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Golden counting on Jacory Harris, others to provide leadership that was lacking at Maryland

CORAL GABLES -- UM coach Al Golden hasn't been shy throwing the L-word around lately. 

Al Golden Golden said there just wasn't enough of it against Maryland in part because of the suspensions to seven starters. But with five guys back this week against Ohio State, Golden isn't expecting there to be a lack in leadership. In fact, he's expecting to see more of it from others.

"Well, now with Jacory [Harris] back and [Sean] Spence back and [Marcus] Forston back, yeah," Golden said Wednesday when asked if he is satisfied wit the amount of leadership on the team. "But clearly there was a void. I think JoJo [Nicolas] has stepped up. But we need other guys to step up. We need Tyler Horn and Harland Gunn to step up. We need LaRon Byrd to step up, some other guys on our team quite frankly to step up and lead. We need leaders at every position and not just seniors."

The truth is Golden is putting a lot of his eggs in Jacory Harris' basket. He's been asked countless times about his decision to make Harris UM's starting quarterback and why he's confident the turnover-prone Harris will be different in Jedd Fisch's new offense.

Wednesday, Golden was asked again how much confidence he has in Jacory.

"I'm very confident," Golden said. "Jacory has established that he's the starter right now. He's mature. He's worked really hard for this opportunity, and I'm excited about the opportunity he has and the opportunity we have as a team with him leading us Saturday."

Tuesday, during his weekly press conference with reporters, Golden was asked where he's seen Harris' improvement from the Sun Bowl, where he threw three interceptions in seven pass attempts before interim coach Jeff Stoutland pulled him for Stephen Morris. Golden said critics need to realize "this is a different time, different place."

"He's a different player," Golden said. "Jacory is the guy this Saturday. He's established that, has had a great camp, great demeanor. Sometimes we don't let people grow, develop, want to look at things they've done wrong. Let's look at what he's done right. I really believe Jacory will show us all Saturday night.

"He's done a great job. I just want him to go out and relax, play his game, don't make it bigger than it is and do what he's been doing since we've been here. So I'm excited about Jacory and I know in my heart he deserves this opportunity Saturday night."

It's clear a big reason Golden has put Harris into the starting role is because he believes UM's offense will run better in and out of the huddle, a problem at Maryland when the team drew back-to-back delay of game penalties and times seemed out of sync. Golden has said it is the quarterback's responsibility to avoid substitution mishaps and illegal procedure penalties.

"Again, we feel Jacory gives us the best opportunity there getting us in the right formation, the right call, get the snap off on time," Golden said Tuesday. "There's no excuse for anyone who plays quarterback for the University of Miami not to get this squared away."


-- Golden said Wednesday that Ohio State will be "as physical a team as we'll see."

"They're extraordinarily physical, rugged, high motor guys and excellent at hand-to-hand combat," Golden said. "We have to play a physical brand of football. That's their strength in addition to the speed they have on the perimeter."

Golden said he's preparing the team to see two quarterbacks Saturday. Ohio State has listed fifth-year senior Joe Bauserman (6-1, 230) and freshman Braxton Miller (6-3, 210) as co-starters. "When Braxton is in there it looks a little more like last year," Golden said. "Joe is more efficient, over 70 percent completions for his career, no interceptions thus far, so he knows what to do with the football. They'll take shots when Joe is the quarterback, not that they won't with the other kid. We'll get ready for both of them. We'll see what Saturday night brings, but we expect both of them to be in the game."

Golden said doing a good job covering 6-5, 245-pound tight end Jake Stoneburner will be a big key for UM's defense on Saturday. Stoneburner leads the Buckeyes with eight catches, including four for touchdowns in two games. "Excellent football player, can make catches across the middle, can open his hips and catch back shoulder pad, also catch the corner routes," Golden said. "He's an excellent tight end, a complete player. For us we're going to have to make sure we have the right matchups on him, don't give them a lot of time to throw the ball. He's one of the keys for us this week."

-- Asked if he expects his team to play a more physical style of grind-it-out, football Saturday on offense, Golden said: ""We want to be balanced. We weren't as balanced as we could have been [at Maryland], most particularly in tight situations because of the way it ended up going. We didn't get as many possessions, weren't getting as many stops on defense, barely made them punt. We made them punt one time in the game. Collectively between not stopping them and our mistakes on offense it kind of came unraveled for us a little bit."

-- Saturday's game will be the first game for Golden at Sun Life Stadium. Asked how he expects to feel running out of the smoke for the first time, Golden was pretty funny on Tuesday. "I don't even know where the tunnel is," he said. "I don't get too caught up in that stuff. When they point me to the tunnel I'll start running."


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I like how the Golden Age is shaping up. Dare I say, 85k strong Saturday night and a final score of 48-13 CANES! First step to the Capitol Investments USA Bowl game!

Too bad the PIG aka curse and his team are playing lowly Hennessey this weekend and we all know that they will lose.

Manny, any news on the new OL. Why is BWashington starting at LT, Feliciano at RT, etc.?


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Manny, could you please do a public service (for me) and find out when the stadium (not the parking lot) will be opened? Is it still 1.5 hours before kickoff like last year?

I don't blame Golden for starting Harris even though I still think Morris is quite good. Morris still has very little experience and is going through growing pains. If Harris can avoid mistakes, his experience is crucial in a game like this. If he can't avoid mistakes, Morris will be ready to take over again.

LOL, Golden wants Joke-ory to go out and "play his game". So he wants 2 or 3 picks, what a joke. 0 - 2 start to the Golden era, but we still love you coach.

Is the game a sellout? if not how many tickets have been sold?

As much as I hate to admit it times may be changing. UCF thumps Boston College, FIU beats Louisville and the "U" loses to Maryland. From what I saw from both FIU and UCF they would have beaten Maryland. I know coach Golden says that leadership was missing from the Maryland game but in my opinion it was overall talent that was lacking. I am not even sure if the "U" would have beaten Maryland even with all the suspended players playing in that game. I hope I am wrong and the "U" plays lights out versus Ohio State.

FIU and UCF are better programs than Dah U right now and so is USF. It will only get worse now that the sanctions are coming. It really s...cks to be U.

All you UM haters go suck somethin. Louisville SUCKS...it was a nationally TELEVISED win, but that's about it. Keep up the good 3 star work, but you, UCF and USF will always be the side b*t@#es, never the main squeeze.

No way FIU beats Maryland. Miami basically lost that game on several fronts: 1) Coaching. D'Onofrio was too slow in adjusting to the quick slants. 2) Quarterback. yeah, Morris did allright, but he did turn the ball over 3 times.
3) Missing starters. Say what you will, but the missing players would also have added depth

LOL. Aquinas could be Louisville. Please.

All you FIU panther fans. keep thinking like that and talking trash... Your fall and retrun to reality will be painful. Just hold on to the reality for a little while longer. this is the big leagues here. You are not in the big leagues.

$100.00 FAU beats FIU. Any takers?

Let's go CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach's words be bloody GOLDEN!

And for what it's worth. U'all Cane fairweather, doubting bUbba's as well as Y'all Miami bandwagon Yahoo's should take Coach Golden's word concerning Harris as the Gospel of GOLDEN. Eh.

The above rant is mainly directed at CANEZ1 and like-minded barbaric MINIONS!

For that CANEZ1 and his neanderthal HENCHMEN have some Ugly type of insane HATE thing against one Jacory Harris.

Who knows. Perhaps Jacory failed to sign CANEZ1's autograph way back when. Hee hee Ha ha.

Miami's Recipe for Dominance?

1) Adversity
2) Hated and Dismissed by the CFB world
3) Visionary leader and coach joins program (Howard, JJ, Butch....Golden)

Result: National Championships

W.C.C., your EXUBERANCE of Cane-itis is bloody hilarious.

Nonetheless, I give U's mega kudos for your high-octane confidence.

The concern re Jacory is valid, but lets give him and the coach a chance. Golden certainly wouldn't put him out there if he wasn't confident his best chances lie with JH at QB. Lets not slam JH before we see the new version. But I do say quick leash.

all UM haters fallback..one thing we know is that if ur a fan then ur a fan..switchouts beware..kids still love the U...They still want to be apart of the tradition, we just need a coach to know when to let the animals out, 4th and 1 2:35 left on the clock, momentum driving down the feild, running game working well...show your kids you have faith in them...and I bet they get U that yard..I would have rather lost the game on effort rather than some bone head interception...when your kids are hot let them play..Golden B$tCh#d up...this aint Temple U gotta Have kahunas in tougher conferences...he don't have them...YET

Miami's Recipe for Mediocrity?

1)A typical "fan"/booster who never attended the school run amok boozing and whoring the players.
2)Said players becoming soft and with an entitlement mentality.
3)Incompetent coaching and administration allowing all of the above

One thing is obvious: all these Cane hater loser trolls that show up here are your basic wanabes, never have beens, and never will be low self esteem types whose only shot at feeling anything close to a Cane is to put up inmature and moronic comments in these pages. I don't blame them really, what else do they have to hang their hat on? An empty bottle of Southern Comfort? Inferioty complexes can be a real drag, heh?

I'm going to have to trust Golden's assessment of Jacory, but I'm disappointed Morris isn't starting.

Why aren't we building for next year?

Oh, coach Golden, What are you thinking. JH hasn't provided leadership in the past, why do you think he will now. But we will see. All I have to say is if he wets the bed again, I don't want him to take another snap at the U.

fiu,ucf are flash in the pan....they will NEVER be the caliber the U is....i don't care how many loses we have...

"..Substitution mishaps, illegal procedure penalties..." come from the sideline not the quarterback! Who does Golden think he is kidding?
There is too much last second substitution, most of the time bringing in a new play, which then may be changed. No wonder it is difficult to know where to line up and whom to block, let alone what pass route to run.
Coaches have overcomplicated the game to the point of complete absurdity!

Cane68 good point. Never went there but it is right.
Noodle arm Harris time will tell.


People come out saturday and lets MAK SOME NOISE.. lets make ohio state feel the Hurricane power... Come out and support the canes....

lets getter done boys!!!! we got this!!!

hey drifter, ltcdolphin, I'll see you boys at the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we need to rock joe robbie like it was the OB. That's how we get down baby!!!!!

hey anyone see the douche, I mean coach p, i mean eudcimos or whatever his shalalala crotch munching name is??? hahahahhaa I guess he worked the late shift cleaning up the bathrooms at the Miami Herald.

we need to pack the stadium and boooooooo Ohio state out of MIAMI... Fck, them we will win saturday..

Canes have more speed on offense, if they dont make stupid penalties and turnovers they should win 31-24. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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