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VIDEO: First-ever Hurricanes Walk at Sun Life

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Before butting helmets with the Buckeyes Saturday, the Hurricanes began a new gameday tradition with the first Hurricane Walk in school history at Sun Life Stadium.

The Band of the Hour, team mascot Sebastian the Ibis, team cheerleaders and hundreds of fans lined up outside of Gate H and formed a "human tunnel" to welcome players and coaches as they walked into the stadium.

Of course, the first Hurricane Walk didn't go as smoothly as planned. Ohio State's buses pulled in first, driving right through the tunnel to drop of their players and coaches before UM arrived about five minutes later on foot. UM fans rocked the buses carrying their players and coaches before coach Al Golden got out first and walked through the crowd.

Sophomore running back Eduardo Clements carried a pair of boxing gloves around his neck as he walked through the crowd. Quarterback Jacory Harris walked alone, jamming on his headphones.

"It's about time," said Canes fan Will Boehmer, who drove down from Margate outfitted in green and orange for the game and inaugural Hurricanes Walk. "We need to get closer to the players. We feel so far away at times. It gets the players pumped up before the game."


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about the fans of Miami, most of he fans are local people not ALUMNI. Now we need to play at full speed on gameday and we will be fine.

MIdnight Rider, that is the case of most schools. How many of those Alabama fans do you really think are alumni of Alabama?!

I cant watch thois
We need a qb
Does he not know our jersey colors?
Is he on the take

Get Harris out now


Yeah he has given us a. Lot of reason to have faith. His coach does not have it, let 7 seconds run off the clock because he had no faith in noodle arm to not throw an interception in the endzone. Bring in Morris


ACC goes 2-2 in big time games today. Canes and Clemson come through while MD and FSU fall short.

Did not see J12 do anything more than SM17! There was still trouble coming out of the huddle on some plays and there were still turnovers.

Still not sure why J12 is starting but as long as LM6 is healthy, we'll be okay.

Great win! Go CANES!!!

I agree. What exactly did Jacorry do that makes everyone think he is better than Morris?

The exact thing we have all feared- the lob passes, the bad reads, he did twice! Plus a fumble!

He did not do better than Morris did against maryland. If I was Goldern, I'd say, QB comp open.

this game was won by LM6, the O line, and the Defense. Bend but dont break. Excellent D- same as against maryland. As long as the O, I mean the QB doesnt lose the game. We are safe with the D.

And just so you all know, before you chant LM6 for the Heisman... Marcus lattimore of USC ran the rock 37 times for 249 yds! lamar was already looking spent. But running the ball 26 times is what we should do. I'd want to see mor Mike James, although he did fumble again despite the water practice

Jacory Harris threw two interceptions and almost threw 2 more on our final drive. Harris is terrible and is not a division I quarterback. Morris I believe is much better and I would feel much more comfortable with him in the game. Every time Jacory drops back to pass my stomach drops. I just don't think he gets it and never will.

With that being said- I love Golden and believe he will get us back to the top.

Agree with both of you. We shouldn't get anxiety attacks everytime our QB drops back to pass, but that's how I feel watching these games.

Coach should re-open the QB comp because KSU and VT will stack the box to stop LM6.

And what happened to getting the TEs into the game?

Thank goodness the schedule lets up a little bit over the next 2 weeks. KSU is a good team, but they aint OSU or MD on the road! Bethune is a good scrimmage to work out the kinks before road games against VT and UNC.

Albeit, great win for the Canes!

Cane Nation.

My observations from the game.

- J12 did everything in his power to lose the game.

- Lamar Miller is a great back now! Strong All American candidate.

-Good too see our WR's making plays.

- We are having fun playing on the field.

-Our Defense still needs to tackle better.

- If we can survive the probation time, Al Golden will do great things here at the U.

Al Golden is the key. If he stays through the storm, we will weather it and get back. Needs time to get "his guys" in there to go where he wants to go but we are off to a good start. Afraid quarterback spot will cost us all year.

Congrats Canes!!! Let this be the start of something. There were some scary moments throughout however I believe something started tonight. Cane fans, we have to trust Coach Golden with his vision and support that vision. We don't have to agree with him however let's not divide this team with critical comments about the players rather support and lift their spirits up. They are working really hard and like anything that's worth having, it takes time. The best is yet to come! DOMINATE CANES!!!

Canes look MUCH improved!

It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane!!!!!!!

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