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Seantrel worked out today and Jacory was asked about public criticism

There was big news today at Canes practice -- big as in 6-8 and 345 pounds.

Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson walked off the practice field into the areas where reporters gather to wait for interviews. He dropped his yellow jersey (designated for injured players) and shoulder pads onto the ground and put that large body into an even larger tub of ice water.

Henderson had back surgery Aug. 8 and back then, the prognosis was not great. Some, including insiders among the UM staff, believed he might miss the entire season. But Wednesday he worked out on a limited basis, and Canes fans should be rejoicing. The UM O-line has already gotten better after some switches for Ohio State, and if Henderson should actually get back into the lineup this season, just think how much more dominant it could be.

"He worked out today with full gear on,'' UM coach Al Golden said of Henderson Wednesday. "I know he was excited. "He's in the ice. Takes the whole tub. We'll see how he reacts tomorrow and go from there.''

When asked the difference between "working out" and practicing, Golden said, "Practicing is a different animal. The fact that he lost so much weight is really going to help him with his conditioning.

 "He'll be able to do even more and more and more Friday and more Saturday and we'll just keep going. We expect him back next week.''
Henderson was slated to play left tackle before this season, but Golden said Tuesday that where Henderson ends up on the line depends on the progression of the other linemen. Brandon Washington moved from right to left tackle for Ohio State.
As for quarterback Jacory Harris, the man this O-line aims to protect, he spoke to the media Wednesday. And, as usual, the "i" word came up. Harris threw two interceptions against Ohio State on Saturday, and explained he is blocking out public criticism.
"I really don't care about what's thought about outside as long as within this program they still believe in me, still trust in me. I know that decisions could have been made different. I'm not really worried about it. People say whatever they want to say."
Is it tougher to block out mistakes because they're talked about so much?
"Not at all. [I'm] still the same person. I know that those are things that can be corrected. If I just do what I'm told then they won't be there.''
Harris was pleased with how he managed the game and that the team obviously came out with a victory. "That's all that matters at the end of the day.''



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I'm good with whatever player Coach decides to start. EVERY 'Cane who steps on the field gets my full support.


More trolls with 1242 post.
Jokecorey is a horrible option and after three years of being an interception machine do not expect that to change. Can't wait for Saturday and every time noodle arm goes back to pass hold my breath. New drinking game, every time
jokecorey throws an interception you chug a beer. At least by half time your numbed to the fact he is awful.

And Donna prima Donna needs to go

Hey Junk, Cat's just stupid. The problem isn't as much Jacory's lack of arm strenght as much as it is his timing. He throws the ball too late and doesn't have the necessary arm strength to get the ball there as Morris does. Steve Walsh and Dorsey neither had great arm strength but they compensated by throwing the ball on time and were much smarter QB's. Morris is our best QB without a doubt and if the int's by Harris continue he will be the guy this year. From what I'm gathering had Ryan Williams been granted the waiver to play this year neither Morris or Harris would be playing.

Cool cat: i know you are a racist malcom x fantic. Only a blck panther wannabe like you would ever compare harris and dorsey. Are you effing serious?

2000- dorsey as a sophomore. Second start after winning a bowl in 1999 after overrated kenny kelly is benched. Goes 11-1 and beats UF in the sugar bowl. #2

2001- field general of the best cfb of all time. 12-0

2002- has the nc stolen. Didnt play his best game, but neithr did the defense, as the d allowed a 4th and 14 completion and a ref stole our nc 12-1

Dorsey is a bust? Are you serious or just talking about nfl performance, because in that case, only jim kelly was worth talking aouy, and maybe vinnie, who never won a nc as a starter and in fact lost a nc when he threw 5 ints against penn state.

Cool cat i know you hate white people. I dont hate j12, but he dosnt compare to dorsey.

Jacorry has lost the 3 last bowls miami has gone to. Even kirby freeman won the last bowl um won in 2006,

J12 will be fine. Leave him alone. Plus stop with this whole Morris thing. How do you know he will even be the Qb next year. He will have to play lights outs to beat out Williams next year anywys.

Thought Jacory did many good things. However, 2 Ints are not included in that conclusion.

I'd like to see the guy more upset with bonehead plays! Come on, man, show some passion to win!

That said, I hope Jacory has a great game against K-State. And, let's welcome the Brown bros. to Sun Life with a huge win!

It is nice to have a forum to discuss U issues. As much as I hate to say, most teams in the SEC can run U off the field. Watch replay of Clemson v. Auburn, then decide for yourself. Probably same for any A(tlantic)C(upcake)C(conference)teams. Yes Nole fans, includes your team.

Ok, what hurt the most? The ints last week or all the stupid penalties when Morris was in there? A string arm doesn't make a QB...

Ok, what hurt the most? The ints last week or all the stupid penalties when Morris was in there? A string arm doesn't make a QB...

Date Line Sunday 10/16/2011 9:00 AM
Canes beat UNC in a close game a week after barely beating VT, both away games, and are 5-1. Canes now have the edge for the Coastal Championship. Jacory Harris continues to get vicerated in the blogs because of his "noodle arm" and late throws. Ray Ray, Oliver, Porter, Dye and Henderson shine, along with Spence, Forston and Ojomo. Receivers have no drops again, special teams keep doing a great job and the running games is averaging 180 pg. They say JH is being carried by the D, O Line, receivers and running backs. "We want Steve Morris" they say because he has a rocket arm and can beat JH in the 40.. .

What's up Championships! Too bad about Ryan Williams, I really wanted to see if he could play this season. Williams and Morris would've been a good competition at QB. It was important to get Morris reps this year. I guess Jacory has Tebow-like intangibles.

Jacory is so frustrating to watch, he almost ruins game for me. I'll never forget watching the USF game on a flight with a USF alum. He was nervous about the last drive and I said - don't worry our QB will throw a pick. Thanks Jacory.

Some great comments above (the positive ones)! Support the players, support whoever is under center, support Jacory, support the team, and realize that you are NOT Al Golden, you don't know the interworkings of this team like he does. Stop spewing venom and SUPPORT THIS TEAM, ALL OF THEM, J12 INCLUDED! As long as Golden keeps him under center he IS OUR MAN! What part of this don't you negative naysayers get?????

enough with the denial, jacory is not the man to lead the program, he's not the same jacory who beat florida state and georgia tech his sophmore year, his mind has gone completely out of whack and I would be completely mind blown if he doesn't throw two more int's vs. K-state, lamar miller can't do it all and the passing game is ineffective.

westcoastcane, yes al golden runs the team and has chosen jacory because he's the senior, but do not thing jacory is gonna finish out the season, jacory is a very stable quarterback but unfortunately his stability is the ints, he will keep throwing ints and eventually golden will go with morris

Tell it like it is WWC....GO CANES!!!!!!

Poor cane "fans'
Half of you hate Joke-ory
The other half hates Morris
You are all correct
Both Jacory Morris suck, one name, same lame QB, for different reasons they both suck.
Your only bright spot is Lamar, once you play a good team he will not be enough.
Whoever mentions Jacory and NFL in the same sentence is beyond delusional. Remember Pat White, where is he now. He was avery good college QB, NFL failure. Jacory is a very bad college QB, no chance @ NFL, unless the Fins take him, I would hope they learned their lesson.
Your season will be same as last year, and the one before, only good thing is your upcoming bowl ban, saves another embarrassement.

I dont hate either J12 or Morris. Neither has shown enough CONSISTENT leadership. Games are won and then games are lost frustratingly by...INTS! Ok, 2009, 2010 we werent going to run the table, but the bowl game againt Wiskie, the rain game against VTech, the ints against Virginia, the loss against FSU, the loss against OSU, the loss against USF. I mean it is maddening. Sure, this is a team sport and you cant just blame jacorry or Morris, but many of these games were lost by the pure ineptutude of these Qbs, which not only copuldnt move the team downfield, but turned the ball over with stoopid INTS.

I'm still hopeful jacorry can settle in and win more games, especially big games. We beat OSu, but it should have been bigger. the 2 its were drive killers when Um could have put them away early. He gets all jittery, greedy, and starts throwing dead ducks.

Go ahead cool cat- blame it on the recievers now! Or the O-line. bottom line is that the first int, when he rolled out on play action, he had lots of time, and bam! INT!


10 years, you need remedial school. When you dropped out of 5th grade, you missed significant education especially with respect to English grammar and usage.

What is this word: C_T?

You are probably one of those GAMEFLY dweebs. A product of a bankrupt public education system. But I bet you are good at the role-playing and fighter games.

Jacory has a good arm. His problem is that he makes late reads and it causes him to get picked. It was his first game of the season and it was Ohio State. Last I checked there defense is ranked in the top 10 in the country. Let's give him at least a couple of games before we go saying he's bad and haven't improved.

To the supposed "canes fans" who are here to trash Jacory need to re-read my post r-e-a-l s-l-o-w and us those skills your 3rd grade teach taught you about reading comprehension. After you're done reading, try to come up with some sentences that supports our team and coaches as they are.

Coach Golden (AKA The Second Coming of Jimmy Johnson) has decided that Jacory is the best horse he's got to win the races with. So read my post again and get it through your thick-a*s skulls:


Who's the coach of the Canes? Golden.

Who designs the offense and watches the players practice? Golden and his coaches.

Who knows who the better QB is to help team win? Golden.

Who makes the decisions on who starts? Golden.

Get the F*CK over it.

YOU don't know sh*t about the inside info on the Canes
YOU don't know Sh*T about coaching college football
YOU don't have the head coach job at The U

So STFU about who should start at QB and just show up to the home games and open your mouth there.

Go Canes or Go THE F*CK HOME!!!!!


Westcoast. Read this real slow, your style shows that you need to get a grip. Read this slowly, we don't agree and our points are as valid as yours. So be quiet, jokecorey is a disaster. No matter how much you say it, he gets no better. Your opinion is just that your opinion.

Get rid of SHALALALALALA now

It is nice to have a forum to discuss U issues. As much as I hate to say, most teams in the SEC can run U off the field. Watch replay of Clemson v. Auburn, then decide for yourself. Probably same for any A(tlantic)C(upcake)C(conference)teams. Yes Nole fans, includes your team.

Posted by: cane68 | September 22, 2011 at 05:17 AM

Curse68, You want to use Clemson versus Auburn to show SEC dominance?

I recall that Clemson beat the SEC Champs by two TDs, after spotting them a two TD lead.

386 yards and 4 tds against that unbeatable Auburn(ed) defense.

Okay, let's use that, it shows me an ACC also-ran can beat the SEC's best.

Great suggestion Curse.

Anyone notice that Jumbo Ficher didn't rush out to see about the kid who could have possibly been paralyzed? This is the man you want your kids to play for? He has no concern for the welfare of these kids and that was evident by his actions. Action speaks louder than words.

I am a supporter of both J12 and S17 but let me get this straight.

Many of you want to bench J12 due to an interception he almost threw in a game we one against OSU... to replace him with S17 who did throw an interception that lost us the game to Maryland.

Am I the only one that thinks this sounds crazy.

Just keep winning, every game on the schedule is winnable, I'll take the wins even if they come with five int's a game.

Thats the problem, cane 25. I would as well. Gino torreta thew lots of ints, so did vinnie, but tehy won 9, 10, 11games a yr and played for ncs. J12 throws a lot, has ints, but his ints lose games that we sould have wrapped up!

I drove 11 hours to be there and now have nightmares that J12 almost lost that game for us. He had his chance. I think he is trying to break the record for the most INT's in FCS history.

Cane1906. The interception happened when we were already behind and the receiver was out of position. Jokecorey threw two while ahead cost us momentum and we won in spite of him.

Anyone with 2 eyes can see that Harris is not starting QB material (No need to explain the painfully obvious). I say that we start fresh and bench Harris for Morris, wear the throwback uniforms from the late 80's and early 90's, get everyone fired up and get back to kicking some ass, being feared and leaving destruction in our wake. Go Canes!!!

use nice language, people from Kansas are reading this week!

FACT: Harris threw 2 picks vs Ohio State.

FACT: Harris had 2 other picks in the final drive dropped by the def.

FACT: Thats 4 picks he would have thrown vs Ohio St.

FACT: This proves he's the same exact player he has been in prev. years.

wow everyone is so upset such language.
well im not a big j12 fan but its the coaches pick. maybe ill send him some whey protein to help bulk him up. Dorsey was a great qb for the U. Montana the best NFL qb. both were actually known for weak arms the difference was brains. and Dorsey never really got a chance in the NFL going from SF to Detroit to Cleveland when they were devoid of talent.Dorsey now is a scout for Cleveland and still makes more money than most of us.

Five Titles.
Thanks. I needed that.
Somehow,I can not place Clemson in ACC.
Otherwise, my point remains.

nice showing by NC state. Then they'll go beat Clemson or georgia tech or such

I think Jacory is great, and he has a cool name too!

Dare I say it; NC THIS YEAR for the Canes!

11 (including bowl game)...thats the amount of games we have left until Jacrappy Harris has exhausted his eligibility at Miami. The countdown has begun. I will be dancing in the streets when this kid is gone!

Joke-ory sucks, a senior who gets worse every game.
The fact that Golden Boy says he is the best option can only mean one of two things.
Either Morris is much worse, or Golden is not the genius you homers paint him to be.
Either way things will get much more amusing after the next 2 or more pick game that you lose. It is coming, you all know that deep inside.

Hey VOS, nice countdown, but did you say bowl game? What bowl game would that be? You already played your Suspension Bowl, that's it for a while now.

Morris vs Maryland 19/28 195yds 0 td 2 int 1 int for a td
Harris vs Ohio State 16/23 123yds 2td 2int... no ints for td.

Ohio State has a much better defense than Maryland. Morris had a chance to beat Maryland and gave it away with an interception. Harris managed the game against OSU and won. Thanks, I'll agree with Golden and keep J12.

Maryland has a good QB
OSU has no QB
Should have blown out OSU
Won the game in spite of poor QB play, the opponent could not score

Ahhh back again boys what's up?

I read that some people here say that OSU has no QB. Well that can be said but is it really that they have no QB or they do not have receivers that can catch a ball when it hits them in both of their hands??

Or could it be that we had an almost 100% defensive line that had 2 sacks (first sacks for OSU this season)? Not trying to take away from Chickillo coming in as a true freshman and recording his first sack. He was playing for starting defensive end Olivier Vernon who was suspended. Chickillo played like the Canes of Old. Loved it.

Or was it the deflected (thanks Spence) a pass that went into Jojo's outstretched hands.

The defensive line held their own that night giving constant pressure to the QB's of OSU to the point that they had to abandon their passing game completely and stick to the run offense because it was the only thing that was working for them at all.

I will say one positive thing about OSU - they have a quality kicker. Ok, that was it.

Our QB made OSU's defensive backfield look good, period. We have receivers that can smoke OSU's DB's all day and all Harris did was under throw every pass. I'm done with the ethiopian noodle arm.

How cool is this? If you check out the injury report for Miami it is very similar to the injury reports Coach Shannon used to give out. It still says Upper extremity and lower extremity, but you have to read the weekly news reports to know exactly what kind of injury the player has.

If Shalalalalalalalalala a ding dong was run over today while crossing US1....

Would anyone care?




C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, nobody here knows more (and hates more) the buckeyes. I grew up there. And I see every game. And they have talent like Florida has talent. They have an amazing o line, and secondary, and receivers. But they had suspended superstars, lost their biggest superstar to scandal (Pryor) and their next Pryor, Braxton miller, is a true freshman and not ready. Plus they have never been good away at night, ask Wisconsin and Penn state.

Ohhh and they lost one of the best coaches in college football history, I hate to say. He is second only to les miles as far as doing more with less. Ask Craig krenzel.

CANETILLIDIE....DH - do you hate Shalala for political reasons? It would explain a lot...

Eudocimus - I have nothing politically against her. I simply think that since she's a douche then she should be with her fellow douches. Simple.

She'll only be remembered for the scandal that she brought to our shores, nothing more. Her time at The U has been tainted.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!

Look, nobody here knows more (and hates more) the buckeyes. I grew up there. And I see every game. And they have talent like Florida has talent. They have an amazing o line, and secondary, and receivers. But they had suspended superstars, lost their biggest superstar to scandal (Pryor) and their next Pryor, Braxton miller, is a true freshman and not ready. Plus they have never been good away at night, ask Wisconsin and Penn state.

Posted by: inimounts | September 23, 2011 at 02:00 PM


Talent they do have but only in certain places. The Canes played that night still missing 2 starting defensive players. Our starting DE Olivier Vernon (big/nasty) and our starting FS Ray Ray Armstrong. We had moved guys around to fill in for Armstrong and started a true freshman at DE with Anthony Chickillo (3rdGen Cane) who got his first sack.

OSU players shamed themselves and the school for their extra curricular activities last season making it impossible for certain players to come back so they "had" to opt to go pro. And, to make matters worse, Tressel, the very good coach that he is, shamed himself and tarnished his reputation for knowing and covering up what his players did. That's why the school decided not to cover the fees for his attorneys.

Before the 2002 rip off game, I could have personally given 2 shits about OSU. Pretty much I could say the same about any school from any "snow-bird" state. But since that rip off game, I have an absolute hatred for them.

To make matters funny, I stood next to a OSU fan who told me he lives in Miami Beach but is originally from Ohio. We didn't get into any heavy or heated conversations of any kind because I could tell he was actually educated. We had good conversations about the "whole" of saturday nights' game. We even shook hands at the end of the night and I wished him a safe trip back to the beach. He was a good sport throughout the game, him and his friend.
(All that you just read from this paragraph is 100% accurate.)

By the way, out of curiosity, has Tressel found a job yet? Anything?



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


game day analyst for the colts.

Tressell looks at the replay and tells the coach if he should challenge.

CANETILLIDIE....DH: you do know that Shalala was romantically involved with Hilary in college right? You should add that to your rant, give it some much needed variety.

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