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Gameday blog: UM vs. Kansas State

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SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Your Miami Hurricanes (1-1) will try to make it two wins in a row for the first time since knocking off Maryland and Georgia Tech last November when they host Kansas State (2-0) at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on ESPNU.

> ABOUT K-STATE: It's hard to tell exactly how good the Wildcats really are. They struggled to beat Eastern Kentucky 10-7 in the season-opener. The Football Championship Subdivision Colonels (1-2) lost to Chattanooga last week and were less than two minutes away from an upset against K-State before quarterback Collin Klein connected with Chris Harper on a 33-yard touchdown pass with 1:39 to play to really the Wildcats. Last week, K-State rolled 37-0 over Kent State (5-7 last year).

Former Canes linebacker Arthur Brown leads the team with 19 tackles and a defense that ranks first nationally in three categories -- scoring defense, pass efficiency defense and total defense while also ranking second in pass defense and eighth in rushing defense. Offensively, K-State really is a one-horse team led by Klein,a 6-5, 226-pound junior who leads the team with 217 yards rushing and is 22 of 39 for 202 yards passing and 2 TDs, 1 INT in two games. 

> ABOUT THE CANES: Miami, coming off its 24-6 win over Ohio State, didn't suffer any major injuries against the Buckeyes and figure to use the winning formula this week as last week -- a lot of Lamar Miller, Mike James and a defense that gives up yardage, but not points.

> MY PICK: UM 33, K-State 9. Unless Canes quarterback Jacory Harris starts being careless again with the football there is no reason UM shouldn't win this game and fairly comfortably. Scrambling quarterbacks always give UM trouble. But if Klein can't connect with his receivers, you don't have to respect his arm much. The story here will be UM's defense and how they hold an opponent out of the end zone for the second week in a row.


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The Maryland game brings tears to my eyes....

31-0 at half to Temple....

Don't be confused Al Golden is a great coach.

Anywhere to see this streaming live?

Try justin.tv or thertv.eu

You probably won't see any channels for this game until just before game time, but Justin.tv usually has a channel called espnu.

@MiamiMoe...Thanks, brother

any mobile i can catch the came on im stll working

lets try this again ! any mobile site i can catch the game on ? im still at work!!

darn game delay due to weather

If Jacory Interception hoists a couple more first-half INTs, we will be in for a mighty struggle today.

Can you please not tweet Marlin crap on the UM page?

What's the weather delay...not on ESPNU as scheduled?


Penalties are killing our offense right now! 2 O line flags that stalled both drives!

We are so much better than this BS!!!!!

for being so fast, Miami looks awful slow......

UM is getting Spanked Big Time,lol, does anyone think they can Beat FIU must be Blind ;)

Go Canes~!

J12 just plain sucks, fish worries me...if Morris was equal in fall practice, please cut morris at the end of the season.

This team and coaches are miserable. Letting the other QB dominate the game, dropping the ball in his backfield and just watching the hapless Canes try to pick it up and make a splash play instead of just falling on it....

The Canes have no intelligence. The only thing they know is all the back slaps they give each other...

Bring in Morris now, and just sit harris for the rest of the season.....

The offense looks so slow today. Just run the ball off the tackles and let Lamar make a move....and what the hell is wrong with the defense?


Can anyone tell me what is good about the Hurricanes team aside from Lamar Miller.

1. Defense can't generate a pass rush.
2. Our QB leads the nation in INT for the past 3 years.
3. Our corners can't cover.

Performances like this are not going to lure top recruits unless the coaches tell them the whole team sucks and you will play early.!

I cant wait for this senior class to leave.

this is just a reality check to show we are a very average team. we have no qbs to spread the field. kstate is taking miller out of the game, we have nothing else. morris might help with arm strength, but he will throw picks also. we gotta try something though. golden is trying to not let harris lose the game, but somethin's gotta give. go canes

This is brutal to watch mainly because of who we are playing. Reality is we are just not that good this year, so many holes in so many places on offense and defense. Go canes.

What a joke today; this team is "miles" behind the best college teams today. Imagine if we played LSU, Oregon, Alabama, or Wis? These players, especially Byrd, have no business having scholarships to play for the "U". It is to simple to come back to the ball and make a play. The d-line is non-existent. Too bad Forston has not even come close to living up to his press clippings; we need to start anew.


See any game live at first row streaming.

Honestly I just can't wait for most of the shanon era players are gone.

To be are not to be where are the playmakers. Need to play more freshman. They are better than upperclassmen..

Hurns and Dorsett making plays!

i love the energy. some good adjustments made. hopefully it will be enough. could be a close ending. go canes

Why cant we stop the QB from running when you know he is going to run?

I started watching late enough, but still caught Jacory making that bad pass and INT. I've since gone back to watching my regular show 48 Hours Mystery. More fun without heartburn.

forget the adjustments

Why cant we flip the switch?

if they dont rally, last week meant nothing

Why do we always fall for the okie doke?

This is becoming a joke. Can any Miami sports team win consistently? Football is becoming the worst sport for me to watch.

With Jusscary Harris at qb, Our defensive line is
the weakness on this team. They are getting run
over and have no pass rush for the third game.

At least FSU is losing

It was bound to happen!!!!

Great comparison to Clinton Portis. He average one of those a game. Need a WR to step up.

Miami will beat FAMU after that they should loose most of their ACC games with a Defense getting decimiated by unranked and an Big 12 afterthought KSU.


Finish strong Canes!

This just in Benjamins a playmaker


Where are all the JH12 haters now? hahahaha, get em young fella!

245 rush yds.. WOW

Kline is bloody and blue..... And still running!!

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