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DT King, OT Wells get into UM; DL Kinard, RB Grooms don't

CORAL GABLES -- UM coach Al Golden said Friday morning that by the end of the day there would be some clarity pertaining to players with NCAA clearinghouse issues.

A UM official provided some of that, confirming that defensive tackle Corey King (6-1, 265) and offensive lineman Hunter Wells (6-6, 280) have joined the team. Not getting into UM from the 2011 signing class: defensive lineman Antonio Kinard and former South Broward running back Kevin Grooms.

The UM spokesman also said there is no official word yet from the NCAA regarding the waiver quarterback Ryan Williams has been seeking.

> Safety A.J. Highsmith, who will serve as the team's emergency quarterback Monday night at Maryland, said he's taken the bulk of his snaps under center after practice with a couple teammats.

"They gave me a package and after practice I work with a few guys on it," Highsmith said. "It's pretty basic, just throwing here and there. Hopefully it doesn't have to happen [where I have to play QB], but I'll be ready if needed. It's basically early installs."


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Welcome to the []_[]!!!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

It's great to be a Miami Huuricae!



The NCAA is a joke. They take forever to decide anything and penalize teams/people which have to wait months/years to find out simple things such as clearinghouse issues and getting an extra year of eligibility. It's not like they need an investigation for that. How can they not know about Ryan Williams by now? He only transferred like six months ago and he wants to be allowed to play this year which has already started. Then this crap with the BSU players from the Netherlands being investigated the week before the biggest game all year. Let's not bring this information to the school's attention in the summer or something like that so they have time to reinstate them if they didn't do anything wrong. They are about as efficient as the government. A joke.

I cant wait to see king play. He looked unstoppable on film. Welcome to the U. GO CANES!!!!!

I hate this for Kinard and Grooms. Hopefully they will come back and play for us. On the other hand welcome to the U King and Wells. I agree with Blake the NCAA is a joke.

that May guy from espn college football is stupid, to come out openly and say the U football team needs to be given the death penalty,,ahole espn do not want that,,,the fans and the players do not want that,,,how can you severly punish one team for the simple fact that they got caught when you know other universities are doing the same thing,,come on, how do u think the sec get all the good recruits every single year...

Can someone explain the entry rules for UM. Doesn't a student have to have a certain sat/act score to qualify in order to attend college?

U've no idea who I am do U ?

Manny, Susan and even Omar do ...

top of the morning to U

Not if they run a 4.3 without the blue lights being on, or bench triple their weight.

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The problem with the NCAA is they don't require due process of law. In other words, "anonymous" witnesses can convict you without you ever getting to face them or question them. Anybody could make up anything to take down a program the way it works now. Hey, let's destroy Florida State!

Rivals/Canesport is also reporting that we signed up an unheralded DL from CA at the last minute by the name of Alexis. Any thoughts Manny?

Other than Grooms, Corey King was really a player UM needed. UM is lacking D-tackles and this is very positive news. It's important for UM to be able to get as many players on scholarship as possible before the sanctions hit.

I think only a self absorbed moron like Mark May would suggest many people lose their jobs and many scholarships be lost to many who only way into college is by scholarship. Mark May has a condition many African American's who gain a position of status have, "forgetnaiveitis". It is a condition identified by always taking a position of self perceived higher morality, intellect and acceptibility by caucasians. Blacks who suffer from this condition also tend to forget that conditions in his/her former communities do not prepare young men to adapt rapidly and resist the temptations of money, access and material things. They are also naive that they have been fully accepted socially and intellectually by the ruling class; because their financial status and new communities bring them into "some" of the same evironments as the ruling class. Many are married to or simulate the mannerisms of caucasians and adopt disassociative responses to everything they believe is "Black" in nature. Take the time to listen to and watch his mannerisms and you'll notice Mark May exhibits many of the characteristics of this condition.

Look up Mark May's college while he was there and the scandals...

Tampa cane i despise mark may as much as you, but your racist rants are uncaalled for, and sound like jimmy the greek talking about blacks

Aristotle. Well said. Tampacane not everything in life is rascist, and you seen to go there in your posts. You may not like it but he is entitled to his opinions and is well paid. How much do you get for your posts.

To bad about Grooms and Kinard. But no dumb bells at the U, dumb bells tend to screw up more on and off the field. I understand they have JC as an option if they really want to come to the U. It's a great path to take. I know, it's how I got in way back in the day. I didn't have the grades, I wanted the U and only the U, so Dad said ok go to JC and prove it.

I suspect though that they won't because all they want to do is play, and play anywhere, and get their shot at the NFL MONEY.

Tampa Cane is not unrealistic to the realities around him. Tampa Cane is an educated professional that lives in an upper middle class neighborhood FYI. America is built on racist and oppressive rules. I don't dislike you, but you white persons can't tell me that throughout your lives you haven't heard racist statements, discrimination, job denials and promotions, superiority beliefs, self imposed segregation etc. How you people try to deny these realities baffles me. Like Chris Rock said none of you would trade places with me because you know better than I the racial hurdles we face because you are the ones setting them up. When have you ever heard the President disrespected like President Obama. Its all racial and not political. They rather this country suffer economic collaspe than he get credit for improving this country. FACTS my friends FACTS. I have college texts written by Whites that clearly points this out. Not wanting to admit is not going to make it go away. Its American as Football.

Aristotle, Jimmy The Greek was right and it was the Little Monkey comments that really got him fired. Yea! I remember. It is fact Blacks were bred like horses. I bet you'll deny that it was once common belief that Blacks lack the intelligence and discipline to run distance races. As much as you get tired of Blacks bringing up racism, I get more tired of dealing with it constantly.

Everything is still looking great for us with all the recruits sticking around and still guys out there that are interested if offered.

We're looking good.

Tampa Cane was spot on explaining the condition "some" African Americans have. I dont know for sure if May has this condition, but its possible. I dont feel most of the ppl commenting on his post even understand what Tampa Cane is saying which is evidenced by Aristotle, and Itcdolphin references to "racist" and "racism", which were no where in Tampa Canes post.
If I can Tampa, let me simplify for them. All Tampa is trying to say is May seems to have taken on the culture and characteristics of White America who may be a large part of his social circle but at the end of the day most in this circle more than likely still wont accept him as their equals. Even so, these African Americans who have this complex will take on the the same views as some racist and uncultured non-Blacks and insist that everything about African American culture is wrong, uncivilized, or ignorant. Again, I dont know if May has this complex but it does exist. Go Canes!

Thanks Canes Boss for being understanding and realistic. My white neighbor calls me uncle to his children whom I adore. Lets all take a moment to Honor Lee Roy Selmon. I happen to know him from the frindges and know that I have never met anyone so genuine in my life. He is loved by "everyone" in the Tampa Bay area. He and Tony Dungy transcend racial ignorance here in Tampa. He was indeed a Saint called home. God Bless Lee Roy #63 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The love fear between you two does not negate the facts. The ole saying is I'll know it when I see it, and it's evident in your posts. Many years of experience says that

The love fear? Know "it' when I see "it". Im lost Itcdolphin. Can you elaborate?

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