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First option on final play in Canes' loss to K-State was shovel pass for Lamar Miller

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Had things gone the way the Hurricanes wanted to on their final offensive play from scrimmage Saturday, Lamar Miller would have been on the receiving end of Jacory Harris' game-winning shovel pass.

Instead, Miller never got the pass because Kansas State defensive end Adam Davis blocked the lane, leaving Harris to choose between two other options: running it in himself or trying to connect with tight end Clive Walford on a pass in the flat.

"When the d-end decided he was going to be late off the ball, he kind of ruined the whole play," Harris said. "He wasn't paying attention and as soon as I said hike he got caught up in his assignment and it actually helped him. My only option was run it or throw it in the flat and I couldn't do that because they were playing man.

"They covered it pretty well. The d-end, him being late on the ball he actually played the shovel pass without knowing it. Next time we just have to run it up in there, never put ourselves in that situation again."

The Hurricanes (1-2) tried to punch it in twice with Mike James. It didn't work. So why didn't Miller -- the team's leading rusher -- get a crack? "He was too banged up," UM coach Al Golden said.

Miller injured his left shoulder with 7:55 to play in the game when he was tackled for no gain at the UM 28-yard line by Kansas State's Vai Lutui. Miller, who has suffered shoulder injuries throughout his career including last season, ran over immediately to the bench the Canes ended up punting on their next-to-last series. He returned for the final series, but had two carries for one yard before exiting and returning on the final play.

Should Canes fans be worried about Miller missing time? Well, Harris is. "Of course I'm worried about a guy that's injured," Harris said. "I don't know the extent of what his injury is, but he's a tough guy and I know he's going to be in the training room trying to get right, trying to get healthy so he can be ready next week full throttle."

The Hurricanes certainly need him. Miller scored on a career-long 59 yard touchdown run and broke the 100-yard mark for the third game in a row, finishing with 106 yards on 18 carries. He's now run for 1,055 yards 14 games into his career.

> Another injury to monitor: left tackle Brandon Washington went down with a right knee injury in the first half, but returned and played the second half.


The Hurricanes were only flagged four times for 30 yards Saturday, but two on the offensive line in the first quarter were "drive killers, energy vampires," according to Harris.

The first -- a false start on redshirt freshman right tackle Jonathan Felicano -- turned a 3rd-and-1 at the Kansas State 17 into a 3rd and 6. UM ended up settling for a field goal. Sixth-year senior Joel Figueroa came in for the injured Washington and was called for a false start on 4th-and-4 at the Kansas State 37. UM decided to punt.


Sean Spence tied a career high with 14 tackles. He also had a sack, two and half tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

He was one of the few on UM's defense to have a good day as Kansas State scorched the Canes for 265 yards rushing and scored touchdowns on all four of its trips into the red zone. UM had only given up one touchdown defensively in nine trips into the red zone in their first two games.

"Goes back to leverage, we had a couple of run misfits, a couple of missed tackles -- nothing we can't correct," Spence said. "You have to give credit to their quarterback. He did a great job. We knew going into the game he was their best runner. Watching him on film he did everything today he did before."

The play that stung Spence the most? The 26-yard run K-State quarterback Collin Klein had on 2nd and 29 from the Wildcats 3. "It took a lot of air out of us," he said. "We had the crowd in it. They were backed up on the goalline and popped one on us right up the middle. It deflated us."


Former Hurricanes linebacker Arthur Brown, who transferred to Kansas State after the 2009 season, finished with six tackles for the Wildcats -- fourth best on the team in his return to Miami.

“One of the last things I heard when I left Miami is I’ll always be family," said Brown, who shook hands with Spence before the game. "There was a lot of excitement more than anything."

UM center Tyler Horn said: "Arthur is a stud. I knew that from when he was here."

Bryce Brown, Arthur's younger brother, played and had a pass thrown his way that fell incomplete. He did not, however, have any carries.


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BOTH our LINES OF SCRIMMAGE are LACKING and have been lacking for some time.

These are NOT Golden's GUYS!

This will change.


Go Canes! We Shall Over Come!
(just not this season)

850 Cane

Your way to young (and your ignorant statement proves this fact) to remember -

when "The Great Jimmy Johnson" took over the reining 1983 national champions and quickly went

8 and 4 with a loss to Maryland being the signature loss. Jimmy's Canes were ahead 36 to nothing at halftime . . . AND THE CANES LOST!

According to you and others: We should have FIRED Jimmy ON THE SPOT!

Wake up! Stop showing your IGNORANCE!

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

Can't judge Coach Golden by the performance of Randy Shannon's marginally talented players. While there's a few bright spots; Coach really doesn't have allot to work with here.

If you want a good measuring stick to gauge the man's ability....look no farther than the kids he recruited and mentored at that national powerhouse Temple. They play with heart, strength and courage. Their performance so far this year speaks for itself. This is what the U has to look forward to.

Be patient, Folks. Coach Golden is the real deal.

Arthur Brown looking like an All-American, Temple spanked Maryland, and we can't pick up a yard! This one is on the players.....they have some talent but no heart! Fortson is a joke, so is Ojomo, and if Jimmy Gaines is our best option at the Mike....lawd help us!

I agree we need to play smash mouth foot ball if ur going to play a pro style paly like the pros hit and make it hurt. if we don't were looking like a 2 and 10 season and our but will be kicked we can't bring back the old canes who dominated but we can sure try to play like they did win or loose we can leave our mark on the other team. forget about who we lost as players play football give us something to be CANES FANES for

well 850 Cane u hit it right on the head but we need to forget about who we lost as players and play withwhat we got. we can't bring back the old canes who dominated but we can sure try to play like thay did hit the other team and make it hurt when they go down maye them feel it. if not we end up a 2 and 10 season and laughed about come on Al this isn't temple this is the "U" play tackle football not flag or two hand touch give us CANES FANS something to be proud of GO CANES KICK ASS

"The Great Jimmy Johnson" took over the reining 1983 national champions and quickly went

8 and 4 with a loss to Maryland being the signature loss. Jimmy's Canes were ahead 36 to nothing at halftime . . . AND THE CANES LOST!

According to some to day: We would have FIRED Jimmy ON THE SPOT! Brilliant!

Wake up! Stop showing your IGNORANCE!

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

look i'm not puting down the canes just stating a fact we need to be playing football and act like it we got beat by a team who fears playing nonconference teames we need to show we belong we were once feared now they look at us as just another football team put the fear back in the other teames eyes when they come to our house or when we go there. I am and always will be a CANES fan win or loose but play like the CANES not some high school team GO CANES

There is "athletic talent" and there is "football talent".

The Canes have a lot of "athletic talent" and very little "football talent".

As an example: How can LaRon Byrd, as a Senior, not know how to run a simple "Button Hook/Curl".

The primary moves in a "Button Hook/Curl" is to run the defender off then come back to the qb and attack the ball.

This is not just a onetime gaff on his part, it's a continuing theme at the receiver position and at all other positions.

It's unbelievable this Senior, and he's not alone, doesn't know how to "play" the receiver position. This a perfect example of "lacking Football Talent".

Golden WILL change this!

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

Always a cane fan, that's okay - they need to be knocked.

But we need patience. As I said earlier there is very little Football Talent here. Plenty of Athletic Talent.

Just very little Foot Ball Iq or as Golden calls it: FBI!

Remember Johnson's first year in '84.

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

Ok i'll give u part of what ur saying we have Athletic Talent but that talent should have been transfered to Football Talent during spring ball and don't bring up the BS about the scandle Golden should have been able to work around it. there is plenty of blame to go aroung for the loss but it starts with play calling you talk about the "Button Hook/Curl" fine LaRon should have come back for the ball but if it wasn't under thrown he wouldn't have to i watched it on TV and it was under thrown u say be Patient what wate till next year there are 9 more games and three at least against good teames when we loose them your going to say be patient well i live in gator country there already laughing at us and mine is running very thin as i said i am and will always be a CANES FAN it's all about the "U"

Jacory slides ha ha ha. hes heartless

look Canes Against The World please don't anyone take this the wrong way but we shall over come was a great Dr. King speach but this is football u play 12 games a season u win or loose u can't go to court and get the looses over turned so whats there to over come if we keep loosing we wont even go to the toilet bowl someone needs to go into the locker room and light a fire under the team before its to late Golden can say what he wants to the press
but in that locker room he needs to coach not preach kick ass Golden or get out go ahead run jacory out there again this week and well get beat by a team who doesent belong in our league GO Canes

Always a cane fan:

Obviously you don't get it.

FootBall Iq (Football Talent) can't be taught. You either have it or you don't.

Just like Athletic Talent, you either have it or you don't.

FBI is instinctual. (Sean Spence and Lamar Miller are great examples of this)

Golden inherited nothing!

Jimmy Johnson inherited a NC team!

Johnson went 8 and 4 . . . it takes time. it takes patience.

You either get it or maybe your one of the ignorant fans I speak of.

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

Good thing the game wasn't in Manhattan. Would have been a blowout.

The defense needs to play with more aggression. This bend and don't break mentality is not a Cane mentality in any sense. We're a punch you in the mouth, and talk to you defense. We play man up. This cushion that I continue to see our DB's play with is ridiculous. One of our fastest guys Brandon McGee runs a 4.29 and gets burnt on button hooks repeatedly throughout the night because of that damn cushion.

We looked like we got out coached. I personally think that Snyder really did his homework. Dammit.

Go Canes!

They should of did a play action when they we're @ the goal line. The did some piss poor play calling for real. We look bad I can't lie.

850 Cane:

Great call. How could they miss making that call.

Open field to the right, perfect for J12.

850 Cane,

Great call.

I'm disappointed but Patient.

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

Miami is not as talented as one may think. This team don't have ball players; just guys who can run fast. You got guys who can't read immediate threats because they are so busy getting to thier defensive set. Play the game that's in front of you; stop running to an open spot just because or jump on a pile of players. Situational defense is lacking on this team.

Agree. Lacking Football Talent. As Golden would say no FBI.

Athletic Talent, lots of that. But what good is that when a senior receiver doesn't know the concept behind a simple curl (button hook) route.

I'm disappointed but Patient.

Go Canes! We Shall . . . Over Come!

The trash the canes fans left in the parking lot was 1 million percent worse than losing the game-- i have never been so embarassed than when i left the game and walked thru the parking lots-- what in the world is up with these losers-- were they raised in a garbage dump-- honestly -- canes fans can do better than that.

I'm so angry with this loss, I'm finally going to rant on a totally unrelated subject:
Can some of you folks understand the word is LOSING, not LOOSING?
One "O", not OO.
That's losing, not LOOSING.
Now, repeat after me......

This nonsense has been going on for a few years now.
Do they not teach English anymore?

If we had won (not "one") I would never have offered this long overdue lecture.

I just hope Miami still has a FB program when they are scheduled to make the return trip to the Little Apple! You guys need to quit crying about how bad you are right now, and just be happy you still have a team. The NCAA is licking it's lips, and the Death Penalty is just around the corner. Oh yeah that Manny dude writer of yours really knows his FB! Too lazy to do even a little research on aopponent? Hell a dirt field and humid weather did not help you! Your crowd? LOL, pathetic! It will get worse.

Its funny all these non championship programs on this blog. All of the major national powerhouses have their ups and downs but lets not be stupid. Kstate clemson you all dont have one national championship between you two and your talking smack.lol To all the um fans we did jacory give up 260 yards rushing because ur trying to play ur style of defense with miami players. make a slow transition till you can get all of your players in and then run the defense the way you want to. we are getting out coached on every facet of the game.

Losing storm regardless of what happens hurt then and really hurts now. U need as many hoses in the stable as you can have.

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