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Lamar in a yellow (noncontact) jersey, but Golden said he's probable

Hurricanes running back Lamar Miller, who hurt his left shoulder in the fourth quarter of the Kansas State game, was at practice Monday wearing a yellow (noncontact) jersey worn by injured players. Also wearing the yellow jersey: defensive tackle Micanor Regis and tight end Chase Ford.

UM will not discuss individual injuries.

Coach Al Golden was asked after practice, "What was he [Miller] able to do today?'' Replied Golden: "Again, the fact that he is in a yellow is confidential. But he is obviously working hard and hopefully he'll be able to work through it.''

To Golden: "Would you say Lamar's status is day-to-day?  Golden: "I wouldn't.''

To Golden: "What would his status be?"

Golden: "In terms of what?''

Reporter: "In terms of will he play. Doubtful? probable?"

Golden: "He better be playing. So what does that mean?''

Reporter: "Is it probable now?''

Golden: "I guess you would say it's probable. But he should be able to play. I don't think there's any question he should be able to play.''

Golden reiterated that 6-8, 345-pound sophomore Seantrel Henderson, who had back surgery Aug. 8, will play Saturday against Bethune-Cookman. Golden said he is practicing at tackle, though he didn't specify a side.

The coach also said Shayon Green, coming off knee surgery, will play Saturday at defensive end.

"They're doing good,'' Golden said of Henderson and Green. "They're excited. There are a lot of guys on that sideline on the game that you've got to talk to about paying attention and focus and sideline energy. Seantrel and Shayon aren't two of them. If you just watch the game, Seantrel, he's basically on the edge of his seat every play that's going on. He loves football. Shayon loves football. It's good to have those two guys back.''

Golden again clarified the Henderson practice situation. Last week he told us that he had not fully practiced and that this week would be his first full practice sessions. Monday, Golden said, "Last week was the first week he practiced fully. Prior to that he did eight or nine, if you will, individual sessions to get him ready for that. He didn't miss too much of a beat today."







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Build a nice 45,000 capacity stadium,,tickets will become a premium once the team begin to win again, look at the one Minnesota has, its not big or extremely fancy,,but it serves a purpose, it holds about 45 to 50, its very nice, but the whole concept helps builds unity and pride for your school, this is what some of the players is lacking, they can say what they want, but something is lacking, listen to all the recruits who go to LSU or Alabama, these kids are looking for campus pride, they want to see it, hear it, feel it, they want to lose themselves in it, and apparently this feeling is not abundant on the U campus, or its not on the same level as some of the SEC or Big 10 schools. Hey, a stadium is not going to cure all of the canes issues, but it will help build a civic pride amongst the student body and eventually sway recruits to stay home..or else Schools like LSU, W. Virgina, Ohio State, Auburn, AL and now OU will continue to pluck out the very best players every single year. Kids have the right to go where they want to,,its a free country, but the U hae to find these funds, and stop sitting on thier butts screaming out we are a small private university, heck go the city of miami and ask for some money, go to the state, the federal government, or heck, stand on the corners of miami, and beg for it, but one have to be built.


a new stadium, if not built on or very near the campus will not generate the campus pride you reference. Unless the school can somehow grab land in South Miami, immediately across 57th Ave., then building a stadium off campus just to say "we have a stadium" is fruitless.

U r right on the money... We need a stadium to build some unity.. People we have the money, we can find the land. 45,000 to 50,000 is all we need. Look at Duke that is a private school.. sure they are not good at football, but they have their own stadium and fans still show up. during basketball season u cant buy a ticket for duke basketball even when they play crap teams... U wanna know why? because they have pride and UNity in their school.. they will not allow outsiders invade and disrespect their homes, just like u wont either. so Yes we need a place we can call home and i guarantee that most if not all games would be sold out.

Upset Face -

You make some good points about the stadium. I still do not think it is worth it, however. The on-campus basketball stadium rarely, if ever, sells out. Most Miami fans are not alums or students. You might get less people going if the stadium is on-campus. I agree that Sun Life is cavernous. However, now that the Marlins are moving out maybe they will move the stands closer to the field. Also, some recruits like the idea of playing in a pro stadium. There was good energy at the Oklahoma game, the FSU game last year, and the OSU game this year. If this team was in contention for a national title the place would be packed.

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