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Gameday blog: UM vs. Kansas State

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SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Your Miami Hurricanes (1-1) will try to make it two wins in a row for the first time since knocking off Maryland and Georgia Tech last November when they host Kansas State (2-0) at Sun Life Stadium. Kickoff is at 3:30 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on ESPNU.

> ABOUT K-STATE: It's hard to tell exactly how good the Wildcats really are. They struggled to beat Eastern Kentucky 10-7 in the season-opener. The Football Championship Subdivision Colonels (1-2) lost to Chattanooga last week and were less than two minutes away from an upset against K-State before quarterback Collin Klein connected with Chris Harper on a 33-yard touchdown pass with 1:39 to play to really the Wildcats. Last week, K-State rolled 37-0 over Kent State (5-7 last year).

Former Canes linebacker Arthur Brown leads the team with 19 tackles and a defense that ranks first nationally in three categories -- scoring defense, pass efficiency defense and total defense while also ranking second in pass defense and eighth in rushing defense. Offensively, K-State really is a one-horse team led by Klein,a 6-5, 226-pound junior who leads the team with 217 yards rushing and is 22 of 39 for 202 yards passing and 2 TDs, 1 INT in two games. 

> ABOUT THE CANES: Miami, coming off its 24-6 win over Ohio State, didn't suffer any major injuries against the Buckeyes and figure to use the winning formula this week as last week -- a lot of Lamar Miller, Mike James and a defense that gives up yardage, but not points.

> MY PICK: UM 33, K-State 9. Unless Canes quarterback Jacory Harris starts being careless again with the football there is no reason UM shouldn't win this game and fairly comfortably. Scrambling quarterbacks always give UM trouble. But if Klein can't connect with his receivers, you don't have to respect his arm much. The story here will be UM's defense and how they hold an opponent out of the end zone for the second week in a row.


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it will take years for golden to establish his team. i am guilty also of expecting these players, who have been pushed around for years to after one offseason be top caliber players.the future will be talent like ours, who play like temple did today. blowing out maryland at home.not for just 1 season, but the future like jimmy and butch built.patience, he will build it, we will win.

Yep....growth with GOLDEN and HIS staff. Yeah we've been stagnate for the past few years but I'm not going to start harping on Shannon all over again. Get over it.

People who've been crushin Jacory are pissed because they KNOW they cant do it for this game. So now they start the Shannon crap....so last year.

we need all sorts of help in stregth area. Do we have a training table ? all these teams that got all these guys beching over 400. can you say P.E.D'S

this just shows how pathetic shannon was a a head coach. the talent level is not there. it will be here soon. go canes

the wost play calling on the goal line

As opposed to last year, the Canes have been in EVERY GAME so far this year. They guys DID NOT quit today. They were just outplayed during crunch time.

oops....THE guys....sorry

We have endured 3 seasons of the pathetic Jacory Harris experiment. Please coach Golden and staff put Morris in the game. Who do you believe would have scored at the end of the game Harris or Morris? Morris is simply more talented and aggressive and capable of making better decisions. Its also time to bench Forston, he is at best a back-up. Did he even make a tackle today? Like Jacory he will be a legendary H.S. player. I know some of are now conditioned to accept mediocre play from the Canes, but some of us can’t make the connection with moral victories.

I'm afraid were going to get beat pretty bad at ga tech... We could not stop a triple option.

I can't believe we lost. Yes this is going to be a very long 3 years. We can't punch the ball in on 4 tries. Honestly the TE should have caught that pass. It's not the coaching. They just don't have the personnel to compete especially on defense. I have no idea who shanon was recruiting the last couple of years but we have no depth on the D line and holes all over the CBs and DBs. This loss sucks and no one can blame jacory he did his part. The defense is terrible

Swasey the strength coach was under Coker, Shannon and Golden kept him. He has been a flop . Golden deserves what he gets.

Miami’s DT are slow and weak. 54, 99 are muscled out on a regular basis. No Alan Bailey to be double teamed this year that helped them last year. You have to pinch the DE and LB inside and then get burnt on the perimeter. These DT are one senior and a Junior not freshmen.

Look at FIU with no one over 300 pounds. Inferior talent yet 22 players bench press 400 or more compared to Miami with 7. The FIU defensive backs and line backers are just a strong or stronger that the DTs of Miami. What is wrong with this?

I am no FIU fan either!

Part 1



Swasey the strength coach was under Coker, Shannon and Golden kept him. He has been a flop . Golden deserves what he gets.

Miami’s DT are slow and weak. 54, 99 are muscled out on a regular basis. No Alan Bailey to be double teamed this year that helped them last year. You have to pinch the DE and LB inside and then get burnt on the perimeter. These DT are one senior and a Junior not freshmen.

Look at FIU with no one over 300 pounds. Inferior talent yet 22 players bench press 400 or more compared to Miami with 7. The FIU defensive backs and line backers are just a strong or stronger that the DTs of Miami. What is wrong with this?

Part 1




2-5 mark it down. same old garbage.

And the curse of the Orange Bowl is alive and well.

where are the fan who belive just hold on boys we may be down but not out

Need any help, Canes?


Actually I think the offense played good enough to win this game. I place blame for the loss on the defense. Hialeah High School could score 30 points on this defense!

Anybody need cash to abort a stripper's baby?

Being in the game with the likes of KSU-and losing does not bode well with ranked and near ranked teams including FSU, VA Tech, GA Tech, and USF on the schedule. Those teams will all blow the Canes out if they play like they did today.

Its hard Sebastian to believe in a team that plays at a level so far below its own talent and doesn't have the heart to pick it back up.

Jacory Harris is pathetic. He gets another critical interception and then, with the game on the line he hesitates on 4th and goal. You can’t do that. He had the receiver blocking on the corner. Just go to the pylon with all the speed and power you can muster. Don’t hesitate, just run. You have to realize the game situation. You don’t get in, you lose. That’s what Jacory Harris is… a loser.
Go to Stephen Morris. Bench Harris.

Lets call it like it is, D-Line is very bad. Ok they are garbage. Forston can't get off a bicycle neve alone a block. D-Ends can't contain. D-tackles will be childless because they can't penetrate. Offensive and defensive coordinators have to adjust before halftime. But D-Line should be made to pay their tuition or at least don't feed them. All teams now know that its free passage up the gut. The D-Line didn't make a stop the whole game. Georgia Tech will run on us like public track. We are worst where games are won, in the trenches. D'Ofrino and Frish can't make adjustments on the fly. O-Line fair to partly cloudy. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired Saturday after Saturday. If Canes were my woman I would have been gone long ago. But I'm a Cane thru and thru. Maybe the next drink will take me out.

Bad coaching, bad qb, bad team. Jacory run on 4th down...seriously? Simple chronic vaginosis.
Defensing a Running QB..last time I checked, you had to assign a defensive player to cover him, perhaps Sean Spence...no that would have been too easy. If Lamar Miller is the best player on the team, why only hand the ball off to him, why not run bubble screens, check downs and bombs to the guy. He is clearly the playmaker on the team. Also, what happened in the first half. We stink the whole time than all of sudden the defense wakes up and the play calling gets aggresive. What Bill Bellichek has figured out, is that you figure out what your most effective plays are, and you run them EVERY PLAY. Obviously Miami's D can't stop a High School team without blitzing, so attack. Every Fxxxing play. Look at Oklahoma running the spread offense every play. WAKE THE FUDGE UP PEOPLE. Golden reminds of Parcells, outdated....... See you at the Weedwacker Bowl....and losing!

I wonder if Jasscary will still show up at the Heisman presentation in the pink suit he promised?

All u people asking for Morris are ridiculous. He's the only player in the country with a worse reception to int ratio than jacory and he does not make half the passes that jacory does. He is the reason we lost to Maryland, a team that just got blown out by who? Temple.
Speaking of which, I know we all love al goldens spirit and are just glad he's not Shannon, but that doesn't mean he's good. This loss was not jacorys fault, it wasn't the offenses fault. It was the defenses. They couldn't stop the qb, and that is the coaches job to make adjustments. Did u see their third and long numbers, or third down conversions in general? Second and 29 at their 10 and they get it? No turnovers? Our defensive coaches are suspect. And al golden put us in that position and the position with Maryland, playing not to lose instead of winning. And because of sparano, I have little tolerance for this on south Florida. We are not built for close games. And we don't start getting aggressive, if al golden doesn't start lighting fires and we don't start getting aggressive on offense and defense, then we won't ever be anything.

Let's just start admitting one thing here, "WE SUCK!!!" As fast as this so-called vaunted #1 recruiting class came in from Northwestern HS is as fast as I want them to leave. They are the same players now as they were when they were HS seniors.

I hate to come to this realization but we are NEVER getting back to the "Glory Years." I looked at our schedule coming up and we haven't even gotten to the tough part yet. I say 5-7. Knowing this team though we'll somehow win a couple that we won't expect them to win and we'll get our hopes up again only for them to be shot down. I'm done until I see they are playing in the ACC championship in my hometome of Charlotte, NC or I find out what bowl they are playing in, IF ANY!!!

One more thing, if u think a coach has to be given time to make a difference, just look at will muschamp in Florida.

3-9, if we're lucky.

Didn't know much about K-state before the game but when I heard Griese say they were pretty much an option team during pregame coverage I became very concerned. Was at the OSU game last week and I was just dumbfounded at how weak our D was up the middle. Whatever we are doing is clearly not working. Do we go back to 4-3? Very disturbing to not be able to get in after 4 tries from the 2. Isn't our O-line the strength of the team? Art? Need to MAN UP in that situation. This team has just been too inconsistent the past few years, and inconsistency is not the mark of a good team. Too many impressive wins followed by signature losses. Under regular circumstances I would still be somewhat optimistic because all 3 games were still winnable at the end. But with ncaa ruling pending, ...I'd rather not think about it.

DeanD. is correct. If Jacory recognizes what's happening early, he would've sprinted full-out to the pylon and scored. A second of indecision about whether to run or pass gave the LB time to gain an extra step and make the play.

If you think the 4th-down play was a QB run, you are mistaken. It was a run/pass option. I have no problem with any of the goal-line calls. A surprise pass on first down, two straight-ahead runs and a run/pass option on the perimeter after it's clear you are getting beat up front. The execution was lousy. Simple as that.

Who DA HELL gives a Crap about FIU? This is a U Blog site.

@wesleychapelmia hey man no one has higher expectations for the U than I do. But u got to understand this isn't 1985 K-State and this isn't 1989 Miami. It took 10 years and two terrible head coaches for Miami to get in this situation. For one we all have to have realistic expectations. We have a good start in that for the first time in a decade we have a smart head coach. This isn't X Box where its make believe. To turn this mess around that Coker and Shannon left us, it will take time. Heck it took Butch years to beat anyone and look how great of a team he left us. As I was watchin the game it seemed like everything was bouncing Kstates way and we were destined to lose but we were in it and within a yard of winning the game. If you remember there were about 5 fumbles that we could have gotten but the ball just bounced their way. Had we gotten those fumbles the game isn't even close. I'll tell U this much we a much better team this year than last years. The ACC Title is our goal this year.

The one thing that does bother me is our defense of the option. Georgia Tech looks good and D'nofrio better be looking to shore up our run defense. THe offense hasn't been our problem.

The bottom line is, K-State's D-line wanted it more than our O-line, at the goal line, at the end of the game. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but Art Kehoe's crew at the end of the game showed no heart and got pushed back 4 straight times.

Did you watch the first half. 14-3? That was not Jacorys fault how? He is unproductive and erratic as far as keeping a drive alive. His decision process is dismal. He throws the ball in traffic when common sense would tell you otherwise. The guy is timid. Third year of this circus. It we are building for the future, why play a senior qb who has so little to offer?

Sean Spence can't do it all on D. Others have to step up. Even so, the 2nd half D adjustments weren't there like they were in the other 2 games. And where was Hagens on the plays from the 2? Was he hurt? Didn't see him in there. He runs hard and can get short yards better than James.

Yeah Weatherdetective that is a good point. James didn't get anything and hagans is straight ahead power. That is one I have to question. Telemaque, Spence, and Nicholes are playing great but our Dline in my opinion has been the weakest link in our defense. And I gotta agree with Papa Cane, their Dline wanted it more than ours.

We suck bad. It's sad to be a canes fan

Nice crowd. I'm guessing 35,000 or less next week. The wagon is already off it's track.

The last play of the game with the ball in jacory hands just about sums of his 3 years as the Qb "A TOTAL FALIURE.” If he really cared about the Canes tradition he would ask to be benched and allow Morris to take over. We are placing trust in a senior Qb with absolutely no upside; we have seen this act for three years. Please take us out of our misery, watching Jacory on the field is like getting a tooth pulled with a dull pocket knife. He WILL NOT get drafted, or invited to any NFL camp.

es ist die perfekte Blog-Seite für alle, die über dieses Thema wissen will. Sie wissen eine Menge seiner Praxis schwierig, mit Ihnen zu streiten (nicht, dass ich wirklich möchte ... haha). Es ist absolut setzt einen völlig neuen Spin auf ein Thema, über das ist schon seit Jahren geschrieben. Fantastische Dinge, nur ausgezeichnet!

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