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Al Golden talks after Monday's practice -- No player access today


How was practice?

 “We had a good tempo. Having some of the leaders back makes a big difference. Good start. We didn’t go too long. We don’t want to go too long but it looks like we retained our conditioning and we’ll be ready to go tomorrow.”


 Nothing has been normal the past three weeks, how tough is it going to be to have a normal week with an actual game on Saturday?

“Tough? No, it’s going to be fun. It has been an extraordinary three weeks. Let’s leave it at that. That’s what it has been and hopefully today is a return to normalcy, a game week. And hopefully our guys will respond to the consistency of routine.”


The guys that didn’t play last game, how sharp have they been in practice? How ready are they?

 “Pretty sharp. They worked as hard as anybody. We’re talking about leaders now, in addition to the guys that have the most experience. They kind of are the glue. They hold it together. You can see that evident out there today with Sean [Spence] and [Marcus] Forston and Jacory [Harris], so it’s nice to have them back certainly.’’


What were your impressions of the Ohio State game?

“Just that the cage is rattled now. If they were caught off guard in that game they’re not going to be this game. It’s an exciting opportunity for both teams. So we’ll get their best – we know that. Certainly they are encountering some of the issues that we had. Some of their top players and some of their best players were out for the game. We’ll see. I don’t know who they’re going to have. I finally know who we’re going to have, so we’ll go forward.’’


Does that make it tougher to prepare no knowing?


“No. After the last three weeks, as long as I know who we have, I’m good. I’m good.’’


Did you pick up more than you thought you might because the Ohio State game was closer than you thought?


 “Yeah, I don’t think they could have held any cards back. They might have before that. I think everybody knows Toledo is a talented team. They’ve got some difference makers on the perimeter and I thought their offensive line played really well and again, their returners and their skill kids were very good in that game. Again, they got probably Ohio State in the right spot. They’ll regroup and now we’ve got to get our focus and move forward.’’


You guys scored two touchdowns against Ohio State last year on kick returns. How much can that part of the game help you this year?

 “It’s got to help us. We have to build on what we did. I thought our coverage units were good the other night. We netted 38 [yards] on the punt and we picked up 12 yards every time we exchanged kickoffs, which is good. But we need to do better on the return game aspects of it. Certainly, we did that last year. So that’s going to be challenge. But certainly our playmakers have got to make plays, no question.

 In terms of this season, Jacory has talked about it in terms of being a last chance. Are you comfortable with him having that sort of thinking, or would you rather have him not think about it with the added pressure of this being the last go-around?

 “That’s probably a good sound bite or good headline but I think right now he’s just approaching it one day at a time. He’s been collecting good days – he’s been doing that since January. Obviously we had an unfortunate setback over the last two weeks but I think he’s in good shape. Mentally he’s strong. He’s been resilient. All we just need him to do is go out there and play, run the show for us and compete. We don’t need him to do anything else but be himself Saturday night.’’


You’ve made a lot of position moves just to get guys ready. In the long run, is that going to help you, just the fact that a lot of guys had to work in uncomfortable situations?


“It created some depth, most particularly with the young guys. Moving David Perry from offense to defense and then back, and Marcus Robinson from SAM to defensive end, and JoJo [Nicolas] from corner to safety, that doesn’t necessarily help – unless they’re going to stay there. Every move that you have to make in a situation requires two moves, because we didn’t have the depth just to have them ascend on the depth chart. It required lateral moves, which made things difficult. Again, I think we added some depth, we built some depth, and there should be no game-day jitters for a lot of guys this game.’’


Will those guys stay in the positions you switched them to?

“We’ll see, right? I don’t know. We’ll see how… We’re still not back to where we need to be. We have some injuries and we still have some suspensions. We’ll see what transpires when they come back.’’


What have you seen in Jacory’s preparation over the last week to show he’s taken the reins and understands the responsibility of being the starter?


“I just think he’s focused right now. He’s done a good job all camp. He’s just got to be himself. Block out everything external and just run the show one play at a time. And just enjoy it. Enjoy the journey. That’s what he’s got to do.’’


Do you have a better feel as to defensive tackle Curtis Porter and whether you’ll get him back this week?


“I don’t. He’s got a finger [injury] and it’s been holding him back to this point.’’


Do you have a relationship at all with [OSU coach] Luke Fickel.  Do you feel for him for what he’s going through? It’s a different situation but there are obvious parallels?


“I don’t know Coach, but obviously I have a great deal of respect for him. I know [OSU offensive coordinator] Jim Bollman. We were together at Virginia. And I just have a great deal of respect for Ohio State.  They won six Big Ten Championships in a row and it’s a great challenge for our team here on Saturday night in South Florida. It should be exciting for us.’’




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ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Lay the wood Canes! Bring it! See ya Saturday.


We will lose to anybody, anywhere, anytime! And afterwards, we'll hit the strip clubs!

We wanted to play the canes, but we are afraid. We only like playing at home in front of our hillbilly crowd. Thats why we play at home against FAU, UAB, and Tennessee. And thats why we play at home against Georgia every year.

Jeremy Foley

Dear Cane Fans:

We at the University of Felony, I mean Florida, would like to apologize for the abortion we call our football team! We further would like to admit that our mascots are a couple of transsexual argyle wool sweater-wearing morons who molest the boys at the frat house as a norm! Once again, we are sincerely sorry!!! literally!!!!

Sincerely Yours
Jeremy Foleys Love Child,
Urban Meyer
PS: Charlie just stole my Cheeseburger!

Let's go Canes! Bring EVERYTHING you got!
Fans, let's rock Sun Life!

What's the updates on our recruits?

Gators were especially afraid to play the canes in the '90's after that egregious Pell Grant scam was exposed and the canes sucked for 6 years. They would rather get pasted by the noles that whole time than destroy the canes.

Children, don't make me pull this blog over...

They news is they are still with us b.....next question?

can people get you tickets, AND LETS GET REALLY LOUD on saturday..NO holds bar..... Scream until you cant.. lets let OS know that they are in miami...

We Ready!! We Ready!!! Golden will have the boys right. Limit the turnovers and we'll have a chance to beat anyone.

Can't wait til kick off!!!!!!!!


I know this, this team will not quit. Looking for a good rumble under the lights! Big three are back and they will be noticed.

Everyone is talking negative about this team but the maryland game was a good loss to build on. We did alot of good things in the game without some key players AND(lol) starting quarterback. In the whole entire game i noticed a lot of great things we can be optimistic about.
*Telemaque INT in the 1st to prevent that TD was huge and a momemtum shifter for the canes.

*Canes defense did a goal line stoppage to prevent TD in the 2nd but maryland came away with a field goal in that series.

*Mike james ran for the first TD, Hurns route running was pretty decent too just wish benjamin was there.

*Canes defense overall was pretty good in the red zone all night despite us missing key guys that wouldve made an automatic impact in the game (spence lol).

*It was nice to see ed reed on the sidelines at the game. Kids get motivated when previous players come back and show support. Also was nice to see the type of offense(west coast pro style) Jedd Fisch brought to the game Jacory probably would compliment it more better.

*Lamar miller was also superb with that gaping burst for touchdown in the 2nd Qtr that gave the canes the lead in the game 14-13. Canes led at least 3 times in the game which i was well pleased despite the whole scandal mess. we showed determination.

*Regis batted the ball from the d line shows our defense is pretty alert at times. also noticed the commentator raving about Rayman Buchannon's motor on defense.

*Didnt like the miscue with morris and the center but hopefully experience will pay off with jacory saturday. if mike james didnt fumble the ball which maryland took advantage and scored off that turn over, we wouldve been in the lead at half time. simple mistakes that cost us the game.

*other than telemaque, mike reed was pretty good too with some of his quick reads on defense. Hands down our red zone d will be our strength this season especially when some of our missing players are back which they are.

*kicker Weiclaw looks promising, Loved the gutsy move Golden makes when he goes for it on 4th and 1 and full back delivers for first down. that was awsome to see as a canes fan.

*Clement also laid out the maryland returner on special teams....thought about sean taylor when i saw that one lol *RIP*

Cant wait for the ohio state game!!!!! We played well despite the Scandal and missing players! We are back and look solid.

Go []_[] Canes!!!!!!!!

The bloody reason the SoFla dwellers talk chit bout' Miami, is because the bloody lot of those bUbba's be FAIR WEATHER Miami fans. That's all!

Heck, EVERYBODY in major college football knows that the Cane fandom are the EPITOME of BANDWAGON, FAIR WEATHER fans. And that's an absolute fact jack.

Yeah, year there are numerous REASONS why the SoFla vicinity has never been a hot bed of serious loyal college football fan hood.

But as the departed Miles BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION Davis once said... So What!

Nonetheless, I see Coach Golden's Hurricane winning a tight hotly contested battle against O.S.U.

Time will only tell how mUch last season's 3 returning Cane starters will be a factor in the outcome of this Sabado nite's game.

But as an old-school gambling man, I say take Miami and what ever the points be ( I haven't checked out the line yet. ). Eh.

That's how much this OUTSIDER has in Miami this weekend. Au contraire to what the DOUBTING Cane fandom believe!

Seriously though, I'd wager that approximately 30 percent of all the Hurricane bloggers, on various Miami college sports sites, and 30 percent of interested college football fandom in the SoFla area are 4-REAL Miami fans! The rest: STRAIGHT uP BANDWAGON Yahoo's!

In other words, these so-called Cane yahoo's only show their TRUE COLORS when Miami is balling circa 2000-2005. The rest of the time they come on with the doubt and extreme criticism!

Let 'em know Golden Al!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Cheetah Hallandale reopening this week. All Cane players free open bar , buffet, lap dances.

LeBare coming to a trailerpark near you. Wear your Orange and Blue Gatard costume and get free admission.

You know dem Gatr boys love them some mans.

I think its funny to claim how UF is scared to play you guys, kind of like UM is scared to play FIU.

Great Job Coach getting the guys ready....Now go in the locker room sit them down and do a Patton speech and with your thoroughness let them know that ALL the 'Canes across this land will be cheering loud and clear for OUR team...
Good luck and we are 100% behind YOU and the TEAM.
Let's GO 'CANES......

Why would UM ever be afraid to play FIU? Look they beat a bad rebuilding Louisville team and almost squandered the game because their coaches do not know how to run the ball. So for FIU to beat their chest like they are Tarzan is a bit ridiculous.

UFailure is the ONLY SEC team that will not travel more than 200 miles to play an OOC opponent on the road. The only one.

The arguments about money are pretext. All the other SEC schools do it. That is why, despite the cries of trailertrash, UFailure is a provincial school in a cultural backwater. And always will be.

Hey, somebody should keep an eye on Cristobal at FIU. he's dong some good things over there. Pretty soon, he's going to want to play U. And guess what?

If we win this game I give Golden another 10 years without question. I HATE THE OHIO STATE SUCKGUYS more then any other team. If we lose to them one more time I might just lose it...

I'm with Tampa Cane (up yonder): if the 'Canes don't turn the ball over, they beat OSU. They'd have beaten OSU last year but for the turnovers.

Meanwhile, I encourage all UF and FSU fans to join the military. Thanks to our president's exemplary oratory skills, you all can now wear uniforms and still be yourselves: "rough, tough, seafarin' lads who like to hang out down at the docks, where the men dress as ladies."

Lots of crickets on the FSU blog. Remember the '90's when 'Nole fans were like Starbucks in Manhattan -- couldn't swing a dead cat without hittin' one. Funny how they've all disappeared.

Cristobal may also want to play UFelony at a neutral site. Maybe in Giants Stadium. That would assure the game never happens. UTrailer don't travel.

Maybe because their fans' rabbit ears don't allow good reception in the trailer.

So why don't U just schedule us?

...unless you're afraid of...

Yes he has done some nice things at FIU and if he wants some he can come get all he and FIU want. THats what!

FIU? Please.

Next question.

GO CANES!!! There will always be haters. Just go out and do your thing. Remember, DOMINATE! Take no prisoners. Play physical, play smart, and play to win. One game at a time, and you will be successful. For all you supposedly cane supporters, if you want these kids to be successful then get off your blessed assurance and come out and invest in them and scream and shout and show them. Who knows, you may be the missing ingredient(s) they may need. Stop hating and become part of the solution!!!!

Coach Al ... what was Coach Paterno's favorite play call ?

3rd. n 4 ?

You seem to think very highly of our coach, are you not entirely satisfied with yours? He hasn't even lost a game...


Please. FIU is composed of players that would have been scrubs at miami both athletically and academically. One exception: Hilton.

Miami can sit all of its ones and play FIU and still whoop them. Any eefen where.

Please FIU fans shoo. Your community college beat Louisville. So effen what.

Dolphins CEO: Karma is a beeeatch isnt it. You go ahead with your plans to have a gator day in October at sunlife.

UFelony falls to 58 in academic rankings. Miami rises to 38. How worthless is a UTrailer diploma?

Another felony arrest at UFelony.

This week's contestant: Dee Finley. Resisting arrest with violence. Garbage is as garbage does at a garbage school.

If course in the eyes if the NCAA, receiving free beer and wings or entry to a strip club is far worse.

UFelons and their worthless diplomas.

35 arrests in 5 years. 2 coaches.

We need as many cane fans as we can get for Saturday's night game. Make our team feel like everyone in the place is rooting for them and they will do the rest by beating OSU. What a great win it will be for the CANES....a WIN WILL INSPIRE THIS TEAM TO NO END. Can not wait....

20K Cane Fans ... 30K OSU Fans ...

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