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Brandon Washington could start at left tackle vs. Ohio State; Feliciano moving up, could start at RT

CORAL GABLES -- Brandon Washington spent his senior season at Miami Northwestern protecting Jacory Harris' blindside. The 6-4, 330-pound junior, selected to the All-ACC First Team as a guard last season, may get a shot to do that again Saturday against Ohio State according to coach Al Golden.

Brandon Washington Washington, who started at right tackle against Maryland, practiced with the first team Wednesday at left tackle. Redshirt freshman Jonathan Feliciano (6-5, 320), meanwhile, was running with the first team at right tackle. Sixth-year senior Joel Figueroa, who surprised many when he beat out redshirt freshman Malcolm Bunche in training camp to win the starting left tackle job versus Maryland, was practicing as the backup at right tackle Wednesday. 

While Golden said the team makes sure to work different combinations, the final decision won't be made on who starts where until coaches sit down and talk about it Thursday.

"As we always do, we always work all different kinds of combinations during the week," Golden said on Wednesday's ACC Coaches Teleconference. "We've had Brandon at left [tackle] just like we did before the last game. We've had Brandon at right. We've had Fig at left and Fig at right. We've had Feliciano at right guard and right tackle and we've had [Malcolm] Bunche] at left tackle and right tackle. We're going to continue to do that. As the coaches choose the starting lineups here [Thursday], we'll go from there. But Brandon has and will continue to work at both left and right."

The bigger news could be that Feliciano, a former standout at Davie Western High, could crack the starting lineup. He didn't play a down last season and was on the scout team.

"Feliciano is playing good football right now," Golden said. "If he's not in the top five right now, he's probably No. 6 or No. 7. Clearly, he's put himself in the top five or six offensive linemen on the team. We just want to make sure we get the best five on the field. He's made a lot of progress in the off week. I know I said that during training camp too. He's garnered more time. We'll decide who is going to start where and how much they're going to play as we get into tomorrow as a staff. The biggest thing is we continue to build depth there."

Golden said after Wednesday's practice Ohio State will be "as physical a team as we'll see."

"They're extraordinarily physical, rugged, high motor guys and excellent at hand-to-hand combat," Golden said. "We have to play a physical brand of football. That's their strength in addition to the speed they have on the perimeter."

Golden said Tuesday sophomore All-American Seantrel Henderson, who was expected to be the team's starting left tackle before having back surgery in August, is a making a lot of progress in his rehab and could return sooner than later.

“I’m pleased with him," Golden said. "I know he’s excited. He can sense that it’s closer than he thought... I don’t know what that means because I’m not the doctor and I’m not going to sign off on it. They’ll tell us when he’s ready to go, but you can sense it -- he’s out there Sunday running around. I think he gets the sense that it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”


> Golden said redshirt freshman David Perry is back at tight end after playing defensive end against Maryland. Perry (6-7, 260) has been moving back and fourth between the two positions.

> Golden said "cornerback play will determine if [senior JoJo Nicolas] goes back to cornerback" once Ray-Ray Armstrong is done serving his four-game suspension. "If those guys continue to improve then we'll keep JoJo at safety," Golden said.

> Golden said three players are competing for the two starting defensive tackle jobs -- junior Marcus Forston, senior Micanor Regis and junior college transfer Darius Smith. "The other competition is [Olsen] Pierre and [Jalen] Grimble to see who will be the fourth," Golden said. "That won't be determined until game time."

> Golden had high praise for sophomore Jimmy Gaines, who made his first career start at middle linebacker against Maryland. Gaines had 7 tackles (1 solo) in the game.

"Jimmy Gaines has played like a Miami Hurricane," Golden said. "Jimmy's first play and last play looked the same. He was relentless to the football. He's one of the models for us in what it should look like on defense. He's a cerebral player, a smart player. We're excited about his future."

> Golden said freshman cornerback Thomas Finnie is progressing. "Finnie is almost 180-pounds now; he was 160 when he came in," Golden said. "He's made a commitment. He's a tough kid, he loves football and his reps are just going to continue to increase as the season moves on."

> Despite getting burned on a big pass play versus Maryland in the fourth quarter that led to the Terrapins go-ahead field goal, Golden said junior Brandon McGee has pretty much won one of the starting cornerback jobs moving forward. On the other side, it appears fifth-year senior Mike Williams and senior Lee Chambers will split the bulk of the playing time.

"McGee made a lot of progress. He got beat off the press late in the game and [Danny O'Brien] made a perfect throw. McGee is working harder, a little more mature, is fighting through discomfort a little bit," Golden said. "And on the other side it's a good battle. Both guys are hungry, haven't played a lot of football certainly here at the University of Miami. Both are scratching and clawing to play and it looks like they'll share time going into the game."

> Golden said he would like to get his tight ends more touches this week versus Ohio State. Asante Cleveland, Clive Walford and Chase Ford combined for three catches for 10 yards against Maryland.

"Hopefully they've kind of settled in now, get a chance to move forward," Golden said. "[Walford is] athletic, can get down the field, knows how to get open in space. He's got good hands. Anybody at our scrimmages in the spring would say that's a guy we have to get the ball to, and they're right. We have to do a better job as a staff and as players of doing that. Hopefully he'll be more involved this week."


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Does anyone know if Seantrel Henderson injured his back playing or if it was more of a chronic problem due to him being a giant?

As fans , I think we overlook certain things that lead to high expectations. For example, Bunche played his very first game in college against Maryland. You cannot completely evaluate players until you see them in a game. You very rarely see young O-Lineman excel in college. He may turn out to be great, but he clearly lacks experience. Henderson is a rare example of a kid who can play right away. He'd be at left tackle if he was healthy. I hope Washington does play left tackle. You need somebody there to protect Jacory's blind side. How many games has Linder actually played? This O-Line still has some problems to work through.

Seantrel was injured in the vip lounge at Club Liv during a lap dance gone bad when Shapiro's Amex was declined.

Good one.

The only way a lap dance could go bad was if your fat self was the one on his lap.

Really, the cutoff of blood flow alone would leave him out for weeks, but the psychological damage of seeing you in a thong would take years to heal any same man.


Why are we STILL shuffling around with the O-line? I understand you want the best five out there, but after Spring Ball and Fall camp, you don't know what you have? This constant shuffling will not allow the line to develop continuity and inevitably create a weakness. What is the point of having a 2-deep if someone starting moves over to cover another position?

We gotta use the TE more to open the running game, but more importantly to give the WR's more 1 on 1 oportunities. Keeps Safeties and LB's from crowding the line. We're headed in the right direction. Ball control and consistancy in the passing game.

It's funny! The NFL is a copycat league. These last two weeks our home team opponents have showed us how the university of miami can utilize their talent. For example, look at Maryland and how they came out. No huddle, receivers in bunches, swinging the ball from side to side. Look at our receiver core? Do you believe we have better talent at that position than Maryland and can exploit that better? The Patriots at Miami Dolphins Mon night. UM has the tight ends to duplicate what they did as well. LET'S GO CANES, GET CREATIVE!!!

Canes or Fins, same sorry product on the field. What an embarrassment. At least we have FIU, the only winning team in Miami right now.

Seantrel has not been at Club Liv since he was being recruited, I believe Vince Wolfork took him there in his free Escalade.

I got no problem with Washington starting. I still think Kehoe is the right person for that job and Kehoe should be consulted more on offensive schemes, particularly on use of TE.

I like Fig, but is he 100 %. This bodes well for J12, since the two are friends from NW days.

Nothing bodes well for noodle arm until something changes. So far we do not know if anything has changed.


No way. There are some Pop Warner teams winning in Miami. FIU is closer to Pop Warner than the U.

Gatr trash gets stomped by the Vols this weekend. Trailer maggots will copulate with their sisters as usual.

Thank God (even though he doesnt exist) that I did not go to undergrad in that trailerpark school.

The patriots offense is way more complex than anything any college team has ever used. It just can be, Brady has no homework except study, throw in the fact hes been running this offense for 10 years and his skill as a qb and the playbook is probably longer than most books.

Warfield, you cant be too creative when its the first year of an offense, no one on the team knows how to run it and mistake are made

FIU's QB is better than Jacory Morris
Hilton is better than any cane WR
FIU's D can tackle and rush the passer, UM???
UM's O line is being shuffled because they sucked against the mighty turtle
Good thing OSU has some starters suspended or the outcome would be much uglier
Do not fear, Bethune, Duke and UVA are coming soon
Be afraid so is Va Tech and FSU
A bowl ban would be a savior from another lopsided loss
Dah U is back

Good point 10 years on number 1.


lets see how the ethiopian throws on saturday and make a fair assessment then. He hasn't shown me anything since his sophmore season but lets see if he can bring it all together his senior year.


Posted by: Warfield

Bubble screens...that's Patrick Nix all over again. Why throw a bubble screen with Lamar Miller in the backfield.

2 TE sets....we don't even have 1 TE. The Patriots have Tom Brady, our starter likes going to strip clubs and missing games.

We couldn't run the ball...that's the real problem.

CANETILLIDIE....DH - you're worse than the Gators fans who post on here, why do you even follow this school's football team you racist prick?

We better run the ball against OSU or it could get ugly.

Eucodemus. Why don't you crawl in a hole and pull the dirt in. What was racist??

Will da real U fans stop hating and support who the coaches put in the game....Yes, Jacory has thrown a lot of ints but he has also won some games for da U. U hypocrites prolly have never played football or for that matter coached either. U dont know these players personally so just support who is on the field...REAL FANS SUPPORT THEIR TEAM WHETHER THEY ARE WINNING OR LOSING!! Yes its alrite to have your opinion but most of yall have no clue.

Calling Jacory Harris an ethiopian is racist.

You will say it isn't, but ask 10 black people if they think it's racist and you'll your answer.

You don't get to choose how your words affect other people.

Mam, Ibwas starting to feel depressed till I realized Brantley wasn't our QB and I was not a Gatr maggot. Things are fine.

Suck it, blog Pig. Your mother is burning.

Well eucodimus you are really dumber than you post. And you know canetilludie is not Ethiopian and a female how?? There can only be one in coachp=eucodemus.


Because an ethiopian would not call a young black man an "ethiopian" in order to disparage him.

Don't know that he's not a female, never said he wasn't.

Calling Jacory Harris an Ethiopian is not racist it's a joke you dumbass. You're simply trying to make a point, any point to make yourself feel better about being Coach P.

You are such a loser.

Jacory Harris is black, tall and skinny.

Ethiopians are black, tall and skinny. You see.

What a loser you are. Plus it's difficult for me to be racist if I have friends who happen to be black and I've dated black women from different countries ie: bahamas, grand cayman, jamaica, etc...Guess they like guys with sticks instead of twigs.

You are Coach P. You are a Loser. You are the janitor at the Miami Herald attempting to raise the count of this blog. Plus you are ignorant.

Get a life.

By the way I'm a 20yr season ticket holder. You scrub toilets at the Miami Herald.

Well eucodimus reread your post you p-ick

WOW what a loser you are. Here you go.

I just called two of my friends - you would call them black people but I call them my friends you ignorant ass.

I told them the same joke and they think it's hysterical to call Jacory Harris a skinny ethiopian.


You're so ignorant Coach P.

Now go back to scrubbing toilets at the Miami Herald and get off of Greg Cote's computer.

Look my fellow U fanatics, I don't want to come off like I'm throwing in the towel for this season, so hear me out and take the rest of this in the spirit it was intended.

Even if we win out, I seriously doubt Miami would make it to the BCS championship game. With that in mind, a more likely best case scenario would be winning the ACC and going to the OB. If true, at this point, the next three games are Miami's pre season to prepare for the rest of the season. Golden and crew should take those three games to get guys into the mix, get them the experience they need and get the O-Line set up the way it needs to be. Losses to OSU or K-State will not affect Miami's chances of making it to the OB. Although, using those games to better the team and ready the players for ACC play can go along way in accomplishing some goals. And we all know that a successful end of the year can get a team ranked next season. For an example, just take a look at Notre Dame this year.

I agree to a certain degree Michael but we must provide a unified force of fans to rally behind our guys. I'm hoping for a 10win season and it might be stretching it. 9 wins is more likely but I'm still leaning towards 10 and if we get that we'll make it to a good bowl and work our way back up the BCS polls into title contention.

Don't give up hope.

Keep hope alive.


Are you serious? Brandon Mcgee & Jimmy Gaines starting? I tell you I smell another loss. Man those two guys will give up something big in a second. especially Brandon Mcgee. This kid hasn't came up with a big play yet. And he's been in the game long enough. every time this kid hit the field he's always looking @ a** and elbows and the digit(s) on the back of a players jersey after they burnt him. Lord our "God" help us get through this season.

I'm not coach p. I don't work for the miami herald.

Why is it best 5 starting on the offensive line but not in the secondary? Why would Golden prefer to keep JoJo Nichols a safety when Armstrong returns?

Michael you say we can't get to the bcs championship game. What are you really saying?? There cannot be a one loss team in the bcs champ game?? That the canes are a three or more loss team this year??


Wow y'all Cane fans are getting out of hand. Let's focus on the season and hope for some big wins this season. Jacory is going to shock the world. I feel it in my bones. He will do a better job than Stephen Morris. Come on 2 picks and a fumble. Not to mention 2 delay of games back to back. And some of you guys saying he played a good game. Pllllleeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Jacory I support u and I believe in you bro. Make this season the best u ever had since u been a Cane my friend. We need this win badder than a hog needs slop. And all the name calling on Jacory isn't necessary. When he starts winning then everyone will be on this man's band wagon so let's stop all the craziness and support our team. Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Eudo, man I am not taking sides but what he said about the ethiopian is not racist. Don't be so aggressive in looking to pull the race card. You're better than that.

I am fully confident in this team. As a long time fan, I believe that we are on target for nine or ten wins and will see a respected bowl appearance. GO MIAMI

It's a free country but I don't think that Ethiopian crack would go over well in Liberty City or Overtown (Overton?)!!! Your few black 'friends' may not be an appropriate indicator. Just don't get too comfortable saying that type of stuff IN PERSON, but type away buddy.......just sayin!

Carry on Canetillidie.....LOL

I'm not pulling any card and I'm not trying to facilitate a debate over whether or not it's racist.

That dude's a prick and reading his posts I happened to think he was a racist prick. That's all I was saying. Advance.

I'm down in Homestead actually and if you want to compare what place is worse off, Overtown, Brownsville, Opalocka, it's all the same just a different zip code. I'm in property manager and deal with section 8, camillus house, and other government programs that have people from all walks of life coming into my office and they see all my Canes memorabilia on my walls and desk and ask me tons of curious questions and I speak from the heart. Not one of those who are of "african decent" have ever had a problem with me calling jacory harris a skinny ethiopian with a noodle for an arm that loves to throw pretty rainbow bright passes to the wrong color jerseys.

Coach Eudoimus/P is simply a douche who had to pull out some racial BS to attempt to get under a better man's skin. The guy is a loser, no one here is defending him or his comments. I'm a Cane fan through and through from all my season tickets (which I proudly have a scrap book of going back 20 proud years) to the U tattoo on my back. Even my sister played soccer at The U on scholarship. I went to pasadena and watched the Canes pummel the cornhuggers.

That guy is an utter loser. He claims to have a master's degree and some other degree from The U from all the way back in the 60's or something like that. Personally I still think he's the janitor at the Miami Herald sitting at Greg Cote's computer raising the count on this blog.




Eudocimus An apology would be in order but doubt that you have the class to do that. Your arrogance precedes you


Hey Coach Eudocimos/P do you have any friends?

Would you like one?



I'm under 30, never said anything about the '60s.

And I'm not nearly as interested in internet trash talk as the current blog would indicate - I think there are racial undertones to calling Jacory Harris an ethiopian, he's not particularly skinny anymore and it's not particularly clever without the racial context.

Agree to disagree.

And I apologize to UM fans that my one comment turned this blog into a deluge of nonsense, but let's be honest those two knuckleheads were going to do that on their own anyway.

ltcdolphin> I'm not saying its impossible,only that its highly unlikely. After all the recent turmoil with us, do you honestly believe the ESPN/SI talking dirt bags are going to give Miami any type of hype or credit for winning out? Like it or not, the Poles are affected by ESPN's coverage and their spin on wins and losses matters. Do you really think Mark May and Suffering Suckatash Holtz will let that happen? I'm not holding my breath.

So as I stated, if its highly unlikely that we couldn't buy our way into the national title (a la Auburn), then lets get the players the experience and get the O-Line set and ready to go for the ACC.

Also, for the people coming down on McGee, yeah he blew it on some plays. But, I remember many fans, including myself, saying the same things about Brandon Harris. He was just as lost. Things turned out well for him and we'll give McGee the benefit of the doubt, FOR NOW.

I'm under 30, never said anything about the '60s.

And I'm not nearly as interested in internet trash talk as the current blog would indicate - I think there are racial undertones to calling Jacory Harris an ethiopian, he's not particularly skinny anymore and it's not particularly clever without the racial context.

Agree to disagree.

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 14, 2011

He's not skinny? Really? His freshman year he came in at 6'4" and 165lbs wet. Now, 4 years later, he's 190lbs wet. Hell Cameron Dean is 6'3" 225lbs junior and he's a punter. Not much athleticism needed there. But at least he has some size to him, unlike Harris. Harris has to drink Muscle Milks daily to just to keep his weight up. I like that the kid has heart, I supported him from his senior year at Northwestern up until he started throwing to the opposite color jerseys. I had to watch that Ohio game from a cruise ship with other Canes and buttguys. That was hard man, really hard. To watch our special teams run right through them and then Harris gives it up 4 times. Very difficult to stomach.

Listen man, all of this you have brought upon yourself. You come off as a douche defending a hobbit that everyone obviously has a problem with. But yet you stand by her side. Even with all the trouble she has brought with her. Politicians always come with baggage. That's common sense. All of these problems started the moment she got here but still you stand by her side. You said that it's her job to stand there like an idiot and accept checks from criminals. Do you really find that to be acceptable? You honestly do not have a problem with a person who accepts money from criminals and does not return it? Then after stating that you have degrees up the ass, that you only have a basic idea of how a college is run. Amazing coming from someone who claims to have a masters degree. Personally I believe your masters degree is in masturbation.

You are the epitome of a douche. You are a liar and shalalaal is your girlfriend.

The only way to guarantee yourself a place in the championship game these days is to go undefeated. And sometimes even that doesn't work.

If UM were to finish with one loss they would be one of the top one loss teams. Don't worry about polls and LouHoltzes, enjoy the Ohio State game.

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