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Tommy Streeter has grown from after thought to most targeted Canes receiver

CORAL GABLES -- Tommy Streeter was asked Wednesday about what might have hampered his ability to be more involved in the Hurricanes passing game in each of his first three seasons.

Tommy Streeter Streeter paused and then smiled almost as if he was weighing whether or not to answer the question honestly. Finally, he came out with it. "I'd say, not taking anything away from the old staff, but I felt those guys had their guys that they felt confident in," Streeter said.

Well, it's safe to say Al Golden, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and receivers coach George McDonald aren't lacking much confidence in Streeter. The former Miami Northwestern standout, who caught 16 passes for 286 yards and TDs combined in his first three years at UM, has seen his role shift dramatically this season.

He's grown from afterthought into one of UM's most reliable targets. The 6-5, 215-pound Streeter is second on the team behind Allen Hurns with 10 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown. Hurns has caught 12 passes for 159 yards and two TDs. But he hasn't been UM's most targeted receiver. Streeter owns that distinction having been thrown to a team-leading 19 times.

"It feels good," Streeter said of being in the mix at receiver. "Since I've been at UM my main objective was to help this team in anyway possible."

The Hurricanes aren't exactly lighting teams up in the passing game. With tailback Lamar Miller carrying most of the load on offense, UM ranks 87th in passing. But McDonald's receivers have done a pretty good shining brightly -- especially in light that the unit lost record-setting receiver Leonard Hankerson (Redskins) and hasn't gotten much out of senior LaRon Byrd or the team's tight ends.

McDonald said Wednesday his receivers have dropped just three passes in UM's first three games. Drops were clearly a much bigger problem a year ago under Aubrey Hill.

"They're doing pretty good," McDonald said Wednesday. "But we still have a lot of work to do.

"We've caught some tough balls, but I don't want to single anybody out. But we haven't caught every ball. We're catching a high clip. Jacory and Stephen have done a good job giving us catchable balls. We've done a good job coming down with them."

McDonald said he's a big stickler for what guys do in practice and believes it has a carryover to game days. That's why he and Golden love Hurns, who plays with as much enthusiasm and energy in practice according to teammates as he does on game day.

"He comes out here in practice, dives, blocks and does the same things on Saturdays," McDonald said. "It's been real good to show him as an example to the group -- especially the young guys -- if you do the right things everyday you can be successful too."

McDonald said freshman Phillip Dorsett "has really followed Allen's lead." Golden said Wednesday Dorsett is getting about 20 snaps per game.

"Same thing with Reshawn [Scott]," McDonald said. "He had a great week of practice, so we gave him a couple plays. Like coach Fisch talks about, we want everybody to have an opportunity to go out and make plays. But in order to do that you need to come to practice and earn it. That's why you're seeing some of these new, young guys on the field."

As for Byrd, who has four receptions for 41 yards (he had 12 for 118 after 3 games a year ago), McDonald said he's "in a little bit of a slump -- just like a home run hitter."

"We've tried to have him go back to the basics," McDonald said. "As a senior, you put a lot of pressure on yourself because it's your last go-around, your last games. We just want LaRon to back to having fun. We're going to need him. He's going to come up big. It might be this week. But he's going to be in our rotation. Right now he's just playing a little too tense."

Asked if Byrd was responsible for Jacory Harris' lone interception Saturday against Kansas State, McDonald said: "He needed to come back to the ball a little harder. He pulled up a little bit and the DB was able to undercut him. So, it's just the matter of him trusting his training and coming back to the ball a little bit harder."

McDonald said senior Travis Benjamin, suspended for the opener, "is buying into what we're doing." Benjamin is third on the team with nine catches for 104 yards and a touchdown. "We're excited to have him back," McDonald said.

McDonald cited Benjamin, Hurns, Streeter and Byrd as players who have taken over Hankerson's role as vocal leaders. "I think a lot of guys are taking ownership," McDonald said. " I think everybody feels like they have a voice. It's not just one dominant guy. Everybody has made plays and earned the right to speak up. That's what we want as a team."

Junior Kendall Thompkins, who has shined on special teams, has yet to catch a pass. "He's been on the field," McDonald said. "Sometimes the ball just doesn't go your way."


>  UM coach Al Golden thanked reporters Wednesday for continuing to bring up the lack of production from the team's tight ends.

Asked why Chase Ford, Clive Walford and Asante Cleveland have combined for just 6 catches for 48 yards, Golden said: "Some of it is just what [the defense] is giving us. Clive had a touchdown called back against Ohio State. We had a couple of other opportunities we had to give it to him and we didn't. It's as simple as that. It's a function of them running the right route, the right depth, Jacory [Harris] being precise, getting the protection on that specific play and then everybody executing."

> UM quarterback Jacory Harris said Tuesday he called for audibles "a couple times" in last Saturday's loss to Kansas State. One of them was on Lamar Miller's 59-yard touchdown run.

Asked why the passing offense was much more aggressive in the second half (Harris was 11 of 13 for 191 yards, 2 TDs) versus Kansas State, Harris said: "Coach called good plays."

> Palm Beach Post reporter Jorge Milian spotted Harris wearing a harness around his left shoulder Wednesday at practice. Harris was hit hard by a Kansas State defender on his fourth quarter touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin Saturday.

I spotted Lamar Miller no longer wearing a yellow non-contact jersey Wednesday. Golden reiterated banged up players like Miller would play Saturday. "I keep telling you guys they're playing, they're all playing," Golden said. "If the doctor tells me otherwise we'll report it. But they're all playing."


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the overthrow to streeter caused us the game against k-state!! how do you overthrow that amount of speed!!! lets goo!

I do not think the overthrow was the cause for us losing the game; Streeter was not in a full sprint until after J12 threw the ball. Streeter should have come out of his stutter step in a full sprint; Streeter has shown this lack of discipline in the past too. Streeter should have caught that pass; his speed did not cause the miss, his technique coming out of his break was the problem.

Also, we lost because we could not punch it in from the 2yd line. Nonetheless, K State never should have been so close whereas we needed a last minute drive to win.

If that pass to Streeter was complete K-State would have had 1:30 to march down the field just as they did on their previous drive. Stop blaming Harris for the loss. The defense lost the game.

So....hopefully 2-2 going into the VT week...we will get Armstrong and Vernon back...anyone optimistic about our last 8 games? J12 did play pretty good the second half....perhaps too conservative the first half...not sure. This really should be a good "practice" game for us this week.

Byrd should have come back for that ball. The lone pick could have been avoided by Harris and Byrd. Dammit!!!

U know the more U talk CANETILLIDIE....DH, the more U sound like a Nevin Shapiro never was wannabe clone.(ok tell us all about how U were a 5-7/225lb. 2-Star LB at Belen back in the 80's)...

Jesus man, either come to grips that Miami's Swag days are long gone, done and buried or simply take a 5 year vacation away from all this Cane downward spiral madness.

Oh, and how mucho does a Million pesos come out to in American $ ?

Only Armstrong comes back for VT...

And admit it that Ur "Academic" Scholly was the tax payers paying off on yet another Affirmative action quota we had to pay for...

CANETILLIDIE....DH - re: your post on the last blog, just to clarify I don't mean to say more Canes fans think about the university as a whole than think about it as a vessel to field a football team. I only mean that everybody whose opinion matters to the university (i.e. university leadership and the board of directors) don't think that way.

And as always my comment didn't have to do with extolling UM's academics, just noting the futility of signing all your posts:

FIRE SHALALA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as if that were some sort of option that would ever be considered. She's 70 years old, she'll be retiring soon enough and then you'll have to find someone else to blame.

I suggest Barack Obama - he's in charge of the entire United States, which includes the University of Miami. It's about the same logic as blaming Shalala for the football team, plus he did say that he would fix college football (WTF is he doing with his time??).

One step forward (Ohio State), two steps back (Kansas State). Before long, I believe that they will only be moving forward. Go Canes!!

Looks like a few of the NW8 are panning out. Outside of Spence and Streeter, and I think I'll put J12 in there, the rest have something to prove.

Interesting how J12 alluded to what the coaches are or are not doing. Seems like the second coming of Nix doesn't have a clue as to how to implement TE's.

Also, Streeter has the size to play TE. Why not do that?

Maybe the reason Aubrey Hill's WRs dropped so many passes was because he was accustomed to dropping Nevin Shapiro's bags on the UM program?

This team will Finish strong!!!!!!!!

I actually graduated from Barry in 7 years and never go the games but I think we could run the table and win our 6th this year once we get Ray Ray back and start Stephen Morris over the noodle arm ethiopian.

FIRE SHALALA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canetillidie you are a COWARD!!!!!!!

Ictodolphin is a COWARD too!!!!!

Why not "target" your 6'5" receiver against a tiny DB from the 2 with the game on the line? Not a sign of confidence to me.

I don't see how this staff can have confidence in anyone on this roster-player development has been nonexistent at this program for years. The only silver lining at Miami is seeing the job Golden and his staff did at Temple, but I'm afraid it's going to take years, not months to turn this program around.

I have to agree with Mephistopheles. Why not a jump ball with Streeter. USC style.


Jump ball from the 2 on fourth down is Dolphinesque.

QB run was the right call, Harris just blew it.

bet storms blazing

plain and simple--if you cannot score from the 2 yard line in 4 tries you deserve to loose the game. no excuse this was supposed to be the bell weather for the team. where is the fire and determination? even > impt where is the execution?

I'm not talking about 4th down, per se, but it is very curious that the OC did not take at least one shot at a corner or back-shoulder fade pattern with such a size mismatch. It worked well the week before against OSU.

The 1st 3 play calls were reasonable, but I fail to see the wisdom of a QB run with Harris at any point. He's not a running QB, and is too light for goal line collisions. Miami should have been able to execute the 1st 3 plays adequately to score, but I'd much rather take a shot at a jump ball with that size matchup than expect Harris to run it in.

Mephistopheles-- You are correct. And throwing to him more will also lead to more pass interference calls at the very least....his size and speed need to be utilized better.....actually they have been. I thought he was the best receiver here for a couple years. Glad he is getting a shot. Also glad Laron Byrd is not getting schollied into the lineup. Defense has a long way to go but we'll get there. Credit where it is due, J12 had a great game. Hope has and the OC can build confidence off of this last performance. Throw the TE Ford was stellar, and will probably lead to more utilization of the TE in the passing game. Go Canes!

Why not try a FB dive?

or they could have done that gay ass tebow jump shot.

I bet that guy on Canespace, 3 years ago that Streeter was a star...and that AJ was a bust...

Plsin snd simple we lostr as a team. Defense sucks like hell and has a long way to go O-line cant not be up and down play alright against Maryland excell against OStae and terrible aganist KState.

Its understandable for the secondary to play the way they do bc their young or have no game experience. They are improving weekly but that dam d-line and linebackers gotta do better no EXCUSES. It easy as 1-2-3 just get fn mad and play with a chip on your shoulder.

The Bethune game is not going to be a cakewalk they have sumthing to prove. Coming to UM doent care anyone no more and that can change starting Saturday but its up to the players to provide that intensity. Its there the defense played with it for only about 3 plays in a row, only to let the qb run up the middle for 23 yards.

2013 is going to be the year for The U mark my words. These freshmans is getting the experience they need and also Golden knows football put your trust in him. Real talk stop expecting much outts these Juniors and Seniors they are to soft. Just compare the 2 freshmans/sophomore vs juniors/seniors. If you cant tell the difference between the 2 u dont know football.

All bout the U

Great to see Streeter producing - hlding on to the ball. Even in his great second spring scrimmage he dropped a couple. That hasn't happened on game days, and there are a lot of balls coming his way.

This season is set to turn around. 3-2 and ranked after VT, top 10 after FSU, just wait.

PS: Rich, very true, our freshman are tough as nails, esp Chickillo, Perryman, Dorsett, Gaines, & the Oline.

cool cat- You have a hole in your brain. I'm sorry. hate to always be on you and disagreeing with you so often, but you really can't help yourself.

" Few of the Miami NW 8 panning out?" REAAAAALY?
What do you mean panning out?
Spence? Is he the reason we have the #99 ranked run defense? And why we were able to so efficently tackle and stop the run against KSU?
i dont even know if I can watch the game against GTech.

jacorry? After he so grossly overthrew Streeter for a literally GAME WINNING TD? Or his pseudo dive into the endzone, again to win the game?
Then WHo?

please. Gimme a break The Miami NW 8 have been BUSTS. All of them. I cant wait till they get the eff off campus.

Looks like a few of the NW8 are panning out. Outside of Spence and Streeter, and I think I'll put J12 in there, the rest have something to prove.

Interesting how J12 alluded to what the coaches are or are not doing. Seems like the second coming of Nix doesn't have a clue as to how to implement TE's.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | September 28, 2011 at 07:31 PM

B Washington?

Look NW kids are over rated...they could have gone to another program and produce the same.. My thing is this... why do we keep getting these kinds of recruits? because we have no morale, no unity, no facilities... we are basically getting the left overs.. When was the last time a 5 star recruit came to the u? yeah i know we won 5 NC with 3 and 4... but times have changed and we are not gonna win any NC as long as we keep getting left overs.. Build a stadium... or we gonna keep loosing

@Canes all the way naw homie you can't blame Jacory for that. You will have to blame Streeter. Streeter was the one that slowed down not Jacory. Cory put that one on the money. I like the way Jacory is playing. If the Defense can ever clamp down on the run and pass we'll be alright. But the thing with Jedd Fisc he needs to throw the ball alot more. He needs to use the play action more. I hate the "Gators" with a passion and I hope they loose this Saturday against "Alabama". But Gators Offense and Defense looks great can't lie. But Miami should be looking like that. We have the talent but not the performers. We need for "Laron Byrd" to step up. I done seen Jacory throw passes to him that she should of caught or he could of made a defensive play. That good that the coaches called him out on that because I thought it was just me. Miami Hurricanes we need this team to be solid. We need to be in a great Bowl Game this year. It's not too late to turn things around. Pull a Virginia Tech from last year. You see they lost their first two games of the season. Then from on they went unstoppable. Miami can do the same exact thing if they put their minds to it.

I actually graduated from Barry in 7 years and never go the games but I think we could run the table and win our 6th this year once we get Ray Ray back and start Stephen Morris over the noodle arm ethiopian.

FIRE SHALALA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | September 28, 2011 at 07:42 PM


I did not write this post. Sorry guys more douche's running around here than I thought using other people's handles.

Get a life.

I actually graduated from Barry University in 3 1/2 years.

I went to Gulliver Prep and played RB/PR/KR I was only 5'7" and 155lbs but I ran a 4.4. Some guy in here claimed I was 5'7" 255 LB from Belen. Sorry I'm not a homosexual going to an all boys school ran by priests who want to put their hands on me.

Now Fire Shalalalalalalalala, please.

Canetillidie you are a COWARD!!!!!!!

Posted by: tallycane | September 28, 2011 at 07:55 PM

Hey TallyCane...

What's your deal? What did I ever do to you for you to call me a coward? Or were you going off of the words of someone else using my handle? Hell I just got to my office. It would have been difficult for me to have written that while driving.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!

People here say I live in the past. Fine by me. I grew up with the Canes actually winning games sticking to a certain set of guidelines for them to do so. Hell I've had season tickets since I was 12 so that makes 20years right there. I've seen the good and the bad while under suspensions in the 90's. We used to control our backyard and now it's a free for all for every school to come down here and take our players elsewhere. We used to never get a player just because he had 5 stars next to his name. Big deal you have 5 stars. What division of football does that player play in? Is there actual competition in that region where that player is from? None of that matters. Miami used to get guys that had a certain mentality and I haven't seen it in over 8 years. It's really frustrating to me.

So people wanna say I live in the past. Great at least I saw that past and didn't hear about it from an older brother or uncle. I was actually there. I went to Pasadena and watched Dorsey have a field day, Vilma kill a TE, Johnson shake a DB out of his socks for a lone TD.

All I'm saying is that Miami is not Miami unless you have players brought in with a certain mentality. That's all. If somebody was to bring that back to the recipe then we'll have a version of what the Canes ought to be. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Coker dismantled the team and left nothing in the cupboard for Shannon and Shannon never developed anyone that he had and that's why they're playing better in the pros than they did in college ie:Sam Shields,etc...

Think about it. Swag was never brought into the university of miami it was started here by bringing in players that had a certain mentality for playing the game a certain way. Then swag came from it afterwards when the mentality controlled games and racked up points on the board.

Tell me if I'm wrong on that..


By the way, Good Morning Everybody.

@Saints your right the freshmen are doing great except for "Jimmy gaines". He's garbage I don't like the way he plays. I seen this guy over run plays like crazy. I would rather see "Jordan Futch" in at middle linebacker. Any question on "Kelvin Cain" where is he?


I agree about Gaines. I don't know what the Coaches are seeing in him. Plus it gets to me why Futch isn't in the starting lineup. What is it that's keeping him from starting. By the way Kelvin Cain looks like he's gonna get sometime this saturday so lets see what happens.

At least here's one good thing about this season.

We don't have to play on a baseball field anymore.

Thank the Good Lord. No more infield.

@Canetill I Die yeah I don't know what the coaches see in him either. But he's part of the problem on Defense. Raymond Bucannon, been messing up too. I feel like this just change up a few slots and take it from there. Atleast you should see a difference. But yeah Jimmy Gaines has to get out of their for real. When they had Futch,Spence,Perryman in at linebackers u could clearly see a big difference in the Defense. I don't know but I fell they need to sit some of the veteran D-lineman down because they haven't done squat since the season kicked off. Allow these freshman to come in and take over. I see Chickillo took Ojomo's job lol. Jalen Grimble should be taking someon's job soon. But we need a hell raising defense. These guys should be tired of loosing I know I am.

I thought that out of the NW recruiting class that Streeter, Spence and Forston would be the stars but oh well. Forston, though has had some health issues, I thought would bounce back but I haven't seen it yet. I think he's a junior still due to a medical redshirt but not positive. Jalen Grimble will have Forston's job really soon. They put Darius "The Plug" Smith right next to him. Chickillo on one side and Vernon on the other. I always like the way Vernon played. And that combination of LB's you just mentioned is perfect. There was a noticeable difference with those 3 in there. Hopefully the DC will realized that this is the combination to go with.

We'll just have to wait and see.


I swear I hate Miami Fans with a passion, majority of you couldn't play pee wee football but you think you know so much about the game. Morons. Do me a favor shut up and go play with your fantasy teams.

Let the Coaches do there job

@Rches7578 Man go back to your hole u idiot!!!!! This is something that we watch and notice every game we see. Your a dumb a## so i'm not listening to you no longer.

@Canes till I die yeah that d-lineup u just called out was great. I know the Plug will take someone's job and it needs to be soon. To badd we won't see Vernon in action until we play virginia. We need to have the other guys going so when he comes in it could be just reckless. I tell you Can Till I die the Defensive cordinator "Mark D'Onofrio" need to start putting his pieces together on a weekly basis. This dude isn't doing his job.

850Cane4Life :

I agree about D'Onofrio. From what I've seen so far I'm not impressed with our defense at all. They said that guys were freelancing but what I saw was a head coach that did his homework and have his olinemen and rbs put a helmet on everybody and run the ball down our throats and now we're 99th in rush defense. We got out coached against Kstate. Plain and simple.

Hell if Byrd came back for that ball, which he didn't, then noodles would have had a pick free day.

When will the best players be put on the field at the same time, I dunno. Soon I hope.

I swear I hate Miami Fans with a passion, majority of you couldn't play pee wee football but you think you know so much about the game. Morons. Do me a favor shut up and go play with your fantasy teams.

Let the Coaches do there job

Posted by: RCHES7578 | September 29, 2011 at 10:11 AM


hey Riches7578:

Take your penis out of your mom and open your eyes and you'll see the same thing we all see. A team that hasn't yet to be put together properly and is losing confidence with every game.

I'm giving Golden 2 seasons (including this season) to get it all together, if by then he hasn't then good bye and good luck at Penn st or where ever else he wants to go.

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