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Canes CB recruit Larry Hope suffers 'six-inch gash' in head Thursday after being cut by another player's facemask

American High cornerback and University of Miami commitment Larry Hope was injured and airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital Thursday night after suffering a gash on his head in a game against Miami Braddock at Tropical Park.

Larry Hope American High athletic director Marcus Gabriel said Hope (5-11, 174) was injured near the start of the second quarter when his helmet came off and he was sliced by another player's facemask on the left side of his face and head. The gash ran to the back of Hope's head according to Gabriel and other witnesses. Gabriel said Hope bled a lot, but was alert and calling for his father, who rode along with him to the hospital.

"The cut looked like a Nike Swoosh," Gabriel said. "It was pretty deep, about six inches wide. They said it was a head trauma and taking precautionary measures, which is why he was airlifted. But they didn't think he was in any real danger."

Hope's teammate Roderick Carter, also a defensive back, was airlifted to Jackson after suffering a head injury later in the game. Gabriel said Carter was hurt with 8:08 left to play in the fourth quarter. After making a tackle, Gabriel said Carter fell back down to the ground and was complaining of neck pain. But according to Gabriel, Carter was moving both his arms and his legs.

"Roderick was able to push off with both hands and his legs," Gabriel said. "He was complaining about chest and neck pains. But they wanted to take him for precautionary reasons."

Gabriel said officials decided to call the game after that injury with Braddock leading 40-21.


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duvcane my company is called Vega Properties Corp. Look it up. I own and operate 20 commercial properties with over 500 apartment units in homestead. There you go.

I'll chose to answer a question or statement anyway I please simply because I can and it's my right.

By the way you do know that plagiarism is a crime to a certain extent, right? So you might want to think twice when you copy and paste something and not state where you got it.

You act as if I switched my point around. Tell me where did I do that. I made a simple comment in a large statement that dealt mainly with another topic. I just threw that small piece in because it was fact. My main point was that she isn't acting the way a real AD should. If she wants to appear more credible, she needs to do background checks on those people around her, giving her money, or those who are bringing negative light to the university. Did she do that? NO she didn't at any point of time because she kept receiving checks. Period. As long as the money kept pouring in, everything was fine in her eyes and that shows a lack of competence on her part. That was my point

Now that I've gotten back from my lunch and read all of the posts here I can see that you got yourself shutdown by someone else. "Canealums4life" said exactly what needed to be said and heard by everyone in here. He didn't just copy and paste information from the internet. The problem with your copying and pasting is that you didn't copy and paste what happened after the 2001 season. Canealums4life provided that information. Hell my point was made clear as day and I didn't even need to say anything.

Canealums4life is absolutely right in regards to ending this poisonous BS between all of us. It simply makes no sense. If we are all Canes fans, that's a big if, then why not unite as we did while the OB still stood?

Why not?


She isn't the AD.

Eucodimmy. And the AD's boss is whom??? Wow that was stupid of you to post


It's like blaming Obama because your mailman dropped your paper in a puddle.

Obama is not his boss. IQ check here for you. CoachP = eucodimus= ds


Actually she has forced her ties on the athletic department.first when she pushed Barry Alvarez so hard to the board that it scared away any notable hires and left us stuck with Coker.than when she forced Joe pannunzio upon us. Other than good college runningbacks what has Wisconsin ever produced,especially on the defensive side of the ball.we don't need her to do anything for our athletics program other than fund raise and continue to lobby for a on campus or close by site for a new stadium.and if you really want me to seal the deal for her influencing football decisions go take a look at the orange bowl/marlins stadium lately.it was her lobbying that convinced the board it was a sound financial decision for us to move to Joe Robbie or whatever the he'll it's called these days.I know how you pessimists think so your argument is the leaky toilets or lack of parking,luxury boxes etc & all that requires is a creative process called renovations which were already approved and were gonna be catta corner to the marlins stadium.it's not always about money cause in this instance she robbed us of the canes lore.did the typical American thing and stole our history.for that she can't be excused...

I hope he recovers fast and be back in game. The players should be more careful everytime their playing.

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