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Golden's teleconference transcript from Tuesday

UM coach Al Golden spoke with reporters for nearly 20 minutes Tuesday on a tele conference. Here's what he talked about:

> Do you plan to take the quarterback competition beyond this week and into the Ohio State week or will it be decided before then?

"We'll take a look at it here in this off week and go from there. We'll determine that as we see fit. We'll allow those guys to compete here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then figure it out."

> Will the Maryland game also be taken into consideration when you pick a starting quarterback or do you start fresh?

"We're evaluating everything. We need to improve our team here the next three days before we can even start thinking about Ohio State. Clearly we'll have a different team this week than we did last week. We have to get some guys that have been getting reps some reps and go back from there."

> The defense appeared to settle in after a rough first quarter and played well in the red zone. Was it guys simply adjusting?

"I think it's a function of we had 12 guys in the game that really hadn't played for us or ever had a start. And we had two guys in JoJo and Marcus Robinson playing a position they hadn't played all camp. There was a lot of moving parts there. There was a lot of fires we were trying to put out. And clearly the pace got us early in terms of just not reacting and settling in. Once we settled in... If you had said to me that they were only going to score one touchdown against our defense I would say that's great. I mean that's what we needed in this game given the amount of guys we were missing on that side of the ball. Clearly some of the distractions on that side of the ball. But we didn't play well as a team, didn't protect the ball well enough on offense to do that. And clearly we didn't get off the field well enough on defense. On third down we didn't make them punt. That's clearly on the defensive side."

> Can you explained what happened on the illegal formation that wiped out Lamar Miller's run to the three-yard line in the fourth quarter?

"We had a player that misaligned. It's as simple as that. Just a critical, critical error in a part of the game where that could win the game. You're talking about a 16-play, nine minute drive. Let's say it takes two or three more downs to get in from where that run ended up, you're talking about not much more time left on the clock and a six or seven point lead at that point."

> How do you think Stephen Morris played?

"The positives were that he made a lot of good throws. He stepped and threw, made a lot of good throws. He was 19 for 28. From that standpoint you can see what he's capable of doing. The negatives were a bad interception [returned for a touchdown], which wasn't all his fault. We didn't run the route the way we needed to run it at a critical time. We fumbled the ball within field goal range, that's three points there which could be the difference in the game. Just too many operational things that the quarterback is responsible for that we need to improve. Clearly, a lot of those situations we got in either from an operational standpoint or confusion coming out of the huddle we have to get cleared up. That has got to come from the quarterback position. There's no other way to do that. We need to improve as a team, and certainly Stephen does in that area as well."

> What are you hoping to see Thursday through Saturday from your quarterbacks to determine who starts that maybe you didn't see in camp?

"It wasn't my choice that the quarterback competition ended two weeks ago, even before our second scrimmage. We had to completely go a different direction than we wanted to, had to remove Jacory [Harris] from it prematurely. I wanted them to at least get a chance to compete and win [the job] on the field. Certainly Spencer [Whipple] then got all the second reps. That's a lot of time invested in one of the two guys you think is going to be a starter and you have to actually throw it out the window. We'll evaluate it here tonight some more. We didn't get back till 5:30 [in the morning]. I haven't even sat down and talked to the staff yet. I've watched it with both sides, but in terms of sitting down with the staff and choosing personnel, that's something we have yet to do today."

> Lamar Miller got 18 carries. Is that more or less what he's capable of or do you want him to touch the ball more?

"We wanted to get him more carries. When you have penalties you're in a lot more second and longs and third and longs than you want to be in. So by virtue of that you can't run the ball or stay with the plan that you had. He had four returns for 100 yards. He had two catches out of the backfield for minimal yards and 18 carries. We're trying to get his plays from scrimmage, touches up to 25 between receiving and rushing. We got that at 20. We would like to get that a little bit more, but you have to stay on schedule to do that. And clearly turnovers and penalties are a big part of that."

> How did the defensive line perform and how much does it help to get Marcus Foston and Adewale Ojomo back this week?

"It's going to help a lot. Clearly Olsen Pierre is playing his first game, [Anthony] Chickillo is playing his first game, Darius Smith is playing his first game. [Jalen] Grimble is playing his first game. There's a lot of guys there that didn't have any college experience that we were playing with at those positions. That was going to be a difficult chore prior to the suspensions. We knew what we were up against, didn't get the push we needed to get. We didn't get the get-off that we needed to get. Any criticism in that realm of the game is absolutely accurate. We missed some opportunities to get the quarterback on the ground. We have to do a better job with that. So we need to learn a lot. We need to improve this week before we start getting ready for Ohio State."

> Besides Jacory Harris, if other players had won a starting job before the suspensions do they have to win the starting job all over again?

"Each one of those is going to be determined individually over the next several days. We're just trying to wrap up this game before we move on. We're not even practicing tomorrow so we have a chance to sort that all out as a staff."

> What were some other good things you saw from the team?

"I thought our special teams, Jake (Wieclaw) had a pressure kick there with three minutes to go in the game that gave us the lead which was real good. We returned our kicks out to the 33 and held them to the 21-yard line which was a good exchange for us on special teams. That was Dalton Botts' first experience - he ended up netting 38 [yards]. He didn't crush the ball but had good height on it which is what we needed against a good returner. And we protected well there. From that standpoint that was good. Clearly we built depth. We're in really good condition. We faced a lot of plays on defense without having to sub as much as we would normally want to. The kids kept competing. And on offense we had a nine-minute drive there in the fourth quarter. Obviously we're in better condition, a nine-minute, 16-play drive. And on defense we only gave up one touchdown. There's going to be some positives here, but clearly too many negatives to overcome as a team. We knew what we had to do in terms of as a team to win this game. We had too many penalties and turnovers to overcome."

> Did you escape the Maryland game injury free?

"I think so. We'll see. It sounds at this point that we are."

> Did any of the freshmen stand out to you?

"I think Denzel [Perryman] and Anthony Chickillo showed that the moment wasn't too big for them. They both did a real good job. That was really their first [game]. We're playing a lot of freshmen. Those two look like they were fine with the moment as was Phillip Dorsett. Phillip was ready for his opportunity. Hopefully that's something they won't be overwhelmed in terms of the settings. Clearly we built some depth with some of the young guys."

> Can you critique the cornerback play?

"I think it got better as the game went on. Too many quick screens out there that we didn't really tackle well, defeat blocks well - both Brandon [McGee] and Mike Williams and Lee Chambers, we can do a better job there. Other than the deep one Brandon gave up I thought our coverage was okay. As a unit we just gave up too many yards. We were good in the red zone, just didn't get off the field on third down."

> How did the offensive line perform?

"Not up to our standards. Figs [Joel Figueroa] is over at left tackle now. From our standpoint with the experience we have it didn't equate. Some of that was the penalties and just getting out of whack. What I mean by that: If you're not staying on schedule you're easier to hunt from the other team's standpoint. We got off schedule quite a bit because of our penalties and our operation. We just made too many errors up front at tight end and offensive line. Hopefully we can settle in and learn from this. But not what we needed from our offensive line at this point."

> Can you assess how Joel Figueroa played at left tackle?

"He's just not filling in. Figs is a good player. Like all the offensive lineman he made some mental errors. We have to address it as an offensive unit, offensive line group. We had way too many mental errors. Figs was certainly part of that as well. We need to really improve going into this next game."

> Maurice Hagens had a pick fourth down conversion. Can you speak on that and his overall performance?

"Maurice, he did a really good job blocking for us and a really unselfish player. He made some really good plays for us, did a good job with the short yardage conversions, most particularly the fourth and one basically with the game on the line. We were just trying to keep the ball there and convert because clearly we weren't stopping them like we would want to on defense. We thought it was better to go for it there and Maurice fortunately made us right in that situation."

> With all the scrambling you had to do in a week or so with the suspensions how hard is it to hang on to that no excuses mentality?

"We're going to hang onto it. Bottom line, we had enough talent at the game to win. We weren't going to win that game by one-third or two-thirds of the operation hitting. The only way we were going to win that game was if all three [offense, defense and special teams] hit. The offenses needed to help the defense. To be honest, special teams was the only one of the three that executed the way we needed to win. That's the bottom line. It wasn't a great team effort. There were ebbs and flows in the game where we played well, where we settled down. I mentioned the red zone defense before. I mentioned the special teams before. Clearly there were some big plays on offense, some good throws and some big runs. But we just didn't operate well enough. The thing that's bothering me the most is the penalties and turnovers. We have got to get those corrected if we want to run the type of offense we want to run."

> The 499 yards allowed on defense, how does that get corrected?

"It gets fixed clearly with six guys returning and then two other guys [back] from injuries. You're talking a minimum of eight guys returning to the defense that have played a considerable amount of football for us. That will be part of it. The other part is continuing to improve. We still have a lot of guys that played for us that either had not started or had not played. Mike Williams, Brandon McGee, Jimmy Gaines, Lee Chambers, Darius Smith, AJ Highsmith. So, there were a lot of guys on the field that had not started at their position or had not played. What we need to do is settle in over the next three days, improve our defense, improve our team. We can't make excuses, but at the end of the day we let up too many yards and didn't get off the field enough on third down and that's something we have to get fixed period."


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I'm still in recovery mode. Going to re-watch the game at 7.

You're hard work in the film room will pay off one day.

john brantley will win the heisman ..did u see how he shreded that fau defense i mean i know its the owls but the owls are a tough defense...well onto the mighty ranchos of cocamonga for game 2 then at some point mid_season for the real competition

Keep fighting Canes! Beat osu!!!!

Straight up comments from a straight up guy. can't ask for more.
We'll play hard all year, and YES, we were well conditioned, and THAT will pay off next Saturday.

Go Canes!!

Put this loss on the AD. Why do we continue to start the season with a conference game. Who does that? Nobody does that. Reason why is during the summer kids get in trouble and possibly suspended. Why not schedule a couple of layups just to find out who can play when the lights come on. Then you field your best team when you get in Conference play. When are we going to get it. That is smart what UF and FSU are you doing. I have no problems with the out of Conference game. Those game really dont matter in the grand skeem of things. It all about winning the Conference. When is our AD going realize that.

Which D players are coming back from injury?

Well, fortunately we have a new AD.

how U doing ?

Posted by: Crockett

Horrible defensive play, guys looked lost, out of place, confused, I honestly expected a better defensive effort, I thought D'onofrio was a defensive whiz, I didn't see any adjustments at all on defense, when you can't stop the other team you're going to loose.

Miami is a middle of the pack ACC school...on same level as Syracuse & wake forest now!

quit puting conference games at the begining..give the kids time to prepare and develope then lets get those games out of the way.. we made THE turdipans look good. when they are actually not...

Coach P,

The defensive players returning from injury are Porter and Robinson, 2 badly missed D-tackles in the game. Add Forston and you have 3 legitimate tackles out of the game. That's why there was very little push up front. Grimble and Pierre have not even grown into true D-tackles as of yet. They both will need about 20 more lbs. I think they will be good, but clearly they were not ready to be on the field as much as they were.

Didn't golden say he wouldn't use excuses. He harped on that actually and that whole transcript is a bunch of excuses. Suck it up. You didn't play Alabama or Oklahoma, you played freaking Maryland. Even your backups should have been able to beat that very average unranked team.

Raw Pimple, you must be an FIU fan with that name or maybe a gator or nole, perfect name for you, sorry that's all you see when you look into the mirror every morning!

There goes our NC hopes. We suck again

Gotta Sellout the OSU game. I'm flying in from Seattle for this one!

Beware the tarps. We ain't sellin out sheets.

we didnt need those players to win that game we were out coached.

Anywhoooo, good news for us Canes, the NCAA is expected to declare "tackling" eligible later this week and prior to our game against OSU. After having to sit out the first game of the season against the Tiny Turtle Twerps, we can sure use it. Maybe hold the Buckwildeyes to under 800 yards.

Even if we lose this week we can still go 10-2, keep the dream alive girlz!!!

One of these decades we will win a National Ship the big boy way, by making and winning our first conference title game in the history of our program.

Silly canes, playing DaU on an annual basis would hurt UF more than they would ever know, by dramatically decreasing their strength of schedule. Last I checked 6 SEC teams in the Top 25 vs 2 ACC teams.......yes the same ACC we have not come within three games of winning our conference.

Now where's that bimbo cuntsrule tonight? Sure hope she is still not drowning her sorrows or sharing the crabs she sagely caught while up in Maryland.

Damn we should have won that game. The diiference between this year and last year is a tougher and better conditioned team. Eliminate the penalties and turnovers and we will be fine. I'm excited for the golden era and we will be back on top soon everyone just be patient this is a marathon and we've just started.

Go Canes

To the Gator fans:

Your activity on this site today is an example as to why you are passionately despised across the country.

Newsflash: Your team played FAU…AT HOME! Your program is so far in the tank you have resorted to celebrating and bragging about wins over creampuffs like FAU…pathetic! You point to your QB’s performance as proof just how great you are while neglecting to mention his 2 interceptions…against FAU!!! And next week you take on that juggernaut UAB (4&8 2010 record) AT HOME…can’t wait to read and hear how great you are after beating up on another weakling.

You trash talk the Canes who played their first game away in front of a very hostile crowd, missing 7 starters on an off track against an ACC opponent, led by an exceptional head coach and one of the country’s top quarterbacks. But, as one would expect from Gator fans, you belittle Maryland who last year had a better record than you fools. And this year the Terps appear to be vastly improved.

All of the above and yet to this very day you are forced to make up lies why you won’t play the Canes in an annual home and away series. Hell, the only way you would play us in a 2 games series 5 years apart is if we would agree to play the first game in Gainesville with/against SEC refs…how very noble and brave of you. And it is no secret that since the conclusion of that game your brave AD has been trying to wiggle out of playing the Canes in our ball park.

And for you Gators who are taking such joy in the Canes current situation allow me to remind you that in 1984 the NCAA announced that Florida committed 107 major infractions. Florida’s first-ever Southeastern Conference (SEC) football championship was vacated. The NCAA placed Florida on two years’ probation and banned the Gators from bowl games and live television in 1985 and 1986. The NCAA also reduced the Gators’ football scholarships by twenty over three years. In other words; people who live in glass houses, with no indoor plumbing, should not throw their empty whiskey bottles.

Listed below are Phil Steele’s 10 toughest schedules for 2011:

1.Colorado (2010 ranking: 20) – The Colorado Buffaloes have the toughest schedule in 2011 according to Steele. The Buffaloes open the season at Hawaii followed by a “non-conference game” at home against California. Next is a matchup in Denver against in-state rival Colorado State, followed by a trip to Ohio State. Nine straight Pac-12 games follow: Washington State, at Stanford, at Washington, Oregon, at Arizona State, USC, Arizona, at UCLA and at Utah.

2.Iowa State (2010 ranking: 1) – The Iowa State Cyclones had the toughest ranked schedule in 2010. This year they come in second. They open the season with Northern Iowa and Iowa at home followed by a trip to face Connecticut. Nine Big 12 games are next: Texas, at Baylor, at Missouri, Texas A&M, at Texas Tech, Kansas, Oklahoma State, at Oklahoma and at Kansas State.

3.Baylor (2010 ranking: 41) – The Bears open the season at home against TCU. They also have a non-conference game at home against Rice before nine straight Big 12 games: at Kansas State, Iowa State, at Texas A&M, at Oklahoma State, Missouri, at Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech (at Arlington, TX) and Texas.

4.Oregon State (2010 ranking: 6) – The Beavers open the season at home against Sacramento State, but then travel to face Wisconsin and later host BYU. Pac-12 games include UCLA, at Arizona State, Arizona, at Utah, Stanford, at California and at Oregon.

5.LSU (2010 ranking: 10) – The Tigers open the 2011 season with a huge non-conference game in Arlington, Texas against the Oregon Ducks. The Tigers also travel to face West Virginia the fourth week of the season. SEC games include at Mississippi State, Florida, at Tennessee, Auburn, at Alabama, at Ole Miss and home vs. Arkansas.

6.Boston College (2010 ranking: 64) – The Eagles open 2010 with a non-conference game at home against Northwestern before traveling to face UCF. Late in the season, BC travels to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. ACC contests include at Clemson, at Virginia Tech, at Maryland, Florida State, NC State and at Miami (FL).

7.USC (2010 ranking: 45) – The Trojans open the 2011 season with a non-conference game at home against Minnesota. USC also hosts Syracuse and later plays at Notre Dame. Pac-12 games include Utah, at Arizona State, Arizona, at California, Stanford, at Colorado, at Oregon and home vs. UCLA.

8.Washington (2010 ranking: 7) – After opening against FCS team Eastern Washington, the Huskies host Hawaii and then travel to Nebraska. Their Pac-12 slate includes California, at Utah, Colorado, at Stanford, Arizona, Oregon, at USC, at Oregon State and vs. Washington State.

9.Auburn (2010 ranking: 19) – The 2010 National Champions open the 2011 season at home against Utah State. Auburn travels to face Clemson and hosts Florida Atlantic and Samford. SEC games include Mississippi State, at South Carolina, at Arkansas, Florida, at LSU, Ole Miss, at Georgia and home against Alabama.

10.Miami (FL) (2010 ranking: 8) – The Hurricanes open the 2011 season with an ACC game at Maryland on Labor Day. Non-conference games for Miami include Ohio State, Kansas State and at USF. Other ACC games include at Virginia Tech, at North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Virginia, at Florida State and home vs. Boston College.

Does anyone know the status of Luther Robinson or Curtis Porter? I believe both are injured and I was wondering will they be back this year or are they out for the season? We need all the help we can get on the D-Line as possible.

Posted by: Putney Swope | September 07, 2011 at 12:05 AM

Win a BIG game then pop off U sniveling, whiney lil pUss ...

Been nearly 10 years since U have ... And another 10 years until U will ...

sUcks to be U.

Randy shannon is gone stop using him as a excuse on why we lost same mental mistakes as last year no more excuses you win some u lose some but if u r a cane fan act like one and stop talking like u guys know how to coach defense because if its that easy apply for a coaching position miami fans r bandwagon jumpers when u win u start talking championships and when u lose u want to fire everyone be a fan and stop living in the past

"stop living inthe past" "sucks to be U'

getting old people.

Maryland was 9-4 last year. They have the best QB in the ACC. What was UF? UFs QBs the overhyped Brantley and Driskel threw 3 ints against FAU at home! LOL.

Miami had ample opportunities to win. No excuses. They choked. Morris doent convince me but neither does Harris.

We need a playmaker. hasnt happened since Devin Hester. No, Hankerson was not a "playmaker". he accumulated his 1000+ yds with consistent play, but we need a playmaker that will take over a game. hester saved Miami against Louisville and UF... and others. But thats what playmakers do! A playmaker QB would see 1:25 on the clock, from the 30 yd line and will lick his chops, esp if all you need is a FG. The fact that UM could not put it away a) on Offense, when they were down to the redzone adn with 4 min to play all theyneeded was a TD, then D when all they needed was a stop, a 3 and out, and then again onO when all they needed wasa FG is pathetic and measn that this team has not yet reached that next level. I dont care about the Phillip Dorsetts, and Brandon washingtons and Brandon Linders adn Gionni Pauls of this world. They DIDNT GET THE JOB DONE WHEN THEY HAD TO AND HAD A CHANCE TO DO IT!

Also, why didnt Fisch call a couple of RUNNING plays or screens on that final drive. WHy not? With Lamar Miller? Are you kidding? Instead it was the same old Whipple chuck it downfield offense with no imagination. A pop warner teamcan D this team. Are you kidding?


Been 10 years? Me thinks the blog Pig needs remedial math. Canes played in a BCS 6 years ago. In that time, they also pounded Gatr trash.

The last "big game" the Gatr trash won is receding into the distant past. I doubt Alabama fears Muschump or Brantley. 2 picks against FAU? Wow.

Get ur facts straight, trailer maggot.

We stole Jimmy Gaines from University of Buffalo = 499 yards given up on D

To Putney: the only program that is despised across the country are the 'canes. They are dirty and give this whole city a black-eye.

Win a BIG game then pop off U sniveling, whiney lil pUss ...

Been nearly 10 years since U have ... And another 10 years until U will ...

sUcks to be U.

Posted by: TITLETOWN | September


Typical Gator coward, doesn't even have the balls to use the same screen name has to cower and hide...that sounds familiar...right...25 years of hiding from the Canes too petrified to enter into a annual home and away series, but you can play FAU, UAB, Miami of Ohio, etc. Good luck with UAB at home next week and congratulations on the courageous scheduling of 4 away games this season...another demonstration of Gator courage.

PS: Every year for the past 20 years a poll has been taken as to the most hated college team in America and you sniveling, cowardly, punk Gators have won everytime.

Smash & Dash = Costly Fumbles

The U rather look good & loose!! Swagggga

Hope J12 carves a water balloon on the side of his head for OSU game.

There's another intercepted balloon

The Canes are a work in progress. I have faith in Golden. He will get this team going but it will take some time. Without quality QB play, the canes will continue to struggle on offense like they have done over the past several years. The QB is critical in college football. That is why Notre Dame lost at home and Boise State dominated Georgia.

The reason why Miami keeps struggling with mediocirity is the administration, and players I might add, keep making poor decisions. They should not have hired Coker-he won off of butch Davis talent. When Butches players left, Cocker showed his true capability. They hired shannon, which they should have not. From the beginning I knoew he was a better asistant than head coach. Then the selfish players take favors from Shiparo, knowing its wrong, and they hurt the rest of the team. Bad decisions will keep the U at a level of mediocirty. Golden was a good hire and he will get us out of it. It will take 4-5 years though. We will have sanctions so do expect quick fix

I meant from last post "do not expect a quick fix." With sanctions coming-which reduces scholarships and bowl apperances, we are looking at 3-5 years before we will even be a top 10 team

A disappointing loss against a fair team with a good QB and strong motivation to play well at home. A superior QB is key.

Lots of good comments here as usual. Putney Swope, like your analyses. Thoughtful with a sarcastic zing now and again!

Why does UM have tough games at the beginning of the scheddule year after year? Does the administration have a death wish? A dream of glories past? Give the kids a break, folks.

We need a consisten QB who is a standout player. Morris has potential but he gagged with the game on the line. I thought the out call on 4th down was stupid. Where were the tight ends, RBs out of the backfield?

Our receivers had difficulty getting open on a consistent basis. Why didn't Maryland's?

In addition to dumb mistakes, we were outplayed and are fortunate that
Maryland could not exploit the red zone.

This team needs something big to happen. Returning players and extra prep time will help. Players need to step up and have an outstanding game against OSU, and we fans need to pack the Sun Life and support them. We could win that game.

I believe in Coach Golden and what he is aiming to do. Hope this is his first victory at the U. Toast the Buckeyes!!!

No worries, we beat down the suckeyes and we are back in the NC hunt.

Skip the breast beating, Canes. And watch the gloating, the rest of you. We came within a wisker of winning a game in which we had five or six players on the field who were playing high school ball this time last year. Golden's comments were right on target. This team will not be in the "NC hunt," but it will get better and better as the year progresses. We will have a winning season and a strong platform for next year's season - Golden is as good as his word.

I'll tell u right now, after last year, I am an Ohio and Florida cane, and if we don't beat the buckeyes then It will bring me lower about this team than I've been since the championship game against them.

Ohh, and dbc, ur right on the money with the opening schedule comment. The reason why Ohio state wins the big ten every hear is because they start out non conference nobodies in state like Akron. In fact, two out of the last three years they have started with at least FOUR straight home games. Unbelievable.

The problem I have with everyone talking next year, next year, is that for this team there probably won't be a next year. I don't mean death penalty, I mean no bowl game, no chance for acc championship, and that without counting all the scholarships we will probably lose. The Maryland loss was huge for me as a fan because nobody likes being taken out of the hunt on the first game (it was the terps, for god sake), and if not this year we may be looking at 2015 before we get a shot to be relevant again? Or bcs bound? Ugh. Depressing.

I agree UF plays FAU and then UAB before any conference matchups.

It'd be like UF opening up with So carolina or something...away!

Maryland finished 9-4 last year. QB is the real deal. Why cant Um find a QB that is the real deal? Why do we have to mess around with these pretenders in Marve, Wright, Harris and Morris?

I am sick and tired of seeing kids like Kellen Moore, Danny O Brien, doing well at other schools, and UM with its past and recent glory (2005 is not that long ago and dont let gator fools convince you otherwise).

How is it that Boise State consistently puts out excellent teams with their level of recruiting? that can play with anyone at anytime?

I dont care what the SEC minions have to say- Boise State would do well anywhere!

Corpus, you are right. The ignorant 'necks say that Boise couldn't play an SEC schedule.

Of course, if Boise WAS in the SEC, they would then recruit and have on their roster SEC players. They then could compete. The fact that they pounded an elite SEC team is even more remarkable for them and an indictment of the top-heavy nature of the SEC.

8 teams ranked pre-season? I think it is clear that Auburn and Georgia did not belong anywhere near there. So. Carolina? Hmmmm. UFelony? Based on their first game can't say one way or the other.

So much for qb competition. Espn just said noodle arm is the starter for os. Next aj will be back.

OSU = Loss

Maryland put up 500 on the D

I bet the Ohio State defensive backs are high fiving each other right now in celebration

too much negativity going on here right now. Miami lost the first game of the season against a quality opponent on the road. Don't forget that at the beginning of the Dorsey era there was a loss at Washington and everyone talked about how that team wasn't ready to compete for a title, the 1983 championship season started with a loss to the Gators......for those of you that are seriously 'Cane fans and not retards posting stuff to antagonize, you gotta at least have faith that the team looked pretty good offensively, and that missing 8 defensive players that are either experienced or starters is going to hurt any team! And the defense, missing all those guys, gave up only one touchdown!

I liked what I saw on Monday, I don't care if we lost. The penalties and turnovers will be taken care of. Beware the 'Canes 'cause this is the last season in a while that we'll see a deep team out there.

real canes aint little bit---s. Any team missing five d starters, come on >spence ,forston . it would of been a diffeerent game. Lots more pressure. limebacker were running around not in there zones. spence aint having it . wait and see

coach is wrong. even with those guys we lose. no one was ready for that offense. out coached. admit it. we look just like last year. same plays. same offense. same qbs. they changed up. good coaching on their part. jimmy had to learn the job, golden has a lot to learn also. unlike randy, i dont think he will accept losing. hopefully not anyways.

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