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Gameday blog: Canes at Maryland

Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes will open the season tonight at 8 at Byrd Stadium against the Maryland Terrapins on ESPN. You are invited to join The Miami Herald's live Gameday Blog and participate in our in-game discussion throughout the game.

Lamar Miller Herald Sports Writer Manny Navarro will be here to anchor the blog, answer questions and share his thoughts on both Twitter and our blog. Remember, inappropriate or obscene comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

Here are some news, notes and keys to the game before kickoff. FYI, the forecast is calling for a 90 percent chance of rain in the area.

- UM will be without eight suspended players for the opener including five starters on defense: DT Marcus Forston, DE Olivier Vernon, DE Adewale Ojomo, S Ray-Ray Armstrong and LB Sean Spence. Look for several freshman and fresh faces to play a vital role in UM's defense.

- Sophomore middle linebacker Jimmy Gaines, one of three non-freshmen making their first career starts (cornerback Mike Williams and defensive tackle Darius Smith are others), has the responsibility of calling plays with Spence out. Gaines, a standout throughout fall camp, will have to show leadership beyond his years for the Canes defense to have a good day.

- With three starters out on the defensive line, expect to see a lot of freshmen Anthony Chickillo, Olsen Pierre, Jalen Grimble and David Perry -- the second-team defensive line. Chickillo has shown in practice he's physically strong enough to battle with college-caliber players. But it's questionable how all the freshman will do in their debuts.

- UM produced two sacks and two quarterback hurries on Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien, the ACC Offensive Freshman of the Year, in last year's 26-20 come-from-behind win last year at Sun Life Stadium. O'Brien finished a mere 9 of 28 for 134 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT thanks to some solid pass defense. UM had eight pass breakups in the game, seven by the secondary. With safety Vaughn Telemaque the only returning starter back from last year's game -- and questions abound at corner -- it will be imperative for the Canes to create pressure on the quarterback and help Brandon McGee, Mike Williams and freshman Thomas Finnie ease in. Maryland, by the way, finished second in the ACC in points scored last season with 32.3 a game. The Terrapins bring back just five starters on their offense, but O'Brien and three starters on the offensive line are among them.

- Offensively, sophomore Stephen Morris will get the start in place of the suspended Jacory Harris. Of course, last year Morris rallied UM to victory versus the Terps by tossing a 35-yard TD pass to Leonard Hankerson with 37 seconds left to play. But before his final drive when he went 4 for 4 for 60 yards and a touchdown, Morris struggled versus the Terps, going 14 of 26 for 226 yards and 2 INTs. New offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch has geared the team's offense for Morris and Harris to check down and make safer reads. Expect UM's tight ends, which didn't make a catch last season against Maryland, to be much more involved.

- Two players who can take a lot of pressure off Morris are running backs Lamar Miller and Mike James. Both had big contributions against the Terps last season. Miller ran for 125 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown and had two catches for 20 yards. James had 10 carries for 51 yards and a touchdown.

- UM has new players at three key special teams positions: sophomore Dalton Botts will handle the punts, junior Jake Wieclaw will handle field goals, extra points and kickoffs, and freshman Phillip Dorsett will return punts.

> PREDICTION: On most days, I would take Miami's talent over Maryland's talent. But in this case, the Canes are playing shorthanded -- very shorthanded --  on defense. Only three players who started in last year's win over the Terrapins (Nicholas, Telemaque and Buchanan) are scheduled to start in this year's game. The big losses for me are Vernon (sack last year vs. Maryland), Spence (3 tackles) and Armstrong (5 tackles, INT). It's not that I don't think UM's defense can step up and answer the bell. I think they will play inspired. But you are asking a lot from a lot of guys making their first starts playing on the road, in bad weather conditions and in a hostile environment. There are bound to be lapses and mistakes. I think we'll see a big night from Miller and James again. But it probably won't be enough. Maryland 26, UM 24.


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fire golden

almost forgot.... good job golden letting 30 secs run off the clock at the end of game before marylands field goal. why is clock managment so d@mn hard??????

Canes didnt play a great team tonight , but we made them look great most of the time , canes will lose at least 6 games this yr , and that is totaly shameful. the turnovers and penaltys are bullsh-t , same lack of focus and mental mistakes that made the "U" middle of the pack , and that wont change and with sanctions on the horizon, the canes are done for a very long time , so for myself, so is football now.

Ubearable...you took the words right outta my mouth! Coaching has to take 70% of the blame for this loss and 80% of the blame on the offensive side of the ball.

Why does the D-coordinator have B. McGhee in the game covering 1x1 with thier speed receiver when he was suffering from cramps?

Why did the DC and HC make no adjustments to the big cushion we were giving their receivers?

Why not change of pace the entire game? Why not go uptempo at least one series to keep their D guessing?

I didn't see too many player led mistakes outside of the fumble before half. Most came from lackluster coaching.

I'm not giving up on Golden, just being a fair critic and expressing my disappointment in his first outing as canes coach!

Well guys, I saw some things I really liked and saw some things that just didn't impress me either. For once in the last 10 years I actually saw a game plan which was to run the ball with Miller and that Hagans kid is a beast from the FB position. Can't understand why we didn't see Streeter on more go routes with a double move off of play action but oh well. Morris didn't play badly. That int that was housed was on a play that everyone knew where the reciever was going. I did think we would see the TE get more passes thrown their way but the name of the game was keep the ball. Miller was great. Now the bad. Did any one see a big hit on anybody tonite? I know I didn't. Telemaque was impressive as was the secondary other than when McGee got burn't. The Blitz's to me were ineffective and our D-line didn't penetrate their O-Line very well. But then again Sean Spence and Forston aren't that easy to replace. But these penalties on offense have got to stop. That was pathetic on one set of downs there were 2 delay of game penalties and some other one.
We took the loss tonight but I could see an improved team. Hurns and Dorsett look like play makers for the future. The thing I am most excited about was for once there was a game plan. D'nofrio has got to get that defense to play a lot more aggressive though.

The blame on this game lays squarely on the suspended players. If they play, we WIN. No doubt in my mind.

Vernon, Spence, Ray Ray, Ojomo and Forston will all play in the NFL. Too bad they all like money more than they love college football. Go guys all let your teammates down.

Golden is the real deal and did a good job.

Canesjunkie. Well said. Tally and you really should read football 101. It starts by saying the players play.
All said and done we could/should maybe have won. Theses kids had just gone through two plus weeks that few have done in the past. Add to that a road game.
This game was lost by the suspended playets as said. Noodle arm needs to remain on the bench. Morris is the future.

agree with atlkane... not givin up on golden at all...but i expected more..much more. also agree that allen hurns has hands like the U hasnt seen in nearly a decade...kid is gonna be a stud!

To Canesjunki:

News flash, we did get blown out. Maryland just failed to score in the red zone and settled for what four field goals. A good team would have scored 3 TDs in this scenario. We got lucky in playing Maryland tonight and not some "good" team. Our team right now is as far removed from being a BCS team as it can get; even in the sorry ACC. To watch Maryland's QB sit in pocket and throw WR screens for 300 yards without any defensive adjustments is a sad state of our program. We are awful, plain and simple. There were no superstars on our defense who could make a play when needed and our LBs are "lost in space." Our coaching staff was out coached; even my Stevie Wonder could see what Maryland was up to in that 1st half. How many screens does a team have to throw before making an adjustment? Our team, like GOLDEN, should wear a shirt and tie to the game because they play like cup cakes.

Same old same old. Can anyone really say they are surprised? This is the product. Kids would rather play in the backwoods of Idaho than come to Miami. This is what we are. Somehow we have become the Memphis of College football. We are a middle of the pack team and nothing will change. We are the new Duke of ACC, meant in an unflattering way. Thanks again Shapiro, I hope you die by poison and multiple stab wounds to your gut.

suspensions hurt us..no doubt. but you cannot excuse the piss poor coaching. 2 mins left at the half...and we try to run the clock out. we let 30 secs tick off before marylands final field goal... knowing we might need that time to win the game on the final drive. we got outcoached...period.

If Shannon was still coach, we probably lay down in the first quarter and get blown out 49 to 14. So I think our team really improved under Golden.

Posted by: Cane89

We lost by 8. You either score or you don't.

I could've told you in March we're not a BCS team. FSU and VT are much better than us right now. I doubt we can beat them twice.

Our defensive superstars weren't playing because the like to hit Gold Club.

morris looked at the receiver the whole way he threw the pick. also threw off his front foot several plays. he will not develope. no defense, picks, penalties, poor clock management at end..... nothing has changed.

Hurns kids looked good. O-line did a decent job. Smash and dash did what was expected but again the OC tried to complicated matters which caused delay of games and bad formations.

On the 4th and 4 play, why not a 4 or 5 receiver spread where we could hit a quick slant? We gave Morris one option and the experienced DB was all over it.

Guys, please don't have blinders on when it comes to Golden. These are some of the same comments I remember writing after dumb losses last year under RS. WTF???

I'm disappointed too, but it's not like they were getting blown out and huddled by the space heater.

Morris makes throws Jacory can't make. No way Jacory is a better QB than Morris.

also, Tommy Streeter is a bust. How many times does he give up on the ball. Watch the replay of the pick. He might as well have a kodak camera to capture the moment. If not thown perfectly to him with nobody on him he cant go up and get the ball

I don't know what U guys were watching but the WR bubble screens were pretty much halted after the 1st QTR and a half. And we didn't get blown out. The defense bended but didn't break in the red zone and if it wasn't for the fumble by James (who hardly ever fumbles) we would have won the game. What did some of U numnuts think? We were without 3 of our best defensive players, we were playing on the road against a team with the best QB in the league and we were one fumble or int away from winning the game. We will get better as the season goes along. Remember one thing Butch Davis who we all love didn't do that great his first year either at Miami but he kept getting his team better each game each year. I do agree though that we have along way to go before we are considered among the Nations Elite.

Keith....Your a freakin idiot !!! your not a true canes fan!!! you start bashing the team and new regime after one game?!?! this goes to all fair weather canes fans !!! get a life !! if your not hard core through thick and thin we dont want you !!! I BELIEVE IN GOLDEN !!!

Am wondering: Maybe this program SHOULD get the Death Penalty. Then we can start over from scratch because I am tired of watching these sad sacks struggle with penalties, turnovers, etc. Just too much boneheaded play no matter WHO plays or WHO coaches. This team is awful and likely to remain so without a fresh start in 2013 or whenever the NCAA allows up to have a team again. This is WORSE than the 60's and 70's teams.

For those of you claiming the Miami is a better team than Maryland... which team finished with the better record last year? (hint: it wasn't Miami). You guys seem to think that your team is superior to almost every other team, but your team's records the last several years does not support your delusions.

SFC Cane...

Get off the RS stuff already. Just call getting outcoached what it is. Golden was outcoached!

Both teams have a soph starting QB, Both teams had returning starters not there for the game. Both teams had new HCs.

But UM definitely had more talent. Def had a better O-line. Def had better RBs and WRs. But once again we fail to win!

I'm hoping Golden can deliver on that 300pg notebook he brought to the interview. I'm hoping I can see the professional style of play suggested by the shirt and tie. But for now he ain't no Howard S.

Two weeks of bad press until we have another chance to save face on the national stage. Its going to be hard for our NFL alums to keep claiming the U if this crap continues. Some will start claiming their HS if we don't deliver!

Go CANES! I'm out.

billb....Your a freakin idiot !!! your not a true canes fan!!! you start bashing the team and new regime after one game?!?! this goes to all fair weather canes fans !!! get a life !! if your not hard core through thick and thin we dont want you !!! I BELIEVE IN GOLDEN !!!

The clock management was not that big of a deal. The penalties however were. Streeter has got to attack the ball on a play like that. Not let the DB get to it. The difference in this season and last season is game planning. This team even in a loss is better than that. The last few years we would start fast and then lose and fade out as the year went on. Yeah I am disappointed too. But Butch didn't start out that good and U see what he built.

The blame on this game lays squarely on the suspended players. If they play, we WIN. No doubt in my mind.

Not sure if we would win with the players who were suspended. Players do not game plan or make adjustments on D. If we are going to win, it starts with defense and no matter who was playing in a Miami uniform tonight, we got out coached. To play man on man without a pass rush shows that the coach doesn't know his personnel on the field. Also, on 4th and one or two with the game on the line and your defense not playing well, go for the two yards. Scoring a TD in the spot instead of a field goal would have put us in a better position. I could not help but to think back to my days living in Virginia and our son being recruited by UVA when Groh and Golden were there; how much this Miami teams looks like the old UVA. Groh never even sniffed a BCS game while at UVA. UVA never could beat a good team when it counted; I hope that our "U" does not fall into this trap.


Yeah Streeter has to learn how to use his body.

D needs work too, they can't set the edge.

It just occurred to me that I don't think Maryland punted once...

I hope all of Canes fans are starting to believe in me when I said I cursed UM football and blessd FIU football. The OB was my santuary & they destroyed it! President Shalala I told you I would do this, how many years of this will it take until you believe of my OB curse. FIU thank you for letting the OB die with pride and winning the last game unlike UM. I will continue to bless thee! FIU stadium will be the new OB. The only way I will ever lift the curse is the day, UM plays football at FIU Stadium. That will be the day I will get my revenge. Long live my beloved OB!!!!

I hope all of Canes fans are starting to believe in me when I said I cursed UM football and blessd FIU football. The OB was my santuary & they destroyed it! President Shalala I told you I would do this, how many years of this will it take until you believe of my OB curse. FIU thank you for letting the OB die with pride and winning the last game unlike UM. I will continue to bless thee! FIU stadium will be the new OB. The only way I will ever lift the curse is the day, UM plays football at FIU Stadium. That will be the day I will get my revenge. Long live my beloved OB!!!!

You people need to get a life. Is this all you crying pussys have to do but run down a defense that was missing five starters. Go back to your fantasy football because that's the only football game you'll ever play in.

I guess a Canes' loss brings out the mental illness..


Just to second guess a bit. Should we have gone for it on fourth and one at the eleven? If we score a TD we run the clock down to about 2 minutes and then THEY have to go the lenghth of the field for a TD. Just saying.

I hate to say it but the only real talent i saw tonight was Miller! Get ready for a 6-6 season! and on that note looks like FIU is gonna get more time in the sports section!

I don't think 6-6 is realistic.

I bet we go 8-4.

Are U freakin nuts. We were down by 2 late in the 4th qtr and U think Golden should have gone for it there? If he had done that and got stopped short then what? Then I would have agreed with U. He made the right call in that situation. This isn't X Box where U can reset the game and start over. U want to talk about being outcoached just take a look at the past 10 years here and that is a prime example of being out coached. Dude we are not back in the 80's. Yes we have better talent but it's young and it's going to take time. And who is the moron that keeps saying Jacory should start? Morris QB'd a good game until the int. Did that guy see the Sun Bowl last year?

fans are clueless. those players not on the field had nothing to do with coaching

I'm so sick of all the fair weather Canes fans !!! 8 players suspended against a maryland team with a great coach on the road!! I guess the san francisco 49'ers should win the super bowl this year and go undefeated because they got a new coach in Harbaugh!! You guys are pathetic !!

Yeah I believe Byrd would have been a better option on that play. Telemaque played his rear off. Got to give props to him, Hagans and Miller. The young players learned alot tonight.

Alright Tally now I know U've lost it. Do U honestly think that Sean Spence, Forston, Armstrong and Vernon would not have made a difference on this game. C'mon man U know better than that.

Tally is a joke and a fake Canes fan!!! He'll be rootin for the seminoles next weekend

good game, we lost, but good game, the team look better coached and more discipline than last year team, and lets face it, a tough team to start the season, in the college ranks, there is no preseason,,so get away from labor night games against worthy oppenents, and open up the season versus kent state, akron, ucf, or a tennessee state,,not florida state, not maryland..

Guys, Maryland actually is a pretty good offensive team. They were 2nd in ACC scoring last year. Obviously our D struggled tremendously, and I wish it didn't take quite so long to adjust to the bubble screens. I figured it would be a long night on that side of the ball, however, they were able to step it up some in the red zone. The D should be better with the guys coming back. I am mostly upset with the offense. Penalties and turnovers...like a broken record. We beat ourselves. Maryland entered our redzone every possesion except one (punt). Just as dominant as their "O" looked, our offense should have been just as dominant. We open the 2nd half driving right down the field, TD, everybody feeling good. Next possesion...chop-block, back-to-back delay of game penalties. Later in the game Miller around the left for 1st and goal only to be called back. Have to freakin' get out of there own way. They don't seem to know how to win. I honestly feel that we pull it out with the suspended players in there. However, as this played out, it was still a winnable game, but we found a way to lose at the end. 24 pts against Maryland? We are going to face a lot better defenses this year and that's bascially the same offense that we will have for the year.

well no acc championship this year and probation coming up. i dont know if its coaching. same turnovers and penalties. who did temple play. no one, its easy to win games when u play high school kids. but the offense with its same penalties in the red zone as last year. i dont think its the coaches. these kids are just stupid. no one can teach them without a coloring book.our days as an elite team are done. ol, donna has got her wish and sucsceded where tad foote could not. maybe in 2020 we will be relevant again.

thanks for the bad luck and predicting a loss. what a horrible fan you are


they were better in the trenches. their oline protected o'brien extremely well. and their dline played with a high motor and penetrated our oline and running lanes alot. reminded me of boise st's dline.

our dbs are BAD. no doubt about it. we dont have a legit corner. not a single one of them would be starting on a championship football team. TRACY HOWARD, DEON BUSH you listening!? williams played ok tho. alot of holes in the zone too. hope d'onofrio cleans it up.

our superstars were sorely missed. ray ray, boom, spence, and ojomo especially. the leaders of our defense. the vets. and our 4 best defensive players. missed their impact plays and their fire.

i thought we looked a little slow as well. on our heels a little bit. but thats just me. didnt initiate contact at the LOS alot on d. that said, we gang tackled well. on offense i thought we should have gone up-tempo though. and quicken our pace.

same story with penalties and turnovers. our discipline needs to get better. first game jitters? maybe its all the inexperience, rain, and youth we had out there today idk. morris managed well for the most part tho. hes the starter. NOT J12.

we didnt fold or shy away. had pretty good energy. and didnt get down when the crowd got into it. and the youngins got some good experience. they'll clean up the mistakes. marylands a good team and we played in a tough environment. alot we can build on.

hopeful for the year, but i dont think this is the year for anything big. we got lucky. score could've been alot worse. i see 8-5, 9-4. i really dont think we have the horses overall to compete for championships yet. need to get a recruiting class or two in yet. then 2 yrs development. unless our suspended players can explode this year.

props to our RB's. good hands shown by the WR's, but street needs to run better routes. CONSISTENCY. tmac played hard.

its one game. undermanned. lets not freak out just yet. a shannon coached team would have thrown in the towel. fact is, with the suspensions and injury to seantrel, maryland is the more talented team. they couldve easily crushed us. no punts and yet they kept shooting themselves in the foot with drops, penalties, and 20 yd fgs.

cant wait for ohio state to see the week 1 to week 2 improvement. this rebuilding project under golden will be a process. that much is clear. here's to a good year and the ncaa going easy on us with the sanctions!

btw, thanks for being an objective reporter manny and doing your job. almost called it... BUT PICK US NEXT WEEK!! :)

Canes fans, get ready for the NCAA hammer..If the U can lose a few scholarships and have to sit out two years of bowl games, they better take it. Unfortunately, it looks like we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Don't underestimate Maryland. As previously stated, they actually finished with a better record than the Canes last year and lost both of their wide receivers to the NFL. O'Brien is legit. Don't be surprised to see them with a better record at the end of the season.


Terp fan here. Do you realize that if the MD DB had downed the ball like the coach wanted him to do rather than scoring on that late intereception, you would have nailed the score exactly?

Pretty good work, my man.

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