booooooo him out... fire shalala now.. save the canes

We might win the next game, but forget a VT win nor a NC win, J12 will be running for his life, they will come for him, more interceptions, and no leader. A l needs to prepare Stephen Morris to be ready in the event, and get rid of offense that has no imagination, this is not Big Ten football.

Will there be any one around to boo Joke-ory at the Bethune game?
If Joke-ory throws a pick and there are no fans to witness it, does it still count?
These are some of the relevant questions Golden needs to address before the next game.

I truly Hate Miami Fans. You guys are so Freaking Fake. Make no Since. Either you with the Coach and the Team or your Not.

This O-line is a joke.
Mike James- Joke
Lamar Miller- couldnt get 1 yard son how can you live with that?

This one wasnt on J12. he brought us back.

This one was on the weak a55 Oline. Overrtaed at best.

last time I saw an effort to get 1-2 yds this pathetic was when UM played OSU in the Fiesta Bowl-last play of the game. 1st and goal and eventually Dorsey could not get it done, but the O-line was pathetic on that series. Butthat was against an OSu defense choc full of NFLers.


I see Florida is finally going to have to play somebody, the Holes are 1-2 and no Florida based team would lose at home to La-Lafayette, except of course FIU!

Haters make sense with your remarks or go back to your cell and count the number of sheets you have left on your roll of toilet paper!

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. We are just not very good. Golden's coaching will be measured after the seniors and juniors are gone and he plays HIS recruits. This is a bad Cane Team. if you do not paly together, who cares about speed, etc. It is liked we are cursed in almost every area of play. This is just facts from a HUGE Cane Fan and have been since 1975. Going to take two years at least, but Golden will most likely be gone by then. This is a very hard team to watch each week, very hard.

Miami played with a lot of heart especially in the 2nd half..but for 24" (2 feet) we would have won the game... Now our fans are complaining again about heart and desire to win, Coaches, Plays etc...you guys remind me of a patient that goes in the hospital for surgery and wakes up saying " Am I dead or alive?.." Coach G will fix (and I admit it takes time) our system, but many now criticizing will be shouting how great their predictions for a very good team have materialized, when we are kicking some serious b***.Let the surgeon Coach G do his job. If you are awake then surgeon did something right..Miami has a whole new attitude..
Welcome back Seant.. we missed you and you are a true Cane..

anonymous- FSU is 2-2.

Canesport reports 6-2 230 2012 commit Keith Brown (lb) is de-committing " Not likely I will play at Miami"

Are they beginning to drop like flies? We shall see. Golden can only make things better by winning. If this team doesnt get itself together, the "sanctions" or whatever will be of secondary concern. Many recruits will stick with the U as long as they win/

But i am so tired of these south florida overrated overhyped recruits who come out thinking they are all that. You want to see all that? Here's a list of who really is all that:

- Marcus lattimore USCar
- trent Richardson Alabama
- Reid FSU

And any and all of the Boise State players. Boise State is a prime example of what you can do with HEART, PRIDE, ENERGY, FOOTBALL IQ, GREAT COACHES, and a good QB with a sprinkle of speed and good athletes. Miami only has good atletes. It lacks the others. The verdict on the coaches is still out.

Uh, no, Boise State is an example of what you can do with a huge state school, unlimited athletic budget, and dirty recruiting.

Coach sees through rose-colored glasses.Too bad the product on the field are stink-weeds.

Same crap, just another year. All this talk about Al Golden "fixing" dah U, is the same talk I heard when Shannon was hired. Give him a couple of seasons, they said about Shannon / Golden. Cane fans love to thump their chest before the season begins. You give them two or three weeks, and they want to hang the QB, the O-line, the D-line, and eventually the coach himself.

U guys talk about Gators playing "cupcakes," but then you have Bethune-Cookman on your schedule. At least our cupcakes are Division 1 schools. There are high school teams that could beat Bethune-Cookman.

After this week, the U will go from bad to worse. Golden wasn't even on the U's radar when they went searching for a coach. Nobody wants that job. Golden is a good, classy guy, but you will see he's in over his head, like we told U.

To that idiot Aristotle, Gators will play, back-to-back over the next three weeks: Alabama, at LSU, and at Auburn. Toughest October for anybody in college football. After that we'll have Georgia, at South Carolina, and of course, FSU. We consistently have one of the toughest schedules in the NCAA, despite our three annual cupcakes.

Talk all the smack you want to about the Gators. Right now, we're not a great team, just a good team with some potential. If we do beat Bama, LSU, and Auburn, make sure and give respect where it is due.

Gators are about to earn some RESPECT in a major way. Saturday night, CBS, 8 pm.

Worst Fans EVER!! Booing your QB for throwing an INT that was the receivers fault? Awful. You realize recruits watch these games and question coming to Miami only to be booed by their "FAN BASE"?
Most of you have never played more than 120 lb football so I'll explain a play called the hitch. Receiver runs 5-10 yards then cuts abrasively towards the QB to catch the ball. Harris' ball was perfectly thrown and the receiver didnt come back to it and the announcer even stated it.
Keep this in mind, there are no stats for when a receiver runs the wrong route and causes an INT. Why do you think RS had a different receiver starting every game last year or why its the same this year. There's more to a well thrown pass than the QB putting it on the money.
Start supporting your players and for GOD SAKE show up to the game so it doesnt look so pathetic with those empty blue seats on tv. I live 300 miles away I'll make it to 4 games this year because I love the Canes and I support my team, hope for greatness, not bash them for being human. Shi**y fans shouldnt expect anything more than what they're getting.
Go Harris
Go Golden
Most Importantly, Go Canes!

You are the idiot, mowron. I dont care about the "future games" UF hasnt played. You MUST be retrded.

Talk about who theyve played, and why it warrants such hype: FAU, UAB, TENN, UK. What is the combined record of those teams?

Please dont even get me started, because by the time UF plays that very tough 3 game stretch, they'll revert back to their ways and play Furman at home.

Furman. that's right. Furman. Furman.

South carolina- Overhyped.

georgia-s-ks a55

Auburn- Please. they had trouble with FAU.

That leaves Ala, LSU, and FSU.

If UF wins those 3. they deserve to play for the NC. I agree. On that.

Now go back to yourtrayler blogs 'cause nobody gives a rats a55 what your opinion is.

It's great to have so many UM fans that are great coaches. There's so many of you that should be coaching big-time schools. Why do you guys waste your time as fans when you could be making the big bucks. Golden should have resigned by now because he should realize how much better some of you guys could do the job.

Fine. many of us are calling out the O line for not being able to get a 1.5 yd push. That, my friends, requires HEART. They dont have it.

And one more thing, suiyco:

Miami's opponents including Bethune: are 10-4
UFs opponents thus far: are 4-9. Not including Furman.

You forgot to mention Furman.
I forgot to mention Vandy.

Golden is starting to sound more and more like Shannon with every loss.

"Didn't get done what we needed to get done" - RS

"We didn't execute" -Golden

"We were flying around" Shannon and Golden.

Pathetic performance. Same drive killing penalties, turn overs and awful defense.

Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

The wheels on the wagon are falling off
falling off, falling off
The wheels on the wagon have been coming off
for well over a decade

Aristotle, corpus, and the rest of you fools,
stop trying to compare yourselves to the Gators or Noles. Those are the 2 best teams in the state along with USF.
Do you think you would have fared any better than FSU against Oklahoma or Clemson? I think not, you would have been blown out, at least FSU was competitive.
And you haven't and never will play a tough back to back like the Gators will with Bama and LSU coming up.
So even if the 3 teams end up with the same record, you are the worst by far.
Gators and FSU have lots of potential with a bunch of good young players, you can only get worse with a bunch of underachieving seniors and sanctions coming up.

Do you ever wonder why the cane teams have been so mediocre for the past decade, while at the same time having a lot of these players move on and be real good in the NFL?
Why is Sam Shields such a good corner with the Pack, while at UM he was a seldom used reserve WR?
Why was Graham such a butter finger dropping passes at UM and now he is pretty good with the Saints?
Why if you have so many former players excell in the NFL that you don't have multiple titles to show for in the past decade. Not even in the mix nationally for the past 7 years?

From the beginning of the season I said we would only win 8 games and lose 4. Now, I just hope we only lose four games.

The next time we play the option please destroy the lead blocker every time. It's a free hit and you will not get a penalty called against you if you don't wrap your arms around a player without the ball. The lead blocker is always the point of attack. Next, blow up the quarterback every chance you get regardless if you miss the pitch.

The problem with the defense was two defenders were almost always around the ball but went for the running back time after time after time. Klein is the leading rusher on their team because he sets up his blocks very well. On most of his big runs he was too close to the other running option to pitch it and as always there was a guy ready to defend the pitch man if it came down to it. Poor execution on the defense. Stay in your lanes. Who has the outside and who has the inside lane?

This might be the last year the University of Miami will be on Television. This is the last year of many that Miami will play at a high level of competition if the NCAA has its way.

Go out with a bang and not a dud. The U is 1-2 and 8-4 is really not acceptable for the standard established by former players and coaches. Realistically I will accept 8-4 because of all the excuses any player or coach can give as to why this is not a great football team.

8-4 would be great for a new coach. this team hasn't been coached in how many years? as long as we progress and not regress like the shannon years, im happy. temple is a glance at the future. a well balanced team playing really good ball. fundamentally sound, but with s, fl. talent. it takes years not weeks to build a championship team. blame who you want, but this PROGRAM finally has a leader, give him time. shannon got 3 yrs MORE than he should have. he should have been fired after the virg. game. 48-0. no excuse. its gonna be great to be a cane again. count on it. go canes

D cordinator is not good 3rd an 1 K state calls time out they change the play UM keeps the same defense bunch in the middle K state run outside for big gain D-cord is not good.

What was Jimmy Johnson's record his first year at the U ?

Miami is as talented as any school in the country. Individually. As a team they lack desire. Go after those kids with heart, not the spoiled brats that quit halfway through a game because there down a few points. I'm not impressed with Golden. Came in her with great credentials, turned around Temple. Really? How tough was that. He was expected to win, can't pull it off. Let him go to Penn St now, no penalty. Miami will take the sanctions, (no choice) loss of scholarships, no bowl games etc. Standby and watch as 15-20K season ticket holders give up their tickets. Us remaining 15K will upgrade our seats and wait. For those that think Miami will get back to the 80’s, dream on. The reality is take a few years and build up to the title game, fail for a few years after that and build again. That’s how it works now.
For you Gator and FSU fans, this is Miami’s blog. We don’t care how good or how bad you are. Who you play, when you play them, what conference you play in. It makes for interesting jousting, you’re just not relevant.

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