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Lamar in a yellow (noncontact) jersey, but Golden said he's probable

Hurricanes running back Lamar Miller, who hurt his left shoulder in the fourth quarter of the Kansas State game, was at practice Monday wearing a yellow (noncontact) jersey worn by injured players. Also wearing the yellow jersey: defensive tackle Micanor Regis and tight end Chase Ford.

UM will not discuss individual injuries.

Coach Al Golden was asked after practice, "What was he [Miller] able to do today?'' Replied Golden: "Again, the fact that he is in a yellow is confidential. But he is obviously working hard and hopefully he'll be able to work through it.''

To Golden: "Would you say Lamar's status is day-to-day?  Golden: "I wouldn't.''

To Golden: "What would his status be?"

Golden: "In terms of what?''

Reporter: "In terms of will he play. Doubtful? probable?"

Golden: "He better be playing. So what does that mean?''

Reporter: "Is it probable now?''

Golden: "I guess you would say it's probable. But he should be able to play. I don't think there's any question he should be able to play.''

Golden reiterated that 6-8, 345-pound sophomore Seantrel Henderson, who had back surgery Aug. 8, will play Saturday against Bethune-Cookman. Golden said he is practicing at tackle, though he didn't specify a side.

The coach also said Shayon Green, coming off knee surgery, will play Saturday at defensive end.

"They're doing good,'' Golden said of Henderson and Green. "They're excited. There are a lot of guys on that sideline on the game that you've got to talk to about paying attention and focus and sideline energy. Seantrel and Shayon aren't two of them. If you just watch the game, Seantrel, he's basically on the edge of his seat every play that's going on. He loves football. Shayon loves football. It's good to have those two guys back.''

Golden again clarified the Henderson practice situation. Last week he told us that he had not fully practiced and that this week would be his first full practice sessions. Monday, Golden said, "Last week was the first week he practiced fully. Prior to that he did eight or nine, if you will, individual sessions to get him ready for that. He didn't miss too much of a beat today."







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Seantrel is back.
Now everything will be OK.
Just keep him away from Club Liv

What separates us from the glory years is defense.

When we were at our best, our defense intimidated other teams and were actually the unit that added points to the final scores late in games when they turned turnovers into points.

We have no big time players on D anymore. In the Maryland game we took a 4th quarter lead & then right away gave up a big pass play to put Maryland in position to score.

Against K. State we again took a 4th quarter lead & then gave up a long run to put them in scoring position right after we had finally taken the lead.

In our glory days, the defense would have taken over & driven the team to victory with turnovers and shut down defense.

Where is all the talent on defense? Is it personnel or coaching?

I've called out Coach and his assistants for the horrific last series against KSU. Truth is, coach all you want, but the players (the O line mainly) has to buck up and want it. 4th q, tough battle, basically no time on the clock, its about heart. KSU D had more heart than our offensive line. That's why you do lineman drills. I think with Goldie, we have to be patient./ this is a new system for the kids. new OC, new DC and position coaches, no schemes. Hopefully just on talent (what we think is talent)we can win 7 and then a bowl to end up 8-5. Just like Jimmy's first year in 1984.

If UM finishes 8-5 or better, UMhigher ups better give a bunch of extensions and raises. Seriously. Is it possible?

Bethune-W (for the life of me, I cant imagine UM losing this one) 2-2
VTech-L 2-3
UNC-W 3-3
Ga Tech-L 3-4
Duke-W 4-4
UVa- W 5-4
FSU-L 5-5
BC-W 6-5
USF-W 7-5

The 50-50 close calls are in my opinion, USF, Ga Tech, and UNC. So in essence UM can finish 6-6, 5-7, or 8-5. Still a lot of football to play.

Finger are crossed 8-4 plus a win at a BOWL to bring total record to 9-4!

That would be terrific and really set up 2012!!

If you cant stop the run you dont win games. The Maryland game everything was against us on the road first game for a new head coach rain, morris first int the one that mattered it was pouring. K-St couldnt stop the run and bad play calling on the two yard line at the end of the game. K-ST is better then everyone realizes, they are the best team we have faced this year and we should have won. Bottom line if you cant win your home games your not that good.

It is sad state afairs to be a canes fan!

A loss to Kansas State, Then Keith Brown Decommitts and says Clemson is his new #1.

Our Defense could not stop my old high school team last week. They beat us with the same plays. Were not smart defensive team. But I was very encouraged with our offense unit. We have outside playmakers, an all-acc running back and solid o-line. But still not being able to put in from the 2 yard line..INEXCUSABLE!

KSU should not have been in the game with us.. When is porter, robinson coming back? Forston looks out of shape and regis is VERY weak.

Anyways best of luck the rest of the season canes fan. Were going to need it!

Agree with ALL the posters above. HEART is what is missing from team. The talent is there, but they don't reach down deep when it's needed. 2 YDS is ALL we needed and game over. Our D is up and down, and they've got to adjust and do it fast with VT, UNC, GT coming up.

1.5 yds.

Boys Shalala is to blame for all this crap.. she does not care about athletics. with all the money miami U has, why the F.. can we have our own stadium? a place we can have real tradition, not landcrap stadium that always looks empty.. can anyone please explain what is the deal on this?

Disagree with posters. I was in the camp that wanted to believe the "talent is great. What is missing is good coaching" mantra we have been hearing for years.

The talent is NOT there. Talent is what the Canes used to have. Talent without heart blasts K-State by 3 touchdowns. No talent and no heart loses to K-State.

That is what happened, folks. Don't kid yourselves. The talent is not there. Whether it was not developed properly or was over-hyped to begin with, the net effect is the same.

Maybe in a few years but right now, outside of Spence and Miller, this team is NC State. Sad but true.

why cant the canes stop scrambling quaterbacks, and this one that K-state threw out there, is not even a threat to Enter the NFL Draft, I mean, play after play, it was the same crap, he fake a hand-off to the running back, pull back the ball, and take it up the middle for hugh yards, am like tackle this dude,,, hit him low, high, whatever it take to send the message, u aint running against us today dude,, and what play was that, when the canes stacked the line, K-state qback called an audible, and the running back to the ball up the sideline, sorry, my 6 year old daughter saw that coming, and sorry, that play is not on the players, its on the coaches, u are in the middle of the field, with all of your players cramping the line, with only 1 player, a DB getting block by the WR, so actually, we son could have taken that ball and ran with it, bad call by the coaches,

luckily the canes dont play a game agaist a scrambling quarterback the rest of the way, unless georgia tech has one, VT dont, NC dont, Clemson dont, BC dont, dang, we needed that victory last week, i see us finishing 9-3 with one more loss Florida State.

The deal is their is no room on the campus nor any room within the dense South Florida area unless you develop some area in the everglades. Also the city of Coral Gables is strongly against any expansions of the school.

Agree that our defense does not stand up to decent competition. With Ohio State, they had big time QB problems, and that was to our benefit. The O line could not deliver with the KSU(!) game on the line. These units must step up and, if the talent is there, show dominance the rest of the year. Hopefully, Seantrel will help, and Shayon might give us more juice at DE. Hope the Canes will be competitive the rest of the way out. They have been in every game, but that extra margin that produces a W was not there in 2 of 3. We need to win the close games before moving to the next level of dominating a quality opponent. Much Canes speed on the O needs to be exploited. Also, need to use Hagens in short yardage situations, and hope that Mike James will step it up as well and become a factor.

Al, you must be on drugs if you think this squad is only losing 1 more game.

GT is going to mudstomp this defense. I would not be suprised if GT puts 400+ rushing yards on us. If they can't stop the KState Veer option then they have no chance in hell of stoping the GT triple option. Not going to happen.

This is as bad a Miami defense as I have ever seen, and we have had some lousy defenses in the last few years.

You can count FSU and GT as certain loses.
VT and UNC as probable loses and USF is 50/50.

We are realisticly looking at a 5 to 7 loss season.

Watching this team is not fun to say the least. We must me the dumbest team in all of college football. We make the same mistakes, penalties and turnovers over and over again. Hell, we can't even stay in our lanes and play assignment football.

We have kids decommiting and the NCAA hammer has yet to fall. Dark Dark days are on the way. Absolutly sucks to be a Cane fan but I have no choice, it is in my DNA.

If Forston starts again then I'm gonna lose it! He couldn't stop kids from coming thru the fron t door! All the coaches should be dedicated to do nothing but find D-Lineman and get them signed. Create a division that only finds and evaluates D-Linemen. Invite any player 6-2 310+ to come to camp. I see too many top notch DL in NFL that are from BS schools that I know would come to Miami instead. The recruiting focus should always be inside out. Stack DLinemen like Lil Wayne does paper. Even threatened to kill them if they don't sign. Yea I've gone over the edge, but our DLinemen are just that bad. Stick some of theose DEnds in there with a DT and see if that works. I want my momma!

Susan, you seem very pushy, lay off the caffeine will ya? The more you incessantly jab at the coach, the less he will likely give you a desirable answer. I'm not telling you how to do your job, but damn, repeating the question in different forms, and then writing the question verbatim for all of us to see is an obvious case of the lazies. Step it up, and do your job the "WRITE" way.

Da U is going now where until we get a great defense again! That simple, we get no pass rush and can't defend the pass. Been many years since a great Dline men has came out. What maybe Campbell and since than who? Bailey was good but not great which is the big difference. I think we need to blizt more like Michigan cause our Dline is weak.

If U were using the myriad of RB's the right way, Milller would be healthy going into Bethune. But U got bigger problems, as in DL. LB's. DB's.

The KSU game came down to, yes, coaching.

Omar, I agree with U. But if we blitz, that leaves the rest of the field wide open. If Fortson, Regis can step it up, that'd mean something.

Right now the sole bright spot on defense is Spence. There is absolutely no pressure up front.

Canes305u: I want a stadium too, but where are you going to put a stadium in Coral Gables that's near campus? There's no room. I have seen Notre Dame's and Michigan's stadiums. UM has never really had anything like that, but was still able to build solid championship teams over the years. We gotta to get back to that. Soild S Fla recruiting and start winning. Why we can'n win consistently I cannot tell U.

I agree- West va blitzes like crazy as well.
And I agree- this program hasnt had a D-line since 2005 when the great baracka and pata were here and terrroized marcus vick and VTech in blacksburg. Then after that it was all downhill. Calais Campbell was a bust at Miami.

Our D-line is porous like a coffee filter.

I dont know what it is. As far as recruiting, You know, people, Chikillo was a top recruit. Maybe he needs time. No. I know he needs time. He did better than Jadaveon Clowney in the US Army Bowl, where he was MVP.

I thgink it also comes down to coaching. remember. Donofrio is a 3-4 guy. I think he is slowly changeing this team toa 3-4. DIdnt wantto come in and blow everything up and do a 3-4 off thebat like Al Groh did at Ga tech (they struggled at D last year but now are clicking). I bet Donofrio will convert to a 3-4 all the way soon.

i agree- Forston has been a major bust. the only 2 games he has done anything in was his first one against UF in 2008, when we thought he was on his way to being another Sapp, and the game against Notre dame when it was too little too late. In between, injuries or not he has done SQUAT.

Face it people, and Northwestern Bull fans- Your Miami NW Bulls of that vaunted 2008 class have been nothing but hot air. BUSTS. All of them. Spence is a beast but he cant do it all and in fact he is no Ray lewis nor a dan Morgan.

I think this team has some talent. it isnt as devoid of talent as some here have said (except at D-line). I mean, drafted or not, UM has put MORE PLAYERS IN NFL ROSTERS THAN THE 'TURDS OR NOLES in the last 2 years. Guaranteed- look it up. But they do lack heart and have been lacking coaching. the jury is still out on these coaches. After the KSU loss I am disheartened, but will reserve my verdict on Golden and his staff until the end of the year, and will give them another 1-2 yrs if Miami wins 8 games this year... that is, if they want to stay.

Get off the coaches. We need to win 7 games to get to a bowl game and then voluntarily decline the bowl as self imposed sanctions. That way the bowl ban and other sanctions will start immediately and we have a chance to keep recruits. If a kid knows he will never have a chance to play in postseason here, they will all bail. The only chance of turning this around is getting a new crop of kids who are hungry, not these kids who make the same mistakes every frickin game and can't finish a game with 2 yards. That speaks to an entitlement character that started long ago. Leave these coaches alone and let them try and build. Any questions...look at what Temple is doing to people. Give the man a chance.

Posted by: Washington Cane

No way golden stays next year.

I agree with cool cat 100%, except for the blitzing part. Hey might as well have the offense guessing then just running on us for 5 yds every play. This team could use some juco D Linemen now. Happy with Chick 3G performance so far. But the NW08 CLASS sucs hands down. Just Sean saves his behind. He earns his scholarship!! Imagine next year without him, wow it might get more bad. I'm lost maryland tore us up on the pass and now KSU did the same on the ground. Never liked Randy as our HEADCOACH his a great human and hell of a coordinator. But there is a big difference headcoach and coordinator. Might not go see a UM game this year after this dud.

Ok our defense is trash. U talk bout these Miami NW kids and the #1 recruting class outta 08. Thats bs, they havent achieve any yet. First we are weak on the d-line small at lb and secondary is garbage. All they have to do is play wit I dont give a fu%! attitude. We have to make oppenents offense fear us and be afraid. U have to bleed orange and green and play wit a lil swagger,not alot bc u have to earn that.

I remember back in the hay days our defense have carry us and the offense feed off that. Come on Canes I trust in yall.

Also i do realize we have improved in sum areas. Pens, have drop game to game, we havent gave up like we have in recent years, the offense look more promising, JH 22 striaght passes w/o int:)return game more yrds = better field position, Freshmans and sophmores playing better from game1 to game3. All i ask for nowe is for us to tackle better and d-line get off blocks quicker. Punch,claw,fight do sumn just dont let plp use you. Play wit a chip on ur shoulder, get pissed off.

To be honest wit every1 else i c us losing 4-5 games dis year but no blow outs. Next year 3-4 loses. The 3rd year should be it, reguardless of the santations (mayb 15 schlorships lost)it want hurt us as bad as plp think. Remember AG only recruit hurricanes, let me say it again True Hurricanes. So whn they commit their commited. Hopefully by Goldens 6 yr we will have our on stadium on campus and get off that hard ass clay at SunLife.

Rich i hear you bro but there will be no stadium. I agree with everything else. The current kids and that miami nw garbage have no heart. They aint no canes. Unless you tell me that this ksu defense is loaded with nfl talent like say the 2002 osu tem that beat us, no way that we cnt gt 1.5 yards on first and goal.

No freagin heart.

I think these coache can improve this team.

Recall 1984:

Heartbreaker vs BC many of us coulnt believe we lost to that midget flutie, but we did.
Heartbreaker vs maryland. Udes, UM was up by 27 or 31 points and they came back and beat us!

And we lost 2 more that year including an a55 woopin in the bowl (arizona or tenn)

Be patient. 1985 was better. 1986 close but no cigar. 1987, glory.

Rich i hear you bro but there will be no stadium. I agree with everything else. The current kids and that miami nw garbage have no heart. They aint no canes. Unless you tell me that this ksu defense is loaded with nfl talent like say the 2002 osu tem that beat us, no way that we cnt gt 1.5 yards on first and goal.

No freagin heart.

I think these coache can improve this team.

Recall 1984:

Heartbreaker vs BC many of us coulnt believe we lost to that midget flutie, but we did.
Heartbreaker vs maryland. Dudes,, UM was up by 27 or 31 points and they came back and beat us!

And we lost 2 more that year including an a55 woopin in the bowl (arizona or tenn)

Be patient. 1985 was better. 1986 close but no cigar. 1987, glory.

We don't have enough high impact players, but its BS to say we don't have talent. We have enough talent to beat everyone on our schedule. But times have changed... you can't just recruit and develop the best any more. You gotta out scheme your opponents or at least treat the game plan like you're an underdog playing against goliath.

Our defense is too vanilla and doesn't disguise anything. With teams looking to the sideline for plays after coming to the line, we're always at a disadvantage. They see our misalignments or weak spots and called the best play against it. Even in our glory days, teams didn't do that. Everyone had their philosophy and set of plays, then ran them. Things 'don changed. And because our approach is so vanilaa, our guys actually have more responsibilities out there.

Same with the offense. Ours is fairly vanilla while teams like Boise St out scheme their opponent. They don't go in and pound or just throw the rock. They game plan like every game is a bowl game and that's why teams are often caught of guard when they play them. We don't do any of that. We think we can trot our "talent" out there and beat the game straight up. Well... those days are over.

Past Bethune, no team on our remaining schedule should be able to watch film and know what they're going to see against us. That was a major problem the last few years. Guys would reveal that the teams we were playing didn't do anything they saw on film. Of course not, we know how far we've fallen, but every team we play still treats us like we're MIAMI. Its time we start treating everyone else the same.

At what point do we admit this season is a disaster and start working towards next year?

Take Forston, Jacory, and Futch out and some freshman play.

Start looking for a new coach too....because Golden is going to take PSU job.

@PeteRoc u r very much correct about our vanilla offense and defense. But its doesnt take a rocket scientist to make nessary adjustments during game. I trust the coaches but do yall remember during the spring whn AG and his coordinators said the QBs had the ability to audible outta plays that were orginally called, same thang wit the defense. Well that must not be happening bc I can point out many times in the game when audibles should have been made for the offense and defense (4th and 1 on defense was big,many of 1 that got us beat).

@Aristotle as for as heart goes it showed in 2 games in a row on defense. The biggest was Saturday 3rd and 25 after all their false starts and u allow a qb to scramble up the middle and miss tons of tackles during dat process. Thats unheard Miami Football.

Bad news jus bc we play a D1AA school we feel like this is gonna be a cake walk. We better get our act together, this team was the MEAC champ last yr. And they run same offense as KState and has a better mobile QB. It scares me bc we havent stop a mobile qb in yrs and thats not gonna change along with how others schools, teams, media, society, and whoever else feels about Miami. They all look at us as cupcakes too.

So lets be patient and go through this together and stop expecting something thats not there yet. Its coming but its going to take time. We are developing freshmans and sophomores right now. And these jrs and srs is not it. Spence,Tele,Nich,Ben are only ones that gets it right now. It take 44 players to make-up a team 44 players people. And all 3 phases of the game.

Go Canes!! 2014 watch out

We really need to lower admissions standards, I can't take this mediocre talent anymore. Watching Forston take a whipping is frustrating. It's sad to etched this team play.

The coaching staff is doing well though.

Posted by Posted by: Washington Cane | September 26, 2011 at 07:05 PM

Excellent post at 7:05, Washington Cane.

Yes, a 7-5 bowl actually COSTS the UM money, and would not be the usual recruiting tool, as all the ESPN guys would talk about is the supposed "Death Penalty" crap.
Better to keep a low profile, take our Medicine...one more bowl abstinence, loss of 10 scholarships...hopefully that's all.

BTW, IF Coach Golden leaves (remember, Butch DIDN'T).but IF he does there are LOTS of coaches who now know UM will pony up 1 million, which HAS to be more than an HC at toledo or somewhere is making.
Then there's Tressel, Mike Leach, Butch Davis...and any # of young up and coming HC's.

However, I believe Al will stay.
Contrary to all the scuttlebutt, there is no proof that he's the Prime candidate for the PSU gig.

I would have to think PSU will go for a bigger name.

No reason to believe an on campus stadium will increase attendance, even by students.
SLS is well situated to attract Cane fans from all of southeast and sw. Fla. Students can take campus shuttle buses.
Someone tell me if new Marlin stadium is built to handle football, if not why not?
For those insisting on a new stad., whats wrong with Tropical Park?

IF and only IF the Canes finish with 7 wins and the investigation looks bad,

why not do a SELF IMPOSED bowl ban this year, vacate wins from 08,09 and give up 4 schollies over 2 years?

I hate to lose recruites like Keith Brown, he is a big and fast middle linebacker! We have not had one of them for a while!

Are we the only F ... college team without a stadium? i think having our own stadium will improve recruiting and attendance....It will be a place we can call our home.. a place were other teams will be scared to come play at.. Look at lane stadium.. that is a true football atmosphere... Land shark sucks....Tropical park is fine... lets build one there.. lets push for the city of coral gables to expand the U.. we fans/alumni deserve better....Save the canes fire shalla la la la l al al a

Watched the game on tv last nite--it was ugly. The defensive side of the ball, and the coaching were absolutely positively terrible. I can live with a running back breaking some big plays-- especially one as fast as 33 was-- but to let that qb run thru the defense like he did- over and over and over and over and over again-- knowing that was there best weapon-- was pitiful.

As far as the offensive failure at the 1 yard line- if those plays were the best that team could come up with-- particularly the coaching staff-- then miami deserved to lose-- and it hurt bad to watch it--- K-State was one of the worst run defenses in the country last year-- and they kicked our buts-- so much for that great o-line. WHAT A SHAME

we need to blame sha la al al la.. she does not care about our football tradition at the U.. fire her save the canes, build anew stadium....

Exactly what plays would you like to run on the 2 yard line? They tried twice off-tackle with their 220 pound tailback and 240 pound fullback leading and didn't get it.

If you cannot score with that play, where the offensive line is supposedly the strength of your team, it does not matter what play you call. You are dead in the water.

You "fans" and armchair offensive coordinators are truly clueless. The team is not good enough. Period. Leave it at that because it is the truth. They will win some and lose some. That is what average and not-good-enough teams do. This is what the Canes will do this year.

Sad but true.

thats BS upset face. You call an off tackle fake to the fb, and you sweep out with the QB or throw to one of the 6-5 receivers or TE. Try a triple option-type play. Do a double sweep with Benjamin. Anything.Anything with some imagination. By the way what are you talking about/ hagens didnt get the ball once.

By the way- Keityh Brown can go wherever he wants. fact is even if Miami has sanctions, they will still put players in the NFL. Sapp played in the beginning of the snactions. Ray Lewis and several othere like Bubba Franks played smack in the middle of sanctions. Santana, ed Reed, Vilma, Reggie wayne, edgerrin james, Najeh Davenport, Vilma, Shockey, all were recruited toward the end of the sanctions. Miami had no bowl game in 1997 and limited scholies 1996, 1997, 1998. In 1999, the world saw the second coming of the U with edge running for 299 yds against #3 UCLA on national TV. 2 yrs after the start of sanctions.

Doesnt matter. Butch came to the U, and didnt leave because of the sanctions. I'll always like him for that. he was a man of his word to these kids. I believe Golden will do the same. he will not bolt on these kids. he will work through it. THAT is what I would worry about if I was a kid, not whether they will play in a bowl for 2 yrs.


TH e biggest problem is our scheduling. UF has all this fake hype because of this pi55 poor schedule their first 3 games. It was the equivalent of Miami playing FAU, UAB, Duke and NC state. seriously. If Miami did that they would be 3-0 or 4-0. KSU is no pushover. Neither is OSU, I know we play anyone anytime, but the timing is what sks.

dlandsberg@miamiherald.com (top banana)
amarques@miamiherald.com (second banana)
dshalala@miami.edu (queen bee)
seichorst@miami.edu (sheriff lee)

who investigates the miami herald for bribery ...
how else do you explain splashing f-i-u-don't-matter on the front page day after day ...
front & center ...
the paper tells us they matter most when they matter least ...
lest you forget ...
minor-league college athletics with a make-believe fan base subsidized by the strong-arm of an unsuspecting student body warrants scant attention from a major-league metropolitan newspaper ...
something's rotten at 1 herald plaza ...



UM has had far superior teams, having won many national championships in football and baseball. That means that there is more to write about. Far more fans, moreover, go to Hurricane games. The followers of the Hurricane blog at MiamiHerald.com outnumber those following the Golden Panthers one by about 10-1, sports editor Jorge Rojas says.

There is, in other words, much more readership demand for coverage of the Hurricanes than of the Golden Panthers.
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/1/10

UM does and should get the greater share of sports coverage
-- miami herald ombudsman 8/8/10

this isn’t The Miami Herald’s fault. Until FIU starts to matter in a big way, in a way that UM matters, there will never be that same coverage, at least not in the sports page. ...

But until your everyday FIU student or alumni begins to care in a significant way and specifically until it affects The Miami Herald’s bottom line, they’ll continue to pay that other school more attention.
-- fiu student media 8/25/10


Having your own stadium makes all the difference in the world. The stadiums in Gainesville, Baton Rouge, and Tuscaloosa are some of the most feared in college football. Having 90,000 plus fans screaming against you will intimidate anybody. Just look at how loud and crazy it sounds on Saturdays through your tv.

yeah i agree Opa locka... my question is this.. when are the fans and boosters gonna make a push for this? we are homeless.. landshark is not our home... we need a place where kids can call home and defend it with pride.. not allowing a team like KS push them around.. do you guys not pay attention that since the OB is gone kids are not playing with heart. thats because they don't feel they have a home to defend.

Best cfb program the last 32 years:

Are you kidding? Triple-reverse? Roll out with an immobile QB? They tried that on fourth down.

Throw to a 6-5 receiver? They did that to Clive Walford.

We are talking about 2 yards. 6 feet. If you cannot get that in four downs you don't deserve to win. Don't give me this nonsense about creative play calling. You really want to run a reverse so that the ball is handed off 6 yards further out? 2 yards. 220 pound tailback running behind the alleged strength of your team. You man-up or lose and guess what the Canes did?

I did not say Hagans carried. I said he was lead blocker.

I agree upset. I agree. If they cant pound it in, it says everything. The O-line should be ashamed. Shame on them. My grandma (who is 90 could walk it in from 1-1/2 yds out. remember. It was less than 2 yds at one point). My fat a55 could have run it in.

If they had heart that is.

And please stop talking about the NFL players, especially those that played at Miami 120 years ago. These recruits don't care about that anymore. Most of these recruits only have memories of Miami as an average football team. They don't care that Ray Lewis or Ed Reed was a Cane.

As for those Canes that flourish in the NFL after lackluster college careers, what good does that do for us as Canes fans? So we suffer through 7-6 seasons just so we can point our finger at teams like GAtr trash and say, "see, our guys are stars in the NFL."

Sorry. That does not cut it anymore. It actually makes it worse because those players failed to do anything as Hurricanes. And don't get me started on the empty stadium. I love the Hurricanes as much as anyone but if I was a recruit, I would look at places that are full every Saturday regardless of the opponent.

Stop being an apologist. This team is now as irrelevant as far as National Championships go as is K-State, Michigan, ND, etc. I hope it changes but I am not confident.

Will you guys stop with this Miami needs an on-campus stadium garbage? It is NEVER going to happen. There is no room for it and there aren't enough students at Miami or enough alumni to justify it. Also, Miami won 5 national championships without having it's own on-campus stadium. USC doesn't have an on-campus stadium either. You don't need it to win national championships. If the Canes were winning, the place would be loud. The stadium is not the problem.

It may be heart. It may also be lack of actual talent. Kehoe is a great motivator so I don't think heart was the issue.

Ultimately, I just don't think these guys are as good as we are led to believe. Do you really think outside of Sean Spence and Lamar Miller any of our players would start for any of the top 10 teams in the country? I don't think Miller would start over Trent Richardson or Spence over Donta' Hightower at Bama.

We have SOME good players and many average players. They were either not as good as they were hyped-up to be OR were not coached-up as we would hope. Either way, the result is the same.

canes305u and Opa Lacka - you do know UM is maybe a quarter the size of all the schools with loud stadium that you're thinking of right? And that all our alumni leave south Florida after graduating?

A new stadium wouldn't make a bit of difference without winning - the Orange Bowl was just as empty and soulless against bad opponents towards the end.


I agree with you in one respect and disagree in another:

I agree that for the foreseeable future, we will not get an on-campus stadium for all of the reasons you listed.

I disagree that USC does not have one. While they do not own the LA Coliseum, it is right next to their campus. Well within walking distance.

Plus, the college football landscape has changed in the past 10 years, certainly over the last 30. Recruits want the college atmosphere. They want 70K or more strong every home game. Canes did not have that at the OB but there was a strong tradition and history there which more than made up for it. Now, in that dump of a No-Life Stadium, we have neither. That is a killer. Having 45K in a 70K stadium is a killer.

There is not a college football team out there, outside of maybe Tulane, that would not have a nearly sold-out stadium for a game against Bethune-Cookman.

How many fans will the Canes get for this game? It is a far more important factor to recruits than you give it credit and the history, while nice, is far less important than you think.

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