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First option on final play in Canes' loss to K-State was shovel pass for Lamar Miller

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Had things gone the way the Hurricanes wanted to on their final offensive play from scrimmage Saturday, Lamar Miller would have been on the receiving end of Jacory Harris' game-winning shovel pass.

Instead, Miller never got the pass because Kansas State defensive end Adam Davis blocked the lane, leaving Harris to choose between two other options: running it in himself or trying to connect with tight end Clive Walford on a pass in the flat.

"When the d-end decided he was going to be late off the ball, he kind of ruined the whole play," Harris said. "He wasn't paying attention and as soon as I said hike he got caught up in his assignment and it actually helped him. My only option was run it or throw it in the flat and I couldn't do that because they were playing man.

"They covered it pretty well. The d-end, him being late on the ball he actually played the shovel pass without knowing it. Next time we just have to run it up in there, never put ourselves in that situation again."

The Hurricanes (1-2) tried to punch it in twice with Mike James. It didn't work. So why didn't Miller -- the team's leading rusher -- get a crack? "He was too banged up," UM coach Al Golden said.

Miller injured his left shoulder with 7:55 to play in the game when he was tackled for no gain at the UM 28-yard line by Kansas State's Vai Lutui. Miller, who has suffered shoulder injuries throughout his career including last season, ran over immediately to the bench the Canes ended up punting on their next-to-last series. He returned for the final series, but had two carries for one yard before exiting and returning on the final play.

Should Canes fans be worried about Miller missing time? Well, Harris is. "Of course I'm worried about a guy that's injured," Harris said. "I don't know the extent of what his injury is, but he's a tough guy and I know he's going to be in the training room trying to get right, trying to get healthy so he can be ready next week full throttle."

The Hurricanes certainly need him. Miller scored on a career-long 59 yard touchdown run and broke the 100-yard mark for the third game in a row, finishing with 106 yards on 18 carries. He's now run for 1,055 yards 14 games into his career.

> Another injury to monitor: left tackle Brandon Washington went down with a right knee injury in the first half, but returned and played the second half.


The Hurricanes were only flagged four times for 30 yards Saturday, but two on the offensive line in the first quarter were "drive killers, energy vampires," according to Harris.

The first -- a false start on redshirt freshman right tackle Jonathan Felicano -- turned a 3rd-and-1 at the Kansas State 17 into a 3rd and 6. UM ended up settling for a field goal. Sixth-year senior Joel Figueroa came in for the injured Washington and was called for a false start on 4th-and-4 at the Kansas State 37. UM decided to punt.


Sean Spence tied a career high with 14 tackles. He also had a sack, two and half tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

He was one of the few on UM's defense to have a good day as Kansas State scorched the Canes for 265 yards rushing and scored touchdowns on all four of its trips into the red zone. UM had only given up one touchdown defensively in nine trips into the red zone in their first two games.

"Goes back to leverage, we had a couple of run misfits, a couple of missed tackles -- nothing we can't correct," Spence said. "You have to give credit to their quarterback. He did a great job. We knew going into the game he was their best runner. Watching him on film he did everything today he did before."

The play that stung Spence the most? The 26-yard run K-State quarterback Collin Klein had on 2nd and 29 from the Wildcats 3. "It took a lot of air out of us," he said. "We had the crowd in it. They were backed up on the goalline and popped one on us right up the middle. It deflated us."


Former Hurricanes linebacker Arthur Brown, who transferred to Kansas State after the 2009 season, finished with six tackles for the Wildcats -- fourth best on the team in his return to Miami.

“One of the last things I heard when I left Miami is I’ll always be family," said Brown, who shook hands with Spence before the game. "There was a lot of excitement more than anything."

UM center Tyler Horn said: "Arthur is a stud. I knew that from when he was here."

Bryce Brown, Arthur's younger brother, played and had a pass thrown his way that fell incomplete. He did not, however, have any carries.


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Stephen morris would have scored,we got the only QB in college football who still slides wtf...

Well, despite getting our fudge packed once again, we can feel good that our players are on track to getting their degrees in Phys Ed and Sports History.

we lost this game in the trenches! jacory had a remarkable second half, but as usual, not enough!

Where is Marcus Forston? All blame goes to the guys that play in the middle of this defense. DT, MLB, and SS.

Losses to MD and Kansas State? Explain again why Golden is an upgrade from RS. Miami is more talented than both teams but finds a way to lose. That is coaching.

The defense made K-state look like supermen. Hit - wrap-up. Seriously flawed fundamentals.

If we dont play a pro style offense we will lose. What kind of offense does bethune run? Jacory will throw some more picks as well.

Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets! From now on it will be total organization. No more pills, no more booze, no more bad food, no more destroyers of my body, every muscle must be tight!

The worst part is Lamar Miller is down.. Like I said before, if we ran him to much he would get hurst sooner or later... well It happened tonight... now with no good back. we become one dimensional and we become easy targets for the other teams to smack us in the face. WHO DO WE BLAME FOR TONIGHT'S LOST?

Ok. Can we all stop with this Morris thing. I bet he will not beat Williams out next year. I think golden is waiting for next year.

Watching Oregon play is it me or is there qb smaller than jacory, but he doesnt slide. If ur still defending jacory you probably were defending kenny kelly , if you were A cane then when they bench him for ken dorsey, time for new blood. Morris is who needs to be playing. Simple

We lost on second and goal and third and goal..... Let's bunches 22 guys into an 8 yrd area and run the same play twice in a row...... If we're gonna repeat a play how bout the one we scored our first td on last week...... Play action pass to the TE......... Simple as that

Hopefully, Miller will sit next week and get ready for Va. Tech. There's no reason to play him against Bethune. I saw way too many Canes tackling with their bodies and not wrapping up with their arms. If they can't tackle the way they're taught, they can watch from the bench. D'Onofrio is playing with a short deck. Perhaps he was slow to adjust to what was happening, but there's no doubt he lacks enough players on defense.

Don't blame Jacory for sliding, he played great in the second half except for overthrowing Streeter. If we can't punch it in with our O-line from 2 yards out we deserve to lose. As usual, we can't stop a running QB and made this guy look like the second coming of Tebow. And their running back didn't break 50 yards against Kent St. and he went for a ton against us. So I guess our run D is worse than Kent St. Pretty frickin sad. Arthur Brown played well, a fast LB who wraps up. Could have used him on our side today. Oh yeah, he was on our side until Randy and Co. coached him out of the school.

Im tired of hearing "its things we can fix" jacorrys int they said could be fixed, o line penalties can be fixed, bad tackling can be fixed... when the hell is it going to get fixed.. and if we got 4 downs to punch it in from the goal line and cant get it done against a 12 point underdog we are in alot worse shape then i thought. now millers out.. got to find someone besides jacorry to blame.. his stats look legit this game

UFelony30andmore - how the heck are you tonight buddy? Amber Alert in the morning if I don't hear from you.

The visiting team came to win, and their quarterback beat the U of M. Harris did very well. The defense really lost the game, and could not key on the superstar quarterback. The visitors just out played the U of M. The coaching staff needs to let Harris loose with the long ball more often. The interception issue is a lot of crap. When interceptions turn into touchdowns, then it is serious. U of M just did a lousy job today.

Manny's prediction prior to the game was 33 to 9 Miami over powerhouse kansas state. Bawahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

So much for all his inside information. I mean this is your job. You spend most of your life covering this one football team and you are blinded by the fact they are in a miserable decline, spiraling completely out of control. Good thing you only write stuff about this team and don't actually put your money on these things.

Very impressed with the crowd. I think there were more people at Lamar miller's high school game than out there at dolphins stadium.

What a complete joke. Embarrassment.

We can all forget about it tomorrow though because at least the dolphins are playing. Bawhahahahahahahahahahha.

good news and bad news. First the good news. Jacory played well in second half now maybe we will get some more balance on offense. Spence is still a beast. O-line was great in pass protection. This game meant nothing, we are not natl ship contenders and acc games still ahead of us for potential bcs. And, fsu lost again. Now the bad:
Defensive line is awful, dont get off blocks at all. Play calling at goaline was worst. U have streeter at 6'5 and hurns and byrd both over 6'1 and no fade routes. Besides the last drive, where are the te's? I watched alot of football today, no way we can beat georgia tech or fsu with our front 7. Vernon will help but until we get a "real d-line" we will not compete for anything.

This northwestern class that came to Miami, all of them and the rest of that incoming class...remember number one class...bawhahahahahhaha...that class may go down as the most overrated class in college football history. Horrible. I sure hope Miami is providing some sort of education for those kids because they will be part of the 99 percent that go pro in something other than football.

You want inside information?

Heard from a very reliable source that al golden is gone..leaving after this year..he is moving on and has been asked behind the scenes of his interest in a job that will most likely be available...a person close to golden told the school he is very interested in the job.

Remember you heard it here first. Thank me later.

Maryland played a cupcake to begin the season and beat the cupcake, now they have lost the next 2 games to decent teams.
The cupcake beat a team with no QB and got puffed up, called their next opponent the Mildcats
Along came the Wildcats and spanked the cupcake in their house
The Golden Era rolls along
Dah U is back

‎1st and goal inside the 5 yd. line, and you still couldn't get it done. Thanks Jacory, way to be a leader. When your receiver is 10 yrds away don't throw the ball at his feet. Nice pass dumbass. When the game is on the line and there are 3yds between you and the end zone, don't run directly towards the defenders and get stopped a yard short. A Ken Dorsey you are not. A Steve Walsh you are not. You're not a great QB. IE Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinnie, or Gino. Definitely not a Craig Erickson. You throw into coverage and are late most times. You over or underthrow wide open guys way too often. You throw picks at the worst times and demoralize the whole team. Please redeem yourself. Don't make your fans boo you in the 1st quarter. And what happened to the D? 3rd and long all day turned into 1st down for Kansas St. They moved the ball at will. I guess that means the Ohio St. win was a fluke or they are just a shitty team. BTW. Temple beat Maryland today. 38-7
That's right. TEMPLE! Come on Canes, It's not too late. At least finish above .500!! Only 24 points scored in each of the 3 games this season. 2 were losses.

its amazing that people think in 9 months you can take a lousy team with lousy players and make them champs. these players have yet to learn HOW to win. it takes time and experience. they havent been coached for years.it will change, only when they start to believe. remember how miami KNEW they would win, others hoped. we will expect to win again, in a few years. go canes

Jacory Harris gives us the best chance to win
We will lose to anyone, anytime, anywhere
Good thing we will have a bowl ban
Arthur Brown is not the dummy we thought he was
Neither was Frank Haith
Jacory keeps his streak alive
Bethune comes in right on time

It is gonna be a REAL LONG YEAR...
Real pathetic finish. Where was Hagens at the goal line? Miller really couldn't run through the K-State line, not big enough.
Ugly once again.

The Canes aren't very good. The O line is overrated as is the D line. Weak LBs, Spence is OK but not a star.

The secondary? Real bad. They make OK WRs and QBs look like first rounders.

The QB, he looked better in the second half, but one of the less talented ones at QB in major college football.

So how come other teams' receivers get open and ours do not? Year after year after year after year.... And on and on.

Maybe Golden is gone after ths year as suggested by one poster. Seems like a good man, but Joepa will hang 'em up in 2011.

And then there's the NCAA...

Losses to Kansas State, Maryland? Wow.

Maybe if you had 4 more downs, and K-State's DE was smarter, Jacori could have scored. BAHAHAHA this is the funniest thing I have ever read.

@ Oranse you hit the nail on the head can someone PLEASE CALL 911 Because our MLB J. Gaines can't read or tackle on the D-Fence side of the ball this is becoming the same old dammm! song...

we cannot afford to lose the games in which jacory plays decent.

u canes fan suck u r a bunch of bandwagon jumpers jacory didnt lose the game he had a great second half i dont know why recruits come to your school u guys have to be the worst fans ever no wonder your teams suck u boo jacory and chad henne u havent had a good quarterback since dorsey. kirby freeman sucked ,kyle wright sucked ,robert marve sucked, brock berlin wasnt the best, so jacory is your only hope stop complaining and living in the past its over u fans stop talking bout swag like u know what it means ryan williams will start next year and he is going to have a bad game then u r going to be crying for morris u guy as fans suck im ashamed to be a hurricane fan because of people like u. You fans go and support your team and quit actinng like a bunch of geeks who thank they know football because u dont.nobody is scared of the hurricanes anymore because at the old orange bowl stadium those were real fans that packed the stadium now u guys dont even show up what a disgrace al golden should leave and the recruits should go somewhere else if i was a recruit i wouldnt come to miami because of the lousy wannabe fans

Tell me how miami since early 2000s has been a powerhouse or excpected to win at any game? kansas state was once a solid team. the name doesnt mean ur auto better

Why is it so hard to admit the the U of M was out coached and out played today? I hate to be the one to tell you all but K-State is a good football team and this game is far from the most important win for them. They have class act athletes and coaches and every person involved, be it coaches trainers, players and fans out classed the U of M. When the national media will give the Wildcats any respect is when you all can finally have something to talk about. Dont blame, this guy or that guy or coach or anything. Just admit that small time Kansas State came into your house and owned your ass! Sorry, but i know that the truth hurts and truth is Kansas State Wildcats are just flat out better than the U of M. Get over your egos and welcome to reality. When the Wildcats are playing in a BCS bowl game this year, you can feel better about this loss. Anyway, welcome to the way it is from the midwest. Hard working blue collar folks that dont give up and wont give in! Ever!!!!!

welcome to shalalas utopia where we celebrate our academic achievements because our athletics are mediocre at best. we have become duke without the winning basketball team. i hope golden stays, because i see promise, but its going to take a few
years. we as canes fans just have to accept the fact that our team is not and has not been a top 25 contender since 02. ive already posted about how her elitest requirements bar a higher caliber of walk-ons. and no the athletic requirements are not a joke at miami.she has turned miami into harvard as best she could. but miami does not play the ivy league schools. compile that with lousy coaching and you have the current product.

Its really simple there is not alot of talent on this team especially on D. No answer at Maryland and no answer for K state' O. Look at the 8 from Nortwestern only Spence can play but he's no stud. Will Golden stay? Who knows. What kind of sanctions are coming? Need to rebuild the program and with fewer schlorships that will be hard to do. Its going to take a while (years) to get it fixed.

you need to stop drinking the moonshine. KSU's QB is not a good QB, he runs the option because he can't throw. Miami is a team in both coaching and NCAA transition which tends to create some turmoil. Be happy your team came ready to play and even though they made 4 fumbles managed by the grace of the lord to keep all of them. Be thankful that your coach's figured out a clear weakness in the defense of Miami and used the option to exploit it because if you had to rely on your QB's arm you were done. You were 6 inches from losing a game that you had a huge lead in at the half. Be happy but don't kid yourself. Until you hang a National Championship flag or have a 147 week TD streak in the NFL by your former players you need to chill.
It was a big win for your team celebrate it but don't get crazy, Shannon got fired because his team wasn't good and Golden had no time to recruit so you are playing a team at it low point. That is reality.

how about the d couldn't stop a slow white qb who runs straight up???..now thats embarrassing..

Have to agree with delandcane. Everyone is expecting miracles overnight. It's going to take Golden and staff another two years to build this program to where they know they will win when they step on the field. My opinion, the D line is killing us. No pressure on the quarterback. Makes it difficult for the linebackers and db's. By the way, Temple crushes Maryland. Those are Golden's boys at Temple. Let's see what he can do with another couple of recruiting classes here at Miami.

If Jacory hits Streeter on a blown coverage, we wouldnt be embarrassed this morning. The guy overthrew once again a wide open receiver for a sure TD.

For those of you thinking ACC championship this year... forget it.. fsu, gt, NC, And VT have a better team than we do... i am sick an tired of spending money and not getting results... FIRE SHALA LA LA LA A now... lets send a plane over again.. that will make the point

Done! I can't cheer for another team. I couldn't bring myself to it. However, I will wait until baseball season again. The NCAA is a joke. The notion of "Amature Atheletes" is a joke with college presidents jockying for more money yet complain about a few hundred being handed out or cream cheese. I am also tired of the liberal educated Shalala turning the football team/revenue generator into a joke also. It's like Obama trying to ruin his revenue source by taxing them to death. College football will get no better. I love UM allways because I got my degree there but I have to step away.

For those of you that are to young to remember:

The great Jimmy Johnson (and I mean great) took over a National Championship winning Canes team in '84.

Their record 8-4. Their signature loss that year was to none other than Maryland!

What does all this mean? I have no idea.

No, actually it means "Be Patient". And I see a lot of patience here.

And that's a good thing for our future.

Go Canes! We will overcome!

No excuse for losing that game at home to a unranked team in September where the humidity is to your advantage. It look like it botherd us more than them. We couldnt get off the field on 3rd down. We couldnt stop the run look slow and were are the playmakers? here are my 10 whys from the game.

1. Why cant we stop a running QB
2. Why cant we stop the run
3. Why cant we get off the field on 3rd down
4. Why did it look like Shannon was coaching
5. Why is Jacory the starting QB
6. Why dont we have any playmakers
7. Why cant we run the ball when we have to
8. Why do we always fall for the okie-doke
9. Why not play the freshman, upperclass sucks
10. Why was there only 35,000 @ gm.

Out Muscled by Maryland & Kansas State

Can someone tell me where was the D-line in this game? Where was the 300 pound avg O-line when it counted? Where was the so-called conditioning in the fourth Qtr? We are in deep trouble. After B-Cookman it get's bad. Look for GT to run all over us. FSU forget it! UNC and Virginia maybe. I'm concerned about the Defense, it looks worse than when Shannon was there.

Can't we just agree that Miami really isn't all that talented after all? This team played their butts off, but at the end of the day they couldn't beat a decent KSU team. That's Miami's identity. It's who they are right now and it's up to Golden to make the team better. I believe he will do that because despite the losses, this team plays hard. They just need better players.

The talent is obviously lacking on the defensive line, but I believe UM simply were outcoached yesterday. It took too long to make the offensive adjustments. K-State was stacking the box the entire game. It wasn't until the second half that Miami tested the K-State corners who were playing man coverage and were too slow for the Miami receivers. Jacory played really well in the second half. Yes, he missed that throw on the last drive but you should not have to play perfect to win. I'm not a huge Jacory fan but even his most ardent haters should admit he played well and the loss was not his fault.

There were not enough adjustments made defensively. The occassional blitz was effective and they did not do it enough. Too many missed assignments. You had players overpursuing, just like in the FSU game last year. What is surprising is that these same players were able to shut down Ga. Tech two years in a row, yet looked terrible yesterday. They missed several tackles but most of the time they gave up big gains because they were out of position. That is coaching. Too many huge third down plays. Maybe they should stop getting riled up with the sirens on third down and treat it like every other down.

I would not expect much from this team. The reason this loss is so devastating is because of the looming sanctions. Normally, I could take a bad year and chalk it up to rebuilding. However, the talent is likely to get worse as scholarships are lost and recruits flee. I hope the current recruits honor their commitments and stick with the U. I also hope the NCAA rules soon and we get lucky with the punishment.

By the way, you have to give credit to K-State for the way they played. Their quarterback was clearly banged up by the end of the game and never quit. The goal-line stand was pure will. They gave their full effort to stop Miami from scoring.

I blame the coaching staff on such a horrible, performance. The Defensive coach will not last long in Miami @ all. "Jed Fisc" won't last either. They both played conservative and the defense missed more tackles, than anything. I was wondering why Jed Fisc, wasn't throwing the ball more. K-State defense was not that great Miami made them look superb and deserving the #1 title for the best defense. We shot ourselves in the foot. Jonathan Feliciano & Joel Figuroe messed us up with those false starts. I tell you Cane fans this we're going to go 6-6 if that. We look like trash we look no better than we did when Randy Shannon was there. We need to spend some good money on some coaches with a name.

well fans lets put it this way i don't blame Jacory but u don't run a 190lb QB against players that are over 200lbs and expect him to score it just doesent work. miller might of been hurt but what about TB on that end sweep and why wasn't there a blocker for twigey while he was running oh! ya this isn't baseball you have a halmet and sholder pads dive and reach the ball out thats how u score from 2yards out ball first not feet first.

@SunnyDee homie I agree with u all the way. Miami players were playing out of position. And the corners we're playing to far off. The thing is this the Defense is giving up to many yards every game they played. We also need to let Denzel Perryman,Jordan Futch,Sean Spence be the starting linebackers. Because when they all were in they played tremendous together. But Miami better shape up because we're not looking like we're heading to a bowl. We're heading to V-tech in two weeks and lord knows I don't think I have the stomach to watch that game. GA-Tech is looking good and remember that Miami turned down a kid @ the last minute (Nick Mendoza lb) he went to Ga-Tech he might do the samething that "Arthur Brown" did make Miami pay.

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