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K-State loss evidence Canes still mediocre

There are so many ways to look at Saturday's loss to Kansas State and narrow the scope of disappointment and frustration.

Al Golden > The Canes, down double digits twice, fell one yard shy of a thrilling come-from-behind win.

> It's just one loss -- out of conference and UM can still turnaround and win the ACC.

> It's Al Golden's third game as coach. Give him time. He's on the right path.

> Jacory Harris played an amazing second half -- his finish half of football since his win at Florida State his sophomore year. Maybe he's put the struggles behind him? Maybe Jacory is on the verge of a rebirth?

Me? I can't just look at it from that perspective. The losing has gone on for too long now. The same mistakes happen over and over and over and over again. Poor tackling. Penalties. Turnovers. Inconsistent quarterback play. Lack of a pass rush. Nothing special about the special teams. Stop me when I get to something you haven't seen over the last five years.

At this point, who hasn't grown tired of the day after search for a silver lining following a loss? There have been plenty of them. 36 wins. 31 losses. That's UM's record since Larry Coker took them to the Peach Bowl in 2005. Temple? The school UM used to laugh at in the Big East? After they rolled Maryland 38-7 Saturday, they improved to 30-35 over the same span. Not such a large gap, huh? Well, that view works two ways: 1. Hope for the future since Golden built Temple into a winner. 2. Man, UM has really fallen that far?

Spin it the way you like, but I see this all one way: the results on the field right now haven't changed a whole lot under new leadership. I'm not pointing the finger at Al Golden. Mediocrity became the University of Miami's middle name under Larry Coker long ago. Randy Shannon did little to erase it. All I'm saying three games into the Golden era, it's clear Golden Al has a lot of cleaning up to do to wipe the stench off the Canes.

Again, don't blame Al. I know it seemed like when he took over a wave of positive momentum was building. He did a nice job on National Signing Day. Spring football showed promising developments. Along the way, he said all the right things. Man, this guy is going to be different than Randy Shannon. With a lot of seniors and some good coaching the Canes might be pretty good. That was the hope.

Well, not yet folks. Al Golden is different and will be different than Randy Shannon. But right now, this football team still plays like it did for Shannon. One week up. Next week down. The win over Ohio State we now know was fool's gold. The Buckeyes, with worse problems at quarterback than Miami, were almost the perfect opponent for UM to play up for. They were ranked, beat UM a year ago and secretly much worse than we really knew. The Canes exposed them.

Saturday, Kansas State returned the favor. Even with Jacory Harris putting up his best half in years, UM's effort still wasn't good enough. What does that say?

Kansas State ran for 265 yards on Miami (UM is ranked 99th out of 120 teams in run defense). Quarterback Collin Klein carved the Canes up. 2nd and 29 from the K-State 3? Klein was off and running for 26. That great red zone defense for UM? Kansas State was 4 for 4 Saturday with four touchdowns. The spectacular Lamar Miller? Except for that career long 59-yard touchdown run, the Wildcats bottled him up. His 17 other carries produced 47 yards. Expect everyone else UM plays to key on Lamar until Harris proves his second half wasn't a fluke. Oh yeah, and then there was that whole 0 for 4 performance from 2 yards out to win the game. What else needs to be said? For all the talent on the Canes offensive line, UM couldn't muster two yards? Sorry. Not good enough.

The post-game explanations? All nothing we haven't heard before.

"We needed to get 2 yards and didn't do it. Its our fault," center Tyler Horn said.

"I should have put the ball in his chest," Harris said of his pass to Clive Walford on first and goal. "But I didn't. That was probably our best shot."

"Too many missed tackles," Spence said of UM's defensive woes. "We didn't get leverage. We just have to go back, keep pushing, keep grinding."

We know. We've heard it for years. But the grind has been going on a long time now and frankly it is getting old -- even with a new guy in charge.

How old? When the oldest guy in the press box -- 83-year old veteran Herald columnist Ed Pope -- says its getting old, you know it's getting old. "They got rid of Shannon for this?" Pope wondered aloud at halftime in the press box named after him at Sun Life Stadium.

It is only 3 games into this season. UM has only lost 2 games. And the Canes only finished 1 yard shy of winning Saturday. But don't confuse it. The distance between mediocrity and glory in Coral Gables is far apart.

Whatever momentum Al Golden was building -- regardless of the Nevin Shapiro saga -- isn't strong enough to make a quick and immediate impact. I'm not saying we should have expected a quick turnaround. But again, that was the hope. It's clear now it takes more than better coaching. Losing has become embedded in the Canes' DNA. That doesn't disappear overnight. Or over two or three nights.

Canes fans need to strap themselves in. The up and down ride is going to continue. As for this season, just know on days when the other team shows up with a decent quarterback it could end up being a frustrating afternoon. That's what we've learned about the 2011 Canes. The rest? All repeat history.


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Its chickillos Fault

EVERY Championship team starts at somewhere on their developmental ladder that they need to work hard at climbing...

Step by step...

This game was about how to stop the option (which Miami did so well in the 90's against with Notre Dame, Penn State). They got a hard cold lesson on how dangerous a running QB is.

This was also about stopping the RUN up the middle. The D-line got manhandled by stronger and smarter O-line.

And this was about learning how to bring out the beast in yourself when you need a TD from 1 yard out....

It used to be Miami that stopped people at the goal-line and 4th down.

This team is having to re-learn all of this...

I love my team when they win, and i still love'm when they lose. As long as there's a good headcoach, talented kids who don't give up and keep climbing that ladder one rung at a time, then they will have me there screaming for them....

Go Canes or Go Home!!!

Wow blame a true freshmen, your a gator lover.. Chickillo fights as hard as any senior on that Dline. Backspace go watch basketball or something. It's your fault, if your so great to point fingers than you should be on the team and on the field so you can make all the plays for us... Your a joke!

Amen Manny couldn't have said it better? And how was it chickillo's fault?? The freshman was out there making plays!!

step by step? really? it has been 10 yrs. and we're still a junkie team.


You don't sound like a reporter right now, you sound like another upset, spoiled blogger on this blog.

But i know it's because that loss hurts you.... I feel you brother...i feel you.

Take it easy on our new coach. This team IS rebuilding. Remember that consistency is also part of what these kids are re-learning.

Golden gets at least 2 seasons and his own recruits that he molds into his vision before you can second guess the guy...

You know that man! Now show him some respect when you write about him. Jimmy didn't do so hot in his first year either...

I agree with virtually everything you say, Manny. You are way off base, however, to criticize the special teams. There has been vast improvement and that's the one area of the team that Golden is completely hands on. There have been no missed field goals or extra points. The Canes actually got a hand on a field goal attempt yesterday. When's the last time that happened. They've given up only one fairly long punt return and no long kickoff returns. The kickoff return and punt returns have been adequate The punter is doing better than average.

And Ed Pope was OK in his day...

But his comment about "this is what we got rid of shannon for?" shows he's fading...

I'm surprised you used the quote to back up your emotionally frustrated column today.

Take a chill Manny.

And all you haters about to explode onto this blog, look at it this way:

We are not the Championships of the 80 and 90s.

This team is a "descendent" of those great generations. They've hit rock bottom with Shannon. (and maybe worse is coming if the Shapiro thing hits us hard).

They are now always the Under Dogs when its a good team. They will always need to learn to fight every yard to win a game.

So pay attention to that.

When was the last time Miami was throwing LONG BOMBS repeatedly like we did yesterday? I took that as a huge positive.

Well said Manny, couldn't have said it any better.

Change the coulture of the team coach G.. Play your recruits put your stamp on this team. We need football players not guys we are trying to make players out of.

Spoken from the heart, Manny, and something that we fans feel as well.

By the way, there are dozens of running backs in this country that are stronger and run harder than Lamar. He can move it if good blocks are thrown in the O line, or if around end on a sweep. A power runner he is not, and Hagens is our best bet there.

Jacory played well in the 2nd half. With our speed at WR, maybe it is time to open up this offense and stop playing to not make a mistake. But, the overthrow to Streeter? Ouch, might have won the game. Painful loss...Again.

No dominance on D on a consistent basis. Can't stop a slow Big 12 QB? Come on!!!

With all the players saying the same thing we should have done this or we should have done that says one thing a lack of talent. Same old song you cant expect different results. Severe lack of great players especially on D

Bob Stoops first year = 7-5
Jim Tressel first year = 7-5

Not saying the Canes will win it all next year, but mediocrity or worse generally comes before greatness. If you don't see a difference in the way this team is playing, then you're blind. Some folks will whine and act like they know it all and cry for firings and changes in the lineup...but that's not going to change the process. So sit back, relax, enjoy watching the team improve, and cross your fingers that Al Golden is still a Cane in February!

I agree. even made a comment on the last eye on the U article about how im tired of hearing these same things.. Time to stop talking about it and DO IT!! give Al the season though. He cant fix it overnight.. but so far i havent seen any improvement other then all of our players are a little better. Our o line is terrible.. we got 40 pounds a man on defenses and they cant move them,.. what the hell are they doing in the weight room?

The two most intimidating Hurricane Defenders are not playing. For what Spence is, which is a lot, he does not physically fear an offense.
OV is the passrush because he would command a double team. Right now, even big Forston is blockable by one lineman.
When back. Ray Ray will provide the biggest impact and improve everything on D.

Not a bad article albeit a bit pessimistic. But really not much reason to be optimistic at this point. I, as many other Canes fans, had hoped for that miracle turn-around. I prayed it was all coaching. Obviously it's not just that.

I think this sentence says it all
"It is only 3 games into this season. UM has only lost 2 games".

I remember a time when we would lose 2 games in 2 years, and there was hell to pay. Well I'm now buckled in, ready for the rollercoaster ride, probably a 3 year ride depending on what happens with the NCAA.

I don't know about about mediocre, but certainly average. 36-31 since 05 and 9-10 in the last 19 games... I just can't get used to all this losing. I have unfortunately come to expect it.

The worst is yet to come, while up until yesterday I was optimistic about our chances at VT, NC, FSU, and GT, I'm now concerned that these may all be sequels to what we saw yesterday.

Here's to better days ahead and as the Bad News Bears would say... "just wait till next year"

To be honest, I'm already afraid of next year.

Neverthess I will always be a Cane. GO CANES!

You're correct that the 2 defensive players not playing hurts UM, however, the team still lacks enough talent on defense unless no members of the defense ever get hurt this year. That has not happened and it will never happen. A lack of quality depth will doom this defense this year.

Manny is right on some things, I met my girlfriend in 2005 and she recently said she has not seen me happy too many times watching Canes play. I am sick of watching us lose to bottom-feeders and we are now one of them (almost no press coverage on yesterday's game outside Florida...and Kansas).

That being said, Golden has taken a bottom-feeder and left them almost beating Penn State and routing Maryland. I think that augers well for our near coaching future, he is the real McCoy but he'll be gone as soon a JoePa retires. Just hope it is long enough to bring us back to glory.

On the positive-side, defense was swarming against Ohio State but porous against Kansas State. Offense was incredible in the second half yesterday (with the exception of the last series) but horrible in the first half. Consistency is a huge issue, it separates good from mediocre...in any sport.

I'll give Golden a couple of years, he deserves it but I am tired of watching us lose.

Ed Pope is spot on when he says we fired Shannon for this! Yes we expect immediate improvement, not a nat'l champ but definitely improvement. And where was the improvement on D? And where was the improvement in play-calling? And where was the improvement in preparation for a mobile, option QB?

There's no free agency folks, we can't go grab some D-linemen off the waiver wire.

And the Golden fans / Shannon haters can't have it both ways. These are the folks that said we have so much talent, if only they were better coached. If only they were better prepared we could win 10+ games a year.

Now that we have the new coach, these same folks are saying we're stuck with Shannon's poor recruits. Now all of a sudden there's no talent for Coach Al. BS folks, pure BS.

Reality is that through 3 games so far I am not seeing a better gameday coaching product on the field. Don't misread me here. I see a much better manager and representative for the program as a whole, but that has not yet shown itself on gameday.

I'm just hoping we don't have another Butch Davis on our hands. Great recruiter, great face for the program, but piss poor on most gamedays.

Players look to be in better shape and that's a good thing. There is better rapport with local HS coaches and that bodes well for recruiting. But playcalling is still suspect. Penalties are still killing drives and defensive preparation is still lacking especially against the run. In those 3 areas, there is no difference from what we saw under RS.

And that's where Pope was spot on.

But after watching VT,UNC,FSU and GTech; none of them are world beaters. We can win all of those games if we get better gameday production from our players, but much more so from our coaches.


Ur Cane Walk is AWESOME !!!

The Pre-Game Kehoe HambUrger Drill is INTENSE !!!

The Sideline Dancing prior to Kickoff is fUnky !!!

Canes are no doUbt SWAGelicious !!!


bUt, once the ball is in the air ...

Still NOTHING !!!

Chickollo = bust.. Clowneys making plays for southcarolina guys as A true freshmenguys

I feel there is true weakness in the middle of the Canes defense. The tackles are just not getting it done. Think of the days of Russell Maryland, et al. Our D-line just destroyed everyone. The LBs were seemingly only there "just in case". Almost every running back is into the 2nd level with a head of steam before getting touched. Man-up Forston and get off the blocks. Also there is almost no pass rush. Sigh.

I was happy when they hired Golden & I believe he is going to turn it around for us. I am not worried 3 games into his era. Atl is right though, as the RS haters now are making other excuses.. hahahaha @ our "fans"

Thanks Manny, I think you expressed the feelings many of us are having about this team and ones before it. Your statement saying you didn't see any difference in this team then ones we had under Shannon really struck a chord because I had that exact feeling. Why is it that even the most mediocre of teams, of which we're now one, can time after time game plan us but we never have one for them. And even worse we can never make adjustments. And the hell with all these tolerant posters who say don't be impatient etc. I've been following the Canes for 56 years and don't know how many more I have left. I expected to see a vast improvement this year but instead am forced to watch this excuse filled crap every week. Well no more, I've had enough. I'm not unrealistic to think you can always win, but after watching our great teams of the past morph into these sorry losers is unbearable.
It's no more Go Canes, it's now Go, Going, Gone, Bob

well put - I think Golden is on the right track, but the freshmen are not going to carry the team to the ACC or any other championship - it will take time. These are still the players that Shannon left us. Golden has his work cut out for him, but he will get it done.

I am a Cane fanatic and certainly do not consider myself as knowledgeable about the game as even the worse coach in this land, BUT, if I knew that we would not be able to run the ball against that defense for the final two yards why did we call those plays. THIS LOSS FALLS DIRECTLY ON WHOEVER CALLED THE PLAYS IN THE FINAL SERIES. NO, IFS, AND'S, OR BUTS. The play on first down was a great call but the execution just failed. After that I could have done a better job calling the plays and believe me you do not want me calling plays in any league. BTW, if the stories about coach Golden thinking about leaving the program are true, then let him go. Tell the Trustee's and the President of the university to swallow their EGO'S, because BUTCH IS BACK, and that is EXACTLY what this program NEEDS.

Matt Walters> Anthony Chickollo.... The glory days are gone. Von telemaque = ed reed lol. Ray ray armstrong = sean taylor heard this song before.. No game changers on defense ed reed, sean taylor changed games.. Sean spence is are best player on defense. Who fears him?

I agree 100% !!!! Well written !!

Offensive line needs "RE ALIGNMENT"

I ST and GOAL and
TEMPLE 38 "AT" MARYLAND (38-7) Also, Temple
Had 5, yes 5, RUSHING T.D.'S

The Canes will be fine, in the next two years the senior guys will take to Al's philosophy and his recruits will execute. The first half play on offense was conservative, you can't let your wide outs run curl routes when you have eight in the box and db's sitting on the routes. The second half was better because they let Jacory play his game. There was no way that their db's could match up man to man with our wide outs. The run d is horrific at best... Sean is just one guy, Buchanan missed a ton of plays, he may be fast but his instincts suck! Robinson is slow and can't read plays well. Gains is new, Futch is a bust, the second best LB is Perrymen( who will be a beast) and he is a true freshman. The d-line is lackluster, Froston is a bust!!!!!! This team won't be right for 2-3 years. Like all Canes fans I had hope... but as you can see its not easy to change habits!

Jacory slides gtfoh

this is a lot different than all the preseason garbage you write? each year. who hit you with reality? it takes more than one offseason to change 10 years of garbage you supported. you thought randy DESERVED one more year.give golden time, stop writing trash. the media loves to build things up, so when it fails, they can tear it down. go canes

Well said Manny. I have come to the same conclusion. I was hoping new coaching could make a difference. Alas it was not the coaching, but the players... For the folks that scream about recruiting classes and stars. These seniors were a #1 recruiting class.... We need some players who can bring it every game... What I saw in the first half is a Offense that is still making stupid mental mistakes at the worst time. Came out flat, playing slow. A senior receiver (Byrd) who still can not run a curl worth a crap. He does not make the defender turn, and he does not come back for the ball.... Defense small and weak. No push up the middle. Their OL did not need any help man on man. Our tackles can not get off blocks. Missed tackles all over the place.... I could go on, but why. Same result different yr... The bright spot Temple looked fast and tough. I am looking forward to the next 2 yrs. Lets see if Golden can work some magic again. He certainly has more local talent than he did in Philly. GO CANES!!!

This team has become UNWATCHABLE. It is so bad that you just sit there and wonder:"What can they do this time to screw up?". You know it's coming, the only question is what HORROR will show up this time: An interception? A fumble? A stupid penalty? Or do you have the opposition at 2nd and forever and the QB takes off and picks up the first down, right up the gut?

It's so predictable, and it's just so bad it makes you want to throw something thru the TV. It might be bearable to put up with this HORROR SHOW for another season if we knew things would get better, but thanks to Mr. Shapiro, it can only get worse with crippling sanctions in our immediate future. Who the hell wants to play for a team that has 1) Half it's scholarships pulled, 2) No bowl games for God knows how many years, and 3) No coach when Golden bails on us for greener pastures. We won't be able to beat FAU by then. This program is TOAST.




JOEL, wish the NCAA had denied your sixth year.

Miami will be seeing the same offense again against Bethune. Yes Miami should win but K State ripped them apart,if they play like this again,which maybe is as good as they are, might be a very close game. Just ask Miss. St. having to go to ot against La.Tech. to pull out a desperate win.

I could say something but I won't. Still a lot of people here with expectations set way to high for the years ahead. Sanctions and probation are ahead and with a team without a lot of talent now that won't change very soon. It is going to be years, as in 4 or 5 before the Canes even sniff an ACC title. I just hope we can survive till then. The crowd yesterday was awful and in a town of front runners and a lousy stadium I fear for the program in the years ahead.

Manny, What did you and all the others on here
expect? We have watched this group of kids under achieve for 3.5 years now, The one place we have seen a change is they havn't quit just as yet,Coach has them playing hard even when punched in the mouth, years past they would have folded after the half....baby steps my friend except it or don't, "it is wat it is"
Jim Hutch


I can't disagree with anything broham! I'm strapped in for the long haul, because that's what it will be. You hear about Keith Brown wanting to decommit to Clemson now? That's phase 2 of this whole deal...start losing recruits! Will get worse before it gets better sad to say.

Manny, great headline, wonder where I have heard that before. Oh yeah, I've been saying it since last season.
Step by step, the canes are getting worse, a team loaded with seniors still making dumb mistakes, no matter who the coach is.
Sanctions are coming, meaning the downward spiral will quicken.
Wait till 5 years down the road...........probably not.

The Change back to a winning, dominate program will not happen overnight or over the course of 8 months. It takes time to change the mindset of players and the talent level. Like WestCoast said Jimmy didn't look so good his first year either and he is pretty much the King of Miami. Golden has the team playing hard, in much better shape, and smarter than any of the years Coker and SHannon did. This reminds me alot of the years under Butch before the 2000 year. And remember that year we didn't look dominate until after that FSU win. It will take taime for the players to find their way back to that winning mindset. So if any of U can't stand to give the man 3 years to recruit and build then I suggest U look for another team to pull for. I'm sticking with the Canes and Golden because I know a winner when I see one and have seen this play out before.

I don't want to hear Tyler Horn commenting after losses anymore. It's the same quote game after game. He's the go to guy for "It's our fault, we should have done better".

I agree with manny, blaine Jones, billb
and back space.

This team is totally unwatchable. I am a diehard fan. I have followed this team since the late 70s. And recently, I have spent much $$$$ on this program.

I disagree with the weenie apologist, excuse-makers, like westcoast cane and 'cool cat, who all they do is make excuses.

Being a so-called good fan has nothing to do with anything. The players and coaches need to respect the fans by putting forth a better effort than this garbage. They play and coach like they dont give a rats a55 about the 40,000 or whatever people that were there in the rain, spending $25 for parking and $7 a beer. They plain just dont give a damn. So they deserve the criticism, and they deserve for people NOT to go watch this garbage that has gone on for 5 years. yes 5 years. That post that said that we have been putting up with the Coker mediocrity, Thats pure and simple BS. Coker's last 3 seasons he went 9-3, 9-3,and 7-6 and won 2/3 bowls. Now, I'd wish we could win 9 games. I'd give my left n-t to win 9 games.

The bottom line is this:

-Kehoe needs to take responsibility. This O-line is weak, fat and lazy. They are a bunch of overrated weak a55 b--tc-es. Seriously. 1.5 yards on 4 tries. Seriously? What talent manny? If there was any talent on that O-line you dont think they could go 1.5 yds and push forward? 1.5 yds!!!! It is efen maddening! Its not like this was the FSU, UF, LSU or Oklahoma defense. Please. It was KSU!

- D'Onofrio. Seriously? You allow. yes allow, the smae play over and over by a slow white QB up the middle with the option? Was this Tyrod Taylr, cam Newton, or Terrell Pryor? Was this tebow? No. After he did it all of the 1st half, you have them 3nd and 26 on their own 3 and you allow him to run up the gut for 23 yds? Are you serious? And our D-line is pathetic. Overrated as well. Forston is a weak a55 bag of lard. Another Northwestern product of overrated fat lazy entitled expectations.

Northwestern 8- You want entitlements? Vote for Obama again.

But J12 did better in the second half. With the exception of that half hearted last attempt at a lunge (my grandma could have lunged farther)- He did ok

-Fisch's play calling at the end deserves for him to be fired. seriously.

This team is made up of a bunch of pathetic no heart, no spine, no love for the fan base losers. I am sick and tired. Figueroa/ Seriosuly? You are a 6th yr senior and still jumping off sides?

The irony of it all: We hire Golden whose temple team DESTROYS Maryland at maryland, where UM looked lost and like a deer in the headlights. Arthur Brown, who could never be used properly or convinced to stay at UM to contribute makes superb play after play flying around like he should have at miami.

I am sick and tired of this mediocrity. I even had bartenders after the game talk smack to me. I am ashamed to be a cane fan. I am done with this garbage. I couldnt care less now if Golden takes his minions to Penn State, because so far i dont like what I see.

ONE AND A HALF YDS. Come on man!

As for the program, I was giving it 3 years before Al Golden had them as a legitimate contender. With sanctions, basically add four years to that. I'd project Miami's record as follows, assuming the Canes get the same level of sactions as USC and it starts in early 2012. If it's more akin to SMU, forget it, the program goes 1-AA or shuts down for good:

2012: 5-7
2013: 6-6
2014: 3-9
2015: 4-10
2016: 7-5
2017: 10-2
2018: 11-1

What's that the OL said about Chickillo before the season, "He's no freshmen".


I heard his name mentioned once yesterday, and maybe once during Ohio State. Is he even playing?

Mediocre teams always find a way to lose .Great teams make the plays to win.The pass to Miller at Maryland that was overthrown and the pass to Streeter in the KS game that was overthrown are what losing teams do-mess up key plays to win. The current crop of juniors and seniors have found a way to lose . Its hard to change that other than change the players . Thats what Golden will do-that is if the NCAA doesnt come down on us too hard.
Golden has temporarily hitched his wagon to a QB (Harris) that wouldnt make most division 1 teams. Thats his only mistake I can see. Morris has only had 3 starts but if we lose some more games I can see that move being made.
There will be a hilltop we get to that starts defining a winning mindset for this team .Perhaps later in the season they will get it . More likely it will take another 2 seasons.

championship, I totally agree with you. Golden is the right guy. Personally, I'd give him a Mack Brown sized contract to make certain that he does not bolt for Penn State. I'm just frustrated that one of two things has happened:

1) Miami simply does not have the talent that we thought they did with their senior class. These guys are supposed to be the foundation, and many of them played no better or even worse than when they were freshmen.

2) The talent-laden senior class was ruined by three years of bad coaching, inadequate meals(!), and losing, and it cannot be corrected by anyone from Al Golden to Bill Belichek in just nine months.


I'm not on the fire the coaches team, but we frankly got out schemed badly yesterday. It took a whole half of football for our offense to open it up and throw deeper routes. Its unacceptable that couldn't be detected going into the game, i.e. that defenses will be loading the box to stop the running game. I give JH credit for a well played second half. In fact, I have to admit that from my seat, it looked like Tommy S. wasn't running full speed coming out of his out/up break and that's why it was an overthrow. Others who saw it on TV can correct me.

As for the defense, you got to do whatever it takes to make them do something else. That might mean leaving one safety back and playing the corners off the line just to force them into something different. Granted, the DTs are not getting any push as far as I can see, which was/is the biggest problem. But for crying out loud, at some point, you gotta say the QB isn't going to beat us running anymore, even if it means committing one of the safeties to the line.

Yeah I have to agree with your assessment of our senior class. Other than Spence and Telemaque our defense doesn't have the difference makers on it that they should by the hype created for them. Forston has been a bust and has never played up to his abilities or hype. On offense, our QB situation at the present time is due to what we were left by Shannon and will only get better through recruiting. I was pleased with the progression of Jacory yesterday in the 2nd half though. He played with poise and had he only not overthrown Streeter we most likely would have won the game. So maybe he has turned the corner. We will see in a couple of weeks at Va Tech. I personally would like to see more formations if possible with Miller and James both in the backfield with Miller the feature back and James being used more like a Melvin Bratton type of back catching passes out of the backfield and occasionally running the ball. Also why not let the big back Hagans run out of some one back sets where he can punish opposing defensive lines. I like what I am seeing out of the passing attack with Streeter down field and using Benjamin across the field. That Hurns kid and Dorset are going to be really good WR's for us. The play calling on the 4th down was not bad in that the play action play on 1st down was there Jacory just tried to place the ball instead of passing the ball to the TE. All in all this is a much improved team and its clear we are on the way up, its just going to take time. One thing that is encouraging is the beatdown Temple put on Maryland yesterday. That is proof of what Golden can build. Just enjoy this season as best you can because there are going to be growing pains along the way back to the top. I'd rather start slow and finish strong this year as opposed to previous years starting fast and finshing like crap.

TonyCane, SteveB & Championships...
You guys are killing me with the excuses and typical of what I posted earlier. The jury is still out on Coach Al my friends.

Steve B...his only mistake is sticking with J12? Well that's a major fricking mistake don't you think? And I like J12. But he has not delivered for our team. He's the head man and he should make the call on Morris.

TonyCane...Miami simply does not have the talent? Did you post last year about how much talent we have and how we could do much better with a coaching change? We got our change but we have not seen the results against teams we should have defeated.

And we will get nowhere near the SMU sanctions. Maybe even lighter than USC as there is no physical proof like the bagman and Reggie Bush. So easy on that timeline.

Champs...agree with you for the most part. Lots of teams get to play some cupcakes to build confidence by winning big. Unfortunately, we don't have that option! We only have BCC, BC and Duke as remaining lightweights on the schedule. So lots of growing up and toughness has to come over the 3 game stretch of VT, UNC and GT. 3 wins and we're on to something strong regardless of the sanctions.

In Al we trust??? I hope so!

While flat in the first half, the CANES played hard all game, and that is an improvement. The ACC schedule is ahead of us, and the coaches and team still have a chance to respond to the challenge. GT, NC will be tough games along with VT and FSU if those two teams - both of which are not playing up to expectations - improve as expected.

Lamar - get better and strong again bro. Keep working, keep pushing CANES!

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