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Canes-Ohio State post game video

Here are the post-game video interviews taped by Hurricanesports.com


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Lamar Milllers answer at 137... wow. He'd better go pro asap. Great performance though!

sorry j12. another 2picks. thank the good lord he was kind enough to get you this chance for a college degree because your weak arm wont even get you into the arena league. try Canada. I did enjoy you use all of coaches terms "game management". that's a great attempt to dodge the truth. the only management you are cut out for is Walmart.
Morris=2picks but still has great upside as a sophmore and pure athlete with a strong arm.
j12=2picks and peaked in highschool. only trying to get drafted into the NFL after sleepwalking through most of his junior year with ad4.


Shut the f up!

Noodle arm won, 27 to 6!

You know nothing!

Did you notice todays stat on espn??? Morris leads the NCAA in INT per pass.

Again, shut up!


I like Al's tie and I like the UM players...

Just saw the game again. Pathetic is another word for good ole noodle arms performance. If os's office was not so pathetic it could have been different.
A win is a win but Morris is much better than Harris.

Pathetic is the word for noodle arm. You go cote good article

Jalopy gets another win no thanks to his QB skils (or lack thereof).

hey dummy, you can't even get the score right. so pot kettle black.
PATHETIC is the word for noodle arm. without our defense interception machine leads us to defeat.
a win is a win is a win, no matter how i
we get it.

definition of insanity golden: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. replace noodle arm now.

he's apparently a Dolphin fan.....enough said on this loser ITCDOLPHIN

A good win, the defense played well. Lamar Miller and Mike James were great.

Jacory is no better than Stephen Morris. Harris is an interception machine and he almost managed to snatch defeat from the arms of victory.

come to think of it noodle arm is a bust much like henne has been so far. at least henne has shown some signs of life, unlike noodle arm shows same oh same oh. lets see SIX interceptions last 1 1/2 games games for noodle arm.
perhaps you should familiarize yourself with Cotes article today.

bench noodle arm
fire Shalalalalala now.

I agree with Cote on benching Jacory Harris for good. I've been saying since the begining of the season that we should just turn to Morris now. Jacory is going to throw tons of interception. That second one was about as horrible an interception as I've seen. Then he makes a gesture to the WR like it's his fault.

Get him out. BTW, the defense and Lamar Miller won that game. Let's not kid ourselves, OSU is a shadow of what they were last year.

JoJo should start the rest of the rest of the season, kid is making plays and showing leadership.

J12 is alright with me and my name is Al Golden! stop hating on our starting QB and hate on me. I'm a man I'm 40.

I was a big fan of J12 and always wished him well but this OSU is a shell of themselves and Harris just doesnt read the field well at all. He probably should of been picked 4 times that game. He tares down the receivers from the snap and on top of that has a weak arm so when the receivers are running a out route the DB have more than enough time t break on it. Did anybody see the pass to Streeter a damn DE almost picked the pass off. The the other 2 int was him just not seeing the the players. His first pick, WTH took hi so long to throw the ball the guy was wide open on the drag. Then he lofts it up slowly and easily gets picked. Sorry J12 your not starting material in D1.

"I want the truth!!"

"You can't handle the truth!!!"

This is how some of you guys are with J12.

BY CBA rule college player are only eligible to play in the NFL 3 years after they graduate from High School. So Miller is here another 2 years.

Oh yea I think our D line a lil overrated especally the 2 DT. Fortsen and Regis.

Chikillo THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That first quarter was phenomenal. Offense and defense played lights out. Players had so much more passion and played with an intensity I haven't seen in a while. Miller, burns and the d were phenomenal.
Harris was good too. fact is most of the game he made good decisions and played better than last year. More check downs, running with the ball etc. So there has been improvement. It will take a few more games to improve those late passes and bad reads but with every game we should get better and better.

Big shout out to Streeter for making two great catches in traffic. Also to special teams for covering kicks. Way improved over last year.

Forston is overrated. Regis came on in the second half...bigtime. OSU pounded on both lines for a while, but these guys stayed in the fight.

Posted by: TheWhat

I'd rather have Morris improve for next season. That and the coaching staff has basically told Stephen Morris they don't trust him to run the offense.

Morris starting is a much better situation for this team.

Here is the bottom line: everyone want Harris benched and Morris to start should know this: there is only one qb in college football who has a worse completion to int ratio than jacory....Stephen Morris.

That was before yesterday night...and it's by a tenth, but still.
Also, does anyone else get scared now when mike James runs the ball? Two
Fumbles in two games? One returned?

Yeah I gotta agree that Morris looked the better of the two. I had gave Harris the benefit of the doubt that he may be different (bigger and better mechanics) but I didn't see anything different other than he took off and ran when afforded too and a few better decisions. He is still not stepping into his throws and stares his recievers down. I do feel like he had a bad case of the nerves and lets face it Jacory has been shell shocked. He played not to make the big mistake and luckily that OSU player dropped that pass in the 4th Qtr. However just from the mental pressure of that U gotta give the kid credit for staying out there and fighting through all of this. Miller, James, Hurns, and the Defense great job. For all those dipshits that said those missing players would have little or no affect, this game shows how stupid U are. Great job by coach Golden and staff. I would like to see our run defense improve though. But I realize its a work in progress.

Yeah I was a little nervous but even more nervous when Jacory went back to pass.

I agree. Morris can be taught to follow his progression, and check downs. jacorry has had 4 years. He has not progressed. The 2 picks were horrible. He waits....... and waits....... and waits and either he gets sacked, hurried or he throws a pick.

UM won IN SPITE of jacorry.

Defense sepped up and closed ranks. The red zone D is playing out of sight. But he D line needs to play more aggressive- Did you all watch the Oklahoma vs FSU game? The aggressiveness of the Oklahoma D is how you beat speedy athletic teams like FSU. D line needs to be in the face of the QB constantly. To me, that is our biggest weakness. Other than Joke corry.

Whats the word on Kansas State/ Any good? Spread Option?

J12 lead us to a win sure there are some things he can improve on. There are some things golden can improve on as well like the illegal formation coming out of the first half. Everyone needs to improve. Great win for golden.

I know they have the brown brothers, a better QB than they had last year, and Kstate is a fundamentally sound team that doesn't beat themselves. The key for us in that game and everygame for that matter is our QB play. If we play to stop their running game and make their QB pass to beat us we will be fine. But the QB position for us is going to have to make plays. The word on Lamar Miller is getting out and I'm sure that Bill Snyder will have his guys try and stop our running game.

Inimounts. That statistic is probably the most misleading number of all. You have to look at the body of work and without question noodle arms body of work is awful. SIX count them SIX interceptions in his last game and a half. His interceptions are game changers and cause the other team to gain momentum, saw that twice last night. The defense held and is good that os had no offense to rake advantage.
For you to say that three years of bad playing by noodle arm makes him better than Morris, bad thinking.
We are in trouble at the qb position, but the body of work by noodle arm definitely should put him on the bench as Cote wrote.

Yeah gotta agree, stats are just that stats. They give you an idication of play but not the true story. I believe morris gives us the best chance to win but in all honesty I do not see neither of two being the answer at the QB position for us.

This app locks up to iPhones a lot.

Look at it this way......

We have 3 QB's on the roster so you have to play with what you have. Support them and hope the COACH who has actually coaches makes the best decision.

Or...... Maybe I will just go get Luck from Standford??? Not going to happen so deal with what you have and quit the name calling.


If you are a U fan then you would support the QB that starts without the NA reference. But then again.....your probably younger than the players so you have a reason to act like a child? If not, grow up and act like a man.

Then again.....I see you post about 1000 times a day so maybe this is all you have in life?

Coachp/eucodimus/whomEver you are today
We know noodle arms qualifications and you ignore Cote. Guess he should not write about the U now by your twisted logic. Sometimes I have time, you jealous?? Must be since you brought it up

Itcdolphin, why are you treating Cote's article like the gospel? Just because some jackwagon sports writer agrees with you it doesn't prove your case.

Coachp/eucodimus/whomEver you are today?????

Cote named who he thinks should start which is fine, but he was an ADULT and called him by his name.

I'm to busy to be jealous of some name calling computer geek aka child.

ALso, if I can remember Morris started the first game that we lost and I think he had two picks? Maybe you want Whipple to start?

What a great game.

Everyone on here complaining about Jacory - yes, he looked awful, yes the fans are going to want Morris to start.

Al Golden knows what he wants out of his quarterback and if he's willing to put up with Harris' weak arm then that's his decision. At the end of the day, after he threw his two interceptions he ground out the game and won it with first down after first down, something Morris couldn't do at Maryland.

Although for the record I think it would be better to start Morris and keep Harris on the bench in case of emergency (i.e. desperation time).

This is way to easy with coachp/eucodimus. Actually eucodimus your last post was very astute. To answer some misnomers from earlier:
Morris never threw interceptions when comfortably ahead to possibly change the game. Noodle arm did that twice last night.
Morris's two at MD were not unforced but rather the opposite, had to throw them for any chance at the game.
What so far no one comments on except to call him a name is cotes article. He knows more than I and surely more than mcdonalds on this blog.
Penalty coming out of half, noodle arms fault. Golden would not take a chance with 11 seconds based on noodle arms end of 1st half his awful decision making, no trust to throw it away. All in all we won inspite of noodle arm.
Time to make a change at qb and president.

I'm not coach p.

And Al Golden knows more than Greg Cote.

Lets see what he does.

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