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Golden, Morris post-game comments on WQAM

Here's what quarterback Stephen Morris and coach Al Golden had to say after UM's 32-24 loss to Maryland Monday night to WQAM.


UM coach Al Golden - Penalties and turnovers hurt... "That's the end all right there. I just got done telling the team don't make excuses, we had enough talent to win. Made too many turnovers and had too many penalties. Really, too many silly operational penalties that we have to get fixed. That starts with me. We'll take a hard look at it, make sure we have the right groupings in there and all that. We can't overcome that in this opener."

- Effort of the team... "I thought we competed and everytime Maryland took the lead we responded. Right up until the end when we threw the interception I thought we were going to respond again and go right down there and kick a field goal. We competed. But if you don't play smarter and more disciplined you can't win that game. If you would have told me going into the game we'd hold them to less than 20 points on defense with all the changes we had, I would have taken it. We gave up two offensive touchdowns and 10 penalties."

- Special teams... "I thought we made a lot of progress in our kicking game tonight. I thought we covered kicks well. I thought we returned the ball better than they did. We outnetted them there. We just didn't execute as well as we needed to on offense."

- Vaughn Telemaque had a big game on defense, what did you think his and the unit's effort... "When you're playing that wants to throw all over the yard like that, you have to win on third downs and you got to win in the red zone like that. And we had a couple stops in the red zone which was critical when you play a team like that, holding them to a field goal. They probably had us 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 in yardage midway through the first quarter or the end of the first quarter. The guys were hanging in there, making plays in the red zone. After all that, whatever it was 10-7. We changed leads probably 3 times."

- Lamar Miller and Mike James ran hard, you had 40 rushes for 172 yards rushing... "I was trying to get that number up a little bit higher. Lamar had 18 [carries] I think. But if we don't get silly penalties he probably gets 25. We put ourselves in second and forever and long third downs where you really can't run. So, that was unfortunate. We get down to the 5-yard line there with four minutes to go in the game and it comes back and we ended up settling for a field goal. He went around left end there and we were lined up wrong. And they were right. We were lined up wrong. We got to get that tightened up. And again, that starts with the coaches and me."

- Were you happy with the running game and particularly the running of fullback Maurice Hagens... "Maurice - particularly short yardage - has to be a factor for us. He does a good job blocking. But if you want to play the game that way -- which we set out to do in this game because we wanted to control the clock and we needed to help our defense -- you can't turn the ball over and you can't have penalties. You can't stay on schedule and play the way we wanted to operate today getting silly penalties."

- What do you have to work on before Ohio State... "We're just going to go back. I don't know how many guys we're going to get back. But between injuries and suspensions, I'm sure it's close to 10 [players] when you think of all the guys we didn't bring on this trip. We'll bring in some reinforcements. That should help us on special teams and clearly give us a little more depth. We just need to go back to work and the good news is the things we did wrong are fixable. The bad news is it's been an emphasis since I arrived. The operational penalties game out of left field. I don't know if it was poise. We won't know until we get back and they convey to us what was wrong in the huddle and what the issues were."

- Overall feeling on Stephen Morris' performance... "Some of the operational penalties were his. He has to get us in and out of the huddle and on the line of scrimmage, obviously take care of the clock. A couple times we didn't do that. I thought he was going to get a couple of them off or I would have burned some time outs. But he made some good throws, stood in the pocket. Some other times he showed courage on some of his throws. But the one down the stretch he was late on, you can't be late down the stretch to the sideline No. 1. When you're in the fringe, you have to protect the ball. And we didn't do that."


- On turnovers and penalties... "We can't turn the ball over like that, as many times as we did, fumbles or whatever it the situation -- me, myself included. We just have to go back on film and get better with that."

- Lamar Miller, Mike James ran well... "I expect that from both of them. Both of them are great backs and understand the offense very well. Our offensive line did a great job opening holes for us and we just have to convert."

- Any surprises from Maryland... "Not at all. The coaches did a great job of game planning. Offensively we had everything we wanted. We just didn't convert on a couple times. That goes on the players fault. We just have to go back and get better on it."

- Were you happy with the 60 minutes of effort... "That's something coach Golden has been preaching. Every single time we try to go out on the field, we make sure everybody is giving it their all. It was a team effort. We just have to push ourselves a little bit harder."

- What did you learn about yourself... "There's a lot of things I did good and a lot of things I did bad. I still have to improve which is something I have to go back and look at and just try to get better."


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I dont get it.

I watch Boise State year in year out, and you cannot tell me that they have better athletes than our south florida talent. yet they always bring emotion, and disciplined football.Boise ST always plays with passion, they look hungry and play the same. Certainly coaching has a lot to do with it. You tell me, does Boise STate, as a school and Athletic Dept have more $ than UM, to get good coaching? What is it? They get more out of their 3 star players than Um gets our of these overhyped underachievers who dont know the effen meaning of a play clock, a false start, or a crack back. Their receivers run great routes, and catch the rock.

game ball: Allen Hurns, VT, hagens, lamar and Streeter

Mike James? Dude- Hold onto the frea-kin ball. Your fumble literally cost us the game


All I can say is that the Defense will need to step up. Spence,Ojomo,Telemaque,Fortson will need some serious help on Defense. U know the media is rubbing it in that we've lost. And coach Fickell is laughing @ us. He's going to have Braxton Miller on us. We can't let a true freshman beat us.

We will get a better idea of what our defense is once we get Spence and Forston back. I was surprised that our defense especially at LB and DL wasn't more physical than they were. One good thing is we looked smarter and made adjustments to stop the bubble screen game. O'brien is just what they said he was and that's the best QB in the league. One thing though Al, that long sleeve shirt and tie will be too much in Miami bro. Get you a nice golf shirt and tell mama that it is real nice looking too. If not you are gonna have a heat stroke on the sideline.

Did anybody notice how much Edsell looks like Jim Carey in ME Myself and IRene. We lost to Hank. I'll be damn. Nah laying all joking aside Maryland and the U have got to good coaches.

Some good comments championships. The MD qb is good but so is Morris. They both performed well last night, and they are both sophomores. Some good years to come.
Sit noodle arm unless Morris is hurt. Go canes.


Amazing thing that it took this loss to the powerful turtles for cane "fans" to realize their team has been sucking for a long time. Nothing is different than last year or previous years. Please apologize to Randy.

Way to go Florida for scheduling high school teams for your non-conf games. Miami should follow your lead and schedule Famu, fau, Citedel, and Kent state. Florida is trash, Miami and Fl.St are the only teams who play ANYONE , ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

O-line needs to do a better job of blocking and bring back J-12. We someone who lead this team.

If you think that Randy was fired because of a 7-5 record last year, I've got some land west of krome you might be interested in. He was just signed to a 5 year contract.

Shalala and her cronies have been cleaning house since Shaprio said he was going to sing. They are trying to put as much distance between themselves and "everybody" else as they possibly can. Football is an afterthought right now.

We should just join the SWAC or MEAC

Miami is a middle of the pack ACC school AT BEST, we should stop giving two craps & stop watching!

The saddest thing about this loss is that it is not really a surprise. We were actually somewhat lucky not to get blown out. The Terps had an easy TD pass dropped, missed a chip-shot FG and turned the ball over inside the 5 on the T-Mac INT. They could have hung 50 on us.

Golden is forced to contend with alot of soft players from the prior regime and now the looming NCAA sanctions that will have a major impact on recruiting. Any talk of national championships or even an ACC championship anytime soon is laughable. We are in survival mode and will be for awhile. I'm not happy about that but I have to accept reality and keep expectations where they belong (low).

B=noodle arm himself

Fire shalalalalalalalala NOW

Until we get rid of these guys Shannon recruited the canes want be worth a crap.I hope we finally get a real quaterback in this next class,these two guys stink.

I was at the game. Coach Golden DID NOT GET OUT COACHED.
The defense adjusted to those short passes. Maryland tried them a few times in the second half and got stopped before gaining significant yardage as they had in the first half.
All of you idiots complaining about the coaching or the playing. We are in a rebuilding phase. This is going to take 3 years before we get to where we need to be barring serious scholarship reductions. Reducing penalties and cutting back turn overs takes time. You are undoing 4 years of those mistakes, its not going to happen overnight.
Stop with the unrealistic expectations. This team should win 9 games hopefully 10 including the Bowl.
Their defense was not good but not having 5 of your best defensive players definitely plays a role. They couldnt get to the QB.
There is a reason Coach Golden recruited mostly defensive players throughout the recruiting trail.
Bottom line, give it time. Stop complaining and whining and crying about the game. They had the chance to win and didnt. Its a carry over from last year, but if anyone expected old habits to die during the off season were highly mistaken. I still believe this season will be special, but lets not get out of hand and expect BCS championship games and start blaming the coaches.

This team will beat Bethune Cookman and maybe Duke. Going to be a struggle to win any of the other games. SOS: Turnovers and penalties. Problem is we have "playahs" and not "players".

Amber Alert: UFelony is missing again. She does this every time. Let us know if she turns up.

The OL was the only bright spot in this game. The OC is the second coming of Nix, no diversification, very basis very conservaive. U cannot be that way with this kind of special talent. Miller, James, that Haggens (FB) guy, Hurns, and Streetr, yes Streeter, had good games.
The DL was invisible, LB's, excluding Buchanon, who can play in this defense, and so can Gaines.

Give Kehoe some more responsibility, like calling plays. Offense is solid, but there is a disconnect between the OC and the players.

Gee, it would sure be nice if posters to this site would use the English language rather than the undecipherable gibberish that prevails, replete with its blizzard of usage, syntax and spelling errors. Any of you been to school yet?

Morris had his chance and he FAILED... I just can not understand how the U, the home of QB U, has had such bad QBs sinc Dorsey. Try Harris next week!!!

Morris had his chance and he FAILED... I just can not understand how the U, the home of QB U, has had such bad QBs sinc Dorsey. Try Harris next week!!!

It's pretty much all been said here, but 2 things stuck out at the end. First, Chase Ford looked lost the entire game and seemed to never make a block (BTW, he looks really small 2 B a blocking TE). Secondly, and to his credit, Coach Golden said he had some things to improve on...not calling a timeout with 2:30 remaining as Maryland was forced to take a FG. I realize we only had 2, but because of that missed oppotunity we lost an entire minute of clock by the time we next touched the ball. Some of Morris' "Deer in the Headlights" reactions on the ensuing drive have to be tied to an evaporating clock...JMO.

im not worried that miami wont show up for osu or play well. That said osu played akron im sorry if miami had played a team like that they would of won big also.

we dont know how good osu really is till we play them i think this team with all the players back can hold there own against them. I know this miami will fight and compete better then they have under randy. under randy the maryland game would of been a blowout. insead we had a shot to win at the end.

if this was last year miami losed 42-0 something like that.

Some of U morons need to take a class in football because some of U like to post the stupidest, most irrational things I have ever seen on this blog. Dummy, Golden wanted that time to tick down so Maryland wouldn't have any time to kick a field goal if we didn't score a TD and had to settle for a FG. And Cat U are the dumbest of the dumb, talking about a disconnect between OC and the players. ITs a prostyle offense U Jackwagon not a spread offense. This is the same offense that Butch ran when he was here, 2 TE, or RB or 3wide. There was this thing that our last 2 coaches didn't have which is what we call a game plan and other than a fumbled ball and an int return for TD's we win the game. I say unless Jacory is better than Stephen, Morris continues to start.

1. our defense looked soft as hell. Gaines didn't impress me in the least, didn't see Futch really until there was a timeout and the camera panned over to him. McGee isn't a cornerback. He's a converted runningback to cornerback who still hasn't gotten it and he runs a 4.3. Dammit! VT played really well along with Jojo who had a nice little hit in the first quarter on UML running back. knocked his lid right off.

2. Oline is not, apparently, the strength of this team. They were literally handled all night. That was a disappointment for me because, IMO, we have some damn good players there and they looked like rookies.

3. Special teams looked good. Even that little pop from Eduardo Clements made me smile.

4. RB's I have no issue with because IMO they should have gotten the ball even more. Miller was great but needs to use "2" hands. Hagens did his job and Calhoun comes through with a nice first down. I didn't really see too much of James minus the TD to start off the season.

5. WR's could have done more. I'm starting to love Hurns though. This kid is clutch. I can't wait to see Dorsett line up. Byrd I didn't see too much until later in the game like second half. I liked that Kendall Tompkins got in there for a sec and at least laid himself out for a pass that was over thrown. That kid is quick and needs to get in there.

6. QB - well we'll just see how this so called heated competition is going for the next week before the OSU game. I haven't seen Harris but I now know that Morris still has a lot of work to do. His athletic abilities can speak for itself but needs to stop eyeing WR's. It's a dead read to any DB.

I see all kinds of reason for optimism because the net is that we beat ourselves. Take nothing away from Maryland, but the James fumble for TD, the penalty when Miller ran to the 2 yard line had us poised to extend the lead and we win. With 3 additional D-linemen (Forston, Porter and Robinson) we will be improved there also. If Morris can improve on his accuracy on deep throws we'll be a dangerous offense. I like what I saw from our guys. Where're getting there. Go Canes!

Mark dumbo=hand out Harris


PS. Tampa cane right on

I feel that the D Blow the Game Period!!! I saw the same Vanilla D play that RS used.










Mcgee U suck.. getting burned like that on that pass cost us the game. The coaches caught ur bluff and they called it right.. They saw u slaking and decided to let u have it...Please bench him...

"I do wonder why our receivers were not more open. Troubling and reminiscent of Shannon era."

The receivers were open, Morris just missed them. The first play of the game, Herns beat two players on that deep route. J12 would have hit him in stride. Second, #83 was wide open at the five yard line going in the pass was off target because it was a late throw - sure Morris got pressured, but if the throw was on time that was also a TD. Finally, on the circle route with Miller running down the sideline late in the game; he was seven yards beyond the coverage, again missed. This was all offensive, not defense. Our defense looked lost and could not cover at all. Our team will be better with the starters back next game, but this speaks volumes as to the backups. We cannot expect to play one deep all year; and injury here and there is expected. My points: (1) put J12 back at QB because we have a better chance at winning with Fisch's play calling and a running game; J12 does not miss open WRs; and (2) make defensive adjustment during the game and not wait until the half. Maryland made us look like a jr. varsity team and made themselves look as though they are a top team. Maryland sucks and there is no denying that fact.

Dude get off of Jacory's jock for gods sake. Maybe Jacory would have hit those passes U speak of but then again maybe he would have had the others picked off as well. If Jac is better I see nothing wrong with playing him but Morris did nothing to suggest that he did not perform well. And if U think Maryland sucks then U don't know alot about football other than like most chics asking who's winning?

Randy shannon is gone stop using him as a excuse on why we lost same mental mistakes as last year no more excuses you win some u lose some but if u r a cane fan act like one and stop talking like u guys know how to coach defense because if its that easy apply for a coaching position miami fans r bandwagon jumpers when u win u start talking championships and when u lose u want to fire everyone be a fan and stop living in the past and fix the present and hope for a winning future

i think they did well and they can only get better it take time canes fan but we are gonna shock the world this year just sit back and watch we have what it takes and that is no quit and a lot of heart on this team lets go canes the |_| baby all day.

How could golden be trying to run the clock out when we couldnt get our own plays off. Maryland had 150 yards of hitch plays and in the enwhen we had the lead you decide to run man. The corners had been playing that safe garbage zone all night why change when they have to march the field? On the first drive obrien could have walked in the endzone instead of throwing a pick. second drive the wideout dropped a touchdown pass. in the second half they missed a chipshot. Everything fell in place for us to win and we still lost. like Endsal said this game should have been over with before it started. we got out coached. If randy would have been had nine penalties and 14 points off turnovers it would have been his fault. Hopefully we will look better against ostate

on the offense side i think that was was what i was thinking it would be like, a few key mistakes, just like we saw it. the guys don't preform well under pressure then that's not something that can be coached. i still want to see the receivers go all out for the ball not just run and if the ball fall in there hands then get it.dont remember his name but the new kid was very good, he pulled in some rockets. on the defensive side, we didnt look so good. needed to see better hard hitting tackles. and why was the U so far off from the terp. that's why Maryland moves the ball so easy, and the D coordinator didn't adjust to stop them, but on the bright side the canes didn't look half as confused on offense as they did the last few years....i know its only one game.....go canes.

We were not on offense at that time Tally. It wasn't a bad move by Golden, the offense just didn't execute at the end. Thats all. If he had taken that time out and say we went down kicked a field goal and there was time on the clock and they come down and scored then you would have been saying he shouldn't have left that much time on the clock. No one could have known that just like noone would have thought Mike James would have fumbled the ball and had it returned for a TD.
Since you bring up Randy, the difference here is Randy had three years and to show improvement as far as the team goes and himself as a HC and he didn't. If Golden doesn't show improvement after 3 years then I am all for calling a spade a spade. That is if there are no NCAA sanctions which Randy did not have to deal with. Get over the Black VS White overtones that U are holding on to and either support the Canes or blow off.

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