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Al Golden transcript from Sunday recapping the Ohio State win

Transcript of Hurricanes coach Al Golden's teleconference with reporters Sunday recapping the Ohio State win.

Do anything to celebrate your first win at UM?
"Besides sit in a traffic jam? [Laughter]. No. My kids were at the game. My six and four year old were at the game. I got to see them right after the game, so that was nice. Other than that, we just kind of were a little bit wired when we got home. Then I just went to bed, got up and started all over today."

Your thoughts on the addition of Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC?
"I think it's tremendous for the ACC to bring those types of media markets to the ACC. Incredible move. I think Commissioner Swofford and the presidents of the ACC. [New York] No. 1 media market in the country. Pittsburgh. To bring those TV sets, kind of exposure to our conference is a win win and a tremendous move."

How you plan to counter teams keying on Lamar Miller after his great start to the season?
"I don't think anybody game plans to stop the run better than Ohio State has the last seven years. I think clearly we still have some things we have to iron out in the passing game. But with Hurns, Benjamin, [Streeter], those guys providing a passing threat and a deep vertical threat, we'll be able to remain balanced. We'd like to be a balanced team. We got in a situation where we got ahead last night and ran the ball the last nine minutes of the game. I think our staff would like to stay as balanced as we can."

What do you have to iron out in the passing game?
"We protected the passer a lot better in this game which was a concern. We made some really good throws on third down. Our third down conversions were good. We've been excellent in the red zone. Both quarterbacks have been really be good in the red zone. We have to eliminate the interceptions and we just have to make sure we can be as precise as we can be in our offense. I think we will be. We want to be a balanced attack. We got ahead and ran the ball a little more than we w wanted to do and we wanted to keep doing it."

Your team had a big day on pass defense, allowing just four completions for 35 yards. What are your thoughts on their effort?
"I thought we put good pressure on the quarterback, which was good. I think having JoJo Nicolas at safety for a second game -- he had two weeks to prepare -- that helped tremendously. Sean Spence was in there getting us in the right formations, the right adjustments, right defense, helped tremendously as well. I think it was a combination of a lot of different things. We were getting more pressure than we had been from our four man rush. Sean made a big difference for us."

Red zone defense has been exceptional thus far (1 TD in 9 drives). Reason?
"I think it's a mentality. We're trying to finish halves and we're trying to finish games. I think we're in good condition. I don't think there are any lapses in focus or any diminish in our effort down there. I think the defense has been letting all the previous plays go that have allowed a team to arrive in the red zone. Their mentality right now is just to play the next play or the next series. We haven't conceded anything on defense. When a team gets down in the red zone and gets moment, it becomes psychological and it overwhelms the physical aspects of it. Our guys are mentally tough and in good condition and finishing those drives better. I think on offense we're making better decisions down there for the most part. We just have to continue to protect the ball better. It was big."

Did you ever imagine finishing Saturday's game with a nine minute drive right down the field on Ohio State?
"We wanted to finish the game on offense. We wanted to be able to pound it at the end. Again, it was a great test for us. It's just a team that has not let up a lot of yards rushing. It doesn't matter if its Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa, they've only given up 10, 100-yard rushers in the last seven years. That's unheard of in college football. I was proud of our effort, clearly having two running backs who had carry the load helped there. I thought the offensive line played well. I thought there were some really good second level blocks and a lot of good second effort play by our running backs -- especially Lamar."

What did you think of Jonathan Feliciano's first career start?
"I think he did good. He's a guy that really prepares hard, very bright young man. Powerful. He's 320 pounds. So he gave us size and strength in there. At the same time, he wasn't overwhelmed by the moment against a really good team. That was positive."

What did you see on film from Jacory Harris' two interceptions last night?
The first one he came because he came off his initial read too quickly and he went to his secondary read and didn't put enough loft under the ball. The second one, we said last night after the game he had to go to his checkdown. But his checkdown wen the wrong way. Again, we can't heed the quarterback so it's no excuse. We can't compound a bad situation in that the checkdown is not where he needed to be in that situation. He should have thrown it out of bounds. He tried to make a play and ended up costing us."

Were you satisfied with Jacory's play?
I'm satisfied. But look, I'm like everybody else. We don't want to be a team that has lots of turnovers. We got to get that fixed. It's a situation where he did manage the game very well. He did make some really good throws on third down to help us have a good conversion rate on third down. He really managed the game well. He got us in the right plays in that nine minute drive at the end of the game. He made two really big-time throws in the red zone. Did a lot of good things. I wish it was his second start with us, but it was his first. I expect him to be much improved against Kansas State."

Dalton Botts appears to being a really good job punting. Your thoughts?
"He's a very mature young man, very process driven. He just takes care of business. Hopefully he'll stay focused. He's been very good. We expected him to bee this good once we saw him in training camp. He's carried over into the games. That was a pretty big stage there Saturday night and he wasn't phased. So we're excited about that. We have to continue to cover kicks really well for him, but so far, so good."

Kendal Thompkins tackle on punt return defense was really big. Can you talk about that?
"It was a big-time effort. He did a really good job keeping the ball in front. We kind of got on different levels there which was unfortunate. But again, you have to give credit to their returner. I thought he did a nice job. I think it was Hall on that one. That was a big play. I think our kickoff unit was good, which he was on. Kendal's starting on three special teams units for us."

Do you have to calm guys down after this 1st win?
"We told them last week, we're going to be consistent. We're going to be the same coaches everyday. We're going to be the same team and the same players everyday. I hope they understand. I hope they enjoyed it, slept well last night. But we had a good day so far today in terms of guys making their commitments to study hall, training room and all that, which shows me they're taking a mature approach. We'll be back out there tomorrow, get ourselves ready for a really good Kansas State team. It's going to be a great challenge for us on Saturday."

Can you decipher anything from Kansas State's two wins over Eastern Kentucky and Kent State?
"To me, I just look at them as a team. When you evaluate their team, we look at their personnel and then we look at their schemes. Other than that, it's really important for us to focus on improving ourselves. Again, we because we had the staggers in terms of guys being suspended, I really expect our guys who played in their first game to make improvement. I expect Ojomo, Forston, Harris and Benjamin to make a lot of improvement from last week to this week. I would prefer to have continuity. But getting that win and getting stronger and having two weeks of the same lineup will be really important for our team."

Did you make it out of the game Injury free?
"So far it's look like we're injury. We'll learn more about some guys in the next 24 hours. But it looks like we're injury free."

Can you talk about Brandon Washington's first start at left tackle?
"We want to settle in. We want to make sure we're playing the best five. Brandon is a guy that can play all the spots up front. We'll see how it evolves. The standard is higher for Brandon because he's talented. We need him to perform better, play better and practice better on a daily basis. Again, it was a good test against a very good defensive line. That 52 and 54 were as good as anybody we'll see. We had our hands full with those guys. Hopefully, we'll continue to make progress. Brandon has to continue to play at a high tempo and carry it over into the game."


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Coach Golden big mistake if JH starts. 2 ints (shoulda been 3 1/2), fumble, and still floats the ball. this is his 4th year no excuses. SM managed the gm well against maryland beside been in a bad postion on the final 2 poss of the gm. SM goes through his reads 1,2,3 and mayb he'll run, JH comes out the huddle and knows where he going. No reads whatso ever. If it wasnt for Ohio St bad qb play and receivers dropping balls it would have been a long nite. It did help to have suspended players back but we didnt tackle well or stop the run at all. Our dline has to get meaner play wit a sense of get the fuc outta may way. This 3-3-5 or 3-4 is not going to cut it. Either this wack zone. If u want to run a zone blitz outta it. Last thang we have 4-5 good receivers 123yrds passing is not goin to cut it. u talked about getting the tightends involved, didnt happen again. only 1 time whn Clive caught the touchdown b4 half. My fault not enough men on the line of scrimmage JH fault to he is the leader remember. SM not enough experience please.

Well Cosch Golden ic ur staying wit J12. If he throws 1 int im going to be piss. But imma go support you bc ur the coach and u must c sumn we dont. Lets go 3-1 b4 we c VTech and lets improve on defense and pass for 200 per game.

All Bout the U

@ Rich I agree with you buddie. We do need to pass for 200-300 yards per game. The running game is solid, if we can make the same threat with the passing yards our offense will be top notch. The defense is good but we need to clamp down on that run. As we all can see N.Carolina, Virginia Tech,Virginia Cav, all run the ball. All the teams that i've listed has great running backs as well. So coach let's work on the offense passing wise and the defense run and passing. Let's get to the top Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!

One more question what is the name of that techno song that was playing during kickoff? Anyone? Please feel free to respond.

@850Caneboi, yea the running is soild and offense line improve from week 1. By the way we had a freshmen making his first career start Saturday and he didnt give up a sack. Mike James thats 2weeks in row u fumble get that shi# outta ur heasd and play ball. I disagree wit u bout our defense tho buddy. Defensive line and linebackers r 2 small. For yrs we havent stop the run against any1 who runs right at us. Running side to side is no problem. Secondary again was beaten deep (corners twice) the ball was over thrown. Im telling u bruh if Ohio St had a decent qb and receivers we wouldve had a long nite on defense. But postive side is that our true freshmans are fighting their ass off. Perryman, Finnie, and Chick their going to be monsters.

I'm sure coach Golden is more upset with Harris than he admits but unlike RS he'll never throw a player under the bus.

I hear you guys on some of the complaints...but let Golden do his thing. Honestly, that is probably the biggest home game win we have had in years. I really liked what I saw form our young guys on D. I think this defense is only going to get better with each game. I think we got ourselves a outstanding coach in Al Golden, so for now lets sit back, enjoy the W, and let him and his staff make the decisions.

Point blank people.....Jacory hasnt improved a bit.....morris needs to be the starter if we expect win tough games....cory has no zip on his balls. Defense played ok....still need to create more pressure and improve on run stopping.....let the Golden era begin.....we will be 3-1 when we play VT.....Lets hope Jacory gets it together....

If it were up to me or most fans we would start Stephen Morris and get him ready for ACC play.

But Al Golden knows more about football and more about the team than we do. Jacory Harris was able to lead his team on a 9 minute clock killing game winning drive when Stephen Morris was unable to do so with the lead the week before. From what I've hear this is what Al Golden wants out of his quarterback.

Harris looked horrible in the first half. He has no zip on his throws. He makes poor decisions. But I thought Stephen Morris got away with poor decisions with his arm strength against Maryland, and I believe he's thrown as many interceptions as Harris as long as they've been competing, I know he had two against Maryland.

I trust Golden. Start Harris. Start Morris. There's no glass half full here, start one and you have the other to provide a spark if you need it. Either one has the ability to win the rest of UM's games, including FSU.

Excluding FSU*?

I don't know about FSU Eudo. They don't look that great at QB either. Manuel gives U the run option but he's not there yet as a passer. Harris had a stomach full of nerves last night and was under unbelievable pressure not to screw up. So I got to give the kid a boat load of credit for staying there mentally. He has to know with his lack of arm strength that he can't throw late and start stepping into his throws instead of shortarming them. There is no doubt Morris is the better QB and should be the starter but to this point and I've watched them both carefully, neither have shown me that they can take us where we could go if we had a solid QB. Morris has time to grow Harris on the other hand is what he is. I feel for the guy and maybe he will play like some think he can. But if this mess continues Morris has to be the man and stick with him all year.

No one likes to look ahead but the next two games for UM are what should be considered "cupcake" games. And then they have the bye week and then ACC play.

Al Golden needs to decide on his quarterback and use the next three weeks to get that team + Ray Ray Armstrong ready for Virginia Tech.

He seems all but decided on Harris. Only reason I've heard was that Harris ran the line of scrimmage better, has anyone ever asked about the apparent discrepancy in arm strength? MANNY? SUSAN??

If we're all about results Jacory has gotten the results thus far. And in all honesty I would rather have Morris be the desperation spark off the bench than Jacory.

sorry canes we beat tennesy -which rymes with hennesy which me and mama sip after bullfrog huntin - and the vawlenteers hav the number one defense the last 12 years and we ran all over them demps is clearly the best back in america forget lamar go oooo gayturrssss

jman...you have the best line we've had in a while...and best run make you smile all da while...get better with each game no water on tile, better with each game

I agree with rich.

Miami's biggest problem other than Jokecorry is the D-line. I dont know if its the 3-4or 335 scheme or whatever but ... when was the last time UM had an aggressive D that constantly harassed QBS? I can recall it was back in 2005 when UM beat V Tech in Blacksburg and we had Pata(RIP) and Baracka among others making Marcus' Vick life miserable. Our D line including Forston isnt getting any penetration although I like the motor on that kid Chikillo. he is the real thing.
Jacorry doesnt have it. period. Any talk of NFL wioth hims will make me laugh. Unless invited, he should not embarass himself going to no NFL tryouts. The only thing minimlally better in him compared to past years is (maybe) his management of the huddle and line of scrimmage. He still cant read defenses or check downs. an he still lobs passes. For every 3 great passes the throws, he throws a pick.
I dont think we ran the ball "too much". That dude from South carolina (lattimore) ran the rock 30+ times for 246 yds. When the time comes, if you have the hot legs you go with it, like in 1998 when Edge took over the game against UCLA and ran for 299. I think Mike James needs to get more reps in, but if he fumbles again, we need to go with someone else. We cannot afford a fumbler. Last yr we lost 2 games on account of Damien Berry fumbles.

Any word on Kstate? Would never consider a D-1 school a cream puff. They have an option spread, which by itself is dangerous.

Does anyone think golden should have taken a knee instad of punching it in on that last drive--- no mercy i thought-- but u kinda felt bad for the new coach.

Does anyone think golden should have taken a knee instad of punching it in on that last drive--- no mercy i thought-- but u kinda felt bad for the new coach.

>>>>>You mean like Urban Liar showed us mercy in 2008?

Never. Miami has taken hits from everyone. Media, etc, etc. Brian Kelly of ND talking smack. Lou Holtz, etc. I like that he punched it in. 33 seconds. Too much time. Look what Auburn did against Utah State. Golden had to seal the deal and stick it down their throats. I dont think Fickle liked it- they barely shook hands at the end, but oh well. Too bad. It shows Golden has swag. Like Jimmy Johnson and Craig Erickson. Maybe if Miami was up by 3 TDS we would have taken a knee. But a point had to be made. And it was.

Miami needs to get mean and ugly again. Shalalal wants our football team to have tea and crumpets before and after games with the opposition, not realizing that this is a violent, emotional, bloody sport. Plus they dont play football in Iran, do they?

Get mean and nasty and that they did. But not enough. They need to begin putting 60 points on people. Look at USF. They put 70 on FAMU. Where was the outcry? Did ESPN say anything about that? Why not? Why didnt Lou Holtz open up his spitting mouth and criticize his son? I say we put 70 on Bethune Cookman ann see if there is an outcry!

Manny what r the recruits saying about the game???????????

I like what corpus had to say. Bring back the good'ol days. Beat'em down to a pulp and let the opposing team crawl back to their buses.

And like I said the other day:


And we did it minus 2 starters from the defense. Olivier Vernon will be back in 4 games and Ray Ray Armstrong will be back for the next game.

Chickillo looked great and was playing with so much emotion. I truly feel (maybe quick to say but I don't care) that he'll leave The U as a player to truly remember. He'll leave his mark after he leaves here.

Miller and James are making defenses look like garbage. I love it.

Our DB's need some more work because the majority of the dropped passes by Ohio were catchable. But in the end they held Ohio to 35yds receiving I think. That's simply amazing IMO. Mike Williams has now solidified himself as the starter over Lee Chambers.

Allen Hurns is a beast. Man I'm happy as hell this kid is finally allowed to show his true colors.

I don't know what to say about Chase Ford. I had high hopes for this kid coming out of JUCO but he's not panning out at all. Feed it to Walford and Cleveland. I hope Ayles gets better soon.

i do not think taking a knee would have been smart. those kids had busted for 9 minutes holding onto teh ball, the score really gave them a sense of accomplishment. besides the game was not a blow out.
good report canestillidie. forston is soft, not in playing shape yet, or that is how the mnw players really play. hope not.
how was your fish??

love the poster about jokecorey, fits nicely.

Fire shalalalalala NOW

take a knee on 4th down? The clock would stop on the change of possession. If OSU then scored quickly and then recoved the onside kick, the Canes could have been in a position to lose. Had nothing to do with mercy.

Thankfully, none of you are coaches.

The fish was superb. Thanks for asking. I think the ceviche was the best. We made so much of it that we started handing it out to people passing by simply for wearing canes gear! Everybody loved it. We got there ruffly at 3pm and started cooking right away and played dominos.

It was a good day.

Congrats Canes and a good team win. L.Miller is a special player and the O-Line did a good job against a tough OSU D-fense. The D got pushed around against the run in the first half but did make adjustments. QB is still the main concern with this team. I have faith in Golden. He needs to get more consistant play from the QB whoever starts. Harris got the big win so why not stick with him. The canes D is going to give up more than six points. OSU's offense was pathetic.

were those interceptions by noodle arm as bad there as they were on tv. said here comes one and bang it was intercepted. there were two more that if os had held onto the game might have been different as far as outcome. bench jokecorey.

Guy guys look at what we have in the stables....

We have:

1.)Stephen Morris - needs fine tuning and he's ready to run this offense.

2.)Ryan Williams - former Miramar QB who was outstanding in high school. Went to Memphis (if I remember correctly) and took over an offense that was simply horrendous and had him scrambling for 95% of his first season start. This kid has great size, good arm (from what they said in practice) and has the mental game down to a science. (he's sitting out the year due to his transfer but waiting on a hardship waiver)

3.)Gray Crow - strong arm gun slinger who is hungry as hell. Physically looks like he's been living in a gym. He was involved in a car accident where he wasn't the driver. He walked away with a scratch but is perfectly fine to play, thankfully.

4.)David Thompson - dual athlete playing baseball (might go pro) who did great at Westminster Christian High.

5.)Preston Dewey - Still don't know much about this kid but by the looks of him and from what I've seen on tape, he looks like Dorsey a little bit. Way to early to tell but that's my opinion so far. He's built like Dorsey too.

So, we'll see. I truly believe from what I saw out of Jacory at the game was very disappointing. I could make excuses for him like "it was his first time back," or "he had a ton of pressure on him to play well in front of the home crowd". Pick your poison here guys. Facts are unfortunately facts in this case. This kid can't play when he is needed most. It's a damn shame.

Anybody who thinks K-State is a cupcake game better think again. Snyder is one of college football's best coaches and his team will be very prepared. This game will not be easy because UM still has enough of its own problems. UM's defense will be tested and the offense needs to avoid the mistakes.

good possibilities on this list. it would seem by goldens comments he is stuck on jokecorey which is too bad. everytime he goes back to pass you have a heart attack.

As of today your Miami Hurricanes are a - 13 1/2 point home chalk. At least according to the Sin City toUters.

Thus, your Canes will COMFORTABLY cover the point spread in a bloody DOUBLE-DIGIT victory! Au contraire to what WORRY WORT rboud has to say bout' Grandpa Snyder and his MILDcat squad. Hee hee Ha ha.

In other words, Kansas St. ain't played nobody yet and this will be their first road game of the season against a Hurricane team which doesn't intend to take no prisoners this Sabado.

CASE IN POINT: I-AA E. Kentucky is 1-2 and Kent St. is 0-3 so far this season. Which adds up to a combine record of 1-5.

Like I mentioned above, the MILDcats have played their USUAL " cream puff " non-conference schedule prior to Miami.

RBOUD and similar-minded worry worts. Coach Golden's Cane squad will absolutely MOLEST the Kittens this Saturday! Bloody well gUarantee!!


if that is a an example of a gator education, nobody has any worries about gator educmecated peoples.

I agree that Um should be alert agisnt KSU.

recall 2007 when UM destroyed ranked and fairly respectable texas A&M, started 2-0, and went on to finish 5-6.

Don't let up canes. And jacorry for the life of me, please stop throwing picks. Just throw the danged ball away

I know what KSU is goingto do: They will stack the line, shut our run game down, and make jacorry throw it. If they can tempt him to throw downfiled once, twice and pick him 1-2 times, they will stay in the game.

They have an option-spread which will make things tough for Miami. They dont have their stud rb (Thomas) who plays for the Fins, but can still play. I would use this as a warm up against GT. We must tackle well in the perimeter!

Beware. Dont go in conceded. I'm there. Tickets are cheap guys. $30-$50
. lets make it at least 50k

K-State is a dangerous game, no doubt. Synder is a great coach and his team will be prepared.

Jacory...I don't agree with him as the starter, but that's the way it's going to go. Prediction is 2 ints per game, he can't help it.

Botts can punt!!!

Take a knee against OSU? No way...f-em. No mercy for anyone.

Hey guys I'm gonna come out and call it again.

In regards to Kstate....








C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us see what J12 does against KS!!! We have a very good team this year!!!

I like Harris. I like Morris. Both Need work but that's what we have. Harris is a leader and this is a big win like he's had before and will do again in the future this season. The only thing that matters is a W and a strong Cane Nation that supports the team not bash them. Finally some redemption after 10 years. Let this win marinate a bit.
Go Harris.
Most Importantly Go Canes

Hey canes go ahead and gloat on your big win you deserve it.
Never mind OSU was over rated and will struggle to have a winning record.
You overcame Joke-ory's typical game, with good running and good D
Never mind you played against a team with an incompetent QB tandem, dare I say a worse duo than Jacory Morris, that is saying a lot.
Start your usual talk about running the table and ACC ship, you have a few weeks for that.
Get ready to come back to earth when Va Tech and FSU whip your arses

Great game, and one that gave Coach Al a very well needed win to kick off his career at the "U".
Couple of things... we are sitting with the keys of a Porsche, a Ferrari , and a Lambo waiting.. what do you drive?..Coach Golden knows the course he decides what will go...Harris or Morris... Coach G decides...let him...
Most touching moment was Coach saying he thanked his team, fans,and supporters after the game..you could hear it in his voice.. this was an emotinal win and well deserved.. we owed the Suckeyes so don't worry about a late td..
Now on to KS and let us downshift and drive our Canes like fast and furious as we kick some butt and enjoy the scenery...I feel like the "U" is getting geared up...
congrats also to the fans who were teriffic..
great attendance and good interaction with the team...Watch out the "Canes are golden"...

Yes harris got a win against the osu and fans still bashing him.

K-State although they have not played anyone is not going to be a cupcake. I know this they are going to play sound defense and run the ball. I do know they have the Tuggle kid at QB which means other than a power running game, look for a zone read option game as well. I have never seen a Bill Snyder coached team that didn't overachieve and play hard with disipline. I'd imagine they will try to stop the run with Miller and force Harris to beat them with his arm which is what everyteam we play this year is going to do. Maybe Jacory has got the nerves out of his system and will settle down. ANd for gods sake quit shortarming throws. Step into the pass and fire the ball.

Didnt the Brown Brothers (Arthur and Bryce) end up at K State??

Techno song is Sandstorm!!!!! Old school, ghost stuff...

Punching the ball in at the end was the right call....he is trying to teach these guys how to "finish". That was the LESSON being taught right in front of our eyes...how beautiful.

U know it really bothers me that a win can come down to one person. That is never the case in sports. One man does not win or lose a game.

Are U telling me that Morris could have done better against OSU? Leave J12 alone and recognize that: He was in a spread offense at NW. Then ran into Nix and the "almost there" Whipple. He throws a lot of interceptions, but he, generally, throws a lot. When U throw that much there are going to be interceptions.

Yes the Brown brothers did transfer to Kstate to be close to mommy. We'll see them during the game and show them that they were never good enough to be Canes.

This is gonna be fun as hell.

Hey don't know if anyone knows yet but USC transfer Blake Ayles is done and I mean done for his career. He was on the injury report list with a head injury that later was ruled a concussion. Now doctors say his football career is over. Damn I was so looking forward to seeing him run out in orange and green. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Thankfully he'll be walking out with a degree from The U that will get him far.

God Bless U Blake Ayles and thank you for coming to The U and working your ass off. You'll be missed.


Yes I am telling U that Morris could and would have done a better job. And numnuts one man when he has control of an offense like the QB does can make or break a team. Haven't idiots like U noticed the Colts this year? Without Manning they are a 2 win team if that. But if U are a Colt fan at least U get to draft Luck this year so when Manning hangs it up you're set. And so what if he was in a spread offense in school if he hasn't learned how to play under center yet then he will never know how.

Make that Lamar Miller got a win vs OSU.

How many years do we have to go with an end of 1/2, end of game playing not to lose, because we do not trust our QB..?
I say we think ahead and play Morris, as he will start next year..How many chances do we give Jacory? How many more int's before he costs us another game?

Cool cat i dont get you.
You must be jacorrys family or jacorry himself
You state the obvious. Jacorry was in a spread at nw. So effen what? He threw the ball what 18 times? He threw two passes that were absolutely horrendous, never shouldbhave thrown them and he failed to a) get rid of the ball early and b) never put any zing in his passes and c) he cant read a defense to save his life

Miami won in spite of jacorry

The o line, miller, the red zone d and some luck. The d line stinks. But this was a good win despite noodle arm harris

We need to run the table on teams, thats the only way we will stay on the polls. After such a great win, we did not even cracked the top 25? does anyone have an answer why? I mean at least 24 or 25.... run the table the next two games, and go to VT ranked to beat the pookies...Get your tickets people... see you in blacksburg...

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