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Hurricanes depth chart released for Bethune-Cookman

Here's the depth chart for Bethune-Cookman, released this morning:




Some things to point out: Freshman Anthony Chickillo is now starting at right defensive end, with Adewale Ojomo his backup.

Also, Seantrel Henderson, who is expected to play this weekend, is listed as the backup right tackle to Jon Feliciano. Brandon Washington is still the starter at left tackle.

Also, Tommy Streeter is listed behind starting wide receiver Allen Hurns, with an OR between Streeter and LaRon Byrd.

Also, there's an OR between co-starting defensive ends Andrew Smith and Marcus Robinson

NOTE: Please keep in mind that DT Micanor Regis again was wearing a yellow, noncontact jersey, today at practice. His backup is Darius "The Plug" Smith.

TB Lamar Miller also was wearing a yellow jersey at practice, as well as tight end Chase Ford.

Miller's backups on the depth chart, in order, are Mike James, Eduardo Clements and Maurice Hagens.








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attn: manny or susan

whats going with runningback hall. theres alot of people missing in action. ben jones, kelvin cain just to name a few.

GO CANES!!!! This is a good warm up game for VT!!! This team can and will run the table.

I don't think we can run the table! However, I do believe this team WILL finish strong!! I was at game and I like what I saw in regards to passion and fight! Pregame intensity and focus was best I have seen in a long time!

Go Canes!!!!!!!

If we can keep Seantrel away from club Liv our O line will be awesome!

things will not be ok, until we have our own stadium... boosters we need a place we can call home or this program will die soon...we have the money lets find land...near the campus...anyone going to the VT game?

I agree with canes305u. I have pics of taking my son to the OB for annual vacations. It is IMPERATIVE that we get our own building ON OR CLOSE to campus. Not sure what happened politically and how a freakin BASEBALL stadium is sitting where the OB was.

people we forget we are homeless football team.. why u think kids are choosing other schools? why u think they are not playing with heart? we have no home to defend... Families will come down to south florida and take their vacation around the football schedule just like DNIx did. we need to push for a stadium that is our only hope....lets make some noise and push for one soon..

You guys don't know much about the University of Miami, do you?

We've never owned a football stadium. We can never build a football stadium in Coral Gables (i.e. on or near campus). It's never mattered in the past and it doesn't matter now. No one will come to Duke and everyone will come to Ohio State. That's the way it's always been.

I agree with canes305u also.. I been saying it forever. WE NEED OUR ON STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still no changes at D-Line. Thats where our problems lie! Not DE. We can't stop the run or get pressure on the QB and their solution is "and/Or"? Teach these kids how to get off blocks! Who cares about a stupid stadium. Just win!

Cane305u: Again, I see your point. But the UM teams of the past bypassed the stadium thing by recruiting like heck from South Florida and just playing hard and winning. There was no fancy stadium then, only the OB for "special" games. Even the weight room at UM was sparse compared to a ND or Michigan. But we still won because we had superior athletes and coaching. We had people who truly wanted to be at UM. RS was one of those people. The mere thought of UM losing that last game in the OB still bothers me. But there is no place to put a stadium in Coral Gables, unless you tear something down. That is not going to happen in "The Gables."

UM has got to return to the winning ways of yesteryear, starting with improving the DL. TE is a question mark on this team as is LB and DB. Right now U got the talent to blow people away, why that isn't happening strikes me as odd.

As far as turning the baseball stadium into a combination football/baseball locale, I'm against it. Even though the baseball team drew humungous crowds back in the day, I din't think it'll work when it comes to football.

First things first: get the players from "the Muck," from caro City, from Lauderdale and those other small Fla towns. then get some coaches, like a Cristobal, who want to be at UM. Start winning, keep playing in the same 'ole stadium U got right now. That how Schellenberger di it, JJ did it. Once U start winning, everything and everybody else will jump aboard.

Tropical Park is 2-3 miles west of the U. Perfect spot for a stadium. Also UM now has a south campus near Metro Zoo. Don't know how much room there is down there.
It' true though, having our own stadium would do wonders for recruiting. Doesn't even have to be super big.

USC doesn't seem to have any issue playing on an off campus stadium ...

Neither did Temple last week for that matter.

Just Win Baby.


Tropical Park is owned by the tax payers of Miami-Dade county. It's the tax payers and their representatives who decide. They could sell or lease the park or parts of the park to whoever. Public, private, or foreign.
Not saying this would ever happen. BUT IT SURE WOULD BE NICE!!!!!




Jeffrey Loria
David "Douchebag"Samson

Scratch that - only public schools and private institutions that are run by lying scumbags that don't care if the community ostracizes them because they can always move to Las Vegas.

I have been saying since the Maryland game that our d-line sucks. Our linebackers sucks. Our secondary sucks. Our o-line sucks. Our qb sucks. THius has been a trend for many years now and I'm fn sick of it.

Outta our roster we maybe i say maybe have 3 5star players and maybe 4 good players and the rest of the team is either average or below average. Honestly people put all your pride to the side and you will see that we dont have many players that would start on a Alabama LSU ect team.

This is going a rebulding year and the coaches now it but not going to tell yall. Thats why we are playing so many freshmans and sophomores that have played in a college football game b4. Do u think he would be subn in players the way he does for his 2deep roster. If a player is on that roster he will play in the game, simple and plain. We are building depth and gameday experience.

Remember Nick Saban went 7-6 his 1st season. He did what Al Golden doing now. And for Keith Brown decommiting, let him. We only want Canes true Hurricanes and thats what Golden want so if you decommit u wasnt commit fully anyways.

Be patient my Canes Fans. Its a process and I understand we all love winning but everyone doesnt stay on top for ever. College Football is cycle jus go back to our hay days and see who was on top then and see who on top now. Look at college football over the last 20yrs and same team is not on top for ever.

Goldens 3rd year is going to be the charm mark your calendars. 4-5 loses this year, 3-4 next year, 3rd year its going to be a bang. So all yall punks bashing the Canes dont jump bandwagon our 3rd year or even next year.

Im out Canes 4ever- I stay in Alabama tho

agree with Rich - it's gonna take awhile to change the culture, recruit some players, etc....

It;s a zoning issue with the city of Coral Gable.

In the grander scheme of things, our record this year does not matter.

If we are bowl eligible, we will self-impose penalties just like we did in 1995 when we qualified for the Orange Bowl and sat it out.

The bigger questions for this program are the severity of the sanctions and whether Al Golden leaves for another coaching opportunity. On this last point, Paterno is coaching from the press box. This could be his last year, especially if Penn State finishes poorly.

I can easily see Al Golden leaving for Penn State after this year. At that point, U of M may want to bring Mario Christobal home as Head Coach. Obviously, Butch would be the dream candidate to replace Golden if he leaves, but that ain't gonna happen.

Al Golden, thought has the options available to him, doesn't seem like the type to drop it all and leave. He seems more like the type that if he would do that he'll look back on it and judge himself for not seeing it through. Look what he did at Temple, did he leave? Nope. He stuck it out and built something from absolutely nothing. Now down here in Miami he has a chance to start something that isn't from nothing but has been hanging its head for awhile. That can easily be changed in one season. This is his first season, we have to give him a minimum of one season to get absolutely situated. I truly believe deep down that this is the man to do it all.

In Golden, I trust and so should we all..


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

Hey Canes Fan...

Though I have mentioned the idea of Mario Cristobal coming to The U and bringing his energy along with him. He knows "exactly" what Miami is and is capable of. Just like Kehoe, Cristobal could absolute bring back swag to the U. Kehoe and Cristobal are both part of that punch you in the mouth and rack up points on the board time period of the Canes. That combination back at The U doesn't bother me one bit.

I do believe on Golden and his mentality of accountability but we are Canes and we all know what it "is to be" a "Miami Hurricane". Golden doesn't seem like the type to run up scores but I believe that Kehoe and Cristobal are the types to do it all day. Just food for thought.

In Golden I trust, and if he leaves then bring in Cristobal and lets getter done!!!!


Go Canes!!!!!!!!!

Canes will finish strong!!

I'm not 'upset face'

just sayin...

Give Golden time. And if it doesn't work out then bring in Cristobal or Chudzinski our former OC. Maybe even Butch. All three of those guys know exactly what it takes to be a Cane and love to beat other teams into the ground. Not get a comfortable margin and lay down. That has never been the Hurricane way. Butch should have never left. Guarantee that we would have gone back to back championships. Coker didn't deserve his championship. Those boys could have won without a head coach, literally. Plus Chudzinski would have never been fired nor Kehoe. Coker fired all those guys to cover his old ass. Brought in a bunch of busts and that started the downward cycle of the Miami program. Thanks Larry Cocksuck. Thanks for nothing.

Give Golden his due time and lets see what he does. I look at Temple and it makes me smile and the possibilities.


The U will never have their own stadium. It's unfortunate, but its reality. Let it go. If you REALLY feel that strongly for it, make a donation. Petition Miami-Dade County. Otherwise, enough about it...let's move on.

Some of you want the coach out? That's insane!

He's leaving anyway, so no biggie, but still insane what some of you think.

Chud isn't leaving an NFL OC job to come here and be a college OC.

If he does, I hope I get the opportunity to slap him and ask him what the hell he's thinking.

Hey Susan,

Would you please try and get some information regarding C. Porter and L. Robinson? These 2 D-tackles are badly missed, especially Porter. Nothing is really being said about these players as the season moves on.

Winning cures all. Don't worry about stars ratings, just recruit winners.

THe only way Chud would come back is if he were head coach. Until Golden decides to leave whats all the talk about. And really why in Gods name would he want to go to Penn State anyway. It would be easier to win a Title here after any possible sanctions than at Penn State. More talent in his back yard and can recruit Nationally as well.

As the Orange Bowl was a sacred place for the Canes, especially when the Dolphins moved, so would a new stadium be such a place. Not sure about the politics, governmental issues, land restrictions, spatial opportunities, etc.

However, an on-campus, next to campus, converted baseball stadium or whatever would create the kind of excitement that a college home game deserves. It would be "Our House."

Yes, we won without one. But, time for a true permanent home for Miami football.

Now, who has the big bucks out there? And who can influence whatever government entities that might be barriers to success?

He's familiar with the NE and he went to Penn St. That's really all I can think of as far as reasons for taking that job.

I hope Golden stays, I'd like to see him do well here.

Whoever said we've never had a home field is right. OB wasn't on campus.

Wait out the Marlins...they will eventually leave.

This team could play in the greatest stadium ever and still stink up the joint, so let's worry about fixing the team first. I don't think the stadium helps recruiting....just me opinion.

Do not need an on campus stadium. Students make up a fraction of game attendees. UM is a South Florida team. Location of current stadium is fine, just too big. Nothing can be done...except what several posters have already said: "Start winning, they will come."

Here's an idea Cane ClUcks ...

Get Urselves a few thousand 50 gallon barrel drums, a forrest of 2 x 4's & plywood and 120 x 50 yards of outdoor porch astro-turf and constUct a pontoon field and float it over Lake Osceola on campus... Think of it Cane clods ... U can name it "3rd. World Santera Field" @ the University of Miami sponsored by Iron Beer and La Caretta... And all 15k of U can line the banks of the Lake with Ur plastic water bottle shakers filled with rocks, 1980's foam # 1 fingers, and 20th. Century ratty National Championship tee-shirts...

Wah Lah ... Now U will have a trUe Miami style home College football advatage...

*** oh, one more thing, U might want to get some actually talent to play the football games thoUgh...


DaaaayUm Arty... Now they think having an on campUs stadiUm will cure their ills ... Typical silly Cane Fan.

you put a lot of time and effort into coming off as a total douchebag f*ggot fanboy with your cutesy posts.




king soldy is probably some fat rednk who sits at a 24 hr gas station with a borrowed lap top- check out his posts 2 am, 3 am, 1 am. Who in the world stays up dreaming of nasty things to post about Miami during a weekday? There's your answer. What a loser. Likely a pedophile as well. her's what YOU can do soldy:

take your hunting rifle, or buy one
put the nozzle end in your mouth- you know how to do that

Any person who kicks another when they are down is not respectable. No character.

----That said,

The canes need to regroup and put a lot of points on the board against V tech. Need to run the ball tons. Give to Mike James. He needs the practice. Lord knows that "smash" has s-ked this season so far. But what Miami needs is a consistent durable, playmaker. lamar Miller- son, if you canttake the pounding after 3 games, after carrying only 26 times on your second game, what makes you think youwill take the pounding in the NFL? Seriously, Marcus Lattimore carried the rock 34 times 2 weeks ago!
O line and D-lines need to be called out big time for their sorry a55 performances.

Seriously, you guys are talking stadiums now? How about we just aren't good and will not be good for some time. We are going to get sanctioned, golden is going to leave(and who can blame him?), and we are already losing blue chip recruits. Sit back and enjoy our .500 team for the next few years. I have come to terms with it - you should too.

Boys the old days are over when recruits wanted to come to the U without a stadium.. recruiting has changed since then, schools have upgraded their facilities in order to attract top of the line players...Think about it.. u rather ride in a porch or a junker...if you have the option.. u can say all you want but the truth for an 18 year is they will choose nice facilities to play in... so Ill say it again We need our HOME... lets start a petition i will donate money.. but lets build our house...

A stadium has nothing to do with anything that's going on with our Canes. So that topic should end now. Literally, that is a conversation that will go absolutely no where.

We need to continue to rally behind our guys. Rally behind our Coaches and prove to them that this community still cares about our Hurricanes.

If no one has seen this yet, then you all need to go to youtube and look up "miami hurricanes golden & art talk". It's perfect to watch. Trust me.

Guys, our boys can have a decent season by the end of it all. We're only 3 games in, that's it. Our Oline will be somewhat back now with Seantrel off of surgery and Bunche is hopeful also.

Our Defense needs work if our DB's are leading (as a group) in tackles. That's just wrong. Personally I would like to see Futch in the middle with Buchannon and Spence on the outsides. Jimmy Gaines looks lost and misses as many talks as Andrew Smith. I say get rid of Andrew Smith on DE and have Chickillo on one side and Ojomo (2nd behind Chick) on the opposite side. If not that start look at David Perry(6'7"265) and Olsen Pierre(6'4"260). Both of those guys resemble hybrid Dlinemen who can play both DLine and DE positions.

Guys our boys can do this. We need to continue to stand behind them. We all knew going into this season that it was going to be tough with a new gameplan, new system, new faces, coaches, scandal, etc.... We can overcome this. Have faith. One true thing about our Hurricanes is that no matter what has happened to us in the past we came back stronger. That's a historical fact that can easily repeat itself.

We all know this to be true and no one can deny that.



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

Kehoe and Cristobal can no longer be mentioned in the same sentence.Kehoe s players no longer respond to his screaming and yelling anymore.Kehoe is washed up.Cristobal is just beginning to put gas in his tank.One s headed down...the other UP.

Kehoe has made this Oline better than it was last year. We have some hiccups with new guys battling their way onto the line but they'll work that out. Feliciano is having "growing pains" if you will and Bunche and Seantrel are 2 guys who will eventually be on the line together as a tandem in the coming years. We have to stop bashing everything about this team. If anyone wants to bash anything then bash jacory who shouldn't even be on this team. That's (at least) my only problem with all of this.

If anyone can get this Oline on track and keep it there is Kehoe. Our Oline has had to move guys around back and forth literally every game. Guys have to learn new roles at different positions for every play that is called and it would be easy to make a mistake in a scenario like that. Once there is a definitive Oline roster that has players are they're respected positions and stay there, we will have continuity and the Oline will blast through everybody that steps to them.

Personally I have no problem whatsoever with Cristobal coming back to The U and taking the head coaching spot if Golden leaves, or when he leaves. I love his energy and he remembers the grueling practices that he had to go through and he'll put our boys through that again and again and again. Sometimes I can't tell who has more energy, him or his own players, lol.

Until then, In Golden I Trust.

King Soldy,

It isn't about an "on campus stadium curing their ills." Obviously, that has to do with team performance and the scoreboard.

A stadium is an important element for a successful program, an involved student body
and part of a team's identity. We need one.(See The Swamp and so many other examples).

By the way, We CAN think of 2 things at once, dude. Even 3, like a team that performs well, good coaching AND a stadium. It is time.

Soldy, it appears that you don't like us Cane fans much. Or you like conflict. Or whatever.

U are right.. a permanent home will give canes a Identity that is being lost. this new generation of kids DO NOT really understand what the swagger means..4 tries and can't get 2 yards.. swagger means u punch them in the mouth get in and win the game...But we have no identity... we are homeless and i am tired of other teams laughing at us...mark my words boys without a new stadium Recruits will go find identity somewhere else.. thats what an 18 year is doing.. Looking for his identity and we cant provide.

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