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Seantrel worked out today and Jacory was asked about public criticism

There was big news today at Canes practice -- big as in 6-8 and 345 pounds.

Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson walked off the practice field into the areas where reporters gather to wait for interviews. He dropped his yellow jersey (designated for injured players) and shoulder pads onto the ground and put that large body into an even larger tub of ice water.

Henderson had back surgery Aug. 8 and back then, the prognosis was not great. Some, including insiders among the UM staff, believed he might miss the entire season. But Wednesday he worked out on a limited basis, and Canes fans should be rejoicing. The UM O-line has already gotten better after some switches for Ohio State, and if Henderson should actually get back into the lineup this season, just think how much more dominant it could be.

"He worked out today with full gear on,'' UM coach Al Golden said of Henderson Wednesday. "I know he was excited. "He's in the ice. Takes the whole tub. We'll see how he reacts tomorrow and go from there.''

When asked the difference between "working out" and practicing, Golden said, "Practicing is a different animal. The fact that he lost so much weight is really going to help him with his conditioning.

 "He'll be able to do even more and more and more Friday and more Saturday and we'll just keep going. We expect him back next week.''
Henderson was slated to play left tackle before this season, but Golden said Tuesday that where Henderson ends up on the line depends on the progression of the other linemen. Brandon Washington moved from right to left tackle for Ohio State.
As for quarterback Jacory Harris, the man this O-line aims to protect, he spoke to the media Wednesday. And, as usual, the "i" word came up. Harris threw two interceptions against Ohio State on Saturday, and explained he is blocking out public criticism.
"I really don't care about what's thought about outside as long as within this program they still believe in me, still trust in me. I know that decisions could have been made different. I'm not really worried about it. People say whatever they want to say."
Is it tougher to block out mistakes because they're talked about so much?
"Not at all. [I'm] still the same person. I know that those are things that can be corrected. If I just do what I'm told then they won't be there.''
Harris was pleased with how he managed the game and that the team obviously came out with a victory. "That's all that matters at the end of the day.''



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When will the J12 talk stop? We simply do not have a very good QB at Miami people! Wake up! Morris is no great move either. Direct snap to Lamar, Travis, etc. No passes but to TE's for the first half, run the hell out of our backs and block. Simple. If we do not get a first down, punt. Jesus, enough. I agree that we should not throw the ball again until we draft a smart, quick decision QB with an arm. But enough, we can wim by playing better D and running the sh-- out of the ball. Enough said.

game day analyst for the colts.

Posted by: emilio | September 23, 2011 at 03:33 PM


Ah he did find work. Good for him.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tressell looks at the replay and tells the coach if he should challenge.

CANETILLIDIE....DH: you do know that Shalala was romantically involved with Hilary in college right? You should add that to your rant, give it some much needed variety.

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 23, 2011 at 03:35 PM



I think someone made a funny. Good for you.
hahahahhahahhahahha now that made me laugh.

I always knew that Hillary looked a little dikey.... Now there's proof.

I'm just messing with you. Personally (going with age as a factor here) I think that if Hillary Clinton got it on in college with Donna Shalalalalala then Hilary was the student and Shalalalalala was the counselor.

But who knows. Actually the only one who might know outside of those two would be Bill. Bill is a freak and he'll always sit around a camp fire listening to stories filled with sexual content no matter how nasty it is...

Oh Billy.....Billy, Billy, Billy


Hopefully you are getting a great education because you WILL NOT get drafted or even invited to a training camp. Miami should place you in the Hall of Shame for your lack of decision making. You have had two full seasons to correct the interceptions and you have not. This is a team sport, and you have failed to do your part to help the team. Opposing teams now place four defensive players in the box to stop the run, because not one team in this country respects your arm but they applaud your ability to throw a interception. A leader you are NOT!!

Well said DarinD. Well said.

I'M A F$%^'IN SOLDIER.......Kellen Winslow Jr.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!

Wow, wanting someone to be hit and killed by a car because they have not been fired yet and I think that they should??!! When I start taking football THAT seriously, I need to find another sport to be a fan of.

Was a joke man. Relax, maybe smoke one, have a coke and a smile.

I never wished anything other than a firing for her.

But I will say this.....

If an unfortunate death ever did fall upon her, I wouldn't blink, shed a tear, or concern myself in anyway shape or form.

I wish death only to Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and my neighbors' dog who lives behind my house. We've already taken care of 2 of those guys. Now just 2 more to go. Sooo close... lol

When it comes to football (for me) when I played in high school, I played like a wild man. I wasn't the biggest but I was one of the fastest and meanest on the team. There were guys on my team that easily were almost a foot taller and an additional 50-100lbs, than me but I had their respect. I always played at 150% and would sacrifice my body for the sake of the team and a win. Football is not tennis, ballet, basketball, or any other non-contact sport. It's a brutal sport that deserves to be played as such. This is a sport of human collisions and smoking someone down the sideline while starring right at them while you enter the endzone. This is football, America's Game.

Sorry I tend to get carried away.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now the line about your neighbors dog.....now that was funny!!! I am a HUGE football and sports fan of all UM athletics, like everyone else on this blog, sands the Gator trolls who frequent here. I know I am in the minority (probably 1 of 1.5 people who post on here) who likes Shalala and hope she stays. I know why all do want her to be gone though and you all have some very valid points/reasons. Now, IF it can be proven that she was well aware of the Shapiro situation and KNEW what he was up to, then she has to go. I know that she did not make football a priority for years, but I believe that in the past year or so that she has changed her stance on that and has really tried to support the football (and other) sports programs. I know that I am alone on this also, but she has also raised the school to #38 in the list of schools nationally. I know most people on this blog will say "who gives a s#$**, we only care about national championships in football", but believe me that is a GREAT accomplishment and it will also pay dividends for the football team and in the athletic department. We have to see the bigger picture and many football fans do not. If she is proven to have been negligent in this Shapiro case, then she has to go, but if not, I personally hope she stays. She is doing great things for the school and football program as a whole. CANETILLIDIE, I love your passion though my friend. Please 'Canes fans, lets get out to the game tomorrow and give our guys a home field advantage like we did last week against tOSU. We need to have at least (I would love over 60, but I doubt it) 55K in that stadium tomorrow. Go 'Canes!!

CANETILLIDIE....DH - yes I'm joking but no I'm not kidding, my family comes from Cleveland and it was well known among the alumnae of Western College for women that Shalala was a bull dyke. The rumors about her late night sessions with Hil-Dog are unsubstantiated but they come from ex-secret service agents, and all we know that Big Willy wasn't T.C.O.B. in those days.

She's 70 years old too BTW, maybe work that into the rotation somehow.

Cane4Life is absolutely right. I do agree with you that if she wasn't aware then we shouldn't be so harsh but I have a gut feeling that she was and simply kept her hand extended out. Something in my gut tells me that.

So yes if she didn't know then I'm cool with that but if she did, she's gone.

And YES...

We do need to get together and show the love and support that everyone did last game. We need to come together bigger and badder and rain the love on all of our Canes!!!!

Come Saturday...KState will be no more!


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Eudocimus...

I have to ask. How did you come up with all of that information pray tell?

Who'd you sleep with for all of that? lol Sorry man had to say it.

Personally on this matter I won't judge since they both look dikey to me.

I'll just take your word on it.


You're not the only one Cane4Life.

Beyond the academics Shalala has raised over 1.5 billion dollars ($1,500,000,000) in donations and completely transformed the financial structure of the University of Miami - they now make more money from their hospitals than they do from their exorbitant tuition.

And they're not spending the money on growing the school, they're spending it on faculty and resources for the new faculty. I've watched up close as over the past decade the Biology department went from a bunch of crusty outdated ecologists to three separate subsets (development, molecular, and ecology) working collaboratively using cutting edge equipment funded by the grants all the new hires are winning.

The football team's been bad since she's been here. It's a coincidence, Tad Foote actively tried to destroy the program and they won multiple championships under him. Shalala stays out of the football program but unfortunately her ADs allowed two inept coaches to run the team for an entire decade. What can you do?

Hold up there Eudo, Shalala has had her hand in the pot on the hirings. Now AD or not she is always sticking her nose in the Athletic progam which is out of her league. Why doens't she put some money in the football program for a change so we can have our old stadium back. Oh I forgot we will get it back once the Marlins finally move.

What National channel is the game on today ?


Maryland has a good QB
OSU has no QB
Should have blown out OSU
Won the game in spite of poor QB play, the opponent could not score

Posted by: 10 Years of mediocrity and counting |

Maryland scored 1 td and had 4 field goals.. Miami should have blown them out. OSU's defense is waaaay better than Maryland's defense and Morris gave them the game. Two interceptions and two fumbles.. lost one of them. Three turnovers for Morris against Maryland. J12 did fumble but it was recovered by Miami. So four turnovers and 14 points for Maryland with Morris running the offense. J12 has two turnovers against a better defense. J12 did the better job of running the offense.
Golden is going with the best that Miami has to offer right now.

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