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Tommy Streeter has grown from after thought to most targeted Canes receiver

CORAL GABLES -- Tommy Streeter was asked Wednesday about what might have hampered his ability to be more involved in the Hurricanes passing game in each of his first three seasons.

Tommy Streeter Streeter paused and then smiled almost as if he was weighing whether or not to answer the question honestly. Finally, he came out with it. "I'd say, not taking anything away from the old staff, but I felt those guys had their guys that they felt confident in," Streeter said.

Well, it's safe to say Al Golden, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and receivers coach George McDonald aren't lacking much confidence in Streeter. The former Miami Northwestern standout, who caught 16 passes for 286 yards and TDs combined in his first three years at UM, has seen his role shift dramatically this season.

He's grown from afterthought into one of UM's most reliable targets. The 6-5, 215-pound Streeter is second on the team behind Allen Hurns with 10 catches for 130 yards and a touchdown. Hurns has caught 12 passes for 159 yards and two TDs. But he hasn't been UM's most targeted receiver. Streeter owns that distinction having been thrown to a team-leading 19 times.

"It feels good," Streeter said of being in the mix at receiver. "Since I've been at UM my main objective was to help this team in anyway possible."

The Hurricanes aren't exactly lighting teams up in the passing game. With tailback Lamar Miller carrying most of the load on offense, UM ranks 87th in passing. But McDonald's receivers have done a pretty good shining brightly -- especially in light that the unit lost record-setting receiver Leonard Hankerson (Redskins) and hasn't gotten much out of senior LaRon Byrd or the team's tight ends.

McDonald said Wednesday his receivers have dropped just three passes in UM's first three games. Drops were clearly a much bigger problem a year ago under Aubrey Hill.

"They're doing pretty good," McDonald said Wednesday. "But we still have a lot of work to do.

"We've caught some tough balls, but I don't want to single anybody out. But we haven't caught every ball. We're catching a high clip. Jacory and Stephen have done a good job giving us catchable balls. We've done a good job coming down with them."

McDonald said he's a big stickler for what guys do in practice and believes it has a carryover to game days. That's why he and Golden love Hurns, who plays with as much enthusiasm and energy in practice according to teammates as he does on game day.

"He comes out here in practice, dives, blocks and does the same things on Saturdays," McDonald said. "It's been real good to show him as an example to the group -- especially the young guys -- if you do the right things everyday you can be successful too."

McDonald said freshman Phillip Dorsett "has really followed Allen's lead." Golden said Wednesday Dorsett is getting about 20 snaps per game.

"Same thing with Reshawn [Scott]," McDonald said. "He had a great week of practice, so we gave him a couple plays. Like coach Fisch talks about, we want everybody to have an opportunity to go out and make plays. But in order to do that you need to come to practice and earn it. That's why you're seeing some of these new, young guys on the field."

As for Byrd, who has four receptions for 41 yards (he had 12 for 118 after 3 games a year ago), McDonald said he's "in a little bit of a slump -- just like a home run hitter."

"We've tried to have him go back to the basics," McDonald said. "As a senior, you put a lot of pressure on yourself because it's your last go-around, your last games. We just want LaRon to back to having fun. We're going to need him. He's going to come up big. It might be this week. But he's going to be in our rotation. Right now he's just playing a little too tense."

Asked if Byrd was responsible for Jacory Harris' lone interception Saturday against Kansas State, McDonald said: "He needed to come back to the ball a little harder. He pulled up a little bit and the DB was able to undercut him. So, it's just the matter of him trusting his training and coming back to the ball a little bit harder."

McDonald said senior Travis Benjamin, suspended for the opener, "is buying into what we're doing." Benjamin is third on the team with nine catches for 104 yards and a touchdown. "We're excited to have him back," McDonald said.

McDonald cited Benjamin, Hurns, Streeter and Byrd as players who have taken over Hankerson's role as vocal leaders. "I think a lot of guys are taking ownership," McDonald said. " I think everybody feels like they have a voice. It's not just one dominant guy. Everybody has made plays and earned the right to speak up. That's what we want as a team."

Junior Kendall Thompkins, who has shined on special teams, has yet to catch a pass. "He's been on the field," McDonald said. "Sometimes the ball just doesn't go your way."


>  UM coach Al Golden thanked reporters Wednesday for continuing to bring up the lack of production from the team's tight ends.

Asked why Chase Ford, Clive Walford and Asante Cleveland have combined for just 6 catches for 48 yards, Golden said: "Some of it is just what [the defense] is giving us. Clive had a touchdown called back against Ohio State. We had a couple of other opportunities we had to give it to him and we didn't. It's as simple as that. It's a function of them running the right route, the right depth, Jacory [Harris] being precise, getting the protection on that specific play and then everybody executing."

> UM quarterback Jacory Harris said Tuesday he called for audibles "a couple times" in last Saturday's loss to Kansas State. One of them was on Lamar Miller's 59-yard touchdown run.

Asked why the passing offense was much more aggressive in the second half (Harris was 11 of 13 for 191 yards, 2 TDs) versus Kansas State, Harris said: "Coach called good plays."

> Palm Beach Post reporter Jorge Milian spotted Harris wearing a harness around his left shoulder Wednesday at practice. Harris was hit hard by a Kansas State defender on his fourth quarter touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin Saturday.

I spotted Lamar Miller no longer wearing a yellow non-contact jersey Wednesday. Golden reiterated banged up players like Miller would play Saturday. "I keep telling you guys they're playing, they're all playing," Golden said. "If the doctor tells me otherwise we'll report it. But they're all playing."


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riches7578- why do you hate miami fans so much because we speak the truth? Does anybody that criticizes football teams HAVE to have played? Then you need to get rid of 80% of announcers.

its the truth. 5 star recruits? Kyle wright (Coker, 2002 recruit) was not only a 5 star but he was THE mcDonalds All USA football player regrdless of position. Miami has had 5 star recuits on dubsequentyrs as well.

Who cares, 4, star 5 star ect

Was edgerrin James a 5? Portis? Gore?

Please s-t-tf-u

Miami needs to develop a WINNING attitude. Not a losing attitude. Winning breeds winning which brings in the top recruits.

Winning comes with an attitude of pride, anger and chip on our shoulders, Us against the world. Its that way again now. Good. let it be. Players need to be recruited that WANT to be here. Not primma donnas who either Bolt if they hear they may have to compete for the job, or bolt after they commit, or bolt before they sign, or bolt half way during their college careers. we need players who will eat, live, die, Miami football. If we get players like that, I dont care if we are perennial 9-4 team, but I want to see the effort on the field. Nasty hits ints a nasty D-line. At the moment, our D-line is soft, our lbs canttackle, our dbs cant cover, and ouro-line judging by the last series against KSU, acted like a bunch of pu55y a55 beoeeotches.

1.5 yds!

1.5 yards :

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Finally someone who gets it. Now this is what I'm F$%^ing talking about!!



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

@Cane Till I die actually I like the way Jacory is playing. He's doing a good job. It's the receivers fault that he has these picks. Laron Byrd is responsible for two that i've seen. It's a shame and a disgrace because I never seen such a lazy ass receiver. I see why he's at the bottom of the dept chart. He needs to step up or step off the field at all times. I need to see more of "Rashwn Scott & Phillip Dorsett". I love the way those guys be getting down field. But Hurns should be the go to receiver not Streeter. Streeter doesn't even take off full speed. They need to get their game up to par and quick. I see we're heading into 6 straight weeks of conference Games. Mark D u better shapen up that defense of yours because if not your through dealing. Jedd Fisc needs to go down field more. How in the hell can u have a group of receivers that's running 4.1's, 4.2's, 4.3's and not getting them the Ball? K-State Corners couldn't keep up with our receivers and they knew it. But Fisc do better use more play actions and most of all get ur Tightends involved more. What the hell are we recruiting them for?

I think we're all a little tough on the kids. Most of them have had 2 or 3 different coordinators in their careers, not to mention a merry-go-round of position coaches. That's not fair to the kids, and it certainly is no way to develop players/teams.

UM appears to have hired a very good coach who brings with him a loyal and productive staff. See the Temple Owls. The DC turned down a shot to be a head coach just to work with Golden-that's impressive IMO-and many other assistants have valuable NFL experience.

The residue of a failed past will take some time to attrite out of the program. If Golden can keep this staff together, although it may take a few years, he will bring in the right players and develop them into a team that will dominate the ACC.

My greatest concern is that Golden will seek greener pastures before completing the job here. As much as we love this U, Penn St. is not the only siren song that could lure him away.

I'd like to see the admin offer to extend his contract and offer incentives to get him and his staff to invest at least 5 years here. Like everyone, I'm tired of waiting for next year, but unlike the past, I feel we finally have the right pieces in place to get the job done. If they're willing to see it through.

I agree 100% that Byrd should have come back for that ball. Inexcusable. Now Rashawn Scott and Phillip Dorsett are 2 guys that have my attention as well as Hurns. Hurns is hungry and that is what I love about him. A Cane is a hungry motherf$%^er and that is what he is. I'm dying to see more kendall thompkins, that kid has speed but is always over thrown or never have the ball go his way at all. You're absolutely right about Streeter not taking off at full speed. We should be using him for fade routes when we're in the red zone. The fact that our TE's aren't getting more looks down the field is upsetting to me. I almost couldn't believe that Chase Ford caught a pass, granted it was a nice one with a guy right on him for the 1st and goal situation. It's a damn shame what happened to Blake Ayles and I wish him the best in life and health whatever he does. Cory White to but he'll be back next year competing for a spot, he messed up his knee and had surgery already, I believe.

Our OC needs to start calling nasty plays in the first half, not wait to see what the score will be at halftime to decide whether he should open the playbook or not. Hell I wanna see some reverses and double reverses with the speed that we have with travis, dorsett,etc..

Our DC needs to take his head out of his A#%. Our DB's play with way too much cushion and with the speed they have they should be playing man to man. Hell Brandon McGee runs a freaking 4.29. Van Dyke ran a 4.27 in the combine. What does that tell you? Ray Ray and Tele will be settle things down in the back once they're back together.

We'll see.



Well said, well said. All true facts.

Go U.


They still shouldn't give up plays or halfass it across the field like Byrd did on Harris' lone pick against Kstate. He would have had a reception for a first down and kept Harris pick free for the day. That only has to do with desire and commitment and Byrd doesn't have it. He hasn't changed his ways since he got here. Allen Hurns always looked great in practice and scrimmages but never had the ball thrown his way until now. Imagine if we did actually use him last year. That's a few more first downs and great opportunities to put 7pts on the board when they were desperately needed.

I really like how you articulated you post and truly believe that everything that you put down was and is true because those really are many of the facts but some more facts simply needed to be added like the halfassing of some key players. But honestly really liked what you had to say. Good stuff.


Enough with this 2013 will be the Year of the Ibis. Eh.

Because, U'all Cane rowdies don't know the bloody SEVERITY of the looming sanctions, which are going to be casted down upon a once proUd Miami football program!

Then there's the matter of Coach Golden. Will he stick around and guide the Hurricanes through stormy Gulfstream waters, or bolt for calmer seas. Eh.

So my advice for U'all Miami HENCHMEN, is to get out the prayer beads and pray for at least a 7-5 regular season this season. Because Miami is about to enter major Hurricane weather. If U know what I mean.

FIre sha la la la la la .. she is a b... i cant stand her and her ideas.. our football program is on the decline and she does not care... and yes we are going to boooo Jskinny again saturday...

hey please tell me that someone has noticed the change in musical selection at the stadium. No more metallica, no more AC/DC, no more empire strikes back, soldier boy, etc...nothing?? WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! That music used to get everyone hyped up all day and now nothing. Who ever it was that had the bright idea of fixing what ain't broken should be face slapped like a B$%^&!

Before there was Metallica's "Enter Sandman", "Where ever I may roam", "For whom the bell tolls". There was AC/DC with "Thunderscar", "like a hurricane", "hells bells"..

What happened to SoldierBoy's "superman that ho" or in our case:


Man those were all great and now nothing. Not even an Empire Strikes Back, nothing!

What the hell!!! Now that we're at Joe Robbie we don't have that anymore??? F%^k that!!! Bring that back!!! Let's take it back to the Ol'School baby!!!!!

Sorry I know that was off topic but it's been something that I've noticed for a while and bothers the hell out of me.

FIre sha la la la la la .. she is a b... i cant stand her and her ideas.. our football program is on the decline and she does not care... and yes we are going to boooo Jskinny again saturday...

Posted by: canes305u | September 29, 2011 at 01:44 PM


I couldn't agree with you more. I don't like the ethiopian noodle arm for nothing but I won't booo anyone who's about to take the field for us. Allow me to explain.

You are booing someone who's confidence is already low enough as it is and now those boos are very possibly making his confidence go down even further right before he touches the ball. If you think about it, it could lead to something disastrous on the opening play.

Now I'm right in line with the first people that want to boo this kid but I won't do it right before he takes a snap. I don't like him one bit. I gave him 3yrs of support and he has given me nothing. He played in 2 good games in my opinion. That Oklahoma Game (U:21-20) and the fswho game (U:38-34). That was it. After those games we only got what we have now, Noodles. Not a QB but noodles.

I'm really hoping that Stephen Morris can polish up his game because next year he'll have a hell of a time competing with Ryan Williams, Gray Crow, David Thompson, Dewey Preston. Personally I think it'll come down to Morris and Williams. Thompson did very well at Westminster Christian on the football and baseball teams (dual athlete scholly) and Gray Crow looks like a gun slinger to me. Preston from what I've seen from him in videos looks like a Dorsey with a stronger arm. Very accurate, tall, long arms, good release, smart.

We'll see.

Oh ya...

Fire Shalalalalalalalalalal!!!!

Fire the hobbit!!!!

I have read it all now. excUse U is rampant: first it was the suspensions, then the schedule, then INT12, then the d-line, then no heart/passion/pride, yesterday it's the stadium, today the music at said stadium. Can't wait to see what the excUse is tomorrow: Coach's tie? Atmospheric pressure? No more alumni on the sidelines? Roc's last movie bombed?


It's all about duh u, relax man people will complain about whatever the hell they want to complain about.

Personally I mentioned the topic of music because I loved the selection that was played in the stadium before. No where in my comment did I say that not playing that selection was the reason we were not winning. Sorry, I was simply pointing something out. Nothing more. It was fun around the stadium when they played those songs and no one can deny that. Hell Sebastian is down on the field doing superman, you're gonna tell me that wasn't funny as hell? C'mon man roll a blunt and relax.

Look we're only 3 games into the season under a new coach, system, regime, scandal, whatever anyone wants to tag on. It's a new season and a new hope for a better year. Be positive.

I'm a soul man-badaba badadadah
I'm a soul man


soul man

We lost the game because our D-Line can get off blocks and make tackles. Nor can they collaspe the pocket. Offense is ok for where we are in the rebuilding process. Code Red for getting some Big Nasties up front. They are the hardest thing to find now a days, but we have to in order to improve the defense.


Vernon, Grimble, D.Smith, Chickillo


Perryman, Spence, Futch


Keep'em as they are but incorporate Clements and Hall. Too much speed to let go to waste.


Hurns, Benjamin, Dorsett, Scott, Thompkins, Streeter


Walford/Cleveland, Washington, Bunche, Big Fig, Henderson, Linder/Horn. And stop moving them back and forth and keep them in their respected positions please.

Lets put our biggest and nastiest guys up front. The only penalties I'll accept from them will be unsportsmanlike for being nasty. If Feliciano (I hope) can get his act together I think he could really turn into something good. I remember seeing tapes on him while in high school and he was nasty. I love that in a lineman.

This is the way I would go.

They'd get a penalty every play for having too many players.

If UM beats Virginia Tech they will control their own destiny in getting to the ACC championship game and the Orange Bowl.

Bottom of the division right now but UM is better than G Tech, UNC, Duke, and Virginia and should beat them all.

They'd get a penalty every play for having too many players.

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 29, 2011 at 03:41 PM

Where do you think they'll get penalties for too many players?

You have the TE spot for either Walford or Cleveland, Washington, Bunche, Henderson, Big Fig at the guards and tackles and then you have either Brandon Linder or Tyler Horn at center. There is your offensive line right there. That's five Olinemen and a TE.

Then incorporate the WR's. I just threw out a list of who I think is playing better and hungrier IMO.

Then RB's and try to incorporate Clements and Hall because it would be a waste of speed not to have them on the field.

So where do you get too many players on the field from?

Northwestern guys just aren't that talented. They were overrated.

Perhaps Spence will play in the NFL, but he won't be drafted high and will have to contribute on special teams.

Golden is facing a 3-4 year rebuilding project, if he stays that long.

Our record this year won't matter. Even if we run the table (highly doubtful) and win the ACC, we will self-impose a bowl penalty.

I won't pass any judgement on Golden until the end of next season. That's 2 years for someone to get a program going in some kind of a direction. After that, we'll see what he puts on the field come game day.

I have high hopes for him. Hope I'm right.

Go Canes

My bad, didn't read it - you put the tight end in the line instead of with the receivers, as it should be with this group.

You sit James for Clements though? Only so many snaps in a game, you sure don't want him in there in blocking situations.

All I'm saying is that Clements and Hall have too much speed to waste and they can be worked into a game like this one against Bethune Cookman. Give James more carries than he would normally get and take Miller out after halfway through the 2nd Qtr. No need to keep punishing him. He needs sometime to recuperate.

I put TE on the line because there are many situations where they are blocking on the line so that's why I put it that way. I basically did it because the TE's don't get enough use as a receiver so might as well just stick them with the Oline. Golden keeps talking about getting the TE's more involved but I just don't see the plays going their way. He's the head coach so he should tell Fisch to call a TE play or get someone else who will. (That last sentence I kinda took from someone else's post that I just remembered now and it applied to this statement.)

Clements does need to get some reps for sure though. He has pretty decent vision and can definitely take a screen pass and do something with it. We'll see. This would be the game to work those guys in.

See you all there saturday at 3:30pm

Yea, I wouldn't play Harris, Miller, Spence, or Telemaque after the first quarter. See if Morris can do three quarters in a row without line penalties, see what the younger players can do with real minutes against a fake team.

Canesalltheway is 100% correct. Jacory's overthrow to Streeter lost that game! I agree you can't overthrow speed like that!! He has to make those crisp passes like he did most of the fourth quarter. Be smart guy's...stupid plays are causing us games and the K-State loss was a heart breaker!! No way we should have lost that game and made K-State look like a powerhouse with a Heisman QB.

My bad canetillidie.

Right, and giving up 186 yard rushing to a QB is normal. So is an O line's failure to get a 2 yard push for a TD.

Placing blame in Jacory for that is wrong. Or maybe you guys should leave your min wage jobs and become QB coaches and OCs.

Yea, I wouldn't play Harris, Miller, Spence, or Telemaque after the first quarter. See if Morris can do three quarters in a row without line penalties, see what the younger players can do with real minutes against a fake team.

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 29, 2011 at 06:20 PM


Precisely. Let the youngsters get their time in this "scrimmage" and rest up our game changers. This would be a great opportunity for Morris to tweak his game and learn to manage the game more appropriately.

My bad canetillidie.

Posted by: tallycane | September 29, 2011 at 08:14 PM


No worries. These blogs are filled with douches that love to use other people's handles. I've always used this same one for years. Trust me, I maybe upset with how things are going with my favorite team but I will never spit on my colors or jump ship. Like my handle states, I'm a CANETILLIDIE. In 20yrs I've only missed 1 home game due to severe illness. Love to travel up to Tally and watch my team run around and have their fun.

One of my favorite times was against Cris Rix. lololol

Cris Rix
clap clap clap
Sux D&*ks
clap clap clap

Oh that was fun as hell. I started that chant and my friends who were watching it on TV could hear it when they turned up the volume. Hysterical. Even the commentators were mentioning how the crowd was getting "rowdy" over Rix. lol

Lower academic requirements will give us the team we want. Otherwise its a whole lot of living in the past.

I can't cheer for Jacory anymore, I'm just burned out on the guy. He's cutting into the maturation of Stephen Morris.

Pitt is playin great vs usf. Offense just did a tackle-eligible play for a TD. Thats imagination and execution.

I just dont get the dullness of Fischs calls on teh 2 yd line. I am definitely NOT sold on Fisch.

60 pts on bethune.

Please coaches. Lets right this ship.

That kid Ray Graham is deroying the speedy usf d. We need playmakers like that!

Pitt 2nd and goal from the 2. Running back busts it in. No prob. Rb gets hit in the backfield but keeps pushing. TD

I dont get it.

1.5 yds.

Lower academic requirements will give us the team we want. Otherwise its a whole lot of living in the past.

Posted by: canesjunkie | September 29, 2011 at 09:53 PM


I agree. Lower them back to what they were after the 90's suspension. The NCAA demanded The U the raise the standard as part of their sanctions and then after the 2001/2002 season, shalalalalalalala rasied them even higher. Reduce them back to what the standard was after that 90's sanctions and players like Kevin Grooms, Kinard, and others could have gotten in and not go to some prep school or worse another team. Kevin Grooms was itching to come to The U and couldn't get in academically. #1 player in Broward I believe he was referred to as.

What a shame.


C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you wouldnt say any of this to any player or coach you would just be a fan

Anyone watching Pitt destroy S. Florida?

Notice Ray Graham, Pitt RB. If you want to see a running back playing full out on every down, this is the guy. Notice how quick he hits the holes and his level of intensity. No Miami RB can compare. Not even close.

Also, notice the pass rush defense from Pitt. Miami's looks like a bunch of sleepy, unmotivated guys by comparison.

Miami needs to double its intensity in every phase of the game.

Any way we can trade for Ray Graham? And the other Graham, first year coach Todd, ain't bad either!

Not LOOSE....as in "I'm tired of LOOSING."

It's an epidemic of gargantuan proportions.
This is a University of Miami Forum/Blog...not FSU (Frighteningly StupidUndergraduates)

Repeat after me...
Lose, not LOOSE, Lose nor LOOSE...etc

That was the Pitt team that Miami crushed last year. They looked good last night but they have been terribly inconsistent, much like Miami. A lot of teams, FSU included, can't seem to get over the hump. In my opinion there is a lot of parity right now in college football and the difference between good teams and great teams is coaching. Let's hope Golden is the real deal.

I agree sunny dee. Coaching and how the coaches can get the players to play consisten and not look ahead and think they are all that- USF did it... again.

Let's see what happens when Clemson plays VT and Ga Tech plays NC state away. It'll be interesting to see if there is any letdown.

I too am sick and tired of the inconsitency. One game they beat a very good Ohio State team (not great minus Terrel Pryor, but they still had all of their starters on D). On the other hand they lose to Maryland, who managed to make Edsall look like a strategic genius, who also out-coached Miami coaches by far- who then lose to Temple.

Watching Pitt's and USF defense lsat night convinces me that UM 's defense is waaaaay below our standard. They are horrible. they get no push, they are hardly ever in the backfield, and they play soft and without energy. That, and a decent QB has been our achilles heel in the last 5 years!

Da Ball....It Was Wet

Excuse U

The stadium music was up to par. We need to play more Weird Al at the games as that will fire up this team and the 80k strong.

That was the Pitt team that Miami crushed last year. They looked good last night but they have been terribly inconsistent, much like Miami. A lot of teams, FSU included, can't seem to get over the hump. In my opinion there is a lot of parity right now in college football and the difference between good teams and great teams is coaching. Let's hope Golden is the real deal.

Posted by: sunnydee | September 30, 2011 at 07:16 AM

The USF team that got crushed by Pitt beat U last year @ Ur rental home in front of 15k ... Ur point ?

U keep hoping... It's the trUe sign of irrelevance

Play 2Live Crew @ the stadium
Have Uncle Luke on the sidelines
Heck add him to the coaching staff
Maybe the D will wake up and make tackles
Probably not
This is a UM blog people
That is University of Mediocre
Loose or Lose, pick one

Lets build a stadium and recruits will come like flies on honey...and get the f.. IBIS dancing soldier boy again...

Anyone in to pay a plane to fly the next big banner...

Where do you want to build a stadium canes305u?

In tropical park? With only 826 and Bird road to get people to and from the game?

Get real.

we're never going to be irrelevant as long as people like you exist.

Thought so, U really don't have any response to someone pointing out what a complete lose you are.


Why does FIU get the NBA game? What happened to all the money we spent on the BankUnited Center? It makes no sense - the nightlife and nicer hotels are closer to UM's campus. WTF, maybe there is a shift now to FIU?

Bethune-Cookman!!!!! Get freakin real!!!! This is what we have been deminished too! Our coaches and players cant even admitt we should embarrass them on the feild. Why? Reality is, we cant embarrass them because we suck! Its obvious these players cannot focus on assignments and play football at the same time. Football at this level is 2 fold. You have to do both. If they think to much they cant play football and if they play football they cant think! WTF.

Kansas State


South Florida

Virginia etc. Get real and get some new players MR. GOLDEN!!!!

Green seats Soldy Douche, when will Trailerville get NBA? Or NFL? Or MLB? Or arts, museums, or anything cultural outside of trailertrash couture?

The world may neve know.

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