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Kevin Grooms, UM's only RB signee in 2011, has Friday flight scheduled to Marshall according to coach

CORAL GABLES -- South Broward running back Kevin Grooms, one of the most highly-touted freshmen in UM's 2011 signing class, is likely heading to Marshall and not the Hurricanes backfield.

Kevin Grooms Grooms, at two-time All-Broward selection who ran for 1,363 yards and 20 TDs as a senior, has been battling NCAA Clearinghouse issues since signing with UM in February. His qualifying test score was red-flagged by the NCAA.

Groom's high school coach Allen Held told The Miami Herald this morning the 5-10 pound, 170-pound speedster already has a 5 p.m. flight scheduled Friday to fly out to Marshall if his issues with UM aren't cleared up.

"He's been trying to work things out with UM, but they want to send him to a junior college and just don't have anything set up for him yet," Held said. "Virginia Tech told him they could put him in a prep school. But it looks like Marshall is the best situation. They can put him in a program, have him sit out the year and then play in 2012."

Grooms was the only running back UM signed in its 2011 signing class. The Canes have one of the nation's top high school running backs in Miami Norland's Duke Johnson already lined up for the 2012 class.

UM coach Al Golden said Friday the school would know later today if Grooms and two other signees dealing with clearinghouse issues -- defensive end Corey King and linebacker Antonio Kinard -- would be getting into school.

UPDATE: Grooms told Canesport.com about 10 minutes after this blog was first posted: "It's just between Miami and Marshall right now. I don't know which one I'll choose."

Despite what he told Canesport, it's still a safe bet Grooms will not be a Hurricane this season.


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That's a shame. I think he would have been great at UM. Best of luck, KG.


Really too bad. Hopefully it'll work out and he can still get in. Kid is a great football player. He'll be out-of-this-world at Marshall. Either way, best of luck to him. Seems like a really nice young man.

Thats unfortunate, but if the kid doesn't have the grades, he didn't do his part to earn that scholarship. The standards for academics at UM and Marshall aren't even worth discussing. All of the other incoming freshman did their part and they have an opportunity to play and are on campus.. I think that just works out better for DUKE... He's ready to go after this year from what I understand.

No Dummies at the U, If you can't make the grades, see yah! It doesn't get any easier than that to understand.

Good luck to Grooms @ Marshall. No big loss for UM, I hear Storm Johnson is a stud.

I understand the red flag thing. Investigate and if the kid took the test without any assistance then make him eligiable. Security was tight when my son took the SAT and ACT. Unless the person doing security at the door let in a accomplice to take his test then how do you accuse a kid of cheating? Which essencially is what the red flag is. What happened to innocent till proven guilty. FMI, do white players ever get flagged? I know if a kid performed poorly in school and got a low ACT score then increases it substantially it raises concern, but if proven he took the test himself allow the kid to begin his education.

Interestingly, his name is currently shown on the Canes roster on their website http://hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/mifl-m-footbl-mtt.html

If he ends up at Marshall this will be a HUGE get for us.

DAMMIT!!! I was itching to see this kid return punts and kickoffs.


"seems like a real nice young man"...ahh the kids to stupid to get into college.

Good luck to Grooms @ Marshall. No big loss for UM, I hear Storm Johnson is a stud.

Posted by: I Cheat But Can't Win


Hey dumbass, where the hell have you been? Storm left months ago to UCF. He has mommy issues but the real reason is because he got caught smoking weed in one of the residence halls on campus. Plain and simple. He's a punk with speed. UCF can use all the help they can get. Can't wait to play them next season and knock him into the ground.


Manny, can you please clear something up. If this is a clearing house issue, how can he be eligible for Marshall and not Miami? Or is it an issue with qualifying for Miami's higher standards than Marshall's? Those are two different things and it is not clear at the moment precisely what the story is. Thanks!

Grades is an excuse... timing of this is obvious. While top recruits are leaving UM to play elsewhere, top recruits are leaving other RELEVANT schools to play at FIU.

Just this week, two four star, ESPN TOP 150 talents (RB & WR) left Ohio State and West Virginia and joined FIU.

The inevitable is happening.


Well I hate it for the kid and hope he can get into school here and be a Cane. But should that not work out best of luck to U young man. What is the deal with getting these kids cleared? If they have not got there things in order then let them know but don't leave them hanging.

Agree with caneiac.
What the heck
Miami should do everything. I mean everything to retain grooms.
Id be embarassed to be marshall
Getting miamis "academic scraps"

What does red flag mean, manny? Why then would he be ok to go to marshall?

Dont forget fellow canes,,, duke johnson is not yet signed.

Thanks to Shalala for raising the bar on the athaletes, making it harder for the utes of South Florida to get an education close to home where it was warm.

The rats flee the sinking ship!

If he doesn't want to be a cane....let em go...we don't want him and either would the rest of the team....go canes

Go Canes! What our guys took was so minimal. Seriously. A few meals and some nightclub covers. Plus, some of the guys alleged in Yahoo may have already left UM when they took stuff. Need patience. Everyone should want to be a Cane!

Saddest thing here -- this "I want it now" mentality that today's athletes have. That's no knock on Kevin Groom. He's doing what many of his peers would do - but that doesn't make it right. Especially long-term.

There is no patience anymore. Miami wants to send him to a JUCO to clean his grades up (and Virginia Tech offered a similar play) - so instead of putting in time and living the UM dream in a few years, Grooms wants to bail now and spend his entire collegiate career at lowly Marshall.

Honestly, four years at Marshall or one or two at a JUCO and two or there at a program like a Miami or Virginia Tech?

It should be a no brainer, but kids today have their vision clouded. Used to be you'd come to a program and redshirting year one was a no-brainer. Now kids want snaps game one or they'll go somewhere where that's a promise.

Wish him the best, but like Storm Johnson, you wish that parenting would've explained to yet another kid that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Pay your dues and good things will come. Take the shortcut and it can impact your future tremendously.

maybe if he passed his high school classes honestly, he could get into college. Way to go Broward County Schools!!

STORM JOHNSON is still breast feeding. Sissy


Marshall's entrance standards are much lower than UM's. We have a program dedicated to helping kids that can't make the test scores they need to attend college. This program has been very successful and gained national attention. Just because a kid can't get a certain score on a test does not mean he is unable to learn and better himself for a future in our society. Marshall recently received an award from the AFCA (1 of 41 schools) for graduating over 75% of our football players. I can't think of any Marshall fan that would be "embarrassed" to help a kid get an education (and play football).

Wow, some of you out there referring to the kid as a "dummy." He's a kid and things happen, maybe his teachers weren't all that interesting?

Good luck young man and I hope you come out of this with a 4yr degree from wherever you choose to attend.

Forever Inferior to the U!

FIU! Wow a beat down of North Texas,why should I be impressed? 3-9 last year and more of the same this year.

FIU beat SOMEBODY, then come on here and talk all the ish you want!

Frank Gore did it at the U, others can to if given the opportunity!

It is what it is.Would have loved the kid I m sure.He s got a future and a life.He s trying to do the best he can.I respect him for that.Good luck at how things work out for you.

I don't know why yall be complanin.

Miami have the highest acadmic standards of every school in the state, and we be fittin to keep it that way!


We should just change our mascot to charlie brown instead of the ibis, cause everbody always be pickin on us.

All we get anymore is bad news. Why me Lord, why me?

Why couldn't I just have gone to FIU?

Wow, some of you make me asshamed to be a Hurricane. Why are you all dissing these kids for passing on the U. First off i am in love with Grooms and i do think he should wait it out at a Juco and get his grades in order. But in no way should you jerks be talking down on this kid for wanting to get ont the field now. At the end of the day it's about an education and a shot at the pros. even though we all Know the U is the place to make that happen without a doupt he can accoumplish both at marshall. Remember there was this wide reciever (Randy Moss) that went there and made it to the leuge and did pretty well, as with a host of other players. As far as the questions about how the clearinghouse works. the NCAAssholes have different standards for differant schools and bases that criteria on a list of things. Miami being a private school and Va Tech being prdominatly a trade school have differant standards for admitting students all together not just athlete. So, lay off the kid. If he wants to play now let him take his shot. Some of you sound like the retards that want to punish kids for the mistakes of adults like Shapiro.I'm still hoping that he will be a Cane, but if not it's not like we have a hard time recruiting running backs, we will be fine. I wish KG the best of luck and I wish some of you would go pledge you alliegence to the Gayturds or the Seminots. You make me sick

No dummies at the U? LMAO!

Northwestern Senior High has been classified as a "D" and "F" school for years. You can't convince me that Jacory Harris and all the rest of the football players who ended up at Miami were the "smartest" kids in that school. You can't spell dummy without the U.

I can understand sending someone to a prep school if they do not quite measure up to West Point standards.

Whats this about a red flag for cheating on SAT by Grooms( a ghost taker), or did he make a solo poor score?
Gore had a correctable learning disability, was not dumb.

Hope all turns out for Grooms. Seems like JuCo would have been the best route.

Canetiilidie: Don't underestimate UCF. They don't always win a lot of games, but boy do they have talent...

Storm Johnson transferred to UCF.......

Also for those of you that are dissing nthis kids smarts, remember The U is a private school that has taken many inner city, poor, and undereducated kids and give them an education that compares to the likes of Duke and Stanford.. THAT my Canes is has alway been one of our stengths. A kid can come from a sub par situation and leave with a world class education, (recruiting advantage). An by the looks @ some of the grammer here, mine included. There can be alot of finger pointing in nthat area.

I don't understand...if he doesn't have the grades for one school within the LAWS OF THE NCAA, how can he have the grades for another school....? Do some schools allow players who don't meet NCAA eligibilty requirements the chance to play, while others don't?
Really, I'm not being smart...I don't understand how he can NOT be eligible for one school and STILL be eligible to another. I know that some school's requirements are different/higher than others, but I also thought there were NCAA rules regarding grades that players had to follow as well.

Someone enlighten me, please.

Tuck the Ferps!!

To answer your question is simple. Shallalalaa raised the bar higher than the NCAA already has it set. That's why a lot of players who are academically not capable to entering The U go to fswho and gaysville along will other fine educational institutions.

Shalalalala must be fired!!!! Remove the Hobbit!

Well I'll be damn!!!!!!! Well I'm not counting him out just yet.

You guys are living in a time warp if you stillk think people outside of South Florida give a crap about the Hurricanes, let alone "fear" them or think the program is still cool.

Those days ended a LONG time ago, folks. Sorry.

It may be "all about the U' for you---but it isn't for anyone else in 2011.

Generally BCS/AQ conference schools are subject to their conference rules that don't allow the schools to admit NCAA non-qualifiers. From reading the blog entry that's the issue with Grooms, not Miami's admission standards. If the NCAA cleared him, Miami would admit him.

Marshall and most other non-BCS schools can admit non-qualifiers as long as they can meet the school's admission policy. The HELP program at Marshall has made a huge difference for many students (not just athletes) with learning disabilities. We've had non-qualifying athletes leave Marshall after 5 years (their freshman year when they sat out from their sport and then 4 years of play) with Master's Degrees. The difference is proper diagnosis of their learning disability and proper assistance in dealing with and overcoming it.

To: Tampa Cane: The first thing out of your mouth is do white kids get flagged. Why would you go there? Why does everything have to be about race. His former teachers know whether he was smart enough to pass the test. He knows whether he took the test. If he had taken the test, he would be screaming from the mountain top. He is awfully quiet and focused on going to prep school. It appears to me that you are biased. I won't call you predjudice or racist. Those are strong words.

just another reason to get rid of the hobbit. How many more reasons do we need to do so? 10, 100?

Now, hypothetically speaking....

If "I" could hire a school director and AD this would be it.

School Director...drum roll

Howard Schnellenberger

Athletic Director...wait for it..

Jimmy Johnson..once he comes back from his fishing trip.

I'll keep Golden and Co. right where they are because, in my personal opinion, have done a tremendous job getting the most out of our players and putting everyone in their right place.

Now of course this is COMPLETELY wishful thinking but you can't say this wouldn't be an amazing scenario. If you think you can then there is something wrong with you. Seriously get help. Apply for medical marijuana or something.

GO U !

FIRE THE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obviously, he did not get acceptable entrance scores, athlete or not !!!!! Broward schools are horrible. Don't they have cameras in rooms where ACT and SAT tests are? Maybe even proctors caught him cheating, or someone else took his tests?? Honesty sarts at home, so let him go wherever else, if he was dishonest in test taking, other dishonesty issues will follow. It is a known pattern. Brenda Curran RN









BS'rs love BS'rs.

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