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Seantrel worked out today and Jacory was asked about public criticism

There was big news today at Canes practice -- big as in 6-8 and 345 pounds.

Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson walked off the practice field into the areas where reporters gather to wait for interviews. He dropped his yellow jersey (designated for injured players) and shoulder pads onto the ground and put that large body into an even larger tub of ice water.

Henderson had back surgery Aug. 8 and back then, the prognosis was not great. Some, including insiders among the UM staff, believed he might miss the entire season. But Wednesday he worked out on a limited basis, and Canes fans should be rejoicing. The UM O-line has already gotten better after some switches for Ohio State, and if Henderson should actually get back into the lineup this season, just think how much more dominant it could be.

"He worked out today with full gear on,'' UM coach Al Golden said of Henderson Wednesday. "I know he was excited. "He's in the ice. Takes the whole tub. We'll see how he reacts tomorrow and go from there.''

When asked the difference between "working out" and practicing, Golden said, "Practicing is a different animal. The fact that he lost so much weight is really going to help him with his conditioning.

 "He'll be able to do even more and more and more Friday and more Saturday and we'll just keep going. We expect him back next week.''
Henderson was slated to play left tackle before this season, but Golden said Tuesday that where Henderson ends up on the line depends on the progression of the other linemen. Brandon Washington moved from right to left tackle for Ohio State.
As for quarterback Jacory Harris, the man this O-line aims to protect, he spoke to the media Wednesday. And, as usual, the "i" word came up. Harris threw two interceptions against Ohio State on Saturday, and explained he is blocking out public criticism.
"I really don't care about what's thought about outside as long as within this program they still believe in me, still trust in me. I know that decisions could have been made different. I'm not really worried about it. People say whatever they want to say."
Is it tougher to block out mistakes because they're talked about so much?
"Not at all. [I'm] still the same person. I know that those are things that can be corrected. If I just do what I'm told then they won't be there.''
Harris was pleased with how he managed the game and that the team obviously came out with a victory. "That's all that matters at the end of the day.''



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Hang in there J12. Obviously your the leader of this team.


Harris can't correct the fact that he has a weak arm, let's acknowledge that and start morris already. Enough is enough, stop living in denial people.

Denial - isn't that in Egypt? The starting team we see Saturday is not going to be the same starting team in three weeks. Players will play themselves in or out of starting spots. Quicker decisions and not a weak arm seem to be the issue.

Agree with DAaa U.

Jacorry- You've had 3-4 yrs to "correct" a lot of your problems: bad decisons, chuking it up for grabs, inability to read off or look off safeties, telegraphing your throws, not running when you should have, not throwing the ball away, not checking down in your progressions, not throwing to the TEs enough, being too skinny and not gaining muscle weight, being lazy and content with your off season training, and a weak arm.

You have imporved minimally in some of these things. How can I say that?

a) yor 4 ints during the spring scrimmage
b) your 2 ints against OSU

You still havent done anything that makes me feel otherwise. believe me, I thought by the talk from Golden and Fisch, that you were a different QB. NOPE> Same thing. Thankfully, th ebetter Oline, better D, and hugely imporved runninggame bailed you out.

FIU fans- please win something before you begin chanting that you are better than UM. Please. It makes you all sound ignaant.

With Jacory at qb, every team we play knows we can not throw it down the field. We are compartmentalizing the offense as long as he remains. Every team will know it's either a toss or a short pass. That is not an explosive offense, it's a predictable one, and it will backfire on us sooner than later. The defense can't carry us all season, wake up people!

Look I feel for Jacory but he cant change the fact that he has a weak arm, if that db intercepts in the second half its a different ball game and who knows what the outcome would have been. He made one good decision when he ran for a first down. K State is a good defensive team and any mistakes against them will be costly. Lets be real if Ohio St had a decent QB we might have lost that game because of those 2 interceptions he threw.

Jacory was trying his hardest to give that game away...he was dying to do it... don't forget,if I remember correctly, osu dropped a couple of them also.....

JInt's should care what "people" say. Yeah, the team still trusts him (don't completely believe that either)however, the "people" are the ones buying tickets to the game. You need people in the stands that believe in you as QB as much as the team does. He looks the exact same today as he looked the day he got to the U. Thank goodness for his upcoming graduation. Seems the only way to get rid of him. MORRIS2012!!!

A good offensive coordinator will build his offencearound the skills of his players. Jacory does not have a strong arm, but he is very mobile. The o.c. should put some qb draws and options in the offence. Also a few screen passes and reverses would not hurt. Open up the offence and see what happens.

He is the man until the coach says other wise. So stop crying and complaining and support your team as a whole including Jacory. If this your team, encourage the man instead of tearing him down.

Everyone is a football analyst now. SMH. LOL Stick to your Day Job.

Go buy tickets in J12 we trust. Jacory will b fine, let's talk about how he managed the game and the 2 good throws he made.

@Robert Chester Yes indeed...LOL!

If JH "would do what I m told" from day one.....no one would be saying negative things about his play at this time.This is his 4th year.So he s kind of full of it there.Who s he kidding?We all can see.Despite his state of denial...he still plays mentally weak and is clueless what to do with the football when he is under pressure.....ESPECIALLY AT CRITICAL TIMES IN THE GAME.That is unforgivable.Just throw it away or drop down man.2 choices to minimize damage control during any play.You have not yet figured that out man.NOT YET.THAT S THE WHOLE POINT JH.4 years to get it??????Come on now.

For all those dumb enough to still support jacory please tell me what round you see him being drafted in????????????????????

Ok we talk bout JH long enough we all knows he sucks. He has played the same as he did as a freshman no progress.
Now lets talk defense
We havent been good on defense since 05. Linebackers and d-line r 2 small. Stop worryin bout speed and get bigger. We havent stop the run in years and havent caused to's in years. Solution put some of those ends at linebacker offensive linemen at dtackles. Trust me it will be different. Golden will start getting these players thevsize they need to b but for right now lets try that. We havent put any pressure on the qb yet this year or stop the run. Db's r just young do that gonna take time. Chick perryman and finnie hurns gonna b monsters.

Go canes!!!

If anyone is dumb Dolemite it is you. Don't you think all fans want JH to play perfect every game.I am not thrilled with his play, and no I do not think he has gotten better. As for a NFL QB I would not bet on it. He is however our starting QB. I have not set through training sessions with him. I am not out on the practice field watching and talking to him, but the coaches are. The coaches are playing the guys they think have proven they can help the team win. There for I support him instead of complaining and acting like I know more than the coaching staff. You can type your negative stuff all you want. It is not going to change anything. Calling people dumb because they choose to support their team and QB is dumb.

I believe in this staff, but I must admit everytime JH drops back I cringe with worry. He now has 6 ints against one team, OSU. I'm not understanding what it is- that makes them believe Jacory gives us the best chance to win. Its time to move to the future with Morris's stronger Arm, escape ability and a for sure less ints "per game". Man can't wait for Shantrel to get back. Running and passing should be 80 yards each better per game.

It's been pretty evident all along that Coach Golden has tagged JH as his QB regardless of whatever "competition" has supposedly existed. Coach basically confirmed that when he scrapped his proposed 3 practice competition/evaluation period after the Md. game. That has probably been the coach's only really noticeable faux pas since assuming his position. Should have gone forward with the comepetition even if he knew Jacory was going to be the QB. Now, he almost can't switch because he'll look foolish.

The eye test tells the fan that, despite whatever shortcomings Morris may or may not have, he's still their best option. My guess is that Jacory is the coach's choice because in the future, he wants his OWN QB, whether it's someone on the current roster or his own recruit. If Morris is the 2011 QB, that almost guarantees that he is the future incumbent. By naming Jacory QB, that ensures that next year's QB will definitely be the result of a true competition and will be 100% Golden's choice.

Jacory may be the better leader (experience being the difference), but there is no comparison in the skill areas. Morris is the better thrower and runner and experience will make him better in the other areas.

Worst Fans Ever!!
This is why kids from Miami chose to play in Columbus, Gainesville and Baton Rouge where they'll be supported instead of playing here. With fans like you who needs enemies?

You guys suck monkey nuts,
Go Canes!

Why don't all of you nattering nabobs of negativity give the kid a chance. Do you think Coach Golden doesn't know what he's doing? It was Jacory's first game in nine months. Give him a break, it's not like he lost the game. I thought he looked pretty good. With a couple of games under his belt I believe he'll return to his earlier form, and I don't agree he has a noodle arm.

Let us enjoy the win.....
If you believe in Coach G then let him decide..on Joe Rose he said as plainly as possible " I make the decisions, and I Play the best person to give us a chance to win.. the CHOICE starts and ends with ME". If it is Jacory all the wringing of hands will not change anything...
Give Coach Golden some Credit and STOP secondguessing and nitpicking..Support the team. Enjoy the "W"'s and act as if we could accomodate some young stud quarterbacks that may be looking at the "U"... If you were a 4 or 5 Star QB would you consider the "U" after all this mess... and don't forget WE WON..

I say play Joke-ory and let him work out all the INTs.
Heck, Um won against OSU in spite of him.
It won't make a difference who the QB is when UM plays good teams.
Enjoy the few wins you will get in the next few weeks.

I agree Dubz!!!! These 'fans' should just root for FSU and be done with it.

Never satisfied....never. Can't even enjoy a win. But you get used to it after a while.

dole-A DORK-mite and his HATING minions ( CANEZ1 for instance. ) should fly away to the other Cane football blogs. CANESPACE and or E.O.T.H. anyone.

Because the vast majority of these dole- A DORK- mite henchmen, but not all, are nothing but SIMPLE SIMON haters!

And, as for this oUtsider. I'll heed the GOLDEN WORD of Coach Albert!

...That is not an explosive offense, it's a predictable one, and it will backfire on us sooner than later. The defense can't carry us all season, wake up people!

Posted by: Dolemite

Dolemite, I can agree with you that a predictable is a praecipe for disaster down the line. However, J12 is the reason for such outcome. Com'on brah, Morris does not exude the confidence in his teammates to let ride this Lambroghini, maybe if this was a well oiled Mustang, I'd trust Morris. But do you want to see the team bogged down as in USF? If Morris goes in, he'd get pulled. Better save that pulling for J12... if he repeats his old self. Otherwise, J12 gives canes best chance to win. See Dolemite, we can agree on what gives the Canes best chance, can we?

Some of you folks (if in fact an adult) on this board are brain dead. If your argument to start SM over J12 is based on a stronger arm, how does that fact limit or prevent any interceptions? The most efficient, productive, skilled player for us (the “U”) came from a tall, skinny, and weak armed QB (Ken Dorsey - KD11). It is not about arm strength, it is about development, play calling, and confidence. When KD11 played for the “U”, he was afforded these elements and performed beyond all expectations. Given that J12 is in a place where play calling has improved, development is progressing, and confidence is increasing; J12 will perform well this season when all is said and done. SM is not the answer for this team (this year), stronger arm or not. At the college level, I would take KD11 over Jim Kelly, Vinny, or Erickson any day; you can take the strong arms.

dole-A DORK-mite and his HATING minions ( CANEZ1 for instance. ) should fly away to the other Cane football blogs. CANESPACE and or E.O.T.H. anyone.

Because the vast majority of these dole- A DORK- mite henchmen, but not all, are nothing but SIMPLE SIMON haters!

And, as for this oUtsider. I'll heed the GOLDEN WORD of Coach Albert!

Posted by: macjones | September 21, 2011 at 04:17 PM

MacJones, Bon Journay!

Where rock have you been hiding under? No canespace, no EOTH postings for you??!! Anyway, Dolemite is no outside, just swinger & gambler who one too many dollars on Harris!!?? Ain't but so much the heart can take? I never put my money on Harris & the U, unlike Dolemite & Canez1, but Harris has just my active fan support.

As for Harris Football career beyond the U, I guarantee a long career for J12, and that includes north of the border CFL, as well.

Man why you don't post your French, or whatever creole Cajun French that was?

Here we go again. The naysayers criticizing J12. The same J12 who beat out the weak Marve years ago. J12 simply throws a lot. When U do that there will be interceptions. Anybody care to talk about where J12 stands on the all-time touchdown passing list?

As far as will J12 play in NFL: Yes he will. If Teblow can play in NFL and out of position, then so can J12. I say beat Kansas St and not look back.

Enough already!!! Morris will get his chance. Yea he floats passes sometimes. But they get there.

U need to be concerned about DL, LB's, DB's and what the second coming of Nix isn't doing.

Cool cat- Being realistic and speaking the truth is being a naysayer then I'm an e--fenn naysayer.

J12 throws a lot? How many times did he pass on saturday? But I dont care if he throws the rock 60 times, but throws 4 ints, including 2 pick sixes and we lose the game.... He s-ks!

we'd love him if he threw the ball 60 times, for 500 yds, 3 picks, but still won. Yet, marve or no Marve, jacorry's college career at Miami: 7-6, 9-4, 7-6, and 0-3 in bowls.

NO he will not make it into the NFL unless you consider being an NFL scout being in the NFL:

for several reasons:

a) He has a weak a55 arm.
b) He cant read defenses
c) He cant think fast on his feet
d) His record of picks. The NFL hates int-prone QBs

By the way, by this time, Dorsey was 1-34

Cane89: What U just said about Dorsey bothers me to no end. But I realize U are misinformed, so I'm going to give U a pass and try to control my vitriol.

Dorsey was the biggest bust ever to play at UM. He won because people like Magahee, Johnson, Shockey, Wilfork, Vilma, Winslow, McKiney, Portis, Gore, Reed, Rolle — should I go on? were on that team.

I did not like Dorsey then and still don't. Jim Kelly is the best ever QB out of UM. Please don't forget this. Dorsey was so bad that the 49ers drafted him in the 7th round because he was a native Californian and they felt sorry for him. Get your facts straight before U disseminate mistruths. Each of the above is destined for Hall. Where's Dorsey?

Jacory's problem is not arm strength, it's the fact that he holds the ball too long. Both of those picks would have been completions if he threw the ball on time, he had one on one coverage but he waited too long and his receiver outran his arm. This is a sure sign of not being confident in the throw. I guess I don't blame him either when the entire state of Miami is ready to lynch him after every game. Jacory is not the best quarterback we have had but we need to support the decision of the coach and support Jacory or he will continue to hesitate on down the field throws. He is human and even when he says he is not listening to the fans comments you know he is! I agree with some of the people on this blog, with fans like some of you, who would want to play here. Especially when half of you don't even attend the games, so in short, leave the negativity or get off this blog. GO CANES, Crush K-STATE

I am hoping the decision is made VERY SOON to replace Miller on K returns. Seem's very risky with a rusher that has the ability to carry this team through the season. Has to be someone capable enough, Clements, Dorsett???

If he could play for F$U it would be something..as far as Jacory..if he throws 2 int's and is not pulled, we are in deep doodooo..He's a senior and the learning curve is over.

Ken dorsey has a losing record against ostate and we finally beat them and you all are still complaining. As bad as our run defense looks please comment on that.

Ken Dorsey was a big huge
QB that got bigger and bigger as he went
on and won a National Championship here in Miami right?
Some of you fools don't have a clue !! Where the real Cane fans
@ ???? All you fake fans it don't hurt to jump offthe ban waggon
so just get to steppin !!! Cane till my last breath !!!

Lets stop talking about JH, and start talking about our weak ass defense.

We r 2 small at linebacker and d-line. But blame that to our past coaches(Coker and Shannon). We neva had a food diet plan for these guys and they were always tired during the course of the games.

Thanks to our new Coach the Golden Era has arrived. We r now eating right as players but we want see the real results til next year. Secondly ore secondary is 2 young but they will improve throughout the season.

4-1 heading to VTech gm and i c us losing 4 games this year. Its a process folks, so lets stop bashing our Canes and support them.

All Bout TheU

mark it down!!!

UConn and Notre Dame to the ACC by this weekend.

Listen to me............

Lol you people that comment on this site are truely ignorant.. If you have never played football passed 5th grade please stop throwing your two cents in.. that's why you are on ur butt watching the games from home. If coaching was easy everyone would do it.. if playing the in the ACC were easy everyone would do it. How bout if ur a canes fan you support this team and Jacory. I would like to see 95% of you go read a defense and make a pass perfect for 4 quarters. U people need a reality check.. Let's dominate for Kansas State. Its All About The U

Sounds like a lot of you should apply for the head coaching job... Golden is playing J12, not because he is Ken Dorsey, but because J12 is the best he's got right now.

His record of picks. The NFL hates int-prone QBs

Posted by: Best cfb program the last 32 years |

>>>Yet Rex Grossman is still in the league and starting..very inconsistent IDIOT.

I know that Harris has shortcomings, but he still gives the team the best chance at winning. He audibled out of some bad plays at the line of scrimmage that turned into some big plays. Miller's first run was called by Harris at the line. The original play from the bench was a pass. Morris is not quite ready to make these calls yet. If and when Golden becomes afraid for him to throw down field to loosen up a defense, Morris will take over. He's not going to let defenses keep 8 men in the box on a regular basis.

Best cfb program the last 32 years. The NFL hates int-prone QBs 2010-11 Eli Manning 25 int. Brett Favre 19.

chokeorry is doing his thing again.. choking... with him at qb we have no chance at beating vt, nc, or gt.. al these teams have played against him and know he will choke... chokeorry do us a favor and throw some more ints so u can be benched all year... go canes

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

You hate Ken Dorsey? You're hopeless.

Manny: Any word on Porter and Robinson. We need DT depth. OSU ran it right up the gut on us way too easy.

Look - Dorsey had a weak arm but was able to compensate by playing the system and making great decisions. Jacory - follow Ken Dorsey's example!

Who's the coach of the Canes? Golden.

Who designs the offense and watches the players practice? Golden and his coaches.

Who knows who the better QB is to help team win? Golden.

Who makes the decisions on who starts? Golden.

So this is the stupidest debate that's like a freaking zombie that won't f*cking die like it should.

Get the F*CK over it, you don't know sh*t about the inside info on the Canes, you don't know Sh*T about coaching college football, you don't have the head coach job at The U....

So STFU about who should start at QB and just show up to the home games and open your mouth there.

Go Canes or Go THE F*CK HOME!!!!!


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