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Grimble confident he, UM freshmen will be ready for opener

CORAL GABLES -- At 6-2, 280 pounds Jalen Grimble came to Miami physically prepared to do battle in the trenches as a true freshman.

Jalen Grimble But since his arrival, he's picked up a few technical pointers he believes has better prepared him for the Hurricanes season-opener Monday night at Maryland.

"When I first got here, we were doing one-on-ones and I went up against [All-ACC offensive lineman] Brandon Washington. I will just say it didn't go as planned," said Grimble, who admitted he was put on his backside by the 6-4, 320-pound junior.

"Here they teach you to use your inside hand. I wasn't taught that in high school. Over there, it's go get the quarterback.

"I wouldn't say it is [tougher in college], but it is a lot different. The playbook is bigger. The guy next to you is just as good as you. That is where your technique comes into play. Whatever the coaches tell you, you have to do it and if you don't, there is a chance you will not succeed. Coming from high school to college was a big jump, but I have adjusted."

The Hurricanes certainly hope so. In an ideal situation, UM wouldn't need to rely on a true freshman to serve as a backup in his first game in college. But because of suspensions and injuries on the defensive line, Grimble is one four freshmen listed on the Canes' second team. He is currently listed behind junior college transfer Darius Smith at defensive tackle.

Although Grimble has played both end and tackle since arriving at UM, he's been focused more at tackle lately. And he feels prepared to wage war in the middle.

"D-line is d-line," Grimble said. "If you put me on the d-line anywhere I will play it. Here, I move back and forth. It just depends what personnel we are in."

One might imagine the big stage of playing on ESPN Monday night would make a true freshman a little uneasy. But Grimble had plenty of experience playing on national television when he was at Las Vegas Bishop Gorman High.

"You can block the cameras out and the crowd out," Grimble said. "In high school I played several games on TV. Football is football to me."

Grimble said he is confident that he and the rest of the freshmen can contribute Monday night and help fill the big void left by seven suspended starters.

"All I can say is you'll have to wait and see on Monday," Grimble said. "As far as I know, my team will be fully prepared. But Sept. 5 will be the real test."


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You guys are right where you need to be coverage-wise for those of us who are unemployable and have nothing to live for other than college football. Please maintain this pace. Thank you.

and no baseball. It's not even a sport. It's not even college basketball.

Nice throw and pick by Teddy B!

Jacory 2.0

thanks for everything, Clint.


Another troll, this time using the name Confused Face. Instead of always changing your name why dont you get new material.

@Manny, can we get an update on David Perry? I know he's only a redshirt freshman, but just wanna hear how he is progressing. He had a very impressive offer list, and seems like a high potential guy. I heard Golden just say that he's been working some at TE, but thats all I remember hearing about him since he got here. Also noticed he's listed as a TE on the canes website.

Another troll, this time using the name Confused Face. Instead of always changing your name why dont you get new material.

Posted by: A Real Fact | September 01, 2011 at 08:14 PM

Bro I'm not trolling. You mad about Teddy? Jacory? I want wins.

You dont want wins! You would rather sit back and see people fail. Thats not a fan

You're upset because I want someone on another team to fail? I think that's the definition of being a sports fan.

I thought Bridgewater was suppose to be better than Jacory. I couldn't tell it by what I saw tonight and that was against a division 2 school. Glad he's Louisville's problem and not ours.

We the U just got a 9.7 million dollar donation to the football schlorship program.

wish I was in the room when UNCLE AL gives his prep speech to the Canes immediately before they run out on the field. I bet Uncle Al will deliver a speech that will jack the players up to the extent they dominate MD. AL can talk. Can you imagine the speech he will deliver?


Posted by: UCane305 | September 01, 2011 at 06:04 PM

U Wish U May, U Wish U Might ...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ typical Cane Fan


Grimble iz boUt to get hit in dUh MoUf

One thing is for certain...the Canes are a special breed!


Pig talkin' him some pseudo ghetto speech. What a clown.

Why hate your race, Pig? Is that why " y'all done be so bitter?"

lol.. We have some real immature folks that post here. Are folks really talking about Teddy after 1 game? Some of you fools are simply butt hurt because he decided to attend The U! Why not worry about our Canes & not another school? Go Canes!!!

People must read column in florida today rag. Article by Craig Handel.
this is my reply.
Look up the Florida Today paper and read what Craig Handel wrote about the U. I sent him this piece. Miamicanes is my handle.
9:30 AM on September 2, 2011
"I told my sponsors, Carole and Terry, that I was interested in this opportunity and I also was interested in doing a story, since I’m a reporter."
A reported that hustles Shaklee products.
Reporting must not be a "payable" business.
Craig ol' boy, there is a new sheriff in South Beach called Golden Rod and he is cleaning up the surf mess. However for all those who think the town of Miami is that bad perhaps you should have been there when the towns were burning, Liberty City and such. Do you know what held the town together for years. The U. The reason so many NCAA teams hate the U is based on one word, "Race." The U changed college football forever for the good. All those inter-city kids got a chance to show off their talent. Remember the racism taunts at the ball games in the earlier years? The U will have a legacy lasting more than another school going. Miami, South Beach and the U are one and you can't say one without the other. Remember the words someone would say, "You had to be there." I was and still am.

SI reporting Joe Paterno will announce that he will retire at the end of the season and Al Golden will be named the next Penn. St. Head Coach. Mario Cristobal to take over the Miami program through their probation years.

Golden to Penn St. seems feasible. Cristobal as the replacement? Not sure how I feel about Cristobal coming here so soon.

Too many freshman being forced into action for Maryland. I like these kids, but they are being placed in a tough spot here.

Confused Face: What does Teddy B has to do with Jacory - nothing! I can see how the title ("confused") fits here.

Teddy B would have done well at the "U" given the proper playing calling and development; if you wish to draw comparison, do it with coaching and offensive schemes. Even the worst of QBs will prosper in a well developed offensive schemes. Think about it.

The only person that needs to move is:


The only person that needs to move is:


Posted by:ltcdolphin


I can't agree with you more and second the motion.


Now about the idea of Jo Pa retiring (well deserved) and Golden taking over at Penn St. is pretty feasible and Mario Cristobal from FIU (former CANE and ring holder) to coach at The U during supposed "probation years".

I'm not completely turned off by this idea. Though I do hope that Al Golden and Co. decided to stay and push through it all, I can't say I feel negative about this and I'll say why.

1. Cristobal has done at FIU kinda more or less what Golden had done at Temple. Take a program from nothing into something.

2. Temple was considering dropping down a division due to lack of competitiveness. Golden brought them up and made something out of them

3. Cristobal is at a program that is younger than my niece and took them to a bowl game in their respective division with "absolute leftovers" in Dade County.

4. Golden is now working with players that are NFL caliber (not all but a ton more than he had at Temple) and making something out of them. Remember he sent about 10 guys to the NFL from a garbage program.

5. Now after reading what was in #4, think about Cristobal coming here and working with Cane caliber players that are a ton better than the leftovers of Dade County he has at FIU.

All I'm saying is think about it. Cristobal is a coach who goes out there and actually shows emotion with his players. He truly loves this game.

Anyone ever notice Shannon getting psyched up with players, chest bumping, etc... He did a couple of times and you know what? Those were the games we were winning. He was an emotionless tool the rest of the time. Imagine if he had showed more emotion throughout the season....hmmmmm...

Just think about it that's all I'm sayin.


Cristobal is absolutely NOT what Miami needs. We need Golden to stay put. We need continuity and routine from the top so that the system is in place which results will grow from. My 2cents.

You didn't read the whole thing Tebow, 4th stronger=priceless (that was awesome by the way).

I mentioned "if" Golden and Co. leave and we get put on probation.


It's a big if but I would have felt better with Cristobal then candy randy.IMO.

I'm not doubting Cristobal is a good coach, but I don't want to see him come here until he's gained more experience at another program.

That other program shouldn't be FIU. It's FIU, what's he learning there? Let him go to somewhere and compete against some powerhouse programs.

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