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UM cornerback recruit Larry Hope released from hospital with stitches following big scare

Luckily for 2012 UM cornerback commitment Larry Hope the six-inch gash in his head he sustained Thursday night turned out to be "nothing more than a really, really big scare."

Larry Hope Hope, a 5-11, 174-pound senior at American High in Miami, sustained a nasty gash running from below his left eye to the back of his head after he was sliced by an opposing player's facemask while making a tackle in a game against Braddock at Tropical Park. Hope was injured because his helmet was jarred loose, leaving his head exposed to a pile of oncoming players coming to help make the tackle.

Hope, who was bleeding profusely according to witnesses, was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital and accompanied by his father. That's where he said he was treated and given "about 10 to 12 stitches and released shortly before 6 a.m. this morning."

"It was definitely a scary experience -- first time I'd ever been in a helicopter and not for the reason I wanted," Hope said. "My helmet was buckled up right. It was just one of those freak things. Now, I have to wait for the stitches to come out in five days before I can get cleared and back on the field. But believe me, I'm trying to put my helmet and shoulder pads on quickly as I can again."

Hope is one of many local recruits invited by coach Al Golden and his staff to attend Saturday night's game at Sun Life Stadium against Ohio State. "I'm still going to try and make it if I can," Hope said. "I'll probably just wear a skully or a cap to protect my head."

Hope, considered a 3-star recruit by Rivals, said he remains committed to the Hurricanes "despite the whole Nevin Shapiro, booster thing."

"I'm still a Hurricane," Hope sai.d. "They know I'm committed. Just like other commits, I'm speaking to the coaches on a daily basis, observing what's going on. Teams are still coming at me, offering me. Texas Tech and Duke are the two coming at me hard. But right now, unless things change a lot, I'm going to be a Cane."


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With UM playing OSU and FSU playing OU on the same night in primetime, they could really generate a lot of national interest for their head to head matchup if they could both win.

May God heal you soon young man.

The "U" needs to give Golden and his staff some healthy raises. For the recruits to stay committed in the face of adversity shows he has recruited players who not only play great but players who have heart about what they are doing. If you believe it will come true. Personally, any sanctions should mirror something like Ohio State recieved. OSU's head coach knew about the violations and lied to cover them up. Miami may have only had a crooked assistant or two in violation that Shannon knew nothing about. I just hope the NCAA does not punish Miami more severely just because its Miami. If so then hang on because it will turn into us against the world again.

Agreed larry.
First, Larry Hope- get well, son.

Um should see how Golden does, and if he beats OSU, Kansas, FAMU, then goes and beats either FSU or VTech, and runs the rest of the table, i say, give him a HUUUGE raise and extension. That's the only way we'll keep him, becasuse Joe Pa is done.

Great to see that Larry Hope made it out alright. God Bless you kid. You're going to do great at The U. You got moxy kid, don't ever change.

Throw some neosporene on those stitches, rest up, enjoy saturdays game and you'll be fine.


Can't wait. Gonna take my boat out for some night fishing so me and my boys can have some nice fresh filets to cook up along with the rest of our tailgate amenities before the game. Some nice ceviche, fresh snapper & grouper filets and cold ass beer. Ahhhhhhhh!

See all of you at the game!!!!!!!


me hopes that F$U gets smashed and embarrassed...Always over-rated before season..

Very glad to hear that all is okay. Good comments about the recruits.
Canetillidie. . Where night fishing. Your down south anywhere near white rocks??



Canes!! Hope future cane, get well soon son...


ltc sir,
We get it. you don't like D.S.

Please refrain from the overstated line. It seems you think if you post the line enough, somehow that which you wish for will happen and/or we will all rise up to begin an earnest fan/grassroots campaign to force her ouster. I assure you - that will not happen.

If you mean to be nothing more than a troll, then you are achieving your goal. I can have a good laugh as a fan of the absurdity principle, but really, sir.

Give it a rest.

Another recruit that sounds like an old school Cane. 3 Stars, little hype, but all he wants to do is suit up after the accident. Thats a football player. Great job finding them Coach. Good luck kid & get better soon. The Canes Fam loves u already & is pulling for U!

Seems like a nice kid, hope he's ok.

Shalala love on this blog...amazing.

Let's see how this group of students makes out today.

Good stuff from Dave Hyde below...

I'm not sure why Jacory starting drives me crazy, but I just don't want to see him on the field again. I'd rather have Stephen Morris.

Is it the expectations he came in with or what seems like 1000 interceptions?

He supports his teammates. He made a mistake at 18 and patiently answers questions, apologizing to everyone from fans to the school president, who still takes no questions.

Can someone explain why Jacory Harris is a trash can for University of Miami fans' emotions?

I wonder if Shalala will come out of witness protection for the game. Quit Troll, we hate you.

Jolopy today = 5 ints.

This is definitely do or die for jacorry.

I have been one who said he should never ever wear a cane uni again- that was after the Notre Dame and USF games last year. i said his scholie should be revoked. Ok I was pi$$ed/

But this is definitely do or die for him. He throws >2 ints. UM loses. and he is done. Forever. He will never play football again except for emergencies. That said, the only way he will ever sniff the NFL is if he has a monster year, and that starts TODAY. By monster I mean he wins out, he throws for oodles of TDs and yards and he makes the tough throws that NFL scouts want to see. i dont think any NFL scouts think he has the stuff to make it in the NFL at this moment.

Jacorry- your time to prove everyone wrong, including me.

Very glad to hear that all is okay. Good comments about the recruits.
Canetillidie. . Where night fishing. Your down south anywhere near white rocks??


Posted by: ltcdolphin | September 16, 2011 at 05:34 PM

Pass elliot key there is a nice reef with a drop off. I just got back in now. We've cleaned and prepped most of the fish while on the boat to have it ready for later today. Hell we even did some late night cooking onboard and as usual it was great. My Tio came with us and he's a tremendous cook (he's a retired chef, now he has a demolition company but still loves to cook). We walked away with 15 keeper snapper and 8 keeper groupers. We even caught a cuda and did the ciguatera test and it came back clean and cooked it there. So many people have no idea how good barracuda really is. Though you do have to test it first otherwise you can get really sick.

See everyone at the game.

WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm down by black point marina. That channel leading out of that marina always produces good fishing also. I've brought in some nice crevalle jacks and some mean tarpon. There are some groupers in there too, sometimes you get lucky and bring home at least 2 nice groupers. Snappers run rampant there, that's a given.

Good Luck and Happy Fishing.


How do you test for ciguatera? Just hold it on your tongue you mean?

dear chubby
you decided to refer to me as an ignoramus. yet you can not even type a proper sentence. you should read your post before you post it. my fire shalala post is based on fact. no the requirements at UM are not NCAA imposed. I'am a born and raised cane fan from Miami. I was accepted to the U but like many fans could not afford to attend. Therefore instead of gathering debt in grants I chose to earn my way by joining the Army.Most true cane fans are not alumni.We root for the canes because they are the fortunate ones who make it out of Miami's streets. Especially the great Canes of the 80s. We see that if you work hard and just get one break great things can happen.shalala just like foote want to deny kids that break and turn UM into a Harvard.just because a kid does not test well does not make him stupid. numbers should not be a reason to deny anyone the chance to be great.I do not advocate allowing criminals to run rampant. just give these kids a chance to better themselves. the chances of getting into the NFL are not that high. but you take a good athlete and give him a degree, he does not make it into the pro's oh well, but now he can still get a good job. win, win

canesinfantry - what are you talking about? Students or football players?

The players' admission requirements are laughably easy, they're not close to what the requirements would be for a typical student.

I guess I'm just missing your point.

How do you test for ciguatera? Just hold it on your tongue you mean?

Posted by: Eudocimus | September 17, 2011 at 11:36


Sorry I was sleeping.

There are a couple of old cuban methods that actually work. I know this simply because I tried them. You can taste it with your tongue and if it has an acidy taste to it, then use it for shark bait. Sharks love barracuda and it's a stinky bait too. But if there's no acidy taste, start up the grill, butter your pan and enjoy because it's a taste fish. That is one way to perform the check but I would rather go with a more secure method. You can also buy a ciguatera kit at tackle shops or online at ciguacheck.com and I think it's like $30 bucks. Its a easy test that takes 50 mins but I like to wait the whole hour. If the paper strip is blue, toss the fish, if it's clear, then smile.

Cuda was 47lbs and cooked nicely on the grill



that's a touching video. I've seen it before.

fake ltcdolphin @ 1205

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