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Golden, Morris post-game comments on WQAM

Here's what quarterback Stephen Morris and coach Al Golden had to say after UM's 32-24 loss to Maryland Monday night to WQAM.


UM coach Al Golden - Penalties and turnovers hurt... "That's the end all right there. I just got done telling the team don't make excuses, we had enough talent to win. Made too many turnovers and had too many penalties. Really, too many silly operational penalties that we have to get fixed. That starts with me. We'll take a hard look at it, make sure we have the right groupings in there and all that. We can't overcome that in this opener."

- Effort of the team... "I thought we competed and everytime Maryland took the lead we responded. Right up until the end when we threw the interception I thought we were going to respond again and go right down there and kick a field goal. We competed. But if you don't play smarter and more disciplined you can't win that game. If you would have told me going into the game we'd hold them to less than 20 points on defense with all the changes we had, I would have taken it. We gave up two offensive touchdowns and 10 penalties."

- Special teams... "I thought we made a lot of progress in our kicking game tonight. I thought we covered kicks well. I thought we returned the ball better than they did. We outnetted them there. We just didn't execute as well as we needed to on offense."

- Vaughn Telemaque had a big game on defense, what did you think his and the unit's effort... "When you're playing that wants to throw all over the yard like that, you have to win on third downs and you got to win in the red zone like that. And we had a couple stops in the red zone which was critical when you play a team like that, holding them to a field goal. They probably had us 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 in yardage midway through the first quarter or the end of the first quarter. The guys were hanging in there, making plays in the red zone. After all that, whatever it was 10-7. We changed leads probably 3 times."

- Lamar Miller and Mike James ran hard, you had 40 rushes for 172 yards rushing... "I was trying to get that number up a little bit higher. Lamar had 18 [carries] I think. But if we don't get silly penalties he probably gets 25. We put ourselves in second and forever and long third downs where you really can't run. So, that was unfortunate. We get down to the 5-yard line there with four minutes to go in the game and it comes back and we ended up settling for a field goal. He went around left end there and we were lined up wrong. And they were right. We were lined up wrong. We got to get that tightened up. And again, that starts with the coaches and me."

- Were you happy with the running game and particularly the running of fullback Maurice Hagens... "Maurice - particularly short yardage - has to be a factor for us. He does a good job blocking. But if you want to play the game that way -- which we set out to do in this game because we wanted to control the clock and we needed to help our defense -- you can't turn the ball over and you can't have penalties. You can't stay on schedule and play the way we wanted to operate today getting silly penalties."

- What do you have to work on before Ohio State... "We're just going to go back. I don't know how many guys we're going to get back. But between injuries and suspensions, I'm sure it's close to 10 [players] when you think of all the guys we didn't bring on this trip. We'll bring in some reinforcements. That should help us on special teams and clearly give us a little more depth. We just need to go back to work and the good news is the things we did wrong are fixable. The bad news is it's been an emphasis since I arrived. The operational penalties game out of left field. I don't know if it was poise. We won't know until we get back and they convey to us what was wrong in the huddle and what the issues were."

- Overall feeling on Stephen Morris' performance... "Some of the operational penalties were his. He has to get us in and out of the huddle and on the line of scrimmage, obviously take care of the clock. A couple times we didn't do that. I thought he was going to get a couple of them off or I would have burned some time outs. But he made some good throws, stood in the pocket. Some other times he showed courage on some of his throws. But the one down the stretch he was late on, you can't be late down the stretch to the sideline No. 1. When you're in the fringe, you have to protect the ball. And we didn't do that."


- On turnovers and penalties... "We can't turn the ball over like that, as many times as we did, fumbles or whatever it the situation -- me, myself included. We just have to go back on film and get better with that."

- Lamar Miller, Mike James ran well... "I expect that from both of them. Both of them are great backs and understand the offense very well. Our offensive line did a great job opening holes for us and we just have to convert."

- Any surprises from Maryland... "Not at all. The coaches did a great job of game planning. Offensively we had everything we wanted. We just didn't convert on a couple times. That goes on the players fault. We just have to go back and get better on it."

- Were you happy with the 60 minutes of effort... "That's something coach Golden has been preaching. Every single time we try to go out on the field, we make sure everybody is giving it their all. It was a team effort. We just have to push ourselves a little bit harder."

- What did you learn about yourself... "There's a lot of things I did good and a lot of things I did bad. I still have to improve which is something I have to go back and look at and just try to get better."


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Aw shucks! A chance to win it at the end and the ugly INT strikes again.

I like the Canes competitiveness and heart. This bodes well for the future and this team will significantly improve.

Thought we would pull it out...but no dice.

Not bad coach Golden considering you had a bunch of guys out.

picking positives out of this loss will come easy. Correcting the negatives will take a practicing effort for success. to be a solidified and collective unit will take continuous learning Adjustments. A Team that Creates Victory permanently corrects the wrong with continual executed adjustments.

Good See The Positives In Abundance! It's Too Ez To Spotlight The Bad. I Must Say Tho. This Lost Hurt. Brought Us Back To Reality. The Team Was Obviously Good Enough To Win, Even Without Those 8+ Starters. Imagine When Get Our Guys Back. Golden A Crew Will Right This Ship. Let's Continue To Support These Guys. []_[]

Great fight men, great fight!!!!

Say what you want about Golden, but I think his comments about this game show what a great coach this guy is. He took responsibility for his team's poor performance and made no excuses. I hope Cane fans cherish this year with Golden because he may be gone at season's end. I sure hope he stays.

I am so glad that we have OSU next...that is perfect for this team...

Great to see our team fight up till the end and have a great head coach. Morris keep your head up and learn from this. Great to see that we had a game plan for once.

If this was randy u guys would talk about game management and jacory u would want him bench bit they played hard but same mental mistakes

Props to Manny for essentially nailing the prediction -- if not for the last pick-six, 26-24 would have been right on the money.

There were some good things that came of this game. that being said I still think the QB competition is open. SM17 got a little jumpy towards the end and looked streeter the entire way on that int. Once we get back the majority of our defense i feel like we are going to be really good. Fisch went back to last year though giving Morris conservative play calls when he was throwing which made his stats look alright. I know we have great backs but a shot or two down the field is needed.

Golden's ResUme is complete now ...

He took Ur shitfeast and turned it into his complete confirmation as PENN. STATE'S next Abuelo in Happy Valley ...

Who U gonna axe to b hired nxxt ?

what i liked was good tackling. but really poor underneath pass coverage. it will be great to have our starting defense back. with a pass rush and starting dbs and lbs we would have crushed maryland. the penalties are forever frustrating. the turnovers always daggers. how does a coach stop it and prevent it...?? seems like we have an nfl o-line, nfl receivers, nfl rbs - how did we not blow them off the line?? where were byrd and streeter deep?? hurns was awesome. oh well. i hate losing. but i liked our heart for once in a long time.

we're be alright !!! we got the right man at head coach !!! Despite the loss I still feel good about this team and coaches. GO CANES


they were better in the trenches. their oline protected o'brien extremely well. and their dline played with a high motor and penetrated our oline and running lanes alot. reminded me of boise st's dline.

our dbs are BAD. no doubt about it. we dont have a legit corner. not a single one of them would be starting on a championship football team. TRACY HOWARD, DEON BUSH you listening!? williams played ok tho. alot of holes in the zone too. hope d'onofrio cleans it up.

our superstars were sorely missed. ray ray, boom, spence, and ojomo especially. the leaders of our defense. the vets. and our 4 best defensive players. missed their impact plays and their fire.

i thought we looked a little slow as well. on our heels a little bit. but thats just me. didnt initiate contact at the LOS alot on d. that said, we gang tackled well. on offense i thought we should have gone up-tempo though. and quicken our pace.

same story with penalties and turnovers. our discipline needs to get better. first game jitters? maybe its all the inexperience, rain, and youth we had out there today idk. morris managed well for the most part tho. hes the starter. NOT J12.

we didnt fold or shy away. had pretty good energy. and didnt get down when the crowd got into it. and the youngins got some good experience. they'll clean up the mistakes. marylands a good team and we played in a tough environment. alot we can build on.

hopeful for the year, but i dont think this is the year for anything big. we got lucky. score could've been alot worse. i see 8-5, 9-4. i really dont think we have the horses overall to compete for championships yet. need to get a recruiting class or two in yet. then 2 yrs development. unless our suspended players can explode this year.

props to our RB's. good hands shown by the WR's, but street needs to run better routes. CONSISTENCY. tmac played hard.

its one game. undermanned. lets not freak out just yet. a shannon coached team would have thrown in the towel. fact is, with the suspensions and injury to seantrel, maryland is the more talented team. they couldve easily crushed us. no punts and yet they kept shooting themselves in the foot with drops, penalties, and 20 yd fgs.

cant wait for ohio state to see the week 1 to week 2 improvement. this rebuilding project under golden will be a process. that much is clear. here's to a good year and the ncaa going easy on us with the sanctions!

btw, thanks for being an objective reporter manny and doing your job. almost called it... BUT PICK US NEXT WEEK!! :)

Nice post illuminati. I see good things for the team, Ohio State game will be a accurate barometer of the team and Golden.

Same bone head mistakes but miami problems are mental and it can be fixed so maybe the mental problems wasnt randy shannon fault it was just a lack of attention to detail which is quite fixable

the vaunted so-called" one of the best o-lines in the ncaa was pathetic and inconsistent. They sacked and rushed morris. They were in our back field a few times, our d-line...never in their back field or hardly ever. Then, 2 dleay of game penalties in a row, false statrts a chop block...please. No excuses for the O-line.They plain skd.

Please God, all I want for christmas is a QB that doesnt turn the ball over. Thats all. IS that asking for too much?

Keep your head up CANES!!!!

Now go out and fix those Penalties!!!!!!!!

The team look good, despite all the players out...AL GOLDEN has my full support.. the team look energetic and with swagger.. celebrating and dancing.... we need the spark back at the U.. GUYS keep ur head up... the season is still in our hands.. NOW LETS SHOW UP for the OU game and make some noise!!!!LETS PACK THE STADIUM

U Know Me Now ?

Yo Arty … Pull up a chair close to the tracks. The runaway Cane ExcUse Train will be barreling throUgh.

Two delay penalties at crUnch time, turnovers, can’t line up right and yet another L to a sUckAzzzz team … That’s 4 in a row, blown in the same fashion for U. At least Ur consistant.

Lemme gUess… Had it not rained, U’d of Won riiieeet?

Silly Cane Fan … Same thing, different year, year after year after year …

excUses excUses.

You played Maryland. The turtle. UNRANKED Maryland. Not some powerhouse or middle of the road ranked #25 team. Maryland. Even with the suspensions, you should have beat them. In fact, Maryland should have beat you by 2 TDs plus. They left a ton of points out there with bad throws when the QB could have easily ran it in and dropped TD passes. They dominated the Canes D.

Now with the reduction in scholarships coming, Temple may rise above the Canes.

It was fun while it lasted. Football season is over for the Canes once again. NO ACC title again. Cant even show up to the ACC title game.

Tough when you have to play in a conference, with a conference championship game, eventhough the ACC is the weakest of the bunch. Canes are proving it is much better to be an independent and not play in a conference and conference title game, all while playing home NC games.

Isnt so easy, is it????

Penalties and turnovers....again.
New coaching staff, same Canes. This is deja vu all over again (a nod to Yogi). I don't know what it is with this group of kids, but they still don't seem to learn those basic lessons.
Good luck to Coach Golden and his staff. I'm really beginning to question the smarts, or lack thereof, of a bunch of our guys.

Does big Al Golden use Pert Plus? His hair is so silky smooth and shiny.

Nice summary.

I do wonder why our receivers were not more open. Troubling and reminiscent of Shannon era. Wr have some gOod receivers on this team.

Morris did not keep his poise on the last series, but showed good arm strength and scrambling ability.

It seemed that Maryland's defense (Maryland!!!)was all over us. Miller couldn't break through and was so close so many times, but the Terps D was tough.

Where was the pass protection on the third down play of the last drive? Come on guys!

We have the right coach, no doubt, and this team will improve. It will be good to have players returning. I hope they play with pent up desire and fierce determination.

UM could make a HUGE leap by beating Ohio State. But once again, penalties and turnovers must be decreased. Let's see our receivers more consistently open and a better pass rush as well. The Buckeyes QB will be a better passer than many anticipate. Go Canes!

The Golden Era has begun
Stupid penalties, more penalties
Soft zone D with poor tackling
Multiple picks by the QB
Dah U is back

SOLDY you crack me up man. Of course it must have been about the rain. It looked just like a Randy Shannon team. Next up is Joke-ory's turn to throw more picks than Morris. Same old, just like last year, and the one before, and the one before that....................

Soft zone D and soft D line. I agree. we have not seen an aggressive D line at UM since 2004-2005. Allan Bailey was overrated. The yeras of our D line harassing opposig QBs constantly is over. That Danny O Brien guy was allowed to sit back and pick Miami apart- not unlike- USF last yr and Notre Dame. I saw no progress there although Telemaque was the one shining star.

Brandon McGee, gets burned...again! For the umpteenth time.

I'm sick of this soft D.

I'm not going to lie, I was happy to see Miami lose. BUT I saw a lot out of this team that makes me think you will be very good this year. Lamar Miller is a beast who would start for any team in the country (including my 'Noles). Morris really has the IT factor. It was a tough environment and he's only a sophomore. Give him time and he will be special for the Canes. I for one, do not think our game against Miami will be a blowout victory like last year. I expect a very tough game and would not be surprised by a Miami win.

Good analysis by "Wait till next year" and "Best cfb program the last 32 years".

This is the result from Shannon being soft with the players. Time to man up.

Best CFB Program,
Agreed. Doubt that we will get much of a pass rush up the middle, even with Forston in there. However, the return of our DEs could make a difference. How about our backers reaching the QB on a blitz? That would be a nice change, no? Too many almosts!

Yah, agree with the Cane haters, we don't need excuses. We need to accept that Miami has been down for a long time. It will take time to rebuild a winning expectation and field dominance. Some good players on this team though.

Miami needs a QB that has has O'brien style poise, smarts and arm strength. We have been trying to make something happen for years with mediocrity at the QB position.

Where is that poised leader who can deliver for the Canes? Morris had his chance but really looked bad on the last series. Not good enough. Produce or sit down. We are tired of almosts! And let's get some receivers open. Why could Maryland consistently do this? Routes? Our DBs? All of the above?

It's a given that Fla produces as much or more talent than every other state. All the talk in recent years about recruiting in So. Fla has produced a lot of these underachievers that we have now. Al the Northwestern guys that, for the most part, haven,t done squat. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate these So. Fla kids for heart and brains, because we seem to have some players who lack both. I'm not saying we don't have some great kids, but we sure have a bunch who just don't seem to know how to come up big.

That should have said...haven't (apostrophe, not comma)

Defensive coach needs to go back to the drawing board. The defense lastnight was disgusting. Piss poor coverage,missed tackles, I mean good gracious of my. We didn't look any better lastnight than we did in the past 4 yrs. "Jimmy Gaines" I don't know how u beat out Jordan futch but u need to go back on the bench man. U played very sloppy. Only guys on Defense I will give credit to is Vaughn Telemaque & Andrew Smith. Denzel Perryman played good as well. Last but not least Mcghee man u are pure garbage bro. I think "Golden" will need to replace u with a freshman. Because you stayed getting burnt. And the 52 yarder that u gave up was straight rediculous. You're a veteran u should know better. But all I have to say is that the Defense will have to improve major. Offense u guys did well until all the penalties came into effect. Cane players u guys better perform better than lastnight against "Ohio State" because if y'all go out B.S around ur going to get y'all a##es whipped really bad. And I been seeing this happening a lil too long.

Maryland had 100 yards on hitch plays alone and we never made an adjustment. If we would have had all our players it wouldnt have made a difference. dbs were playing eight yards off the ball all night and then at the end you have them in man ad mcgee gets burned. Golden and assistant were flat out outcoached on every different level. Idiots on here still using randy as an excuse is funny. Thats the main reason why were in this bs situation right now because fans are not realistic. Call it like it is.

Endsal said it best the game should have been over with before it started. Id didnt see any players or coaches golden brought in do anything worth talking about.

OK...all of the posts are valid regarding the defense, but let's see what we do against OSU before throwing the season away. I'll give the defense ONE game based on the suspensions. Biggest disappointment, in my opinion, was the OLine

Riviera Beach Says:
September 6th, 2011 at 10:03 am

Who knows about the rain but it was a factor.


Well there U have it. Rawviral to the rescUse ... Cane mentality wrapped up in one sentence...

Rawviral, riddle me this, and I'm being totally serioUs... Granted, U were missing "some" players, but wouldn't a team that has the overall TALENT and DEPTH of "any" Top Team in the Country still be able to HANDLE a middle of the pack Maryland team without much of a problem ?

? huh ?

Go ahead U in denial dolt, U can admit it ... Urrrrrrr nnnnnnot thaaaaat talented are U?

Just take a moral Victory in that U weren't beatn down due to Marylands complete ineptness in the Red-Zone.

Cane ClUcks, U were the railroad tracks and Maryland was the train ...U played like Maryland looked, but U'll spin it that U were in it at the end. Congrats on any moral victory in defeat that U can muster... It's what losers do best and U are an All-Americans.

U enjoy that new found girls softball mentality "energy" now U hear Rawviral ...


Yo Arty... smells like rubber is still burning down in the City BeaUtiful again... Damn, are there now fire services down in the C,G. ? Been billowing thick black smoke for over 8 years now ...

And the NC2A now has the fire hoses, but they're hooked up to a gas pUmp... Face it Cane ClUcks ... Ur fU@ked beyond even Ur worse fears.

But U have a great year now U hear... It'll be Golden til he bolts in 6 months.

Canesfool ... psssssssssssssstttttt... 10 Wins huh ?

As an earlier poster commented, not enough pressure on the QB. We used to completely terrorize opposing QB's. Now...we haven't scared anyone in years. We used to live in opposing backfields. Now we couldn't find them with a GPS. There's a culture of mediocrity that we've been living with for too long now. These guys have been told how talented they are for so long that they believe their press clippings and forget how to actually get the job done.I'm counting on Coach Golden to kick some butt.

Miami sucks now, we just gotta own it...

Not wanting to second guess i think this.
Brandon Washington is a guard playing RT. Joel Figs is a guard playing LT. That cost us in pass protection. When Bunch got in to play snaps at LT he did get a false start. I will argue he got the penalty cause he wasn't in from the start of the game. B-Wash is the best O-Lineman the U has had so lets play him at his natural position. I will always bow to the coaches wants because they do know more about this team and their players than i do. This though is how i think the line will become optimal. LT-MAlcome Bunch LG j Fig C Ty Horn RG B Wash RT J. Johnson

B Linder and H. Gunn can than rotate in.

its hard to judge the defense with all the back-ups, but as of now i am not a fan of the Scheme. That 3-3-5 D makes me puke. Running a Dime on first down, Randy Shannon wouldn't of done that. its to early for me to examine because if the starters were playing we would of had pressure on O'brien. Going back to the 3 down lineman D. The Point of that is to BLITZ 1,2,3 every time from different gaps.

I was counting on 21 Mcgee to be THE corner, made a great play near the endzone in the 3rd Qtr than got beat bad in the 4th Qtr.

Don't think that Maryland was a pushover, they certainly were not. They have a quarterback that is good and showed it. We competed very well last night and really should/could have won. We made our own mistakes that hurt us.
The o line did well, we did have almost 200 yards rushing. Overall a good performance.
Morris is our future. Played very well in a hostile environment. Would not be too concerned with the two interceptions. One at the end on fourth down, was either throw it and pray for a miracle or try and run and be short. Did not like the play call to roll to the short side of the field and thus limit receivers. The second was okay a hail Mary, what else was he to do. Morris kept his head and lead.
Morris should remain as #1. Hand out noodle arm should warm the bench, go play pool for dollars at shapiros replacement, or go to strip bars with his buddy aj.

Go Canes


What the heck does Donna Shalala have to do with last night's performance. Did she suit up and I missed it? Was she on the sideline coaching?

Cane Fans we're all having the same thoughts and I feel every one of you guys pain. I almost tore up the crib lastnight looking @ a dispictable game. All I have to say is this Mike Williams,Brandon Mcghee,gionni paul,jimmy gaines,jordan futch,ramon buchannon. You fella's need to review the game film all week and next week. You all need to learn how to cover ur men especially the tightend. All I can say is this I'm afraid to see what we're going too look like when we play VT,NC,FSU we're not going to look good fella's. We need to do better coverage and tackle alot harder that we did. Defensive line u guys have to put pressure on the QB. We need fortson,Armstrong,Spence,Ojomo,Vernon,Harris,Benjamin,we need everyone to come back because no one really wanted to step up on defense but Vaugn Telemaque. And it's a shame that we gotten beat that bad. We need to get down to playing physical and dirty again. the way we're playing we will never reach a ACC or National Championship.

Downward spiral continues. Forget about the ACC this year and with sanctions coming, it's going to be a long, long time before this program is heard from again.

p.s. the girls from Tootsie's say 'hey'.

The Al era is definitely Golden.... NOT! Sorry defense. The big uglies got outplayed.

Great start!

Good game Allen Hurns,Stephen Morris,Vaughn Telemaque,Tommy Streeter,Lamar Miller,Mike James,Maurice Hadgens,Entire Offensive line.

The question now is how mentaly prepaired will the "U" be after this loss. With the loss compounded with all the negativity surrounding this program over the last couple of weeks how will they respond? This loss hurts. If the "U" would have found a way to pull this game out then the Ohio State game could have been competative. Now even with our starters back from suspension Ohio State may lay the wood on this team. This team has now lost 4 games in a row dating back to last year. It seems they have forgoten what it is to win. Hope Golden can get things turned around in a hurry.

Fret not. Bethune Cookman is only a few weeks away.

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