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Golden: Bye week not necessarily a huge help before Ohio State

CORAL GABLES -- Bye weeks are usually seen as an advantage. A team gets an extra week to heal up and prepare for their next opponent.

Al Golden But according to UM coach Al Golden, that doesn't necessarily apply this week for his team, which hosts 15th-ranked Ohio State a week from Saturday.

UM has only been able to practice twice since arriving back in Coral Gables Tuesday morning. And Golden said the Buckeyes, who beat Akron 42-0 last week and host Toledo Saturday in Columbus, likely won't have to show much on offense or defense before playing the Canes. UM, meanwhile, according to Golden "had to show every card we had Monday night."

"Maybe if we had material, but we really don't have any material to go on," Golden said when asked if an extra week to prepare for the Buckeyes has helped. "We don't know what they're doing. They obviously have some suspensions they're trying to work through too. [So, the bye] I don't think it's as big a factor as you want it to be.

"We're not going to chase ghosts. We're just going to be fundamentally sound. Again, we have enough issues ourselves that we have to fix. That's our focus right now."

Golden originally had three practices lined up for his team this week following Monday night's loss at Maryland -- Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But he said he decided to scratch Saturday in part because he was pleased with Friday's practice and because he didn't want his team to practice "seven out of eight days or eight days out of nine."

"If we were going to play all those young guys again we would have needed tomorrow. But clearly, we have some relief with the guys returning," Golden said. "Hopefully we'll get some more with some injured guys being cleared to play -- [defensive back] Kacy Rodgers included. He was going to start on three special teams and had an injury two days before the game."

Of what he has been able to gleam from the Buckeyes, Golden said: "I'm starting to get a fix on who they are from a personnel standpoint and it's impressive. It's a combination of talent, speed and toughness. They're a rugged team. They're tough. They try to make it into one on one battles. I'm learning a lot more about them. We're seeing how they're developing this year in terms of personnel. I think we've changed more on offense and defense and special teams than they have and they will. But again, we had to show every card we had Monday night, playing an ACC game and I don't believe they've shown many cards at all at this juncture."


> With three returning starters coming back on defense for Ohio State, Golden said the only freshmen he expects to still be in the mix for playing time on defense are linemen Anthony Chickillo who "is fighting for a starting job right now, Olsen [Pierre], [Jalen] Grimble ... [and linebacker] Denzel Perryman [who] really showed up."

"He has a good approach," Golden said of Perryman. "I think he studies. When you ask him questions about the game plan on special teams he has the answers. I think the coaches on defense are confident he is a guy who prepares. When he was in there the other night he did a really good job for a first timer being out there. Those are the guys and there is a whole boatload on special teams that will continue to compete."

> Golden said the return of linebacker Sean Spence and defensive tackle Marcus Forston will be big for UM this week, especially in light of leadership "that was clearly absent in the [Maryland] game."

"I thought [safety] JoJo Nicolas did an excellent job. But that was clearly a big part [of what was missing]," Golden said. "Again you have to give Maryland credit. They knew we didn't have a lot of depth and really didn't have leadership and those were the two things they went after. They made us run side to side early in the game, chase the ball. They knew we didn't have many replacements and they made all the formations really difficult, exotic almost because they knew we didn't have the guys out there to get us in the right formation."

> Golden said there has been no update on the playing status of senior receiver Aldarius Johnson, who was suspended indefinitely according to UM for breaking team rules. Johnson's name no longer appears on UM's roster. It was reported he lied to NCAA investigators when they questioned him about his relationship with imprisoned and notorious former booster Nevin Shapiro. Johnson's mother said her son also broke team rules for posting a tasteless message on Twitter.

"Aldarius is going graduate in December. We're committed to make sure he finishes his education," Golden said. "Other than that, I don't know what the NCAA investigation is going to yield."

Safe to say, I'm not counting on Johnson being back this season.

> Tight end Blake Ayles (head injury) and defensive tackle Curtis Porter (finger) have not returned to practice yet according to Golden. At the moment, you would have to assume both are very questionable for Ohio State.

> Golden said the sub-standard play of UM's offensive line Monday "had a big impact on the game. "You can't keep getting penalties because you have to abort your running playaction game and end up being a drop back team. And that's really not who we are right now," Golden said. "We don't want to be that type of team. That's it. Hopefully, a lesson is learned. It's my job to get it fixed."

> Golden had high praise for both Allen Hurns and Tommy Streeter Friday and said freshmen Rashawn Scott and Phillip Dorsett "are making it hard right now" to keep them off the field.

"Hurns is in a different league right now because Hurns is in tremendous condition. He's a finisher. He's a really reliable player, very consistent," Golden said.

"Streeter has made tremendous progress. That was evident in the game. Not just catches, but tough catches in traffic. So, he's made a lot of progress. Now, he has go to develop -- they all have to develop -- the consistency and mental toughness and approach that Allen Hurns has. He is the model for us right now at wide receiver in terms of what we're looking for. He'll block. He'll clear it out when he's not getting the ball. When he does get the ball, he'll tuck it away. He's physical. He's not afraid to lay out for balls. We need more guys doing that. Streeter is going in the right direction. But I really think he needs to take the next step, push his threshold this week."


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do U really think Ur as talented as the Florida Gators ?

really ?


awe come on ... Gato's gotz 8 playmakers on O ...

U got CoUgar Lamar ... bad boy as he is, he's it

it's 2:30 on a saturday night and you're up posting trash talk on the University of Miami's blog in the Miami Herald. this is your life.

Eucodimus: really, you honestly don't understand the 50,000 reasons to fire her?? Where are you?? Have you not paid any attention to what has been going on for over a month??
Suggest you go back and read the allegations especially the one and picture showing your hero Donna accepting a $50,000 dollar check from Shapiro. It was described as she looked like a sugar holic looking at cake frosting.

Fire Shalalalalalalala NOW

PS. Eucodimus. Read and find out shapiros conduct at the luxury box at the stadium for Miami games. Catch up on the facts

Fire Shalalalalalala NOW

the gaytors are back. They beat FAU and UAB. Who do they play next, 0-2 georgia?

Great win by FIU. It is so good to finally have a good college football team in the city of Miami. It is good to see a real QB from Miami passing to a great WR who actually catches the pass! How about Miami finally having a tough D that can, get ready..........TACKLE! Winning college football is back in the city of Miami, thank you FIU.
After the big 2 of UF and FSU we are right there with USF and UCF at the next level.

Yea, like all UM fans I followed that story, but seeing as we're both aware of the facts rather than just some overarching media-driven blame I was just curious as to what your actual reasons were for signing all your posts with "Fire Shalala".

In my opinion your two reasons are dumb. He blew up at the compliance director in the press box, not the president's box, Shalala wouldn't have been there. And I have no problem with UM taking his money, there's no way they could have known he was a ponzi schemer if none of his business-savvy investors knew.

Maybe there's some weight to your other 49,998 reasons but those two are misguided.

The only mistake Golden made during the Maryland game was kicking the field goal instead of opting to go for it on fourth and very short. I mean, you see how easily Maryland was moving the ball up and down the field and that would have made it too easy for them to kick the go ahead field goal.

In my opinion, Golden was supposed to lose this game anyway because of all the inexperience he had on his team. If it were me, my press conference would have been more about my mistakes as a coach instead of the players' mistakes.

Besides nit picking on Golden, I think he did an incredible job playing with the cards he was dealt. I also don't think the TE were running the right routes. In zone find the soft spot of your route and stop. In man coverage run more than 3 yards unless it's very short at the goal line.

I think Coach Golden is an excellent choice for UM. He is a winner in all respects.
If the players live up to their potential, play disciplined O and D, and keep the intensity level way up, we will beat the Buckeyes. Come on out and support the Canes. Make it a home field advantage big-time!

whomever is doubting Golden already is a idiot its one game its his first season and to be very frank no matter what some people may think of this team they arent that talented everyone keeps waiting for them to grow into there potential maybe they just dont have that much talent and thats fine as long as golden is bringing in talent which it seems he is I love my CANES so it isnt easy to say but the team just isnt that talented let all just hope for discipline play from them with that they can still win 9-10 games

Streeter ran the wrong route....even if he would have caught the ball, he was 2 yards short....he needed to go down about 12 yards and come back for the ball...tough break....the defensive front also looked very soft...I hated their defensive scheme..it looked like they were in a 4/2 front all night except for a few blitzes. Not much imagination. I would put 8 or 9 up on the line to confuse the offense. You can always drop 4 or 5 guys as needed...Let's go canes...get some fire

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/09/jacory-harris-stephen-morris-share-thoughts-on-friday.html#ixzz1Xg08FFEu

In the meantime, recruits: are you watching any nfl football?

Ed reed has 2 ints
Ray lewis causes and recovers a fumble
Bryant mckinnie dominated

Mike pouncey... Was erased, dominated, played with, schooled.

Right now, santana moss is making the gaytors' mediocre rex grossman look good.

Why would you want to go anywhere but nfl-u?the game between Um and maryland had higher ratings than boise st georgia and lsu's game

NFL []_[] is where it's at.

The u wil rise again. The u will be back. The gaytors are nothing. Their so called "playmakers" according to the doosh above, are two tny speedsters who will be nothing but punt returners in the nfl if they even see sundays

Go canes. Lets fill sunlife on sat!

My bad, ray ray had an int, caused a fumble, recovered a fmble.

Reggie wayne had 106 yds receiving
Andre johnson has 95

Please. Its not even close

Why wold recruits want o go anywhere else?

Eucodemis. There is one or more things going on here: you are ignorant of the facts, you know the facts and are acting ignorant, you are a shalalalala apologist, or you are shalalalala herself. I go with the first two options.
Fact, shalalalala accepted a 50k check out of the blue that was supposedly a surprise to her. Did she vet that check or did she just deposit it?? We know the answer. For someone in her position to accept a check that size that was not coordinated before is irresponsible to say the least. Stupid would be the real answer. This had nothing to do with blasting someone in the athletic department about Randy.
You try and ignore what went on in the stadium box, but think bad people, two poles, and excessive drinking. Prima donnas box was too close not to know and there are some reports she visited on several occasions.
Please either get to know the facts or at least be honest. So there are at least 50,000 reasons to fire her, but two poles, etc as good reasons. that does not count she is in charge during this debacle and lied to Al Golden.

Fire Shalalalalalala NOW

ltc dolphin- I do not like Sha ne ne either, but I dont buy your argument. Anyone can donate $ to the university. The check clears, whatever. So you are telling me that if Andrre Johnson donated 1 million cash to the U, the U would not accept the check? BS. Lets say it was Bill Gates. No? BS again. BUT, if later they find out that the money was dirty or whatever, certainly they must return the money, otherwise, CHA CHING.

Itcdolphin, I know the facts, I have a relatively thorough understanding of how the University of Miami is run and how the athletic department is run. I don't think you have any clue what you're talking about and that you bought into the ridiculous media-driven "Fire Shalala", "Death Penalty" noise. I don't think your argument is even close enough to reality to be worth responding to but what the hell,

* That bowling event was put together as a fundraiser for the basketball team where Shalala and her butt buddy Clinton would meet and greet donors. In no way was she surprised to receive a donation at it, although part of her job is to look pleased at these things.

* $50,000 is nothing to Donna Shalala. She's raised over a billion (that's $1,000,000,000) dollars for the University of Miami, I personally give UM more than Shapiro's donation every year and there's no coordination needed there.

* And what exactly does Donna Shalala have to do with Nevin Shapiro saying he wanted to put a stripper pole in his box at Joe Robbie? He didn't do it because it "didn't work aestetically" or maybe because he's a self-aggrandizing, lying piece of sh*t whose story has absolutely no corroborating evidence behind it.

Stop believing everything you read - Yahoo put up pages for every single former and current player and Shapiro's "evidence" against them. Check them out, see what

But you miss the point that his check was not coordinated or approved in advance. In other words it was a SURPRISE. Don't disagree that cha Ching is the key, but like campaign funds, one needs to be careful. Not saying don't take it, but all kinds of red flags should have gone up when a guy shows up at a bowling alley and hands out a 50k check, without at least telling the U what he was going to do. And that money was not returned till well after his arrest and court.
Anybody you mention gave money hopefully above board and with advance notice.
It was slimy from the get go. And shalalala pnly saw dollar signs.

Fire shalalalala NOW

So now eucodimus you go from playing ignorant to trying to portray yourself as an insider. To bad you don't hold water. If you knew so much you would know that usually donations are screened before being given on large sums. Kind of makes you look silly to say she raised all that other money-and this 50k was peanuts. That says either all that other money was vetted and okay or maybe it's as tainted as the 50k. Either way shalalalala did not do her job and got caught with her little nits in the cookie jar.
Still amazes me you went from not knowing the facts, and your still not up to par there, to being all knowing on the inside.
Either way shalalalala needs to be fired

There was no playing ignorant, you said, "There are 50,000 reasons and further as mentioned check her box and shapiros and she knew what was gping on there". I honestly didn't know what you were talking about.

It seems to me that your entire view of Shalala is based off some talking head's knee jerk analysis of the Yahoo report. There's no substance behind it, just misplaced outrage.

I'm not wrong about the donations, Shalala's job is to raise money and she's raised over $1.4 billion dollars in the MomentUM campaign.

Now think about the level of "thorough vetting" it would have taken for UM to discover Shapiro's Ponzi scheme, which had thus far eluded the feds and hundreds of investors.

Is it really logical to expect UM to "vet" every minor $50,000 donation that they get?

I love reading so much of this stuff. The denial is amazing. People we don't have a lot of talent as much as you want to think we do. We are going one probation for at least 2 years. This program at best will be middle of the pack ACC. No ACC Championships no BCS Bowls. Stop talking about judging Golden and pray he doesn't Judge us and leave. No one else would take the Miami Job, shut your pie holes and watch the games, and wait for better times, probably 4 or 5 years away.

To all the ppl raving about the tv ratings...GA vs Boise St and the LSU Ore game competed against each other for ratings Its easy to dominate the tv ratings if U are the only game on.........just sayin

doesnt matter. The game could have been a ratings failure if the speculation by dooosh haters like yourself were correct in predicting that Miami is irrelevant. Irrelevant miami versus Maryland? at 8pm the night before a work day? If you blowhards were so correct, the ratings for that game would have been lower than any other game that weekend. But in fact, they werent.

UM may not put a lot of fans in the stands, but I know for a fact, the U is one of the most followed and attractive programs (because of hate, jealousy, plain curiosity or love) in the country.

Just imagine... if Miami became relevant again... ESPN would P and goo all over themselves

Just saying

Corpus, Never said U were irrelevant, quit stuffing words in my mouth, In fact I doubt anyone has gotten more press lately than U.I know that the ewe is a big TV draw, game vs Ohio State will prob be the most watched this weekend, But to suggest that Miami vs Maryland would have beat LSU vs Oregon or Boise vs GA in head to head ratings is just homer speak.

You'd have to be delirious to doubt Golden and staff. We should have beaten Maryland wt several freshmen and multiple turnovers. What some of you people be thinking baffles me. Give this guy 2-3 recruiting classes and we'll be a consistant Top 5 year in and out. Look at LSU. With all their low academics and stellar recruiting classes they haven't exactly blown away the competition. Teams are more compatible now a days. Watch what Oklahoma does to FSU. Some teams don't respond well to teams that slap back.

Eucodimus. I've your flopping around like a fresh fish on the deck. First you can't understand, then you do, become an expert and purport to know something, but anyone with common sense can see you are a poser.
Fact: a very Suspiciously given check was not vetted.
Fact: that money was not returned until it became public who gave it and what was going on.
Fact: shalalalala knew what was going on.
Fact: golden was not told at any tome interview or hiring that the NCAA had already been investigating the U for 6 months. Oppps that's a lie. Only prima Donna is left from that debacle.
Fact: shalalala knew about the happenings in the stadium box, strippers, trying to install poles, and drugs and alcohol there and did nothing about it.

Fact: Shalalalalalala should be fired NOW.

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