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Hurricanes depth chart released for Bethune-Cookman

Here's the depth chart for Bethune-Cookman, released this morning:




Some things to point out: Freshman Anthony Chickillo is now starting at right defensive end, with Adewale Ojomo his backup.

Also, Seantrel Henderson, who is expected to play this weekend, is listed as the backup right tackle to Jon Feliciano. Brandon Washington is still the starter at left tackle.

Also, Tommy Streeter is listed behind starting wide receiver Allen Hurns, with an OR between Streeter and LaRon Byrd.

Also, there's an OR between co-starting defensive ends Andrew Smith and Marcus Robinson

NOTE: Please keep in mind that DT Micanor Regis again was wearing a yellow, noncontact jersey, today at practice. His backup is Darius "The Plug" Smith.

TB Lamar Miller also was wearing a yellow jersey at practice, as well as tight end Chase Ford.

Miller's backups on the depth chart, in order, are Mike James, Eduardo Clements and Maurice Hagens.








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King Soldy is sleeping because he works the night shift at some gas station.

By the way - the other article in the MH talks about how poorly the O-line executed. Noooo really?

Seriously. Game 1- "we didn't execute"
game 3- "we didn't execute"

I am sick and tired of excuses. I am sick and tired to losing to teams like Virginia, USF (who then goes and loses to U Conn afte rthey beat us), maryland and KSU. I am sick and tired at this culture of losing that has been going on since Shannon. No- not Coker. Shannon. Coker went 9-3, 9-3, and 7-6 his last 3 years. Right now I would give my left te-sticle if we could win 9 games.

Last yr had we beaten Virginia and USF (two games that were literally in our hands all the way, Miami goes at least 9-4. Had they finished off VTech as they should have, and punched it in from the 1 yd line with Damien Berry and not fumbled it, Miami would have easily been 10-3. Its just that losing mentality that has permeated this team.

Look at Boise State. That team EXUDES confidence. I mean for 7 years now, BSU has scared the living crp out of teams when they play them- Oklahoma, georgia, VTech, LSU, orgeon. Nobody likes to play them. JUST LIKE THE MIAMI TEAMS OF THE 80S 90S AND EARLY 00S. Why, because they were confident that they were going to go in and bust a44es and take no prisoners. Never mind the swag. BSU has swag. Miami may have invented swag, but that patent has run out long ago. Miami hasnt had swag since 2005 (sporadically).

Swag is developed as confidence grows. These kids have this lack of confidence that shows when they arm tackle, miss tackles or cant punch it in to win the game from the 1-2. Mike James is the perfect example of the culture of this program in the last few yrs- All preseason there was this hype about smash and sash, articles about Mike James and how he was ready to take over along with lamr, and how big and punishing he his and blah blah blah, and guess what. Smash talk is nothing but trash talk. He has done NOTHING in 3 games. ZERO. 1 yd and a cloud of dust. Lets just call it as it is. ONE yd James. because if he was worth anything, he would have put this team on his back on saturday and busted that line for a TD. He didnt.

Same with Jacorry. Had he not so grossly overthrown Streeter in the 4th q, the game would have been over. miami would have had a 10 popint lead (or so) and all of the momentum. Had he ran the ball in as a leader QB would have, and taken his team on his back to win the game, I wouldnt be saying that.

I am sick. I am tired of peoplpe talking trash to me. Not for losing 1, 2, 3 games, the FSU game or the UF game or maybe a sporadic game against Clemson. Those are games that we can lose- heck anyone can lose. But to lose to the Virginias of this world. the Marylands and to not win a game thatis handed to us with 1:45 left in the clock is pathetic. I am ashamed. And saddened

We had a stadium but thanks to the idiots of the City of Miami we don't anymore. They should have built the Marlins stadium in downtown right in the middle of Bicentennial Park and blast home runs into the bay the way they do in San Fran.

Instead they go ahead and tear down a "LANDMARK" and put up a stadium that they got ripped off on. The 2 big investors that are involved in the development of the stadium didn't portray their finances correctly and ripped of the City of Miami for $60million. So not only did the City of Miami officials tear down a LANDMARK, but also got ripped for 60mill. A stadium will never happen at Tropical Park so that shouldn't even come up. There's no way they'll put a stadium on campus grounds. The baseball stadium should have been built in downtown and the OB should still be standing. I blame the City Officials for that debacle. Makes me wish that I got into politics a long time ago because I would have physically slapped anyone who approached me with this idea. A ballpark in downtown would have been excellent. Especially with all of the transportation that is available there. There you have buses, taxis, metro mover, metro rail. All there is to get to the new stadium now is buses and taxis unless you drive yourself.

Absolutely Pointless. Thanks City of Miami Officials. Thanks for nothing.

No chance of having a stadium
Great chance at having sanctions
No chance at top recruits
Great chance at remaining mediocre
Did some fool want lots of scoring against Va Tech?
Is Joke-ory still your QB?
More like Va Tech scoring lots of points against your D?
Did some one say D?
What D?
You overlook Bethune at your own peril

we have a stadium never bye already right up da street on bird rd & 826 7miles from UM

what mike jones???


Why would the city of Miami give tropical park to a private university to build their stadium on?

Corpus - Boise St. is benefitting from the conference they play in, just like UM did for all those years, except Boise was smart enough to turn down all offers to move to a real conference.

Any team can get themselves up for a handful of games a year, but when the week in week out grind goes from Syracuse, Rutgers, and UConn to G Tech, UNC, and Clemson, that's when you lose games you probably shouldn't.

Boise St. would be nothing in a real conference.

Granted the idea is a nice one. Tropical park has many ways of getting there. There's the 826, there's Bird Rd, there's Miller Ave on the south side of the park. There are bus stops and taxis can get people there also who just don't want to drink and drive. The space is available. I'm speaking hypothetically here. It's the least that the city could do for the CanesNation since they tore down a LANDMARK!


Your logic is faulty. If Boise played in a "real conference," let's say the SEC for example, they would then start recruiting and getting SEC players. They would then be just as competitive, assuming the same coaching which is big, as they are now.

You think Boise would get a lower class of SEC athlete than, say, Miss. State? Look what the new coach at Vandy is doing. On the opposite end, look at what a retread coach is doing at Ole Miss. Three years ago they were a good team. Now, horrible SEC trash (is that redundant?)


Your logic is faulty. If Boise played in a "real conference," let's say the SEC for example, they would then start recruiting and getting SEC players. They would then be just as competitive, assuming the same coaching which is big, as they are now.

You think Boise would get a lower class of SEC athlete than, say, Miss. State? Look what the new coach at Vandy is doing. On the opposite end, look at what a retread coach is doing at Ole Miss. Three years ago they were a good team. Now, horrible SEC trash (is that redundant?)

B.S. - Boise St already recruits SEC type players - they spend more on their athletic program and football facilities than any other state school in the nation.

It's a fact, look it up.

Cinderella drives a Bentley pumpkin coach.

BTW, it's already impossible to get back from Sergios down Bird road past Tropical Garden at any time of the day.

If there was a stadium there no one would be able to get into it.


Eudo, thats where you are mistaken, Boise recruits 2 and 3 star players and coach them into SEC type players.

Yea, but they're not Boise 2 and 3 star recruits, their entire team comes from Texas and California.

My bigger point is that Boise is similar to the UM of old in that their hard games are the couple out of conference games that they schedule. It's much easier to get up for one or two games a year than to play through sustained competition week in and week out.

In my opinion the move to the ACC and the end of UM's championship runs were cause and effect.

Boise is more distasteful to me because rather than getting local unheralded talent they're dumping money into their facilities to attract unheralded players from talent-rich states.

Posted by: canes305u
Posted by: MIKE JONES

What a bunch of dumb arses! Please do not write about a stadium anymore. That is not the issue at all.

I feel U's CorpUs!

Unfortunate, but bloody well trUe. The U is just another bloody MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD major college pigskin team. Nothing more and nothing less. Eh.

And with the looming sanctions flowing in the Atlantic. Miami will be in for a rough waters the next three or four years.

hey sebastian is the man...

You need to relax man, I've already stated that it's not the problem of the team that we don't have a true stadium to call our own. I only played with the idea of "hypothetically" having it at Tropical Park because someone else mentioned it.

What we need literally is confidence and we just don't have it. There are guys on the field that shouldn't be there. Jimmy Gaines shouldn't be on the field and neither should Andrew Smith(#48). Jacory shouldn't even be on this team. We're now getting our Oline back to a healthy state and hopefully we can have guys play and stick to "1" position instead of jumping back and forth from guard to tackle and back again. We have play makers but we are not putting the better QB on the field to get the ball to them. But that's obvious...

We need to sit the ethiopian noodle arm down and start Morris and get the ball rolling with him. All he needs is "fine tuning" nothing more. He has the arm strength for the big pass, the zip on the ball to squeeze it in with confidence, and speed..He would have made that final TD against Kstate. When I saw Harris make that run I knew he wouldn't have made it. He crumbled right before the line. It was pathetic.

We all knew before hand that this year was going to be a transitional year because there is a new regime, coaches, system, hell everything even a new scandal.

Really, Eudo? So in your opinion Boise has SEC type players but simply by moving to the SEC they would then be rendered irrelevant? They would not be anymore irrelevant than Tennessee, Georgia, et al. Basically, any SEC team other than Alabama and LSU consistently over the past 10 years.

Are you claiming that the SEC plays tough games week in and week out? I agree it is the best conference by virtue of its top 2 or 3 being better than any one else's top 2 or 3, but do you really think playing Vandy, Kentucky, Miss. State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Auburn and even Georgia this year is "tough competition."

We saw what a joke the preseason rankings of 7 SEC teams were. Auburn, Miss. State., and Georgia did not deserve it but simply because they play in the SEC they get the ranking. Arkansas is TBD.

F%^&k Boise st.

I never wanna hear that stupid school and their dumb blue field ever on this blog. Screw them!!!


eudo- you agree but disagree with me. fair enough

So be it. Its difficult enough to play week in week out in the SEC or ACC. But I tell you, Boise State can play with anyone. Including Alabama. And I disagree that they would not be good if they joined a real confrence. if others can do it so can they- My mainpoint though is how they play. How they are coached. 2-3 star players playing out of their minds every effin game. Smart, hard nosed football. Sure its a goony goo goo spread option, but heck these kids have an atitude about them like the canes of old. They walk with swag and play with swag. Oregon was like that last year.

No excuse.

I think Miami has been too full of the 'south florida talent is the best" misconception and ignored kids from other states. Miami used to recruit in canada and California. Many of our best Linemen were from out of state. QBs from out of state.

First Miami needs a real QB. One that isnt afraid to chuk it... into our own players' hands not the opponents.

Kyle Wright
Kirby Freeman
robert Marve
jacorry harris
Stephen Morris

That succession of QBs has been the downfall of a once proud program. Who of these will be in the NFL?
Answer: NONE.

brock berlin played in the NFL even in a limited fashion. So did Dorsey. THAT says it all. NONE of these QBs above ever saw or will ever see the NFL. That is why UM has s-ked.

say wanna say, but recruits will choose other schools over the U, as long as they have better facilities. ask any 18 who who goes on these trips, what really impresses them more.. excellent facilities and a good coach or NO facilities and a good coach? how hard of a choice is that if he still gets to play? save the canes build a stadium... or we will go down in the net few years, just like the titanic....Fire shala la la la la la la l

Corpus is absolutely right about the QB post. Facts are facts our QB list since Dorsey has been garbage and none of them have made it into the NFL. Here's a list of UM QB's that did make it...

Gino Torreta - for about 2 seconds and then jumped around from team to team.

Vinny Testaverde - Played plenty of pro ball.

Bernie Kosar - years in the NFL.

Jim Kelly - Need I saw more. 4 super bowl appearances.

Even Erickson got into the pros for awhile.

There you go. Since then nothing. Dorsey got in for about 2 seconds and couldn't cut it physically. He will make a great Coach someday IMO because he's smart as hell.

We need a real QB. Maybe Morris can be groomed into something special, who knows. We have Ryan Williams who is a big kid with a big arm and is itching to play but needs to sit the year. Plus there's Gray Crow who's a gun slinger, David Thompson from Westminister Christian who's a dual athlete, football/baseball. There's also Preston Dewey who's looking forward to coming to The U and looks alot more like Dorsey on film and seems to be able to read defenses really well.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Until then, go to youtube and look up "golden & art talk" and have a nice laugh.




Yea, I 100% agree that Boise St. could beat any team in the nation - Bama, LSU, anyone. They're well coached and disciplined. They have a smart quarterback and they are always amped up for their one or two big games.

But if they had to play Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and South Carolina four weeks in a row I guarantee they'd lose a game that they shouldn't.

Same with G Tech, UNC, and V Tech as far as that goes.

And if UM had to open with Georgia and then had 7 cupcake games to get ready for TCU and another three cupcakes to get ready for their bowl game they would be a one loss team at worst.

Im tired of hearing that 'facilities" crap.

The U won 5 national ch and really should have been 7 save for the referees in 1988 and 2002 with worse facilities than we have now, and a crappy OB, with horrendous. let me say it agian. Horrendous locker rooms. facilities isnt the problem. And they arent that bad, by the way. Not like the plasma TVs and leather couches at oregon, but still not too bad.

If that is what 5 star recruits want, then I am totally out of the loop and wrong and I will STF-u
But they dont. What they want is a chance to play, win, and play in the NFL. education? Dont make me laugh. UM is 38 in academics. FSU is a bottom feeder. Oklahoma? OSU? LSU? LOL.

#1 is winning. The top recruits prefer to go to winning programs.

Tradition is important butI guarantee you the "Tradition" selling point at the U is fading fast because kids are rapidly forgetting what it was like to play at the OB and win 5 national championships. Furthermore, Shaneh he and her minions could care less about projecting that identity or that memory. Sure, she will get up at a podium if UM is playing for the NCs and pretend to care, but She could give a rats a55 about football and about the tradition of the (former) mighty canes

couldn't have said that better myself.

Thanks corpus




Corpus, you are wrong. Times have changed.

Back in the day, the difference between Miami's facilities and your garden variety SEC diploma mill was not horribly drastic.

Big time money changed all of that. The difference is light years. Recruits notice that. Sure, not all. Some still buy into the "NFL pipeline" thing, but not all.

Look at the AP top 10 teams right now. All top notch facilites. Even Oklahoma State, a tradition-less backwater, is in the top 5. Why? Because T-Boone has pumped millions into their facilities.

This is not a fluke. It is the new reality. Sad but true. Unless and until Miami can somehow upgrade, we will be field teams that are closer to Louisiana Tech than Louisiana State.

Shalala will never be fired, that's an even bigger waste of time than wishing for an on campus stadium.

actually its more likely that she would get fired than having our own stadium. One cost much less than the other.

Think about it.

Think you've got it backwards.

Couple hundred million for a stadium versus 1.5 billion in fundraising and a connection to Miami's health care system that brings in more money than tuition every year?

Then again building a stadium IN coral gables is a complete impossibility.

Shalala could hypothetically be caught in a motel room smoking crack and screaming antisemetic slurs at the arresting officers.


You do know that now after this scandal we have no idea as to how much of that money is legitimate right? We have no clue as to how much she "truly" accepted from Nevingate or other POS that handed her money but at least are keeping their mouths shut... And now there is a major reduction in how much the U will be getting from Jackson South. The article stated that Jackson south is cutting UM payments by $16.5 million with another $36 million in "efficiencies" for the 2012 year. It's all for "attempting" to help out Jackson South Hospital's budget woes.

So there's a nice chunk of change that will be missing for the next 2 years out of the pockets of UM. What will be next? Who knows.... I said it once and I'll say it again. No matter how much money she brings to the University of Miami, she will only be remembered for this scandal that began the very moment she got down here. She's a POS and deserves to be around other POS in politics.

We can look at it like this...

The hobbit helped bring in all this money...Great.

Now fire her for not giving a damn equally to all "aspects" of the University ie: academics, sports, community services, public opinion and perception, etc...

Now bring in someone else to head up the position who will now have all these funds at their disposal and can build us back up into the Powerhouse of old.

Here's a simple question. When you think of powerhouses, what do you think?

Ohio st.

Now nobody cares about what new technology Nebraska has come up with that has to do with corn. Nobody knows what the hell is done in Ohio other than growing potatoes and cow fields. And everyone knows that Texas is for steers and queers, lol. Sorry had to say that.

But when you think of Miami do you think of our Marine Biology Institute in Key Biscayne or our Law School or Medical Program? Sorry that is not the first thing to comes to the minds of Americans spread out across this great land. They think parties, south beach, and Miami Hurricane football.

facts are facts.

Go Canes

Mind you this is a crude way of looking at it but there's a lot of truth there.

Just saying.


Listen, we have different interests in the University of Miami, I support all aspects of the institution, you only care about the football team.

And unfortunately for you everyone who matters to UM thinks more like I do than like you do and that's never going to change. Sorry that UM's football team causes so much strife for you but I don't think even you know what you want from them. They fire their president and invest a billion dollars into a new stadium and weight room?

UM has never been supportive of its football program, the president's deliberate undermining didn't stop them from winning championships in the '80s and the president's lack of participation hasn't been keeping them from winning since 2002.

You're just so far off base on everything related to UM besides the football team it would be impossible for us to reach an understanding.

But I will say that it sounds like Florida International has everything you're looking for out of a college - they a huge local alumni base and they are pumping money into their program like there's no tomorrow. The president, the AD, the head coach, everyone from the top to the bottom are 100% dedicated to making their team successful.

That is all it takes, right? That's why UM isn't winning?

We won championships with garbage facilities so I don't want to hear that again. That's a waste of a blog.

There is some truth about recruits now not able to play in the mythical OB because that LANDMARK was bulldozed for a monstrosity of a baseball stadium with a roof that the city got ripped off for $60million and had to pick up that tab and swallow it.

These new recruits are looking at us and seeing us playing without any confidence and it's difficult to show confidence when you keep getting beat by Kstate, Mary-land, Virginia(last OB game),etc... These things do not happen here but they are and recruits are seeing that and hearing it from all their friends and family members. Other schools are getting on TV more than us. We used to be on TV for literally every game. Now we're lucky to get on espn what like 2 or 3 times? C'mon man...

Listen Eudo

Even when Tad Foote was president he wanted the university to be the next Ivy League school but realized that just won't happen. He was making too much from the football program winning bowl games and NC's. Tons of money was being poured in from boosters back then for the football program to be relevant. Since the Canes were winning you heard Tad's voice less and less. He at least realized that money talks and the football team was bringing in the money. How else did the campus double in size since the FOOTBALL PROGRAM took off?? Why bother putting a football player on the first page of the freshmen brochure?? Guess Tad Foote was a hypocrite then. FIU is doing great right now not only because people are giving 100% into the football program but also because its a hell of a lot easier for talent in the state of miami to get into FIU academicially than it is to get into UM. Miami's academics scores needed to get in and play were raised by the NCAA after what happened in the 90's and then again by shalalalala after the 2001/2002 season. All of those players that shannon didn't look at went to a school close by where they could get in. Perfect examply is TY Hilton. Shannon literally said this kid is too small and that was the same kid that helped FIU beat Louisville. Remember that school that we danced in the middle of their field and then lost the game in shame? Yup same school but a different outcome. We couldn't beat Louisville now at all with our current situation. Look man you like to acknowledge more about The School while I like to acknowledge more about The U. That's it in a nut shell. You and I will not see eye to eye on this and that's fine. You talk about there being more people thinking more along the lines on how you think about the school then how I think about the football program? Are you sure about that because I can't find their post around here. Must be on another blog. You and maybe 1 other person in here are the only ones who continue to defend shalalalalalala and continue to preach academics. Look, the academics are already there so why do you keep talking about it? What's not there is the football team. You know the main topic of this blog that 98% of the people on here talk about is the football team and not the academics right? Miami is the top school in the state in regards to academics and has moved up to the top 50 school in the country for the same reason. Is that not enough for you?

What people want in this community is for the football team to be back on top in the top 5 in the country and top in the state like we used to be. That's what people want.

Line from "The Program" by James Caan

"when did 50,000 people get together to watch a kid perform a chemistry experiment?"

Thank you and you're welcome.

You got what you want, the academics are doing great. Now get on board with the football conversation or start another blog strictly devoted to UM's academics and STFU Coach P.

Anyone who defends the hobbit also munches on her crouch.


Send her back to where she came from!!!

"We need to sit the ethiopian noodle arm down and start Morris"

Here lies one of the problems. Why would someone come here if there read this? High school recruits are more social media savvy then you MDCC drop outs.

Sorry didn't go to MDCC. I got an academic scholarship to barry university as well as some other schools and wanted to stay close to home. Now I operate my own business and pull in a mill a year so I think I made the right choice.

You guys wanna know where I got that "ethiopian noodle arm" commet from. My nephews who are in high school in Dade and Broward county. I personally thought it was hysterical and went with it. Now you know this wasn't just coming from me but I'll take the heat from it anyways. Words are words and if some recruit doesn't want to come to The U to play ball because a person used his first amendment right of freedom of speech to describe our current starting QB debacle then that's not a Miami guy. We need guys with chips on their shoulders like Don Bailey Jr. states in the 30 for 30 The U. That's what a hurricane player is a guy with a chip on his shoulder. Kids in high school all know that jokecory is simply that a joke. His time is over and he'll be benched soon enough. The guy is built like Ken Dorsey but has half the brain. Dorsey was able to dissect defenses in a matter of moments while it takes jokecory a year to make a throw into someone else hands. At least Dorsey was also accurate unlike noodles.

Man you sound like a tree hugger sebastian the man. F#$K tree huggers. You guys F'ed up the country, thanks a lot. lol



30 for 30, Don Bailey Jr, Orange Bowl, etc. You're living in the past. We aren't going to be good anytime soon, we are starting to lose recruits, and no one is going to want to come here. But we got swag and chips and dips.

Eudo, if I were you I would not bet on that. In fact didn't you bet just last year that Shalaber wasn't going to get rid of Shannon and well she did. Football is the only sport that creates revenue to amount to anything and the powers that be would be fools to not realize that. Besides who cares about being the Ivy League Harvard of the South. I'd rather be National Champions year in and year out. And so what if Boise recruits guys from other states to their football team. The bottom line is they coach them up and make men out of them which is what the last two head coaches here failed to do.

Interesting discussion on Boise State.
All their players are not from California and Texas. Their QB, Kellen Moore, is from a small town in Washington State. He wanted to go to WAZZU but wan't recruited! They have other players from the state of Idaho, and yes, many out of staters as well.

What they do have is heart and great coaching. They are not 5 star south florida types (the abundant egos squad in too many cases). They are kids with character and determination. They are short on felons, making their success in today's world all the more remarkable.

And yes, if you drive by the campus as I have many times, there sits a stadium on the main drag and right on campus. Blue field and all. They are not a bad model for success. Just ask Georgia, Va. Tech., Oklahoma, etc.

And WE could not score with 1st and goal at the 2 againast Kansas State (!) to win the game? Boise State, weak conference and all, has something to teach any program. They would have scored.

Of course, the NCAA has been sniffing around as of late. In that respect, we have something in common. For Canes, it's strip clubs. For the broncos, the Idaho potato festival. Go figure!

"Shalala could hypothetically be caught in a motel room smoking crack and screaming antisemetic slurs at the arresting officers."

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 28, 2011 at 03:12 PM

LOL...this was hilarious.

Well I see the problem already; you have Jacory & Forston discussing how to fix the Canes. Why don't they both look at their pathetic performance to date? Forston is an offensive linemen dream because he never offers any resistance. Jacory has three years of footage to prove his lack of talent. 4th quarter, 4th down, ball on the 2 yd line, who do you believe would have scored Jacory of Morris? Oh wait we already know Jacory failed to do score!! My beloved Canes are not even the 4th best college program in Fla. Coach Golden wearing a tie does not make you intelligent, play calling and making sound adjustments does. So now we find out that the defensive solution is to what again? Jacory has about 8 more interceptions left in him.

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