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Kevin Grooms, UM's only RB signee in 2011, has Friday flight scheduled to Marshall according to coach

CORAL GABLES -- South Broward running back Kevin Grooms, one of the most highly-touted freshmen in UM's 2011 signing class, is likely heading to Marshall and not the Hurricanes backfield.

Kevin Grooms Grooms, at two-time All-Broward selection who ran for 1,363 yards and 20 TDs as a senior, has been battling NCAA Clearinghouse issues since signing with UM in February. His qualifying test score was red-flagged by the NCAA.

Groom's high school coach Allen Held told The Miami Herald this morning the 5-10 pound, 170-pound speedster already has a 5 p.m. flight scheduled Friday to fly out to Marshall if his issues with UM aren't cleared up.

"He's been trying to work things out with UM, but they want to send him to a junior college and just don't have anything set up for him yet," Held said. "Virginia Tech told him they could put him in a prep school. But it looks like Marshall is the best situation. They can put him in a program, have him sit out the year and then play in 2012."

Grooms was the only running back UM signed in its 2011 signing class. The Canes have one of the nation's top high school running backs in Miami Norland's Duke Johnson already lined up for the 2012 class.

UM coach Al Golden said Friday the school would know later today if Grooms and two other signees dealing with clearinghouse issues -- defensive end Corey King and linebacker Antonio Kinard -- would be getting into school.

UPDATE: Grooms told Canesport.com about 10 minutes after this blog was first posted: "It's just between Miami and Marshall right now. I don't know which one I'll choose."

Despite what he told Canesport, it's still a safe bet Grooms will not be a Hurricane this season.


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when will these kids understand the importance of getting good grades..

Earnest Cave
Its funny how people pick and choose what they want to address. any time a player wants to go somewhere else he is all kind of names and their parents too. As soon as some one calls it like it is then people say oh your pulling the race card. From the responses i have seen the blog if people really think like their responses they really out to be a shame of themselves.

Well, this isn't a done deal YET. The Herald (remember the Cowher coming to Fins? stories) misses sometimes.
But if KG does do marshall, best of luck to a Fla kid.

Having less exposure might mean he'll get more education, at least 3 years,
Hate to lose a speedster, though. As they say, "you can't teach speed."

Since there are three new players for ohio state that have taken improper benefits are they up for the death penalty? is there some lack of institutional control since the ncaa just investigated them in the last couple of months?

Sure, sometimes i wish we had an acceptance policy like the SEC schools (sans Vandy) but the HOPE is that smarter players make better, smarter teams. Unfortunate;y, that hasn't worked yet, but i attribute that to 8 years of Coker and Randy, not exactly head coaching geniuses.

The policy is not racial, or our team wouldn't be comprised as it is.
In fact, it REWARDS those who earn it. What better way to build self-esteem for a young man than to know he's welcomed at a school with Miami's academic reputation?

As a parent, I preach to my kids that the easy way isn't always the best way.

Is he part Asian? He looks like it in the picture (maybe Vietnamese?)

I saw a show recently that Bill Cowher is part Chinese. His grandmother was born there and even worked for a time with Mao before the Revolution.

Seriously, is mark may now calling for the death pen for osu? And why not? What about "spitt master" Holtz?

The hypocrisy of the media is maddening. What is good for some is not good for others

But we cane fans have learned to accept that evryone, media, fans, coaches, referees, the ncaa hate us. I for one, looooove that. Its the u against the world.

The u vs the world. We are down, will be down for a while, but we will be back up. FIU is horrible in all respects. They go 3-9 in their lame ass conference, and fans are here saying that the panthers are are on the rise. Lol

Listen ill say it once more, FIU fans, miami's current third string will beat fius ones.get it through your thick heads. The last meeting should have ended 60-0 if it wasnt for your players taking a cheap shot at ums holder thus inciting a riot.

Now there is info that dequan jones and haith deny any wrongdoing. There. Ncaa good luck proving the allegations of the runt ponzi schemer

Miami should pound the rock vs maryland. 300 yds rushing

Imawriter better check out imfacts before he imwrites again.

I agree with CANETILLIDIE - Out with the Hobbit !!!

Holtz said, “You have to come down hard on the school and the coach.” And May advocated for UM to get the death penalty if Nevin Shapiro’s allegations hold up.

“USC only involved two players. We’re talking about over 70 players alleged to have accepted extra benefits,” May said. “If there was ever a situation that merited the death penalty, this would be it. That’s my opinion and I stick to it. What does it take to get the death penalty now? One hundred players? 125. It’s a culture of corruption. If it’s not going to happen with this program, then what would it take?”...

Holtz is only saying this because he knows his son will have a greater chance to get kids from the south. One less school to worry, and compete against. The good thing is that neither May or Holtz are working for the NCAA. Talk all you want.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2011/09/sports-media-espn-keeps-criticizing-canes-may-calls-for-death-penalty.html#ixzz1Wpcu1t9x

Kid is stoopid, is all.

He's not that stupid. How do I know? Because then he would be top of the class at UFelony.

Dems some dummies up der in Trailerville.

Forget all yall haters kevin grooms is going go ball anywere

Who's gonna come here after we hear our verdict from the N.C.A.A. Everybody hates Miami except us die hard cane fans, soon as the story came out it was DEATH TO MIAMI!!! I think the N.C.A.A will make an example out of us just because we are MIAMI. Do you think any one is going to want to play here after that? I really hope I'm wrong.

Hey, "fan from Trailer,,,,errrr Michigan" you don't know what the verdict is going to be so you are predicting a reaction based on am assumption.

I wouldnt got to Vegas with that sort of deductive reasoning. Yikes.

Herd guy thanks for clarifying, I was miffed because I thought this was an NCAA issue and not UM specific. Tough loss for us, still scratching my head on Marshall...still running the Veer? WV schools are a joke for admissions. Go canes 5 pt favorite on Monday with the suspensions.

"They go 3-9 in their lame ass conference, and fans are here saying that the panthers are are on the rise. Lol"

Watch some college football and get your facts straight, FIU went 7-6 last year, and this year is on the way to an even better record. With an on-campus stadium and plenty of alumni in the city. Not to mention, a team that has the most exciting playmaker in south florida, they are a team on the rise.

These Trolls on this blog have learning disorders. Golden said we would know tonight if grooms will be a hurricane. Either the NCAA has told him they would have their decision tonight or It's really up to UM to make the choice. Either way The Duke will be here next year and play behind smash and dash. He is commited to UM and I beleive he already has the ink to prove it.

Might as well. NOBODIES playing here after this season anyway. #### Shapiro, Shalala, Dee, and Coker and the horse their butts rode in on forever!

did he stay or did he go?

Robert, Rbleigh and others who are shocked that some 'Canes fans are dissing the kid my questions to you all is why? You guys read this blog and see how some of our fans can have no feeling or empathty for anyone or anything that does not have to do with just winning games. Some kid could be told by a doctor "sit out the year and make (whatever injury it is heal) the injury heal and come back next year because if you play, the injury can cause you your career", some of our fans will blast the kid as being a "wimp" or "having no heart" or not being "a real 'Cane". It is a shame, but that is how it is with a very large percentage of our fan base. I personally which Mr. Grooms all the best. I would have LOVED to see him play ball for the "U", but it just did not work out. We will be okay at RB this year and next year (Coach Golden will just recruit another RB in this class along with Duke). In the big scheme of things, the most important thing is for Kevin to get his education/degree and to fulfill his dream to play college football. I hope this is qood lesson to him that he needs to hit the books and work just as hard in the classroom as he does on the field, because only 5-6% of college football players will make it to the NFL. I hope he realizes that fact.

You are a great poster and obviously love UM football. Coach Schnellie was a great coach at UM and of course brought us our first championship, but what credentials does he have to be President of the University of Miami or even Miami-Dade?

the young man has problems with his grades and their is a ? regarding his ACT or SAT. we do not need players who have academic issues and especially ones who may have had additional help in taking the test. Let him go to a 2nd teir school. stay clear of trouble that is just around the next class or test he has to take.

Deskboy, what's wrong with high academic standards or are you a dummy too.

Grades is an excuse... timing of this is obvious. While top recruits are leaving UM to play elsewhere, top recruits are leaving other RELEVANT schools to play at FIU.

Just this week, two four star, ESPN TOP 150 talents (RB & WR) left Ohio State and West Virginia and joined FIU.

The inevitable is happening.


Posted by: The Truth | September 02, 2011 at 12:04 PM

umm... what??...FIU has a football program??

Cane4life. I'd say his qualifications to be president of the U are greater than shalalala and we do not even go into the scandal.

Fire shalalalala Now

This kid is a punk, he never went to class. He could barely read and write. NCAA is cracking down on this which is good.

@Tony... You sound like a real idiot.

I personally know Kevin grooms for over 10years and I know as well as everyone else who knows him, know that this kid is going places. Regardless of what you people feel about him and who he is as a person, he still will make it. Because anyone coming from where we came from dealing with issues we faced daily would know making it out and GOING TO college means more than WHAT college. Grateful that another young man has made it to college and not 6 feet deep or in a jail cell. Congrats to KG. ALWAYS gone make Hollywood proud of you even if you not at the U. We got your back so haters please get yourself together and hope that one day your child would make it to college too.

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