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Canes depth chart for Ohio State week

UM released its depth chart for the Ohio State game on Sept. 17.

QB: Jacory Harris | Stephen Morris | Spencer Whipple
HB: Lamar Miller | Mike James | Maurice Hagens
WR: Allen Hurns | LaRon Byrd OR Tommy Streeter
WR: Travis Benjamin | Kendal Thompkins OR Phillip Dorsett
TE: John Calhoun | Asante Cleveland | Chase Ford | Clive Walford
LT: Joel Figueroa OR Malcolm Bunche
LG: Harland Gunn | Jeremy Lewis
C: Tyler Horn | Shane McDermott
RG: Brandon Linder | Jared Wheeler
RT: Brandon Washington | Jonathan Feliciano

DE: Andrew Smith | Marcus Robinson
DT: Darius Smith | Olsen Pierre OR Jalen Grimble
DT: Micanor Regis OR Marcus Forston
DE: Anthony Chickillo OR Adewale Ojomo
WLB: Sean Spence | Denzel Perryman
MLB: Jimmy Gaines | Gionni Paul
SLB: Ramon Buchanan | Jordan Futch
CB: Mike Williams OR Lee Chambers
CB: Brandon McGee | Thomas Finnie
FS: Vaughn Telemaque | Andrew Swasey
SS: JoJo Nicolas | AJ Highsmith

K: Jake Wieclaw | Matt Goudis
P: Dalton Botts | Jake Wieclaw
KR: Lamar Miller AND Travis Benjamin
PR: Phillip Dorsett or Travis Benjamin


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So much for competition till Saturday. Guess noodle arms father has more pull than aj's mama.

I think this move is as much about leadership as physical skill.

Golden is looking for someone to lead the team in a time of unknown circumstances.

Goodluck to Jacory.

Well if it thy then we are in trouble. so far all noodle has lead is in interceptions, looking for handouts, and going to strip clubs.
But we will see maybe golden knows more than the past three years of history.

Its now or never J-12

Nice to see that most of the "U"s defensive starters are back. But the truth is will they make that much of a difference? Defensive line could not muster much of a pass rush versus Maryland. Are we to think that those additions will make that much of a impact versus Ohio State? Depth chart does not look all that different at key positions. Ohio States overall talent is far superior to Marylands. If the "U" plays anywhere close to how they performed at Maryland against Ohio State things could get ugly. Hope I am pleasantly suprised. Not holding out much hope though.

One interception and Ur out J12 I don't care what people say... I am not gonna be paying to go to the games for the same carp as last year. Man up or sit out.

In J-12 we trust. Good luck and let's go canes. U.M will beat OSU and i think we will see them perform like we haven't seen in years. Go get your tickets!!!!!!! let's sell out the game

Evidently Jacory has progressed alot this summer. We'll just have to wait and see how the kid plays. I really don't have a problem with the decision but if he struggles and throws ints and we have to go back to Morris then it has to be morris the rest of the way. We can't keep going with this flip flop mess that we have the past few years. Good luck Jacory.

With those garbage temple adjustments it doesnt matter who starts or is on the depth chart we are in trouble.

Tally after the first qtr or so the bubble screens were pretty much stopped. So the adjustment was made. Don't be so quick to talk junk. Butch didn't look so great until Shockey made that catch against FSU in 2000. It took years for us to get this way and its going to take more than one game to get us back to the top.

Posted by: championships is all that matters

INT12 lit up our D this summer. Scary on so many levels....

down 8 starters, 1st game of season, hostile environment on the road, and in the rain, against a quality quarterback, and maybe one quality defensive player, and up against a good maryland offensive game plan, and really didnt see much from a defensive game plan, with that defensive line the terps through out there,,yes, i know, miami has about 5 NFL propects that played this past Monday night, believe or not, ( Telemaque, Ramon Buchanon, Lamar Miller, Mike James, Brandon Washington, and, Bryd) and probably a few more that I cant name, but none the less this is not equating to victories. My wife is a big Dallas Cowboys fans, who play very similar to that of the hurricans for the past 7 years. They both have the talent and the name recognition, but for whatever reason, can not play a full 4 quarters, without turning-the-ball over...dang...

This is great news........for Ohio State
Is Whipple gonna play after J12picks throws his 2nd pick of the game? Or are we back to Morris.

Jacory takes the snap.....
Throws a deep floating duck.......
It is intercepted.....
Ran back for a TD.........
Canes lose again.........

I think there's a 25% chance or greater Jpickys first pass attempt is intercepted!

The Probation Years haven't even started yet & this team blows!
WTF happened to The Miami Hurricanes???

14 pts came from mike james and morris turnover. Plus, morris fumbled in maryland terroritory. for guys who havent played much, they only gave up 1 td. Morris had how many delay of game calls? How many bad passes that maryland didnt pick? he overthrew lamar on a shot screen.

There is a reason they wanted ryan williams cleared and cant wait for preston dewey.

Can someone tell me what the Canes record versus the Gatr trash is during the Canes 10 years of mediocrity?





The Canes sucked during the past 10 years so any team they beat must suck ass worse. And be trash. And come from the land of all things trailer, mullets and jorts, no?


Preston ain't coming here if we are on probation and Golden jets to Penn State


History doesn't matter...

The only thing that matters is the next game...

That's what the great Canes of the past knew, and what this young team must learn.

yeah I have to admit that is a scary thought, but who knows maybe the kid will be better. Either way I got to agree with what someone said earlier about the coaches trying to get Ryan Williams eligible. But seriously some of U are kill joints with all this talk about Golden leaving and Dewey not coming here. Why is gods name would anyone want to go to Penn State is beyond me. Even if thats where they went to school there. I know they will come after him when Paterno leaves but he ain't gone yet.

Posted by: Pig you suck (and you know who you are, Pig)

Not to defend the PIG, but we have been mediocre and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

I must say congratulations on FIU football becoming the SunBelt Champs and reaching a bowl. Ever since my beloved Orange Bowl was demolished, I've been angry at the U and the people who made that decision. The OB was my comfort & place of pride. The U lost several games at the OB in its final year and forgot its legacy. I felt disrespected, hurt, and angry that the decision was made to demolish it in favor of a "Pro" stadium. Well I just want to say thanks to FIU football for winning its last game at the OB and letting it die with pride. FIU understood what the OB meant for Miami, obviously the U didn't. I have ever since cursed the U...They will never win another championship unless my demands are met. Anyway, I saw what happened the day of the U and FIU fight and it was truly distasteful. The U was picking on the lil guy and bullying them. Taunting them throughout the game. It was disgraceful! After I saw FIU win the last game at the OB, I realized they understood the importance of the OB. After that I learned FIU would be constructing a football stadium modeled after the OB. The FIU AD understood how special the OB was & that a "pro" stadium was not the answer. I will finish off here by saying thank you FIU for respecting the OB in its final game. FIU will continue to rise...The U will continue to lose. I have tried reaching out to President Shalala and their AD and they gave me no other choice but to curse them. The only way they will ever beat the curse is if and when they play FIU @FIU stadium. That way they will see @FIU stadium, what made the OB so special. Thats when I will get my revenge. Until they keep ignoring me and calling me crazy, I will continue the curse. Oh and just for kicks, I made they're coach become Al "Golden". Until they play the Golden Panthers, they will not be very Golden at all. Hahahaaaaa. Long live the memory of my beloved OB. FIU Stadium will become the new OB. Thank you FIU...

Posted by: Babalawo | December 14, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Never forget my beloved Orange Bowl! From Miami Orange Bowl wikipedia:

Despite some protests, the historic stadium had been earmarked for demolition when the University of Miami announced that they were moving out of the Orange Bowl after the 2007 season to begin play at Sun Life Stadium in 2008 in a 25-year deal.[7] On November 10, 2007, the University of Miami Hurricanes lost their final game at the Orange Bowl when the Virginia Cavaliers defeated Miami 48-0 in the Hurricanes worst home shutout loss in school history.[8]
The FIU Golden Panthers won their last game at the Orange Bowl against the North Texas Mean Green on December 1, 2007 by a score of 38-19, snapping a 23-game losing streak that many attributed to the consequences of suspensions following the UM-FIU brawl the year before. Since the Golden Panthers had been using the Orange Bowl as their home field during the construction of FIU Stadium this win allows the FIU team to boast that it was they who officially closed the Orange Bowl's college football career with a home win.

Welcome to the "Golden Era"

Quote Babalawo nevermore....

Al Golden knows much more about football than I do.

We have to trust him.

Don't know what he sees in Jacory, but he must have his reasons for starting him over Morris.

If Jacory gets all the 1st team reps in practice, don't expect Golden to yank him if he throws a pick.

I have a bad feeling about this game. Our corners were over matched against Maryland. It's hard to believe that we don't have more talent at this position.

Everyone has their druthers in a tizzy....this is the first game guys, settle down...give Coach Al a chance to work and after some games analyze...Why are we so frantic...1 GAME..don't ever put the U down by beating up on the players because their is no "I" in team..We need to relax and support our "U"..haters go take a......cold shower...

There is no "I" in team but there is one in FIU! U better recognize. Miami's real university

I flew all the way up to Columbus to see them last year. That was the game where they caught JH and the Buckeye QB, Pryor talking on the phone all week before the game. JH threw up wounded duck INTs all day. Limped around all afternoon and begged to be taken out. Had to sit and listen to BuckEye fans laughing at him and calling him a wuss............Damn, I was hoping for Morris for this one.

Hey ScUm how many BCS rings are you staring at right now...how many players in the NFL????..
I didn't HEAR you...
Haters and Bandwagoners are like fleas they keep hopping around..TRY to bite and move on..
Go "U"

there is an FU in FIWHO.

We might be 10-2 in 2015??

Don't Al picking a QB today. Now Ohio State can game plan for Jacory instead of both.

Ok, here we go, we got a real pressure cooker
going here, Jacory ready to set the all time INT record,
He takes the snap, and there it is,
A shot down the middle, but wait, it is dropped,
Travis Benjamin drops the pass.

He's in the shotgun and really turning it on
now, he's not letting up at all, he's gonna
try for the record;
and here comes the throw, and what a duck!
The ball is floating downfield, he’s got a man open,
No, wait, it’s Benjamin again this kid really
makes a mess out there, another drop.
Jacory steps up behind center, here's the snap--
he's throwing, and what a noodle arm he's got,
here's the throw, it's another duck

The receiver glances over, sees the floating duck
Here he comes, so does the safety, it's gonna be close,
there's the play for the ball,
holy cow, I think he's gonna set it

Ok, here we go, we got a real pressure cooker
going here, Jacory ready to set the all time INT record,
He takes the snap, and there it is,
A shot down the middle, but wait, it is dropped,
Travis Benjamin drops the pass.

He's in the shotgun and really turning it on
now, he's not letting up at all, he's gonna
try for the record;
and here comes the throw, and what a duck!
The ball is floating downfield, he’s got a man open,
No, wait, it’s Benjamin again this kid really
makes a mess out there, another drop.
Jacory steps up to behind center, here's the snap--
he's throwing, and what a noodle arm he's got,
here's the throw, it's another duck

The receiver glances over, sees the floating duck
Here he comes, so does the safety, it's gonna be close,
there's the play for the ball,
holy cow, I think he's gonna set it

I don't give a *uck who starts in the game i just want to win. All you so called UM fans should stand behind the CANES whether it be Harris or Morris ...stop bad mouthing MY team...maybe you should have played QB in high school and done something about it!!! Couch Coaches!!!


"Whether you throw a TD or a pick 6, you're putting points on the board." -J12

ufelons 1-17 in last 18 meetings over last 28 years against the u and the gatrs are 1-3 THIS DECADE... FACT...um played in last bcs game in 2004 yes long time not ten years though but i dont car miami still sucks lol go gaytor

Fact: The OL was the sole bright spot against Maryland.
Fact: Fisch is the second coming of Nix. Offense is basic, conservative and to the point of predictable.
Fact: I would elevate Kehoe to OC.
Fact: Buchanon was sole bright spot against Maryland, U don't have a true run-stopper. And what the heck happened to DB's. Telemaque excluded.
Fact: J12 has all the EWR's he needs, give Hagens some playing time.
Fact: OSU will be tough. This game once again comes around to coaching.

With Miller, James and this kind of talent, u should be scoring all over people. I would play Regis more, too.

Streeter looks like he wants to play, so let him do his thing.

And I don't know what Aldarius did, but bring him back, I mean, what did he really do that nobody else did, like Shalala, Coker and gang?

Fact you are a dumba$$

when your team has numerous procedural issues or trouble getting to the line. This move means golden is saying morris was to blame not hte coaches. that coaches got plays in in plenty of time and morris had issues getting play called and team to line of scrimmage. if u cant do that it doesnt matter how well u actually throw the ball.

this has more to do with morris troubles getting miami lined up correctly and on time then it does how he plays.

dang, you'll didn't like Coach Shannon's decision to play Jacory and now you Don't like the Coach you ALL LOVE decision to play Jacory. But it's funny how you all are not crying for Golden's head and questioning his coaching ability. Something definitely don't smell right about this!!!! It's also funny how majority of you guys are blaming the loss on the missing players. The same missing players who were from Shannon's beloved Northwestern class of recruits.... Something again doesn't smell right... Like I said before. Dorsey threw to and handed off to and was protected by nothing but FIRST ROUND draft picks. Jacory is right behind him in yards and TD's with a far less supporting cast and three different OC's and two different HC's... Get your facts straight before you go downing a fellow CANE, you bunch of david duke loving haters pretending to be UM fans. UM has not had a decent QB since Vinny and that fool threw the Penn State game but you fools don't talk about that either. Like I said SOMETHING DEFINITELY DOES NOT SMELL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

swaggalikus, hmm. maybe it's your upper lip!

Sesgaracists. Had to pull out the race card did you. And how do you know those that don't like noodle arm are white?? Morris played a good game, golden said competition till Saturday, are we to trust his word?? Should at least say why he made the decision and be up front with the fans. It really looks like noodle arms dad has more juice than liars moma.
Speaking of aj, someone mentioned bring him back. So he lies to the NCAA after being told not to, gets caught, so let's bring him back as if nothing had happened. Where do we go to find him, a strip club!??


Exactly, you want Golden to explain his decisions. Why not just go with the Coaches choice and sit back in your seats . If Golden is not making correct choices and Shannon didn't. then who will? Ohhh, I get it now his dad is influencing Golden's choice. So what does that speak about Golden's ability to make decisions? GET REAL!!! Some of you wanna be's remind me of Shapiro. Wanna be, jock sniffing experts.MIAMI'S new Coach wants Jacory without a competition, so deal with it. He don't owe you no ticket having wanna be Shapiro coaching experts NOTHING!!! JACORY FOR HEISMAN!!!!!

I stand behind my team win lose or draw!!!! C.A.N.E 4 life

Swagajockstrap. You really don't makd a lot of sense. Golden says competition, that changed, why?? Not rocket science. So maybe noodle arm is not the qb vs os just said that like he said there was competition.
You love noodle arm so much, he has done nothing but drag the program down.


Jacory has 9 lives.

Lets just join the MEAC or SWAC and swagger out son

It's sad to read these comments from some of you that claim to be Cane fans. I am a TRUE CANE! I'll fight you over Larry Coker! All im saying is no matter if we win or lose, stay a soldier and be a part of The U Family! If not, change colors! None of us are at practice and are a part of the decision making as to whom is on the field and why. Just trust that our coaches are making the best decisions for the team and ride with it. Texas 5-7, neither Michigan nor ND is relevant. Everybody has their down time. If you are a True Hurricane, this little storm aint ish! Ride or die! Cane4Life!

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