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Golden: Bye week not necessarily a huge help before Ohio State

CORAL GABLES -- Bye weeks are usually seen as an advantage. A team gets an extra week to heal up and prepare for their next opponent.

Al Golden But according to UM coach Al Golden, that doesn't necessarily apply this week for his team, which hosts 15th-ranked Ohio State a week from Saturday.

UM has only been able to practice twice since arriving back in Coral Gables Tuesday morning. And Golden said the Buckeyes, who beat Akron 42-0 last week and host Toledo Saturday in Columbus, likely won't have to show much on offense or defense before playing the Canes. UM, meanwhile, according to Golden "had to show every card we had Monday night."

"Maybe if we had material, but we really don't have any material to go on," Golden said when asked if an extra week to prepare for the Buckeyes has helped. "We don't know what they're doing. They obviously have some suspensions they're trying to work through too. [So, the bye] I don't think it's as big a factor as you want it to be.

"We're not going to chase ghosts. We're just going to be fundamentally sound. Again, we have enough issues ourselves that we have to fix. That's our focus right now."

Golden originally had three practices lined up for his team this week following Monday night's loss at Maryland -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But he said he decided to scratch Saturday in part because he was pleased with Friday's practice and because he didn't want his team to practice "seven out of eight days or eight days out of nine."

"If we were going to play all those young guys again we would have needed tomorrow. But clearly, we have some relief with the guys returning," Golden said. "Hopefully we'll get some more with some injured guys being cleared to play -- [defensive back] Kacy Rodgers included. He was going to start on three special teams and had an injury two days before the game."

Of what he has been able to gleam from the Buckeyes, Golden said: "I'm starting to get a fix on who they are from a personnel standpoint and it's impressive. It's a combination of talent, speed and toughness. They're a rugged team. They're tough. They try to make it into one on one battles. I'm learning a lot more about them. We're seeing how they're developing this year in terms of personnel. I think we've changed more on offense and defense and special teams than they have and they will. But again, we had to show every card we had Monday night, playing an ACC game and I don't believe they've shown many cards at all at this juncture."


> With three returning starters coming back on defense for Ohio State, Golden said the only freshmen he expects to still be in the mix for playing time on defense are linemen Anthony Chickillo who "is fighting for a starting job right now, Olsen [Pierre], [Jalen] Grimble ... [and linebacker] Denzel Perryman [who] really showed up."

"He has a good approach," Golden said of Perryman. "I think he studies. When you ask him questions about the game plan on special teams he has the answers. I think the coaches on defense are confident he is a guy who prepares. When he was in there the other night he did a really good job for a first timer being out there. Those are the guys and there is a whole boatload on special teams that will continue to compete."

> Golden said the return of linebacker Sean Spence and defensive tackle Marcus Forston will be big for UM this week, especially in light of leadership "that was clearly absent in the [Maryland] game."

"I thought [safety] JoJo Nicolas did an excellent job. But that was clearly a big part [of what was missing]," Golden said. "Again you have to give Maryland credit. They knew we didn't have a lot of depth and really didn't have leadership and those were the two things they went after. They made us run side to side early in the game, chase the ball. They knew we didn't have many replacements and they made all the formations really difficult, exotic almost because they knew we didn't have the guys out there to get us in the right formation."

> Golden said there has been no update on the playing status of senior receiver Aldarius Johnson, who was suspended indefinitely according to UM for breaking team rules. Johnson's name no longer appears on UM's roster. It was reported he lied to NCAA investigators when they questioned him about his relationship with imprisoned and notorious former booster Nevin Shapiro. Johnson's mother said her son also broke team rules for posting a tasteless message on Twitter.

"Aldarius is going graduate in December. We're committed to make sure he finishes his education," Golden said. "Other than that, I don't know what the NCAA investigation is going to yield."

Safe to say, I'm not counting on Johnson being back this season.

> Tight end Blake Ayles (head injury) and defensive tackle Curtis Porter (finger) have not returned to practice yet according to Golden. At the moment, you would have to assume both are very questionable for Ohio State.

> Golden said the sub-standard play of UM's offensive line Monday "had a big impact on the game. "You can't keep getting penalties because you have to abort your running playaction game and end up being a drop back team. And that's really not who we are right now," Golden said. "We don't want to be that type of team. That's it. Hopefully, a lesson is learned. It's my job to get it fixed."

> Golden had high praise for both Allen Hurns and Tommy Streeter Friday and said freshmen Rashawn Scott and Phillip Dorsett "are making it hard right now" to keep them off the field.

"Hurns is in a different league right now because Hurns is in tremendous condition. He's a finisher. He's a really reliable player, very consistent," Golden said.

"Streeter has made tremendous progress. That was evident in the game. Not just catches, but tough catches in traffic. So, he's made a lot of progress. Now, he has go to develop -- they all have to develop -- the consistency and mental toughness and approach that Allen Hurns has. He is the model for us right now at wide receiver in terms of what we're looking for. He'll block. He'll clear it out when he's not getting the ball. When he does get the ball, he'll tuck it away. He's physical. He's not afraid to lay out for balls. We need more guys doing that. Streeter is going in the right direction. But I really think he needs to take the next step, push his threshold this week."


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I know some Cane fans are already starting to have doubts about Golden, but I'm not one of them. Consider that the one aspect of the team he is most involved with is special teams. Clearly, special teams excelled in his first game more than we've seen in several years at UM. It was the strongest part of the team on Monday.

I'm not gonna judge Golden over one game, his first, with short notice of 8 players to be suspended from. Now we have most of our guys back and from the maryland game have learned that there are some fresh meat that are chomping on the bit for playing time. Did someone say Chickillo and Perryman???

We have to give him (Coach Golden) the season and then make a fair assessment of what we have on our hands as fans. We can't judge him after one game. That's just insanity. Now I will not hold back my emotions about the defensive backfield playing with so much damn cushion. My 9 yr old niece could have caught passes. Good lord.


In sports or business, judging a person's future on 1 performance demonstrates ignorance.

Coach Golden needs at MINIMUM a full season before any comments can be made about his approach and results.

We MUST have a sellout for the Ohio State game!! The true Cane Fans must show up and give their unconditional support to the team. We do not need part time fans. You are either with us, come hell or high-water, or you are against us. The U needs COMPLETE support NOW.

I second the motion!

Too bad we can't post pics on these blogs. I would throw my U tat all day.

Another example of bad scheduling. A bye week after the first game against a non conference opponent. My my my when are we going to get it. Go to the SEC scheduling and use the bye week in the middle of the season against Va Tech, FSU or Ga Tech when the coastal division is on the line.

Fiu fans are celebrating their impressive win vs a mediocre louisville team. Hilarious how teddy b disses miami and ends up losing to fiu.

Ty hilton is the real deal but louisville isnt. Ty would definitely start at the u. Too bad he probably wouldnt qualify academically at miami. Folks, the legacy of shaneh neh is being written daily. That little troll hobbit garden gnome arab is single handedly deatroying our beloved program under the guise of her dream of turning um into a stanford.

Like seeing coach erickson still on the sideline. I liked that guy. He let U players run the show as long as they won. I have no problem with him.

Congrats fiu fans, but please. Dont forget. Louisville sks. Its not the louisville of bryan brohm. And winning the sunbelt is like winning the 6a district championshp

I will remind canes fans that Jimmy Johnson didn't have a stellar first year at the U. Remember hale Flutie? So if Golden's first year doesn't end with an ACC championship,NC, or BCS Bowl doesn't mean he's a bad coach.

I wonder if florida and south carolina will be investigated by ncaa for the dt taking 2500? He actually took that money and is only suspended for two games. That is as much as vernon and ray ray received and they got 4 and 6 games. Go figure. We should be ready for ostate because we have already had a tough game and they have more suspensions than we do. I am optimistic that we will have a better performance next weekend.

To caneNduval, i'm sure that the crap scheduling has alot to do with ESPN offering us Big Bucks to open up against an ACC opponent. The Miami-Maryland game drew better ratings than the GA - BSU game featuring 2 ranked teams, and also better than the beloved Notre Dame - USF game. Finally our early bye week is caused by us having to share the stadium with the Marlins and having to schedule around them with respect to potential post season play. With the Marlins moving out, I expect better scheduling next year.

Yes. Gret game by FIU, T.Y. Hilton, Coach Cristobal and his staff. I remember when they went 0-12 a few years back. Mario is doing tremendous job there. I love his enthusiasm. If he keeps this up, he will be headed to BCS school in short order. The only bad thing about FIU's win is that in short order you will hear FIU fan state that UM is now #5 in the state behind FSU, UF, USF and FIU.

FIU beat mediocre Louisville team and they are acting like they just beat the number one team in the nation.

I just heard on the radio that 12 fresno state players were involved in a walfare fraud investigation.

ain't Cane fans funny Art ?

... sad thing is that they do not see the end

Don't get me wrong, i love Al Golden. He is the second coming of Jimmy Johnson and many more UM Championships. But IF Golden leaves UM, Mario Cristobal will be the new Canes headcoach, and that would be a good thing.

Once a CANE, always a CANE...

Arty, I just luuuuuvs me some mans. They call me blog Pig but I relish being a fat ignorant slob.

Aristotle. You are oh so right about prima Donna.


There is no reason to hate on F.I.U. let's worry about our canes.

Golden is not a bad coach but he isn't the second coming of Jimmy. Let him leave his own stamp. Let's be realistic for once.

congrats to coach Erickson for beating ranked Mizzou

Coach E will always have a place in my heart: 2 National championships. Coached for a third in 1994. Can't beat that. Recruited Ray Lewis.

evrytime I see the man, or Jimmy J, it brings me back to those glory years. Bothe will alwayd be true canes. Both, esp Erickson, were driven away by a moronic administration. Erickson could have won another 3

As a Cane fan..congrats to FIU for their win last nite. When schedules are made up, there is no idea of how good (or bad) and opponent will be. When Louisville was added to their schedule I would imagine it was in the heyday of Louisville football. Heck, UL probably scheduled FIU as THEIR "patsy" win to start out the year! Give the Panthers credit for winning the game. TY is a gamer. QB not bad either. I can't be there as I live out of state, but I encourage all of you Miami fans to go to the game!

I agree our special teams coverage was amazing- the best it's been in years. We were just flying down the field making huge plays. Keep it up special teams.

@ nitro, you make a good point. When the Marlins move into there stadium i expect some major scheduling changes. We gotta stop giving more respect to non conference game and focus more on conference. We got to win the ACC to sniff a BCS game. That should be the goal.

Too bad we can't post pics on these blogs. I would throw my U tat all day.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | September 09, 2011 at 10:31 PM



doUUUche, doUUUche !!!

GOLDEN will bring back the CANES!!! The problem is Shalaya. Since she has been here the CANES have gone down hill! She is a disgrace to the U

Anyone watching the Wisconsin game?? Wisconsin is a powerful team offensively, and this year they have axdefense to go with it.

You all need to give Shalala a break. She has done an excellent job raising the bar and the reputation for the University in terms of educational rankings, research, student-athlete character and community contributions. Her background is in education and she has done for the U what she does best.

Athletically, she is on a learning curve. If you take a look, you will find that most of our athletic programs are top contenders or otherwise on the rise in their sports. The hire of Al Golden et. al. demonstrates she is now willing to fork out the cash to bring in proven, experienced, talented leadership.

The only way I jump on the "Fire Shalala Now" bandwagon is if the NCAA finds proof that she was complicit or encouraging in the Shapiro relationships with the players and coaches. If yes, then I find her fully responsible for sabotaging our school and she needs to go. If not, I say the []_[] is on a roll and let's keep a good thing going.

Cawyst. 50,000 reasons to fire the hobbit. If that does not get your attention then think where her box was at the stadium vs shapiros.


@cawyst is absolutely correct. The high school dropouts on this forum who are calling for her firing fail to realize the U is a University and not a sports franchise.

Itcdolphin, couple blogs ago you said the same thing and I asked if you could produce just one or two reasons to fire Donna Shalala?

Didn't get an answer...

100 percent cane fan for life. Keep playing hard guys.....

Caveat Lector, y'all Cane FAIR WEATHER fans!

Don't be fooled by Ohio St.'s narrow win against hapless Toledo. The Buckeyes were simply playing VANILLA and looking ahead to bloody roasting some Ibis bird.

Nonetheless, I still see Coach Golden's squad NARROWLY escaping with a victory over O.S.U.

By the way, I absolutely believe, beyond a shadow of a wetback, that Coach Golden was playing the Jedi Mind Game with all the college football media-nexus, i.e., extra practice time for Buckeyes is a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD.

O state didnt play a vanilla game they were one play away from losing that game. I just hope that wasnt their wake up call to get focused for us. We need every advantage we can get. Hopefully golden saw something he can exploit.

@tallycane - not only were they a play away from losing, they were the beneficiary of 4 first downs by penalty and 110 penalty yards!! They certainly did not dominate Toledo in the trenches as was expected with little more than 100 yards rushing. The important issue though, is what did they show to Golden and how can the U capitalize?


Posted by: cawyst

All of that good reputation she helped build went out the window when we appeared on the front page of USA Today because of this whole scandal. This Shapiro thing is what people think of when they think UM. Sad and stupid, but true.

Shalala hired and approved most of the adults involved in the scandal, so she is the common link between them. If you (not the NCAA) believe the hammer should drop on Haith, Pannunzio, Paul Dee, Coker, etc...then the common link between them must also be held responsible.

Shalala hasn't shown any leadership since this scandal broke. She released a video statement and went into hiding like a mob informant. She seems happy to allow Al Golden, who wasn't even here during the violations, to be the face of this entire scandal. This is not just our football program, but our school being publically attacked and she allows Al Golden to field the questions!

This whole thing happened on Shalala's watch....she must go.

I think we should wait for the investigation when it comes to Shalala. Get the details first then make the correct decision. I think Miami will win vs OSU. Golden has this team in the right direction. 'Fair weather, microwave' fans will continue to post the same complaints....just live with it. True fans realize this is a process which doesn't happen over night. I don't think we will see the Miami team that played FSU last year. I think we will see the Miami team that played UNC last year.

sh-la-la is about as competent and believable as her hero Hussein Obama

I am not so certain that I agree that the positive gains in the reputation for the academic side of the U went down the tubes because of the allegations about the sports department. I think that there are two different groups involved. I have no idea what Shalala has been doing behind the scenes to deal with the NCAA problems, nor do I know what she has been doing in terms of grant funding agencies (if anything). Neither do you. Having been a long time CANE - going to school there when Henry King Stanford was the pres and there was a sun tan U image to deal with, as well as having been in the Orange Bowl since the days of Andy Gustafson, I know that this will all work itself out in time. Take a deep breath and relax a little. Golden seems to be the guy who can redirect the program - at least I hope so.


Miamimoe. So typical to name call. You cannot refute SHALALALALALA needs to go. Instead you name call. But no matter she needs to go and miamis graduation rate was going up b4 her appearance at the U. Her record is checkered at best, especially at Wisconsin. They are finally getting football back just now.


Eucalyptus. Actually I did you just did not like the answer. There are 50,000 reasons and further as mentioned check her box and shapiros and she knew what was gping on there.

We're better than Toledo...right???

Sorry, must not have seen the answer - is that it then? You think Donna Shalala should be fired because she knew that a booster was buying kids meals and getting them into clubs? Is that the only reason?

Hey eucuptus, no where did I mention meals bought by Shapiro, but now that you mention it, yes if she knew and did nothing she should be fired. But again if you read what I wrote it was something much different and much more serious.


@ltcdolphin - you are a joke when you bring up name calling and then say SHALALALALALA in the same post - what an idiot.

Answer this... what is your highest education level. Do you have any stake in U Miami other than being a wannabe Cane?

Hey moe. That is her name so how can it be name calling. And there you go moe, no facts moe. Guess you need to look in a mirror.

The only school that does worse scheduling than UM is FAU. i dont care if they make 2 mill by going to UF, another 2 for mich state and then auurn. Going 0-3 and three blow outs is rough on these kids' confidence . I say shnellie may be going senile.

Hurray for no- tre dame. 0-2 even when the media were picking them to play in the bcs. Another great pick by the geniuss of the media

Saw a chokie fan with a "sucks to be U" shirt with VT colors. Hey chokies - how about sucking that your sorry team and leather face coach have won 10 games a year for the last ten yrs but still choke at the end?

When you read the comments Coach Golden is saying, he is not holding back on anybody and or position. UM will be fine. Our biggest struggle as a program has come really during the Coker and Shannon years. These were two head coaches who had no prior head coaching experience, staff or system. We will still get our share of great players. What we need to get is the coaching and PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. This is what the other winning programs have right now. Golden will be fine and so will UM. Let EVERYBODY TALK all they can, UM show the play on the field.

Itcdolphin - but what you said was literally nonsensical, you said, "There are 50,000 reasons and further as mentioned check her box and shapiros and she knew what was gping on there".

I don't know what that means, I'm still trying to figure out reason #1 of 50,000 why Shalala would be fired?

please ... Cane Fan ... tell me all aboUt how Ur back ...


enlighten me , I beg of thee ...

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