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Mike James: Wet and hopefully not wild!

Few will forget University of Miami running back Mike James' fumble at Maryland. James can't get it out of his mind.

As he was sprinting down the sideline, the ball was knocked loose by a Maryland defender and landed in the arms of lineman Joe Vellano, who rumbled for a 30-yard touchdown with 47 seconds left in the first half.

Fellow running back and James' apartment mate Lamar Miller said James obsesses on his mistakes and won't let them go. James, who calls himself a perfectionist, agrees. The only thing he vows not to let go in UM's home opener Saturday against Ohio State: the football.

What has James done to prevent fumbling against the Buckeyes? Wet his whole body at practice using a water bottle  -- and run!

"Oh man, I'm more than motivated. I've been mad for 12 days,'' James said Tuesday after practice. "Every night I got to sleep thinking about it. I wake up thinking about it. I go to class thinking about it. Everything else is irrelevant. I'm just ready to play the ball game.''

 James said he has been wetting his arms, his body and the ball. "Usually in the middle of practice I just wet my whole body. Just in case it rains or I'm too sweaty I'm preparing for that. I get my whole body wet. I get a water bottle and just spray my whole body down. I used to do it my freshman year, but I just got back doing it.

"I should have never stopped."

James finished with 12 carries for 34 yards and a touchdown at Maryland. He also caught two passes for 21 yards.

Miller carried 18 times for 119 yards and a touchdown. He caught two passes for three yards, and returned four kickoffs for 100 yards.




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Gotta say, I've tried to elucidate the reasoning behind the Shalala hate on this blog and I'm of the opinion that those who hate Shalala only care about the University of Miami for its football team and have no idea how little Shalala's role is in managing the team.

And I wonder if any of you actually did read the article on the new sideline policy?

It doesn't affect former players at all, they still get to stand on the sideline next to the team if they want to.

The only change is that boosters can no longer be in that area during the game and they have to be escorted by a university chaperone if they want to be there before the game.

Hey Eudocimus, understand this. She has changed things in the school that makes it harder for top tier athletes to pass admissions. Therefore those players end up going elsewhere, ie Kevin Grooms who's one of the top players out of broward county and was itching to come to Miami. Her job hasn't really been panning out, in case you haven't noticed, because her time here has apparently only equated to a massive scandal. Maybe you have heard of it, it's been dubbed Nevingate. This umpalumpa that you are attempting to defend was dumb enough to get manipulated by someone of equal height and never bothered to do a background check on. All the signs were there and she just kept her hand extended out. As long as he kept funneling money into her hands she could have cared less. Did she do anything when this so called booster made threats to a follow administrator? No. Did she ever question where this guy was getting his money from? No. Did she attempt to control him after he kept running onto the field in celebration as if he was a student athlete? No.

Where is your defense for this woman. Her job is to uphold the integrity of the University of Miami and it's standards. Has she done that? No. I ask again. What are you attempting to defend here? This F'ing B@#th can't even put up the U correctly. Ever wonder why she is booed at the games? Watch that promo she narrates before the games and then appears suddenly at the end.

You come off as a troll. Get a life loser.

Canetilidie Double that

Posted by: ltcdolphin | September 13, 2011 at 06:56 PM

Very nice sir. Very nice. Maybe we can have a beer sometime and you can tell me about those good ol' Canes.

I am pleased to hear that Mike James is taking the fumble seriously and wants to correct the error. We all make errors. Hopefully, this is one he will correct and not repeat. If a water bottle does the trick, by all means spray away, again and again. Whatever it takes is what it takes.

While Shalala may not be as single mindidly focused on athletics the way that local fans are, many of whom are not alumni, she is focused on the overall quality of the U. The U has made significant strides in all areas under her leadership and this should not be ignored. Heck, when I first attended the U in the 60's it took out ads in national magazines which helped to strengthen the perception of the U as sun-tan U. No more. To be one of the top rated schools in the nation is no small thing. There are a lot of research and grant dollars that come to the U because of the enhanced status, and the primary function of the U is a UNIVERSITY, not a minor league franchise.

I have been going to U games since Andy Gustafson was the coach. Have seen George Mira, before he was George Mira, Sr. Ted Hendricks, Foreman, Kelley ..... Half a century (dang, I feel old when I say that but I started going with my dad when I just started elementary school) of memories. Calm down folks. If the U has survived Fran Curci and Charlie Tate, it can survive this too.

Now all we need is for the sports programs to once again outperform the academics. What a nice situation that would be. Highly rated academics and even higher rated athletics.

GO CANES []_[]

Hey drifter I like you. U, me, ltcdolfin should all get together, have a couple of beers and talk about the good ol days. I would love to hear all about it. Man you guys got to see Chuck Foreman, Kelley, Mira, Hendricks. That's kick ass.

You guys have my respect. I tip my hat to you gentlemen.

sec 122 row 23 seat 9

see you there.

Go Canes

All Day Everyday!!

Yes! Finally! A legitimate complaint about Donna Shalala!!!

Absolute fact - she had the athletic department raise admission standards the slightest bit higher than those set by the NCAA, it is now harder for UM to get extremely dumb players. That will make the team worse, Grooms would have been a great addition.

But you are mistaken in two things.

#1 - Nevin Shapiro is nothing to Donna Shalala. Shalala has raised over 1.4 BILLION dollars and part of her job was to smile idiotically at every single check that was handed to her. The human mind can't really comprehend these figures but maybe this will help you see how absurd your insinuations are: Shapiro gave her a check for $50,000. That's 0.003% of the $1,400,000,000 she's brought in with her MomentUM campaign.

#2 - Donna's Shalala's job isn't whatever you imagine it to be in relation to the football team. She's completely changed the financial structure of the university, they're now making more from hospital bills than they make from tuition (and don't even start about the football program, UM loses six million dollars a year in it's athletic budget), and they have the cash on hand to follow through on major government grants like the new biotechnology center and the new brain imaging center being built behind Cox.

The bottom line is that I'm right and you're wrong. If that wasn't the case the board of trustees would fire her, every single one of the "regular members" are on there because they're football fans.

You can cry all you want about Donna Shalala, but at the end of the day she has been the best president we've ever had and she's going to remain the president until she chooses to move on.

Coach p=eucodemus=herald troll
50,000 reasons comes to mind
Lied to Coach Golden is another

Coach p it's all out there if you really want to know or it's probably an act, your style is slimy like Shapiro and shalalala

I am not "coach p", when did she lie to coach Golden?

Surely you're not referring to the current NCAA investigation? She didn't hire Al Golden. She didn't hire Luca Mezincescu.


Because she doesn't know anything about football and she doesn't know anything about physics. It's the athletic director and the deans and department chairs' jobs to hire the coaches and teachers.

Eucodemus you really are troll. Former players were allowed on the field with the players and mix with them in the past. Now go read the article again and start chewing on your humble pie.

And stop saying to "look at her past" - what did she do at Wisconsin that you find so distasteful? Is it all football? Is it because their football team got better recently since she's been at Miami?

hey eudocimus

you amaze me. Do you really think that the check at lucky strikes bowling alley for $50k was the only money she received from him? What about the $150k for a new lounge that was dedicated to him? Guess you forgot that. And who really knows how much more he had funneled into her hands.

You claim that Nevin Shapiro is nothing to Donna? When did that notion occur? Before or after Nevingate? Because from what everyone could see, he meant quite a bit as long as he kept handing her checks.

Another problem I have is what you also said in #1 and I qoute "part of her job was to smile idiotically at every single check that was handed to her." Wow you are comfortable with someone who represents our U who's job is to smile like an idiot? Your words not mine.

You talk about dumb players but then say that Kevin Grooms would have been a great addition. But I guess that he was too dumb to get into his dream school. You're an ass.

And yes they are making more money from the hospital bills because the academic standards to pass admissions has risen. Guess you didn't calculate that factor and thought it only applied to student athletes and not just students who was a great education at a private university in a great city.

Guess you also forgot that the school has doubled in size due to the football team. Or maybe you didn't watch the 30 for 30 espn The U. The school rode the back of the football team all the way to the bank and even had a football player on the first page of the admissions brochure. So its great to use the team up until a certain point I guess through your eyes.

Listen man, you make valid points and have chosen your words carefully but at the end you are wrong and and I'm right for a simple fact. Donna Shalalalalala will only be remembered at The U for this scandal that occurred under her watch since the moment she got here. Plain and simple.

So how's the humble pie taste? mmmm mmmm good.

Get a life troll.

Eucodimus, coach p
Same tired argument about the 50k. Did she accept it YES. Did she return it or check it out. NO. Brings into question all the other money she raised of it's as tainted as the 50k. You really make no sense.

You must be coach p. You write and act alike.
Your wrong


Eculipus. Ones past history speaks volumes about the person. Shalalalala had a bad time at Wisconsin and it was in-spite of her that the football program survived and it took off when she went to DC to be with Hillary.
You are such a troll. You sit in your herald office switching screen names to drive up the count and act like a fool. Your succeeding.

hey eucodimus, I mean coach p, I mean eculipus, I mean shalalalalalala crotch muncher. Maybe you didn't notice but Wisconsin is doing better without the hobbit.

Do yo think that wouldn't happen here? That we wouldn't improve without her.

Last time I checked the board of trustees didn't mind have a national championship contending team funneling more money into their greedy fat pockets than the hospital bills are making. During the time before she got here, the U had sell out crowds, made a ton of money off of concessions, parking, sports apparel, etc... But since she got here, and raised academic standards, those type of national championship contending athletes have to go else where and all that bowl money, tv money, and oh ya that's right CHAMPIONSHIP money isn't there anymore. See how there is a domino affect here?

You are a douche. You may come off as coach p and then later come off as eucodimus but in the end you are douche.

That's how you should title yourself from now on.

Coach Douche.

Now F&^k off Douche. Or meet some real canes in the parking lot for some fun.


by the way, eucodimus is a stupid name. If you sat down and thought about it a tad bit longer you most likely would have come up with something better but since you are such a douche, you simply couldn't.

Have a nice life troll. You succeeded in proving that you are a douche and raising the content count of this blog.


If you happen to be a douche at the miami herald who is simply attempting to raise the content count of this blog then I could have your job in a heartbeat. Either myself or many other people in this blog who are not douches can have your job. Or maybe you are simply the janitor sitting down at someone's desk going on a rant of stupidity.

Man your life as been a waste. I'll do you a favor. I'll lend you the money to buy a gun and a bullet. How's that sound douche???

Okay canetilludie. Got em. Exposed the troll and they go away like a roach in the light.


Sorry my emotions for my home team always get me. I love my orange and green, the school and the team equally. The campus is more beautiful than any other in the state and the women, good lord the women. Not to mention a football team that has done better than any other team in my life time.

I hate trolls!!!!

At least we got'em.

Go Canes

Remove the hobbit.

If you can't find her, she's most likely at eucodimus's mom's house in the basement with him, sitting on his face giving orders.

Again, I'm not coach p. And I'm not at all a troll. I've posted here before with this name, uncreative as is is (CANETILLIDIE...DH), I've been a UM fan since I was born, got an undergraduate and masters degree at UM, and happen to have just a basic of understanding on of how the university of miami works.

And there's nothing contradictory in what I said, yes, Grooms was too stupid to get in, just going by the numbers. And yes, he would have made the football team better, no doubt about it, he would have been a good addition.

If Shalala wasn't great at her job, why wouldn't she be fired? If all the president of the University of Miami had to worry about was the football team, why wouldn't the board of trustees fire her and hire Mike Leach?

You people calling for her head have no idea how little she has to do with UM's football team. And if you're looking for a scapegoat you might as well choose one that has a chance of being fired.

We, as fans and Alums, need to get over the fire President Shalala theme. She has done her part in bringing a higher academic level and standard to the "U;" over the past 10 years, she has more than measured up. I appreciate her efforts. We need a winning football team to go along with this effort. RS was on the right track with meeting our academic needs and getting our players to graduate on time. I also believe that given a better support staff (asst. coaches) with higher salaries, RS would have produced a winner on the field. Golden is working well so far with the football piece; producing a winner on the field and having players intelligent, competent, and sound enough to meet the academic standard, both short and long term, is what I will measure in terms of his success.

By the way CANETILLIDIE....DH, you're just completely wrong about UM's finances. They never made much money off the football program and the amount they're making now from their hospitals is three orders of magnitude higher than the most profitable year their athletic department has ever had.

uh ohhh the roach is back.

Another thing I'll quote from you. Ready?
" uncreative as is is (CANETILLIDIE...DH)". HAHAHA, "as is is". That's some education you got at The U. I'm sure that while you were there is when it was referred to as Sun Tan U and academics weren't where they are now. Oh ya that's right. We have academic facilities that were established due to the football team bringing in major dollars. See how everything plays into each other? I doubt you received all of those undergraduate and masters degrees at the U and only have a basic understanding on how a university is run. Let me make it simple to you. At the end of the day, a university is a business, plain and simple. A business starting with donors, then working its way down to tuition/government grants etc, and money that comes to the school from sports accomplishments. Guess which one of those brought in more money in the last 30 yrs. I'll give you a hint, it begins with an F and ends with and M. Give up Coach Douche?

The Football Program.

The U is a football school that has made tons of money through the program that helped build new dorms, educational facilities, etc... Otherwise why have a football player on the first page of the admissions brochure.

Don't wag your crooked finger at the program and then accept money that came from it with the other hand.
That makes you a hypocrite.


Some here talk about some rankings having miami 68 or46 or whatever. Who cares some of these polls still had a team in the top 25 at 1-1, like tcu. Are you serious? Who cares. We know and evryone knows that miami can play with any one. Come on be serious.

Tcu is 1-1, had 50 points put on them by baylor and they are ranked in boh polls and in fact they are ahead of the very team that beat them in another poll. Lol.

Texas is ranked. Does anyone here believe that texas, after having barely beat rice, is worthy of a top 25?

The morons like mark may, lou holtz, etc who probably vote, all hate miami. Thats a fact.

Who the eff cares. Lets shut their mouths this wekend.

I really believe the jury is still out. We shall see. Patience.

We may lose kevin grooms but we cant lose duke johnson

I second the notion Aristotle.

we were out-coached and we didn't adjust well to the short out pass. Maybe Golden did not trust 2nd stringers with man on man..we know more with OSU..

Begining to think some of you couldn't pass 5th grade reading:
Former UM football players WILL SOMETIMES BE APPROVED for SIDELINE PASSES on the home side, but will not be able to go in the TEAM'S BENCH AREA.
Just simply means they can't approach the Bench area.

if You Truly care about the []_[]NIVERSITY, and not just the football program, show your support and stop that fire shalala bull.

If you were right and I was wrong the board of trustees would obviously fire Shalala.

This is a football blog not a nerd blog. Of coarse we care about the football program and it succeeding. Don't get me wrong I want the Canes to be the best in everything but she has got her hands in too much of the sports aspect of things to say she doesn't deserve some heat. Personally I'm sick of her medling in athletics. She is just as much at fault for not checking into this Shapiro thing or at least having someone check into it. Eudo, by the way U said the same thing about Shannon and guess what? He's gone. If she is found out she's gotta go. And frankly I can't see it as a bad thing either. Thats what you get when a female is running a school. She thinks her ignorant ass is a dictator. Can the old bag.

Of coarse.

But my point isn't that you should care, my point is that you should accept that Donna Shalala has been the best president UM has ever had and will never be fired because the football team isn't any good.

Then maybe you can focus on the football team, which is all you care about anyway.

Let's just get this out in the open...

As an alumni I hope the school continues to do well, but I can't stand having a crappy football program.

I feel like Shalala is impeding us from being a powerhouse program. The OB, the higher academic standards, coaches salaries etc...

We can be good academically and have a good football team, but Shalala needs to do this thing her way. She doesn't want a certain type of kid on campus and wants a high graduation rates. Listen, I don't care if these kids graduate or not. It's really up to them, there's not much fans can do about it. I'm happy these guys graduate, but I'm more interested in having them winning on Saturday.

All of that clean program crap hasn't got us anywhere. We're unranked and haven't sniffed a championship in 10 years. And now we're staring at a potential death penalty??!?!?! She should've stayed out of the way and at least allowed us to be get 10 years worth of talent out of the whole deal.

Can we just be Miami again without having The Troll trying to make us into Stanford?

To all who try to defend Shalala for running the best university in Florida and one of the best in the nation,YOU ARE FIGHTING A BATTLE THAT YOU CAN NOT WIN ON THIS BLOG. You are trying to remove salt from the ocean (i.e., it will never be accomplished). You need to go to a blog where people care about the university as a whole and not just the athletic department (namely football). You are going up against the wrong crowd on this blog. To hell with graduation rates, being a good academic institution and making University of Miami more than Suntan U. You have to remember some people view the University of Miami not as a academic institution that has a great football program (which I personally love and think needs support from the president and administration),but as a professional football team. It is what it is.

MIKE JAMES, you will succeed at whatever life throws at you with that terrific 'tude!!
Forget the fumble, move on.
You will bring good times back to UM before your career is over.

I'd like to see us run it down OSU's throat, the way Wisconsin did us a couple of years ago. 15 passes 40 rushes!
NOTHING says 'we're BAAACK" than UM administering a good, old fashioned butt whoopin' like we USED to.
How about starting Saturday!!

Go Canes.

BTW: Most programs after going through a scandal like UM's close down the sidelines (even from former players). USC used to have their sidelines opened to everyone (Will Ferrell, Snoop Dogg, other Hollywood personalities and former players- yes USC has a great alumni like Miami's. USC has the most Heisman trophy winners and players in the NFL Hall of Fame). After their scandal the President, new AD (Pat Haden) and compliance department cleared the sidelines also. Other schools have done the same thing. They are trying to have a look of having "control" of their team and program and trying to just focus on the players on the team. I know it is what makes Miami, Miami, but sue to the situation we are in, it is something I knew was going to take place.

So how does Duke in ball and USC still compete and still win championships with their high academic standards? Miami being a private institution has to go above and beyond to stay competitive against these state funded schools. Research grants are the backbone of any University and she has done wonders in that department. Yeah this scandal is bad but the real issue is that every college is doing it and the NCAA is turning a blind eye to it's favorites. We will survive this too!

In b-ball you only need a couple of stars, it's not like football. I don't know USC's grad rate in the championship years, but I'll assume Lendale White and Reggie Bush pulled all-nighters studying.

You're right...the NCAA turns a blind eye to some programs.

Posted by: Cane4Life

I still think it's wrong. It also goes against Golden's alumni come back message.

Ed Reed and Ray Lewis come to a game and they have a clear the sideline? That's shameful.

Eucodemus=coach=the troll herself. Notice coach p disappears as eucalyptus spews garbage.
Football was a major part of building the U over the years. The U was a preeminent before the hobbit arrived. Has she brought in money, yes. But after the Shapiro incident how much of that money is tainted??
The hobbit presided over this debacle. She lied to Golden as he came in along with holcutt. That in itself should say a lot. Her history is against athletics that's a fact.
For a U graduate you really don't represent someone educated in sound thinking. In the years of Andy Gustafson football made money for the school as the U grew.


head of to class little girl it's time for you to go.

Well, I'm headed off to teach class! Maybe one day I could teach and coach you, maybe not, it would require you to attend college which I can see you will never do. Plus, you couldn't make it through my practices.

Why does this app screw up. It's as bad as shalalala


Coachp/eucodemus. If your comments and thinking and you really are a teacher no wonder the education system produces functional illiterates like they do. Come back when you can back up a thought.
50,000 and lying: fire het


Holy Crap Coach Eucodimos is a teacher. Our educational system is headed towards a downward spiral through the toilet. No wonder our kids can't pass the FCAT!!!

Hey you all. Calm down.

The year was 2000. Butch was coach. The team was choc full of potential NFLers: Dan Morgan, Santana, reggie Wayne, Portis, Najeh, Willis, Shockey, Vilma, reed, Buchanon, DJ Williams,a freshman kenny Dorsey ( yes cool cat, that kenny Dorsey) etc, etc, to name a few

UM lost its opener, away at a very hostile stadium, Husky stadium against a good UW team that didnt have as close to the speed that maryland did, but did it with a good QB (tuisapopo played in the NFL). UM almost made a come back late.

UM then played at least one more signature game, the most important of which was the game against #1 heavily favored, defending NCs FSU.

UM got that signature win. Wasnt easy, in fact very hard. But they sucked it up, dehydration and all, during a very hot ( mid 90s) October day. Yes, to you all global warming fanatics- in 2000, it was in the mid 90s in mid october. Miami pulled off the upset with a combination of a great run game and play action.

This MIami team is close to that team in several aspects, even if a bit short on the number of #1 draft choices thatthat team had, but there is a large amount of talent on our current hurricane team. There is one thing that I am still not sure about... The heart.

Do our players have the herart to consistently achieve what they are supposed to with their talent? Through thick and thin? To mount last minute comebacks? To hold charging teams from coming back?

Heart. That's what this team needs.

Again, I'm not "coach p".

Eucodimus=coachp. If not heaven forbid there are two like that. Hope not.

Represent bruh! forward, not back! Can't do a damn thing about last week, but you can do something about this week. It's up to you.

Wow! There are some serious Cannibal Can fans. I think Canetillidie and ITCDolphin are the same person.

Trolling with that Fire Shalala nonsense. She's done wonders for this University academically. Let's be real, you didn't go to school here so who cares what you think?

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