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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Ohio State

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The Miami Hurricanes will attempt to give Coach Al Golden his first win at UM -- and avoid their first 0-2 start since Lou Saban was coaching the team back in 1978 -- when they take on the 17th-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0) tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Plenty of storylines, which we've pretty much covered all week in the paper. But a few more interesting stats before we get into a quick look at the game.

UM has lost four games in a row and is in danger of losing five in a row for the first time since that aforementioned 0-2 start in 1978. The Canes actually lost six straight to end the 1977 season and then those first two, falling to Florida State 31-21 at home, before winning at Kansas 38-6 the following week to end the losing streak.

Of course the big story in this one is who is back for UM and Ohio State after serving suspensions.

Back for UM: quarterback Jacory Harris, linebacker Sean Spence, defensive tackle Marcus Forston, receiver/punt returner Travis Benjamin and defensive end Adewale Ojomo.

Back for Ohio State: starting running back Jordan Hall, top junior cornerback Travis Howard, a Miamian out of Krop High, and backup safety Corey Brown.

> UM lost 36-24 in Columbus last season thanks to four Jacory Harris interceptions. Harris is making his first start since he threw three interceptions in seven pass attempts before being pulled for Stephen Morris in the Sun Bowl loss to Notre Dame. But he's supposed to be a different guy in Jedd Fisch's offense. We'll see.

> With Terrelle Pryor now with the Oakland Raiders, the Buckeyes have two new quarterbacks themselves. Fifth-year senior Joe Bauserman, an efficient pocket passer who has yet to throw a pick in two games, and freshman phenom Braxton Miller, who reminds many of Pryor and will be the wildcard on offense for Ohio State in this game.

> Defensively, there are some doubts about the Buckeyes' young defensive line, especially in light of the injury to veteran defensive end Nathan Williams and the close call last week in a 27-22 win over Toledo. But Ohio State's track record on D is still one of the best in college football.

> OSU is 10th nationally in overall defense (allowing 214 yards a game) and 16th in scoring defense (allowing 11 points). The Buckeyes rank seventh in both sacks and tackles for loss. Their No. 4 ranking in rushing defense (an average of 40.5 rushing yards allowed) will be challenged by UM tailback Lamar Miller, who gained 119 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries and had 222 all-purpose yards in UM’s opener at Maryland.

> MY PICK: UM 27, Ohio State 23. Oddsmakers somehow have the Canes as a two-point favorite in this one. Common sense tells you otherwise. Ohio State is 2-0, ranked 17th in the country and UM is 0-1 and still has the questionable Harris under center. But Vegas always makes a lot of money for a reason. And I'm agreeing with them here. UM will find a way to win even with a few Jacory INTs.

FYI, there will be no CoverItLive broadcast today. Follow me on Twitter at Manny_Navarro. Feel free to comment below as you follow the game on ESPN.


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No CoverItLive, no problem. I'll be here representing from the ATL for the Canes!

Feel good about this one guys. Wish I was there.

Simple plays, solid playcalling. Use the skill players.

UM 31 OSU 17

lets go canes!!!

Yes sir! The CANES are up 14-0 in the 1st quarter. Let this be the start of something great!!!

I like what I see overall....way to involve Lamar!!!

Jokecory aka drive killer at it again

Hopefully the Canes make the adjustment to stopped the long running gains by OSU...

D Line needs to push back!!!

I jus wish we had a real qb
Cool cat any more excuses for your girl japicky?

Not again Jacory!!!!! Cmon!!!!!!!


Al Golden will lose his mind during halftime!!!

Defense is playing lights out, great job. Running game is going very well. Jacory...god help us, has cost us at least one TD so far (1st INT). Is Morris that out of it where he is not good enough to play tonight?

Way to fight for the ball Streeter!! Thank God for our defense!!!

An FSU receiver just got knocked out cold!!!

Golden said it perfectly during his pre-halftime interview. Jacory should have checked down both times on the INTs. Defense and ST are both superb right now and we need to continue to run and throw SHORT passes. If we do this, game is won.


I agree 100%

So instead of being really up it's a close game because of noodle arm. Morris has a better arm and a better head.

If all he does is short, solid passes mixed with runs, we are up 24-0 at the half. Instead, thank god our red zone defense is stellar. We are lucky to be up at all. HOW CAN WE NOT HAVE IRONED THIS OUT BY NOW???? When Jacory passes the ball more than 15 yards down the field, he is 1 for 3 with the two misses being INTs. This is COMPLETELY consistent with his percentages last year that basically cost us most games we lost. Ridiculous! I want very badly to root for him and have a success story but if you give him the green light to throw down the field, you give the opposing team the game. Period. Either keep him to short, comfortable passes or put in Morris.

Hopefully Jacory has settled down. We need to let Lamar go for 200+ total yards...

I really freakin' hope that our new freshman QBs and QB transfers next year are great because it's been 7 years since we have had a real QB at the helm. Very painful.

I'm rooting for him too but I will admit he makes me nervous when he drops back for the deep pass.

Noodle arm is horrible. Get him out of there. OS is turning this game around and noodle arm is a deer in the headlights


DEEP in our own territory...can't have an INT this deep.


Thank god we have Lamar Miller. Just let him get 250+ yards and no more Jacory passes. We will win. Let Jacory throw it? At least 2 more INTs and a loss. This is basic arithmetic.

Terrible pass. In stride it's a first down and more. Bring in Morris


Go for it on 4th and 1. You play to WIN the game. Give it to Lamar and he will establish his dominance.

Again, Jacory is Jacory, god help us.

ugly.....cmon D, get the ball back

How can the qb screw up a4th down with a replay and tv timeout. What is wrong with golden, get noodle arm out of there.

As the fans booed, fire SHALALALALALA NOW

Harris single handedly is trying to give OSU the game.

That 4th and 1 should have been Lamar outside or punt.

Good job by the D again, now RUN the ball and wear the D down.

Field position is starting to change...

I'm almost praying for another Harris fumble or INT so that Al is forced to put Morris back in. I really can't take another season of holding my breath every time the ball is in the air.

Where is Morris? What is the deal here? Why is sticking with Jacory? This is driving me crazy. Morris played good last game.

The defense has been stout, now if only the offense can come back to life since the first quarter.

After 3, holding on.

1 quarter no picks! Way to settle down Jacory. Where's Benjamin?

Barely holding on

Miller 171 on the ground.

Dline has been getting thrashed up the middle. Forston should learn how to play before talking about the NFL.

Overheard on the sidelines:
Al: 4th Q. We can't blow this. You may NOT pass the ball more than 7 yards. Got it?
Jacory: Well, I....
Al: *slap* Got it?
Jacory: But what if...
Al: *slap" Got it?
Jacory: Yessir.
[Miami wins]

Third a one and we are stopped, loaded 9 in the box. Wonder why with noodle arm at qb

17-6 could have been 17-14.

17-6 could have been 24-0 without the two picks.

Does any one have a reason why noodle arm is still playing?? We have been suffering through this debacle of an interception machine for three years. Why would noodle arm still be in thete.

Perriman will represent the #52 very well.

Defense is winning this for us

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