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Canes tight end Blake Ayles (concussion) out for the year

CORAL GABLES -- Blake Ayles' career at the University of Miami won't get started anytime soon. The senior tight end and transfer from USC was ruled out for the season Thursday after suffering a concussion early in training camp.

Blake Ayles Ayles (6-5, 265) was expected to provide leadership and experience to the tight end unit. After being tabbed as the second-best tight end in the country coming out of high school, Ayles played sparingly at USC and caught just 14 passes for 182 yards and 1 touchdown in 27 games with the Trojans.

Ayles, who has a history of concussions, has never redshirted and could seek a medical redshirt to return next season. Ayles joins tight end Cory White and walk-on linebacker Eric Lichter as Hurricanes ruled out for the season.

Also ruled out for Saturday's game vs. Ohio State: offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson (back surgery); defensive tackle Luther Robinson (leg); defensive tackle Curtis Porter (finger) and defensive end Shayon Green (leg).

> UM coach Al Golden told reporters Thursday Marcus Forston and Micanor Regis will start at defensive tackle and Mike Williams will get the start over Lee Chambers opposite Brandon McGee at cornerback Saturday.

Golden said that no starter has been determined in the battle between Anthony Chickillo and Adewale Ojomo at defensive end and it will be a game-time decision. Golden said Travis Benjamin and Allen Hurns will be UM's starting receivers.


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Get that redshirt, work on that tan.

Well that stinks! Lots of raw talent there.

Interesting how Hurns just "took" the starting spot from Byrd. TE might be the weak spot in the entire offense. With players like Miller, James, and that Hagens kid, U got to mmix the offense up.

OSU is going to be tough. U got to keep that defense honest.

Prediction: J12 quiets all the stupid naysayers and has a good game where he reads defense better and makes smarter throws. But the DB's have to start being in right spots, not like the Maryland game. U need some LB"s, excluding Spence, to step up, too.

That's to bad, I was looking forward to watching Blake this year. Have been told from old teammates that he is a pretty exciting player. Concussion are a very serious thing and you have to do what you have to do to protect the kids from future problems.

Wish him well!

Anyone available from the basketball team?

"anyone available from the basketball team" classic..


Take a Vacation dude ... Jesus

Seems like he took a look at the scenery around here and wants to stick around.

Jacory has 3 years of interceptions on film, so noone is going to be quieted. Is Jacory capable of one good game...yes.

Harris is only playing because he can run the offense more efficiently at the line of scrimmage.

I personally thought that Stephen Morris got away with some throws that he shouldn't have made at Maryland, I don't think he's necessarily less interception prone than Harris. I'm pretty sure that Harris wouldn't have missed some of the deep receivers that Morris did.

Hate to change the subject, but I felt this worthy of notice with no other place to mention it.

Did y'all see the morning WSJ article about who plays the schedule with the most respected academic institutions?

Miami was in 17th position; six ACC schools were on the list. USC first, BC second. (Stanford can't play themselves).

The top 20 schools scheduling the brainiest opponents includes exactly zero SEC schools.

If by some miracle Harris can avoid throwing interceptions, then UM will beat OSU. The interceptions cost UM the game last year. Before the interceptions took the 'Canes out of the game, they were pretty close to dominating OSU.

C'mon, Jack! Tighten it up, man! Send these OSU sissie back to OSU land wearing skirts.

But dig this. I think Golden should step out of the box a little bit and change the 'Canes' image.

Why? Because the 'Canes' image has become outdated. Now every football team is copying the 'Canes of the 1980s and 1990s.

So, for one thing, lose the "smoke" when the team comes out of the locker room. So many other teams copy that now that it has become kind of a joke.

And so many other players on other teams are copying that "bad-boy" bologna that it has become somewhat of a joke, too.

So, to honor the Hurricane tradition of setting the standard, the pace and the fashion, come up with something way out of the box.

Discipline. The 'Canes rocked the college football world with their lack of discipline, but now all the other teams are copying. So, change course; go back to discipline.

Instead of running out of the hallway in a cloud of smoke, have the players march out, in step and in parade formation, accompanied by a drum corps complement from the band playing some really cool cadence: something really cool (and those drummers can do it, believe me) that will get the whole audience clapping and dancing around.

Now, THAT would be cool, and it would blow people away.

And for crying out loud, stop playing that stupid Metallica song. Enough is enough.

We just need to run this thing like a pro team. Miami isn't a college football program.

This will be cold and cruel. You didn't make it at USC, you didn't blow anyone away here. You have a serious concussion. Maybe it's time to hit the books get your degree and move on with the next phase of your life. One with out football. Sometime you just have to stop playing childish games grow up and move on. If I was your Dad that's what I would be advising you.

Oh, so I don't sound so heartless, he only has one year left anyway. Concentrating on his studies and his health is the best path now. Why wait around waste another year maybe just get your bell rung again anyway, these thing come in bunches after the first one. That's really all I meant, I want the best for the kid.

those are some of the dumbest ideas i have ever heard, lakeworthcane


I feel for someone so negative like yourself. I hope you carry an umbrella for that dark cloud.

Happy (or sad, negative) Friday!

We're going to get our Azzez handed to us by the Buckeyes. And Sentrel Henderson is a joke..

Hang in there Blake.....we will miss you this season...All 'Canes are rooting for you, and Coach Al will have you so pumped with the "Golden" system, your presence will help us with the other TE's on the team...go for your Masters buddy, study, and come back strong for the "U".

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