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Right from the coach's mouth... Golden on Jacory and Stephen -- and more


How did Stephen Morris take the decision?

 “Stephen is a great kid. He’s a hard worker. He’s just going to keep putting his head down and going to work. He’s not a guy that pouts. He never has been. Those two have been exceptional in the way they’ve handled the entire competition. Unlike many other positions, theirs is played out publicly and they’ve both done a great job with it.”

 Going back to basics now?

  “Yes, you’re exactly right. We’re just trying to improve our team right now.  We have so many things we need to improve. We’re trying to find some continuity in our lineup. Because we haven’t had continuity in any of our lineups for two weeks. Hopefully this gives us an opportunity to have some opportunity and coach guys at the position they’re going to play in the game and improve our game.”

 Can the depth chart change before Ohio State?

 “Sure. It can change. You can ask me that question three weeks from now and I’ll say the same thing. How they practice is who starts the game. How they play in the game and who finishes the game. We had that happen at a lot of positions the other day. Obviously Streeter was on the field at the end of the game because he really performed well during the game. But Streeter didn’t start the game. There’s a great example right there of our methodology occurring in the game.”

 Jacory, what made him earn the starting role?

  “He earned it in training camp, his body of work, his experience. And clearly there were some things in the game the other night that I think his experience and his maturity would have helped immeasurably. That’s the decision we made and that’s the decision I informed them both of yesterday morning.”

 What changed your mind?

 “You said you’d let them compete over these three days of practice? Watching it two or three times and looking at the whole team, the needs of the whole team and clearly having a chance to sit down with all the coaches, too. It was a combination. In many respects, if there are things going on in the game, that maybe you look at it and say, ‘Hey, what’s going on in that play?’ There are many times we don’t know all the pieces of the puzzle until we can get everybody together. From that standpoint we wanted to make sure we talked to everybody and communicated to everybody on the offense, staff and players and find out what things went wrong most particulary with the operation and get them fixed.”

 Did Chickillo show you that much Monday night?

  “He did a good job. the moment wasn’t too big for him, which was good. I think we played 22 guys in the game and that was their first college game and for 12 guys that was their first start. We learned a lot about guys as individuals, both guys who played in the game and guys who started in the game. for a lot of guys the moment wasn’t too big, and for Jake it wasn’t too big. He kicked off exceptionally, his field goal was excellent with 4 minutes to go in a tight spot in the other end zone. I thought Dalton Botts did a nice job, Chickillo was one of those guys we mentioned, Allen Hurns, his first spot, Lamar Miller, really his first time being the guy. I can go on and on. A lot of them responded well.”

 Second team offensive line, three of those guys are at different spots?

 “It’s been interchangeable and it will continue to be. For us if we can get the 10 that can go into the game that but right now we feel like we have 8 that can go into the game – Feliciano, Shane and Bunche being the next three, and then we’ll go from there. Wheeler is close, Jeremy Lewis has done a good job so there’s some depth there that we’re building. Feliciano has really done a good job and has earned the right to be able to play both guard and tackle.”

 You’ve had a few days where you could have held off on announcement?

 “I know what I said after the game, so it would be in my best interest to announce it on Saturday and not have to deal with it. But the reality of it is I had a chance to sit down, watch the game several times, meet with the offensive staff, meet with guys on the team and evaluate it. I slept on it, felt good about it, made a decision and that’s pretty much who I am. So that’s a decision we made and we’ll move forward from there.”

 Is Jacory getting extra reps? Was that a factor, is it right now?

 “No. He’s been good. He’s been good. Even the reps he couldn’t get with the varsity he took a lot of reps on scout last week and he stayed after and threw and that type of thing. He was in there at 7 a.m. grading tape Tuesday morning so he’s engaged. His attitude has been great. Again, I think Stephen is going to glean a lot from this experience. He learned a lot. I think he’ll be ready, even more prepared the next time his opportunity comes. But it’s a great opportunity for Jacory and a well deserved opportunity for Jacory, to be honest with you.”

 Did Hagens win his role Monday night?

 “He’s been good. again, he doesn’t get enough credit for the blocking that he does. He did a nice job blocking. Clearly, he has become a guy that can help us out on short yardage, which is great.”

 It was stated earlier 3 practices you were going to wait to decide the quarterback?

   “I thought after the game that we would let them compete. That was my first… Obviously I wasn’t really thinking right after the game, what are we going to do on Thursday? But my natural instinct is to say let them compete. I evaluated it all day Tuesday, kind of slept on it Tuesday night and then informed both of them on Wednesday that that was the direction I wanted to go and it was primarily because of the body of work that Jacory put together in training camp, his experience and obviously what we saw in the game. The things we needed in the game were really things that we thought Jacory could give us at this stage.”

 You had said several times Jacory and Stephen were neck and neck. In retrospect, was Jacory ahead most of the time?

 “They were, they were right there. And again, it was preemptive. But again, if you take the body of work before that, Jacory was probably slightly ahead and going into that final scrimmage that was the scenario. Again, I’m looking at who gives us the best chance to win and I’m also looking at, what things did we need in that game to win, and we needed to have a better operation on offense, we needed to get out of some plays, we needed to get in some formations, some other formations and I think his experience will make a difference for us in the second game.”

 Do you look at last year’s game at all against Ohio State, how Jacory did. Does he look at film?

 “Or do you forget that and move on? We look at it from a personnel standpoint. They haven’t changed that much and I don’t know if they’ll have a struggle this weekend but they didn’t have one last weekend. To the degree that they have to struggle to win, we’ll know if that’s who they are or if they’re just keeping it basic because they don’t want to show anything.

 “If I’m Jacory, I’m not looking at that. He’s a different person and a different player than he was last year.”

 Wieclaw’s kickoffs, it seemed like he was able to pull everything down into a corner. Was that by design?

  “He was tremendous. He put it right where he wanted to put it. I always tell him, tell us where you want it and we’ll cover it. Sometimes he likes to go to the right, sometimes he likes to go to the left, again it depends on the conditions and the wind and all those things. He did a tremendous job for us. I think we picked up 12 yards in field position everytime we kicked off or returned, or they kicked off and returned. We were starting at the 33 and I think they were starting at the 21.”

 Do you leave that decision to the kicker as far as flirting with the sideline or as far as him saying I want to go for this hash?

 “When we get there, if he says, ‘Coach, I think I’d like to go right to right going this way,’ or ‘left to left,’  or ‘middle to right or middle to left,’ whatever the case is, we let him choose and we’ll cover accordingly. If we get the right kicks, which we did the other night, we’re set up to go to the middle, to go to the right, or to go to the left, depending on what the conditions are.”

 Three passes for 10 yards to tight ends. Is that satisfactory?

 “No. We were expecting much more. We have to do a better job of getting them in the game, most particularly getting Clive touches. We didn’t do a good job there. Again, we’re playing with a lot of guys there that haven’t played a lot. Clive hasn’t played a lot of football. For our entire team this was a great experience in terms of building depth, a lot of new faces playing, a lot of new guys starting, so hopefully we’ll learn a lot from that.”

 Mike Williams and Lee Chambers co-starters?

 “Lee played really well. Not that Mike didn’t fare well. But Lee played play well.  So we’re going to let them compete.”





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Go get'em coach Golden. The fan base supports you.

Please don't let Mcgee start, bench him.. he is crap... that long pass he got beat on cost us the game.

Love this guy.

You can see that Golden is really hurting after the loss. He knows he wins that game without the suspensions and now he has to face a really good team with at least 2 of his best players still suspended. It'going to be tough against OSU. I hope the 2 injured D-tackles are able to play in the game because UM really needs help at that position. The secondary will continue to be a real problem. The O-Line better pick it up.

Keep pressing forward Golden. The fumble for a td was real killer for us. But it was good to see how the 'depth' responded. I think we beat OSU this time.

Jalopy starting - back to being Thug U

so clearly jacory has pertty much always been better and stephen morris didnt play half bad. especially up until the last 3 drives we had


Puh-Lease. They were out coached just as much as we were outplayed. It toke over a quarter to cover a hitch route run over and over again! This is Maryland we're talking about here, Maryland ppl! No excuses.

Let'em know Golden AL!

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

CANEBOZZ and like-minded FAIR WEATHER Miami fans bloody well LIVE IN THE PAST too mUch!

So wake up and smell the java Hurricane bUbba's. This ain't vintage Miami circa 2002. Heck, this ain't even retro Miami 2005.

In other words, y'all FAIR WEATHER Hurricane fans would save y'all collective minds alot of angst, by being relatively objective with this current Miami squad, i.e., this Golden team is a 9-3 squad at best! U'all dig.

And I toUted the Turtle as being a dangerous A.C.C. opponent prior to the suspensions!

For instance, this same Hurricane with the suspended players on the synthetic turf last season, still needed a final two minute drive to narrowly defeat Maryland on the Canes home turf!

We'll be fine. The fumble for a TD, which is rare and the penalty when Miller got to the 2 yard line are what really hurt us. Defensively I feel with 3, Spence, Ojomo and Fortson coming back will help alot. Maryland will defeat alot of teams because they have Big Time QB. Without the penalties we would have won a close game.

CaneBoss...it's cool. This Miami team still almost won despite giving up 14 pts along with a depleted lineup. Jimmy Johnson didn't have a winning season during his first year coaching. I think Golden is the real deal so the Canes will be ok.

I'm praying for Harris on this one.

Hope he does it finally.

NO TURNOVERS!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Caneboss: I hear U: If I'm Golden, I'm holding constant meetings with Fisch, who looks like he's rapidly developing into Nix II. I think we got the right players in the right positions, but coaching decisions leave a lot to be desired. Miller is respected as one of the best RB's in the country, but U wouldn't know it in this offense.

Scheme-wise, U got to play Miller, James, and that Hagens kid a lot better. U got to get TE involved, too. I like what I see from Kehoe and the OL. From there, U allow Hurns, Benjamin, yes Streeter, Dorsett, Thompkins to take over. This is one of the best WR corps I've seen at UM. U got outcoached at Maryland. U think OSU didn't see that?

The Defense played good enough to win the game. Did they play great no, but did you really think they were going to shut down Maryland with the strength of the defense(the DL) missing it's starters? Until the Offense quits making turnovers, and stupid penalties. This is how the games will end. Close but no cigar.
I believe this team has the talent to play with anybody in the nation. They just are not good enough yet to win giving the other team 13 points. They need to play a perfect game against OSU to win. So come on Offense how about a perfect game and a win!

Hope we get a couple of the injured guys back by the OSU game. Also, did anyone else see that Davon Johnson has been moved to corner. He is fast and could be a factor if some guys get injured down the stretch.

Is it me, or does it seem like they asked Golden the same question 10 times?

What happened to Jermaine Johnson the OT?

Golden has my support. A world of difference in watching the "entitled" team last year, and watching this "hustle or get benched" team.

You are correct Mr. Johnson; over, and over, same softball question, same "he did a really great job; he's a fighter, improving every day..." response. What is Golden supposed to say? He's in a lose-lose situation with this so called "journalism." Dumb responses to dumb questions.

Not only was the d-line missing 3 starters from suspension but the back-up DT's(Porter & Robinson) were out with injury. That's 5 of the 8 first & second string d-line missing. That would've even hurt the loaded 2001 team...

Minus the best LB/Defensive MVP Spence & starting safety Ray Ray, forcing the best CB JoJo to play out of position. ANY DEFENSE MISSING ALL OF THAT WILL STRUGGLE. Relax people...

The defense didn't play well enough to win. They were good in the red zone, but the offense got a lead with 4 minutes to go and the defense could not stop Maryland. Maryland only had to punt once the entire game. That is not good enough to win.

Having said that, I think if there were no suspensions Miami would have won. That doesn't matter now though. Hopefully they will be ready for OSU. I'd like to see Chickillo play more. I thought he was effective. The DBs are my major concern. The line and LBs should be better with the returning players. Hopefully that will create more pressure and give the DBs more leeway. Hopefully this game will be like the Oklahoma game from 2 years ago. I don't feel good about it though...

If you take that many starters off ANY team they wont look good against a Conf. opponent. To bad we dont schedule like the bums in Gainesville. FAU, Citidel, Bumble-sticks U, etc. for our out of conference games, we would have 3 "games" to pad stats, work out kinks, and launch a LMILLER for Heisman parade

I have not been a noodle arm supporter after that fsu debacle last year and the bowl game. I for one will have to see the difference next Saturday. The first spring scrimmage I can say hand out Harris was no different than last year. Has golden gotten through, I hope so.
Yhe ole saying actions speak louder than words. Thought Morris did a good job Monday, comon noodle arm convince me you are better than that. Still an unbeliever.
Go U

no turnovers! no turnovers! no frickin turnovers!!!

By the way, what the freak is up with our freaking schedule!?!? Golden better make damn well sure we get a primer game like UF and FSU to work out the kinks in the rotations and teams. They were sloppy, unorganized, and confused. Until we win a game, I am not sold on golden, donofrio?, or fisch. Let's hope they get there heads out of there a s s and get it on track. Let's go CANES!!!

Golden has my support, but THROW IT TO THE DANG TIGHT ENDS for Heavens sake. The article says the TEs got 3 receptions. I counted 2. I lost my voice with Whipple to throw it to the TE, and now the Gay-Turd Fisch. Remember how successful we were offensively with Shockey and Winslow. We were 3 dementional. Is it Sept. 17th yet?


that's if he comes back...

Sickcane. Coaches don't do schedules AD's do and that is done 8-10 years out. By the way where were you when we played fsu first for several years????

U can tell by the new depth chart that if u don't perform, your place on the chart WILL change. Golden hasn't been with us for the last 5 years...u gotta give him a chance with players he did not recruit (for the most part).

Hypothetical....what if Jacory has a good game?

And that is the way it should be. It will take some time for things to get right but Golden is on the right track. Butch didn't look too good until he beat FSU in 2000 but we see what his end result was. These guys are gong to learn either U play the way U should or U sit down and somebody else takes your spot.

we had 12 players play their 1st collegiate game monday due to suspensions; 5 of 8 dlinemen on 2 deep were out; our leading receiver from last yr didnt play, nor did our starting qb. Could we have played better? Sure, but we only gave up 18 points missing half of our personal on defense. Lamar's fumble was costly, and the penalties, fumble, and int were sophomore mistakes by morris(and judging from this article jacory def. separates himself from morris). Relax and ignore the nay sayers and haters. We have 2 weeks to workout all the kinks, and get our DTs healthy. Not to mention everyone comes back except vernon and ray-ray. We were just stretched very thin on personnel and thrown into too much fire monday.

BTW ohio state gets 4 of its players reinstated this week, so we will play a good team sept 17. I have complete faith that Miami will undermine the maryland game by proving it on the field with the return of starters


Please don't let Mcgee start, bench him.. he is crap... that long pass he got beat on cost us the game.

Posted by: Cane305u | September 08, 2011 at 01:09 PM

actually brandon mcgee played well ..that play you are refering to is an example of them outcoaching us. He had just got hurt and had to walk off before half time. he was out then we he got back in they imediately went after him, and obviously he was alittle gimp and couldnt use his true speed. when they kicked their final feild goal we should have called to to leave about 2:30 seconds w/ one to left ... then we coul;d have ran the ball some on our final drive. we got great field position but we want to throw four consecutive pass plays in the rain... thats why it got picked .. we should have ran the ball that entire drive.. thats why we were saving thos to.s i thought .. we need to run 4wide single back sets more.

You guys are clueless. I studied the qb play in the maryland game. The offensive playcalling had nothing to do with it. Morris just didnt make the right reads. He missed a bunch of underneath routs and a play to chase ford on that fourth down that would have helped us. Jesus, on top of that if morris connects with lamar miller on the wheel route you guys are sitting here praising Fisch.

Fans are funny last years team was expected to win the acc with an inexperienced oline with at least two teams better than them on on side of the division. Now with golden we are rebuilding.lol If we had been playing a soft zone all game why go to man at the end with no pressure? Last year against maryland didnt we have 2 picks for six and won. We got a bogus call against us when we caused and returned a fumble and still won. hitch routes and swing passes killed us. Like endsal said that game should have been over with before it started. i guess a fair weather fan is calling it like U see it.


I agree with Cane 305u. Mcgee is a 2nd string CB at a BCS school. He is also, by appearances Mon night, far and away our best cover corner. We don't have doo at CB. So don't go running off Brandon. At least he was on the guy's hip. Mike Willims sux. And, pardon to Coach, I did not see Chambers' value. He looked lost. Hopefully JoJo can shone at CB against OSU (hopin' for a safety to become a great CB is most likely dreamin').

Mike james had a mediocre game. Not many people have pointed that out and blame it mostly on morris. Seriously. He fumbled and gained 1-3 yds per carry. No big gains

Mcgee got schooled last yr against fu as well


If Williams is the best we have on the corner we're in serious trouble!! Very serious trouble!! Softest corner in D-1!! OSU hangs 50!

Die hard long time Canes fan. Butch Davis took several years to create the greatest team of all time (w/ Coker coaching). Let's be realistic, Miami will likely win against Bethune Cookman and Duke. Will likely lose the rest (to varying degrees). Once Golden gets all the players he recruits on board, the engine will get fired up. Until then, he's dealing with athletically gifted players w/o the benefit of the required attention to detail to avoid costly mistakes, year after year, game after game. Northwestern "#1" class has just been bust. It will just take time and we need to be patient...

McGee is still young, he'll get better. That was a perfect deep ball, what's the kid supposed to do? At least he was able to make the tackle.

Less than 0 faith in Jacory...

Morris will QB this team against OSU. I just hope we're still in the game when it happens.

Tally would U stop saying the same bullSh@t over and over again. The defensive coordinator made the adjustment after the first qtr. And give the racial undertones a rest as well. This is a rebuilding job. It takes time to build our program back after the last two hatchet jobs done by the previous head coaches. There is talent on this team to win the ACC title but the guys have to learn how to win first. This is just like the first few years under Butch. Some of U nimrods act like the world came to an end after this loss that was close. Do you honestly think and have any credible evidence that we would have been in better shape under Shannon or Coker?
And Junk try and have some faith in Jacory. Maybe the kid has got it together. I know, he hasn't done anything to suggest he will be different by his history but U never know. Man I wish that Williams kid could get cleared.

Some of you "so called fans" have no clue about football. I like Morris but he only looks at one side of the field. Fisch called a good game but penalties and misreads by Morris cost us points. The only concerns on this team is mainly on defense. Teh offense can score only if they stop killing themseves.

As for the coaches, Coach D did not adjust quick enough to Maryland's offense, which only threw quick passes and screens for the majority of the game. Holding a team to one punt the entire game is not going to get it. I like Golden but I wish he use his time-outs a little better. A timeout should have been called on Maryland's first drive to make adjustments on the defense. We couldn't sub bc they were in a no huddle...CALL A TIMEOUT!!!!

Remember that we have to schedule our games around the Marlin's schedule...thats why we dont play the "cup cake teams" at home in the first week.

its the qbs who decide who to throw the ball to. it is obvious golden thought after talking to coaches and everyone teh issue getting team lined up was morris fault its why he went with jacory.

that said team does need to stop stupid penalties and turnovers. oh and this team didnt have the fight the team we saw monday had last year theyd of rolled over and lost 49-0 not made it a game .

that is the diffrence coaching can make we lost yes but in the end the team faught till game was over and were missing 8 players on d from teh 2 deep.

while i have secondary concerns im not concerned with the front 7

I am very hopeful after the Maryland game. The defnse settled down after the first 2 drives. The team did not quit. The special teams played surprisingly well. Lamar and Hagens played very well. Buchanan and Telemaque played very well.

The offensive penalties were horrible. The
Mike James fumble and runback was a bad break in poor wheather.

The return of the defensive players should really help. I hope the team is able to put pressure on the opposing QB's by having a solid rush and utilizing the blitz.

I think Golden knows what he is going, the team is well conditioned and showed they had heart.

It was a game that could have been won with the players that Miami had available but the penalties and turnovers were oo much to overcome.

I also think Miami would have played better on a dry football field.

I have no problem with the play calls by the OC.Morris elected not to use the tightends.
I was surprised that no "trick plays" were called in tight situations. A good time for a "trick play" would have bee after the Lamar run to the 3 yard line was called back.

I think you have to get the tight ends more touches.

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