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K-State loss evidence Canes still mediocre

There are so many ways to look at Saturday's loss to Kansas State and narrow the scope of disappointment and frustration.

Al Golden > The Canes, down double digits twice, fell one yard shy of a thrilling come-from-behind win.

> It's just one loss -- out of conference and UM can still turnaround and win the ACC.

> It's Al Golden's third game as coach. Give him time. He's on the right path.

> Jacory Harris played an amazing second half -- his finish half of football since his win at Florida State his sophomore year. Maybe he's put the struggles behind him? Maybe Jacory is on the verge of a rebirth?

Me? I can't just look at it from that perspective. The losing has gone on for too long now. The same mistakes happen over and over and over and over again. Poor tackling. Penalties. Turnovers. Inconsistent quarterback play. Lack of a pass rush. Nothing special about the special teams. Stop me when I get to something you haven't seen over the last five years.

At this point, who hasn't grown tired of the day after search for a silver lining following a loss? There have been plenty of them. 36 wins. 31 losses. That's UM's record since Larry Coker took them to the Peach Bowl in 2005. Temple? The school UM used to laugh at in the Big East? After they rolled Maryland 38-7 Saturday, they improved to 30-35 over the same span. Not such a large gap, huh? Well, that view works two ways: 1. Hope for the future since Golden built Temple into a winner. 2. Man, UM has really fallen that far?

Spin it the way you like, but I see this all one way: the results on the field right now haven't changed a whole lot under new leadership. I'm not pointing the finger at Al Golden. Mediocrity became the University of Miami's middle name under Larry Coker long ago. Randy Shannon did little to erase it. All I'm saying three games into the Golden era, it's clear Golden Al has a lot of cleaning up to do to wipe the stench off the Canes.

Again, don't blame Al. I know it seemed like when he took over a wave of positive momentum was building. He did a nice job on National Signing Day. Spring football showed promising developments. Along the way, he said all the right things. Man, this guy is going to be different than Randy Shannon. With a lot of seniors and some good coaching the Canes might be pretty good. That was the hope.

Well, not yet folks. Al Golden is different and will be different than Randy Shannon. But right now, this football team still plays like it did for Shannon. One week up. Next week down. The win over Ohio State we now know was fool's gold. The Buckeyes, with worse problems at quarterback than Miami, were almost the perfect opponent for UM to play up for. They were ranked, beat UM a year ago and secretly much worse than we really knew. The Canes exposed them.

Saturday, Kansas State returned the favor. Even with Jacory Harris putting up his best half in years, UM's effort still wasn't good enough. What does that say?

Kansas State ran for 265 yards on Miami (UM is ranked 99th out of 120 teams in run defense). Quarterback Collin Klein carved the Canes up. 2nd and 29 from the K-State 3? Klein was off and running for 26. That great red zone defense for UM? Kansas State was 4 for 4 Saturday with four touchdowns. The spectacular Lamar Miller? Except for that career long 59-yard touchdown run, the Wildcats bottled him up. His 17 other carries produced 47 yards. Expect everyone else UM plays to key on Lamar until Harris proves his second half wasn't a fluke. Oh yeah, and then there was that whole 0 for 4 performance from 2 yards out to win the game. What else needs to be said? For all the talent on the Canes offensive line, UM couldn't muster two yards? Sorry. Not good enough.

The post-game explanations? All nothing we haven't heard before.

"We needed to get 2 yards and didn't do it. Its our fault," center Tyler Horn said.

"I should have put the ball in his chest," Harris said of his pass to Clive Walford on first and goal. "But I didn't. That was probably our best shot."

"Too many missed tackles," Spence said of UM's defensive woes. "We didn't get leverage. We just have to go back, keep pushing, keep grinding."

We know. We've heard it for years. But the grind has been going on a long time now and frankly it is getting old -- even with a new guy in charge.

How old? When the oldest guy in the press box -- 83-year old veteran Herald columnist Ed Pope -- says its getting old, you know it's getting old. "They got rid of Shannon for this?" Pope wondered aloud at halftime in the press box named after him at Sun Life Stadium.

It is only 3 games into this season. UM has only lost 2 games. And the Canes only finished 1 yard shy of winning Saturday. But don't confuse it. The distance between mediocrity and glory in Coral Gables is far apart.

Whatever momentum Al Golden was building -- regardless of the Nevin Shapiro saga -- isn't strong enough to make a quick and immediate impact. I'm not saying we should have expected a quick turnaround. But again, that was the hope. It's clear now it takes more than better coaching. Losing has become embedded in the Canes' DNA. That doesn't disappear overnight. Or over two or three nights.

Canes fans need to strap themselves in. The up and down ride is going to continue. As for this season, just know on days when the other team shows up with a decent quarterback it could end up being a frustrating afternoon. That's what we've learned about the 2011 Canes. The rest? All repeat history.


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BENCH JACORY!! Ive been a Canes fan since 83 and i never thought id say this but im going to stop watching my beloved Canes until Jacory graduates. He's a little punk, with a week arm that blames everyone but himself win we lose (which has been often under his watch). Quarterback U has quickly turned into Excuse U!



I want to see the O line punka a55 beeotc==hes stand up and apologize to the fans for that last series.

How can you look at yourselves in the mirror and call yoursleves canes after not being able to punch it in from 1.5 yds out on first and goal? Same with the coaches. Apologize you frigging losers. because you are embarassing us/

You think I'm passionate and worked up/ You should have the things that were being said by many up opn the East end zone! Youcould feel the frustration. Youcould hear it.

Why are you all doing this to us?

None (most) of us dont expect to win the NC yet. But last yr- lose to Virginia? This yr. Lose to maryland and KSU? really? Are youserious? Who is next? Duke?

Oh God....please don't let us lose to Duke!!

Man I'm frustrated too. I couldn't believe we didn't punch it in after 'FO' attempts. And for our interior D Line to get creamed like that was tough to watch.

I'm strapped in and in it for the long haul, but DAYUM!!

In the words of Florida Evans (of Good Times)>>>DAYUM, DAAAYUUUUM, DAAYYYYUUUUUMMMM JAMES!!!!!!!

Resurrect the OB!!!!! SOMMOMOBIATCH!!!!

Same old crap as last year.. Cant get 2 yards in 4 tries to win the game? what the F.. is wrong with these players... The entire Nation is making fun of the canes... I tell u who is to blame.. SHALALA.. FIRE SHALALA save the canes now.. lets send another plane with a message....

I believe the NCAA is investigating to determine how far UP the ladder this Nevin crap goes.

I still see the visual of Shalala holding that $50k check......man I'm frustrated as a mofo.

if youre making a determination about golden after just 3 games you're a buffoon.

while the atmosphere may have played a slight factor, it looks like clemson's making a hefty offer to mr. brown... *cough* $$$$$$$$$$$$$

WE NEED A NEW STADIUM. on or somewhere near campus. its a must. recruits know it. 50,000 seats is all we need. with room for future expansion. we will NEVER have a great home atmosphere if we dont. sun life is an absolute piece of sh*t.

we lack depth at almost every position.

what has really hurt us was the inability to land top recruits that should have been locks. or doing stupid crap and having them transfer out. sammy watkins, patrick peterson, nick o'leary, arthur brown, etc. come to mind...

what? no one has commented about how AWESOME Arthur Brown looked? he was all over the feild. Why didnt we play this guy and keep this guy. If he was in the middle instead of ??? we'd ave Brown and Spence on the field giving us awesome LB core who would have stopped that option. Instead he have Jimmy Gaines (who?) and Jordan Futch (overrated comnig out of high school). Oh and yes, Also, why the hell does Joel Figoroua even see the field, at left tackle of all things! And I agree with people about chickillo, he'll be good eventually but why is he on the field so much, it should be ojomo and andrew smith till vernon gets back.

I do not think we realize how emotionaly Shanon hurt these players. He was more interested in them going to class unstead of winning!!! Golden has to change the CANES into a winning mode!!!I really believe that SHALAYA has to go. SHe is bad vibes for the program, she hired Shannon and she gave him a re-up on his contract, should have to pay for the demisse of Miami!

I do not think we realize how emotionaly Shanon hurt these players. He was more interested in them going to class unstead of winning!!! Golden has to change the CANES into a winning mode!!!I really believe that SHALAYA has to go. SHe is bad vibes for the program, she hired Shannon and she gave him a re-up on his contract, should have to pay for the demisse of Miami!

Fans raised the expectations for this year and we were wrong, this team doesn't have the talent everyone thinks it does.

Golden has a lot of work to do, but this result is years in the making and not at his door step. This losing culture at the U was made with Coker, Shannon et al. Golden is working to change that culture and has done wonders with it already. How can you honestly evaluate him on three games, get real folks. This team is not as talented as everyone thinks, expectations were too high.

Who on the defense outside of Spence would be a starter for the teams of the late eighties or early nineties or the 2001 team. Who? Vernon but he got hosed by the NCAA and is still three games away, who?

On offense, who? Miller,Henderson, Linder, Hagens and then who? Most guys starting wouldn't be starters on those championship teams. There is no one fully ready to step up and replace an injured starter, the young guns Chickillo, Finnie, Perryman, Highsmith, Dorsett Scott are still learning, Williams (QB) waits and learns and could prove to be very good but we wait til next year for that.

In the mean time grading Golden and his staff for this team is short sighted in my opinion and Pope's comment be damned!

I'm tired of losing too but Golden can't be expected to start at A and be at Z in three games, yeah it's a roller coaster and until Randy's guys, not all of them, but most of them graduate,(yeah Gators, graduate!) this team will continue to disappoint on any given Saturday.

"Patience," is the word of the day, Golden is the right coach at the right time, three games and to say "they got rid of Shannon for this,"
is without a doubt the ramblings of an old man out of touch with reality, with all due respect to Mr. Pope, you are wrong and it was a comment better left to yourself.

Quite frankly not too many care what he or the Herald and it's writers think.

I thought the playcalling was too conservative in the first half. Some of that might be J12's fault, since people are afraid to let him throw it. But that was the most life I have seen out of our offense in a LONG time. Several well-thrown deep balls, and even overthrowing a guy 50 yards downfield?! There is promise. Our running game should improve with a continual deep threat. I have criticized J12 plenty over the past two years, but give him credit in this one....he played one helluva game and put us in a position to win. He laid it out there at the end....you can't dog his effort or his determination. He displayed poise and great decisionmaking Saturday. Absolutely exasperated with the O-line. It was supposed to be a strength. We are not getting the push we should. The Figueroa blunder probably cost us a TD. That is something that has to stop.

The Special Teams have played well....in all three games. Our kicker has yet to make a touchdown-saving tackle this year. We have really improved in the field position game on special teams.

Defense was nothing short of disappointing.... a few stops have to occur. I am convinced the middle of our defense is too soft. Not sure how to fix it. You can't put this on the Freshman D-end....he played hard. But watching them rip off runs and dice up our defense time and time again was terrible. Conference play this year just got a whole lot scarier.

I am still in support of my Canes and our Coach.......need to see the defense step up and deliver though........

The only positive news is that the TD streak of former U players is at 142. And no, its not just the older players , like Mcahee. Jimmy Graham scored as well.

Also, Lamar Miller goes over 100 again. I can see, like last yr with Hankerson killing it and getting >1000 yds receiving, LM going over 1000 yds rushing and Miami still going 7-6.

Why didnt Fish rush james or hagen from the 1 1/2 yd? I beleive play calling was definitely to blame.

And for those apologists who said tressel went 7-5 his first year, yeah, but Coker went 12-0! Whats your point?

I see miami beating bethune (yay), georgia tech, virginia, duke, BC and USF. Thats 7 wins. Hopefully win a bowl for 8 wins. If somehow Golden and his staff can get their acts together, they could beat unc for a total of 10 wins. No way they are beating vt and fsu on the road this yr. Maybe next year well get them at home once jokecorry leaves.

Give the guy some time and relax. Jakory is limited in his ability, that is why we call conservative plays. Canes will be fine, give the man time. You cannot blame a coach for a 1st and goal and 4 cracks to get it in. No play call should have to be made with the game on the line. The line should not care if their 10 year old sister is the running back, they will make sure they get them in. As a player that is on you period, not coaching. Get off Al and let him do his thing.

From what I saw the coaches were afraid to open it up in the first half. Once they did jacory came through. But can you blame them for being hesitant. I would be too. Coach G is the real deal. It's time for all of us to tone down the expectations. We are in rebuilding mode and with light sanctions (they will not be severe) we will be back in 3 years. We also need to realize that maybe the talent is there but the football smarts to win by the players is not there. If you are a senior and you commit a penalty or hold the ball in the wrong arm, etc. That tells me you don't have the smarts to compete at a high level. The previous coaching staff didn't teach the players how to utilize the natural god given tools that they have and it's unfortunate. It's shame that such talent is wasted but that is the reality. I've seen more progress in j12 in the last 2 games than all of last year that tells you something. Why is arrested only getting playing time now. Why does Figueroa commit penalties as a 6th year senior. This team did not get the coaching and development that is necessary. The previous coaches relied on the players natural talents but never bothered to increase their football iQ or their physical tools. They are frozen in 2008 form. It is what it is. This is a culture of losing, entitlement and weakness both physically and mentally. If you think that will change over night you are highly mistaken. I've said this before but changing players habits is like fixing your posture. You can sit straight for a while but eventually you will hunch over again. That is what we are seeing with this team and it won't change until golden brings in his own players.

On a side note I would like to know how many players from Miami and Florida in general are playmakers on their team that we passed up during the last 4 years?

Manny you look like Chaz Bono.

The fact that we are finally a conditioned team cannot be overlooked despite the similar results from previous seasons. That to me is the first building block.

The effort seems to be there too. I was curious to see how the team would respond after the first half and was encouraged by what I saw. That was easily the type of game that could have gotten much worse.

The area I think needs to be focused on next is penalties. Al Golden need not go any further then the 1st drive and Feliciano's penalty. He doesn't make that penalty and chances are we get 7 and the crowd gets into it (btw fans needs to be accountable too. the crowd energy was pathetic in the 1st half from the very start of the game). I think the penalties will get corrected very soon.

I was also very encouraged by Jacory Harris's play. You've heard Coach Fisch say during practice Jacory needs to trust what he sees. I was sitting in the end zone and you could see he was throwing to spots on the field during the 2nd half. It was beautiful to watch. Let's hope that stays with him.

The one negative, and area of disagreement, I have with some fans and many analysts is the talent level of this team. The post game show everybody was talking about how we have the talent. Me personally, I don't see that. I don't see too many talented players on this team. You don't see any first round talent on defense except young Chickillo and Spence (if he was bigger). Miller is the only obvious first round talent on offense. Al has to continue to improve the recruiting which will be tough with the pending NCAA punishment.

This Miami team is going to have to win with conditioning, smarts, and eventually toughness. They will not be dominating with talent anytime soon.

It will be real interesting to follow Kansas State and see how they do the rest of their season.

And the winner of Stupidest Post of the Early Season:

I do not think we realize how emotionaly Shanon hurt these players. He was more interested in them going to class unstead of winning!!! Golden has to change the CANES into a winning mode!!!I really believe that SHALAYA has to go. SHe is bad vibes for the program, she hired Shannon and she gave him a re-up on his contract, should have to pay for the demisse of Miami!

Posted by: markdrebin | September 25, 2011 at 05:05 PM

ATLCane, I was not calling for Shannon's firing last year at any point that I can think of. I was discouraged by two things that were evident though in 2010:

1) Lack of enthusiasm - By year four of the Shannon regime the players had indeed taken on the personality of the coach. There was a lack of emotion. Either they were afraid to celebrate or they saw no reason to. Shannon himself had regressed into a stoic, almost Borg-like statue on the sideline. My gripe with him last year was that if you show no emotion and it appears that you do not care, why should the players care?

2) Recruiting - Shannon had only 7 or so players committed as the season began. While I know that in the Southeast players tend not to commit as early as elsewhere (such as Texas), having just 7 was well off the pace of where they needed to be. The best recruiters land great classes year after year (see USC under Carroll and Kiffin, Mack Brown, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer). Shannon had one great class and was not able to follow it up.

Still, I was not calling for his head publicly. Although I was becoming increasingly upset that they had regressed from 2009's season...which seemed hard to comprehend because the team was virtually the same.

So I'll say again, either the Canes talent level was not what we thought that it was, or it was badly coached.

Manny is a cry baby. Every team starts off slow with a new coach before taking flight late in year 1 or in year 2. This season begins and ends at V. Tech in two weeks.

But after watching VT,UNC,FSU and GTech; none of them are world beaters. We can win all of those games if we get better gameday production from our players, but much more so from our coaches.


Posted by: ATLKane09 | September 25, 2011 at 11:46 AM

" if " huh ? ... jUst when will U Cane fans learn ?

And the winner of Stupidest Post of the Early Season:

I do not think we realize how emotionaly Shanon hurt these players. He was more interested in them going to class unstead of winning!!! Golden has to change the CANES into a winning mode!!!I really believe that SHALAYA has to go. SHe is bad vibes for the program, she hired Shannon and she gave him a re-up on his contract, should have to pay for the demisse of Miami!

Posted by: markdrebin | September 25, 2011 at 05:05 PM

Posted by: Jayel | September 25, 2011 at 06:21 PM

I agree, J..

Lot's of fair stuff here.

A few plays may describe the makeup of this 'Cane team.
On their game winning drive, ball is fumbled by the QB toward our D. They recover. They wanted it more.
Later in the drive on a 1st and goal from the two (sound familiar?), their RB Hubert WALKS INTO THE ENDZONE. We know what we did in that same situation. They wanted it more.

U Cane fans are a complete riot... Say, J-42 had happened to stumble into the Endzone for the Win, U Cane fools whould be all fired up with pump up chests screaming that Ur ready to contend for the National Championship right now...

Just remember this Cane Fan ...

Below Fiddy/Fiddy ...

36-31 since Coker huh ?

Take out the 6 Duke, 6 yearly 1-AA scrubs, 3 Central Fla, 2 FIU and 3 USF Wins the last 6 years and U are 16 and 31 verses any relivant competition what so ever ... SIXTEEN n THIRTY-ONE !!! Anyone, Anywhere,Anytime huh ? ShUt The Fu@ck Up U in denial dipsh!ts...

Ur now # 6 in the State of Florida, and don't U even try to deny it...

Can U even begin to comprehend just how bad that is ? But yet Ur just on the verge of "being back" riiiieeet ? Ur an embarrassment to Urselves on a National level that will only get worse the next 8 years. U can believe Dat U dolts.

Scream Cane Fans, Scream loUdly ... No one can hear U ...

What U are...take out all the Big 12 scrubs besides Ok State, OU, Tx Tech, and A&M, and take out the "powers" such as Rice, Sam Houston State, and N. Texas....what record does the University of Texas have since 2006?

id-ot gators on here. Seriously.

Take away thefact that UF has played 0-4 FAU, 1-3 UAB, A horrible kentucky team and a mediocre tennessee team and will play Furman (what is a Furman?) and what do you have? two goony goo goo 5-9 150 lb gumbies that run fast. Please serious?

And where are the FIU fans that were calling for Miami to play FIU again? who beat FIU? the little sisters of lafayette?

On other thing- It couldnt have been given to Miami any easier to beat KSU: First and goal at the 2. Then 2nd and goal at the 1 1/2. Just can't get any easier than that. On a silver platter essentially. This wasntthe Pittsburgh Steelers or the Ravens D. This wasnt the Patriots with 350 lb Vince Wilfork in the middle.

But it could be worse- Miami could be 0-3 like the phins.

The city of Miami is becoming the Detroit of sports cities. Seriously. We s-k.

What U are...take out all the Big 12 scrubs besides Ok State, OU, Tx Tech, and A&M, and take out the "powers" such as Rice, Sam Houston State, and N. Texas....what record does the University of Texas have since 2006?

Posted by: TonyCane | September 25, 2011 at 07:54 PM

So Ur saying Kansas State is a Big 12 Scrub huh ?

Must really really suck to be U then ...

fire shalala , she is the one to blame for all this. she wants a prep school, and dont care about athletics.... fire her now save the canes...

Wow, people kick you when your down... the program needs a lot of help. First off we need our own stadium, every major program has their own stadium: USC,FSU,UF,OK,OR,...you get the point. If we put a stadium near the campus I believe we can achieve what we never had, a huge college atmosphere. This is not a pro team, (have you seen the inside of Oklahoma's locker room...I was about to commit on site, and I'm 35). Second, the fans have a right to be angry, but from some of the posts the response's are very fair weathered. USC sucked for a long time before Pete Carrol, Oregon sucked for a long time, Notre Dame(still sucking), Michigan, Ohio State ect. ect. We hit a down time and it happens with the best of teams, try supporting the team full of 18-24 year old's, in stead f bashing them. It's clear the coaching sucked in the past( how the hell did Larry Joker get the job?!?!?!), it's super hard to change the culture of loosing in 8 months. It will happen, we are in a hub of talent and a lot of kids want to come to Miami win, lose or draw. Well be fine, but be realistic!

This team studies hard and graduates. Who cares what they do on the field.

This team studies hard and graduates. Who cares what they do on the field.

Posted by: canesjunkie | September 25, 2011 at 08:56 PM

shut up shalala.

I think this article is very unfair. A couple of things go our way, and this team could be 3-0. Maybe it is Karma, or God's retribution for the things that these players did that caused a guy like Shapiro to get national attention. Or maybe it is just bad luck. This team is far from mediocre, and when they start getting the bounces to go their way, and they will, you will be writing a different story.

Bill Snyder's a genius -- totally outschemed UM in the first half. Harris' second half was a thing of beauty that showed how good he can be. Of course, makes the bad moments that much worse. Wish Storm J. had stuck it out, as we could use another threat to spell Miller. Nice to see the FIU Showers are quiet on our board today.

What an honestly written blog. This team is still Shannon's. What I mean by that is the attitude and drive (or lack there of) Shannon instilled in them has become part of their DNA. A change will not come over night because Golden must remove the bad DNA and insert his own. The only way to do this is through attrition. Once new players brought in under the Golden era outnumber the Shannonite, we will see this team truely show Golden's ability to build a program. I believe by year 3 we will see a new team. Hopefully a better team, if Shapirogate doesn't kill us first. Until then I just hope we don't embarrass ourselves like in 2007.

I'll be honest Manny, when I hear the quotes throughout the week you all give us from UM camp, my stomach became sick because they were feeling to good about themselves. I know we were up for a fall.

Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde it is the same story. How have the Cane fans not lost that fire. Yet the Canes have. Its simple two words. Orange Bowl.

The Hurricanes need their own place to play. Not be the third wheel in a stadium that can't get the field changed back to football in time for a major college football game.

I am sick right now Kansas St. The world is laughing at us right now. I need to see this team that that crap personally. Because I do.

About time that you said it Manny. and yes it ruffles feathers, but I am beyond pissed now, as many are. Here is the deal, until Golden gets this entire group out of here and plays the kids that he recruits and trains, we will be in this sh-- pit. Simple as that. WE DO NOT PLAY ASSIGNMENT FOOTBALL! Golden plays assignment football and was the student of Joe Pa, the ultimate assignment coach. We have too many jumping around knucklheads that forget everything that they are tuaght in practice. Out of position and really look embarrassing. Maryland was a joke, KState was a joke. A quarterback running on Miami for 146 yrds? Penalties again at the most perfect times! There are many of us that will ALWAYS be Cane fans, but simply shake our heads now. Canes, you simply do not play as a Team, and stay with your assignments. We cannot win this way. and a 500 season will be lucky at this stage. I sincerely hope that Golden plays all of the freshman an d gains control of the soph's as well. Go YOUNG Canes!

you're still a mediocre reporter, manny

Donofrio is a bust already.He cannot inspire his players or coach his defense up.It s shockingly embarrassing to watch this HORRIFFIC defense.They can t stop a high school team.Stay in your lane...don t move.Make the 1 on 1 tackle.Have they yet ever been told that?Do they know how to stay in their lanes?They all get BLOWN away and oppossing offenses can drive a ship through the Miam defense.Does Onofrio have no PRIDE?????

I wonder how different these comments would be if we actually got that one yard. Don't know if yall have ever thought of this but I'm curious where the University of Alabama has been the past 30 years. Point being is that they're clearly one of the elite right now and they were elite in the 60's and 70's but what happened in the 80's 90's and most of 2000's. I understand they won in 92 and 09 but what about all the years in between. My point is that every team goes through this and we as Cane fans just aren't used to this type of garbage ass football. We've been spoiled for 25+ years and now its tough to deal with mediocracy. I now live in Alabama(from Miami) and my buddies tell me this isn't nothing compared to what they've been through. They went 17 years without being relevant and barely winning half their games. They also had a couple 3 win seasons and lost to teams like Louisiana monroe, louisiana tech, hawaii, ucf, utah, etc.... My point is that it gets better and we are gonna get through this. One thing we always have going for us is THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI is located in the most talent rich areas in the world. THIS WILL PASS. Hell, look how long it's been for Notre Dame, Nebraska, Florida State, Penn State, etc...What do you think Texas fans were doing from 1970 to 2005. What would we be doing if our next title wasn't till 2036? Everybody chill and see what happens in the ACC the rest of the year. We will make a return. Patience is a Virtue!!!

Spot on Manny.

This team is so accustomed to loosing that it is imbedded in their DNA. The culture of mediocrity runs so deep in this program that it is going to require a full rebuild to turn this heap around. That is if we receive no NCAA sanctions.

My fear is this program has been dying a slow death for the last 6+ years and once the
NCAA hammer falls, this program will be officially finished. It will be the final nail in the proverbial coffin.
I don't expect Al Golden to stay if the penalties are anywhere are severe as USC got.

This program is on life support as is and in all likely hood will resemble more of a
Wake Forest or Duke then the Miami Hurricanes of old after we get through the sanctions.

Miami has had a lot of trouble competing for local recruits for various reasons,
such as lack of fan support, lousy stadium, lack of finances and the "me first" mentality of the South Florida recruit. I'm of the opinion most South Florida recruits take no pride in their city or community.

Given all these problems, how the hell is this program going to recruit with NCAA sanctions
coming down the pike. This years recruiting class is going to disintegrate, no doubt.

We couldn't sign the likes of Dinard Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Gio Bernard, Matt Elam, Joyner,
Greene, ect.. before Nevingate. I turn my TV on every Saturday and see kids from Florida that were considering UM making spectacular plays and then I watch this team and I'm just amazed how awful we are.
The 2008 class has to go down as the biggest busts in college football history.

I will continue to support my Canes with the understanding that the University is not
committed to winning on the football field, will not invest in a home stadium and will
in likely hood never become what they once were.

Canes are plain mediocre, this is true. Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Ok State are going to destroy KSU. Those teams are going to put up 35-to-55 points, easy. Miami could not get 1 yard, when it counted most. Enough said, KSU is better than Miami in 2011. This means Miami is medicore. Hey...Temple destroyed Maryland after nearly beating Penn State...two teams Miami could not handle nearly as well. This means Golden is a good coach...Temple is still good.

this team is WEAK an the DEFENSE really,really suck

Guys games are won in the trenches and thats where we're being beat especially on the D-Line. The Dt's have NOOOO!! explosion or ability to get off blocks. The OL could get us 2 yards for gods sake! 2 friging yards!

The D and O-Coordinators can't make adjustments on the fly. They can't wait till halftime to think it over. If Jacory is your guy then let him prove he's a liability and if so yank him. If Forston and Regis can't get it done then put in Grimble and Pierre. Hate to say it but Forston shouldn't see the field. He can't get off blocks and is D-2 slow. Golden should sign 10 big guys regardless of skills and hope law of averages give him 3 capable of plugging the hole and getting a pass rush.

Can we please stop playing this vanilla defense in the beginning of games. Our corners run 4.3 or 4.4's and we are playing 8 to 9 yards off the ball. I'd keep running the same plays Maryland did as well as K-State. Ohio state didn't do it because they do not have a QB. Not rying to be a downer but old players need to go with their old habits. These guys are not going to stop making mistakes overnight. Build for the future get Morris in the game so he is that much more ready for next year.

This game is played with a football IQ, these guys cannot continue to perform like they are scared. They hesitate too much on defense. How many times did they blitz. We are waiting too long to attack these offenses. Listen these guys were not coached right to begin with. This is not street ball in the city. This is organized football. Well wished someone hit the weightroom for three years in a row instead of one year.
The U needs a mental overhaul. Truly I saw the effort by coaches and players. But we are playing behind the eight ball. We need to start the game with at least a 20 point lead. I did notice that we opened up the play book a little bit. I say we go 8-4. As long as Morris starts, sorry Harris but the school has let go of three quarterbacks to accomodate you. They have done alot.

Its all about hiring the right people. Clemson's offense was dreadful last year. Look at them now. They most likely will win the Atlantic division with a former high school coach as offensive coordinator. Its time to ditch the pro style offense and go up tempo. Take advantage of your personnel.

Finally got to watch my tivo of the game. Overall, JH played well. Can't blame him for this game. Defense was horrendous. Outside of Spense, there are very few playmakers on D. Forston is beyond aweful. He does not move from the line of scrimage. Total D-Line play is very mediocore. The QB for K-State was a big tough kid. I give him a lot of credit. He played a great game and did not make any mistakes. The ball bounces differently on one of those fumbles and the canes win. I do think this team will get better as the coaches get a better feel of what players can do. I like Golden and we need to give him time. He needs some guys on D-fense to step up and make some plays.

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