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Al Golden's Sunday transcription: Defensive woes, injuries, Seantrel, Lamar and more

UM coach Al Golden spoke for 15 minutes Sunday after reviewing game film of Saturday's heartbreaking 38-35 loss at Virginia Tech. Here's a quick bullet item before we get to the transcription:

> With the Canes banged up at defensive tackle, Golden said he gave the okay at halftime to burn the redshirt of true freshman Corey King. King along with senior Micanor Regis, junior Darius Smith and true freshman Olsen Pierre who "is healthy again" according to Golden may be the only healthy available defensive tackles in next Saturday's game at North Carolina.

Asked if he might switch someone over from the offensive line or defensive end to play defensive tackle, Golden said: "No. We'd rather go with King and train somebody who is going to be there long term."

As for Adewale Ojomo, who didn't play a snap in the second half after getting injured, Golden said he had "no idea of his status right now."


Q: It was a tough loss. What did you tell the team after the game?

A: "I'm not really too much concerned about myself. I'm process oriented. I'm going to get back at it today. We've moved on now. It's time to get going and see how much better we can get. In terms of the team, I think they know the things they did that were good. We stick together. We had some leadership from some guys that to be quite honest hadn't stepped up. They stepped up. Both at halftime and during the game. We needed that. We have unity. We stayed together. We didn't splinter. It could have gotten real ugly down 21-7. On the road in Blacksburg. It could have gotten ugly. The guys didn't let them do that. We outscored them 21-14 in the second half. If you have said 'Coach you're going to get 519 yards of offense and you won't turn the ball over, I never thought I would feel the way I feel this morning."

Q: Is there any part of defense you are satisfied with?

A: "I think our will linebacker is a great player. He prepares and works his tail off. I think Sean Spence is exactly what we're looking for. Clearly, we've been pleased with JoJo Nicolas. Jimmy Gaines I thought played really, really well. Played hard. Chickillo continues to be a guy we feel we can build around. Brandon McGee is making a lot of progress, quietly making a lot of progress. We have a long way to go on defense -- that's the bottomline. We have a long way to go."

Q: Does anything concern you more on defense than others?

A: "It's everything in general. Again, it's just hard to get to get any continuity. I think Ray-Ray [Armstrong] would be the first to tell you he didn't play well. It was his first game out there in this defense and it looked like it. He did not perform the way he's capable of performing. He has a long way to go in terms of his development. We hope this week for him won't be Game 1 to Game 2. You hope you make a lot of progress and get back to work. Clearly we have issues on the defensive line. We've had a lot of combinations on the defense. We just need some of the younger guys to keep coming along. Darius Smith is in his fifth game and Denzel Perrryman. Hopefully we Adewale healthy. He'll give us some help inside I think. Shayon Green played more. Kelvin Cain played more for us. I think McGee is getting better. We just have to keep going."

Q: How much does the lack of depth on the defensive line and inexperience in the secondary dictate scheme at this point?

A: "It's all dictated by personnel. I'm not going to tell our opposition. These questions are tough to answer. You don't want to tell the opposition exactly what they are. I know they're good coaches and they can see. But I don't want to help the along the way. But clearly the playcalling, the actual structure of defense, the personnel groupings -- that is all dictated by our depth. If we do have to protect a certain area, I don't think there's any question about that. We're not a defense right now that can line up -- they play schemes too. We can't just line up let 'em loose. We're not that kind of unit right now. We have to build and hopefully we'll continue to make progress."

Q: You have to play your first three conference games on the road how do you feel about that?

A: "I'm responsible for coaching the team and getting them ready to play. You have to play them home or away. We have to develop a no excuse mentality around here. That's one of the issues. We have to get to the point where we're not making excuses no matter where we are or who we play or what time we play. That's the way the conference designed it. Discussing it or being upset about it, none of that isn't going to help us get ready for Saturday.

Q: Did Virginia Tech passing as much as they did surprise you?

A: "I don't know if it was a surprise. I think going into the game we wanted to stop the running back and the running game. We were doing that early on. I can't remember what Davis' numbers were at the half. Now, we didn't stop him, but we had him in check at the half. I think he was in the 60s or low 50s, I'm not sure. We just gave up too many explosive plays. That's part of the issue right now. We're giving up deep ones. We score a touchdown to take the lead. We kick out of bounds. Next play they score. You just can't win doing that. Again, we get in an environment like that Saturday, get nine penalties. I can't tell you how disappointing that is -- that we're still getting selfish penalties in a game like that. It's bothersome for sure."

Q: How much did Seantrel Henderson play and are you hoping to get more playing time from him at North Carolina

A: "We're hoping he'll get more. The problem is [Jonathan] Feliciano has something to say about that. That's the deal. Feliciano, just like B-Wash at left tackle, B-Wash is kind of boxing out [Malcolm] Bunche. If Bunche wants to play more he's going to have to beat him out in practice. Clearly, that's the same situation over there. Feliciano is grading out well. If Seantrel wants to beat him out he's going to have to beat him out in practice to get more reps. Seantrel played 24 reps in the game and did a good job. He's making progress. We know he's got to keep his weight down. Now you're talking two full weeks of football practice, now this will be his third.  Hopefully he'll continue  to make progress. He brings energy. He has all the tools. He just has to get to the point where he shows he can beat out Feliciano or show he's one of the best five. The hard part is Linder, Horn and Gunn are playing so well there's just not enough room to move inside. Those guys are doing so great, they're grading over 90 a game."

Q: Henderson did help Saturday didn't he on a big third down conversion near the goalline?

A: "I don't think there's any question he brings energy to the game. He loves the game. It's just hard right now to say he's playing better than Feliciano."

Q: Can you expand on what you meant by the selfish penalties?

A: "The penalties we've had. You're going to have an operational penalty in that environment. I understand that. I would prefer to have none. But if it happens, OK, I get it. 5-yard [illegal] motion, OK. But Seantrel got a personal foul. [Freshman linebacker Gionni] Paul got a personal foul. Ray-Ray Armstrong just got a horrendous penalty on a 3rd and 7. We're going to get the ball back 14-7 at around 40 with a two-minute drill and try to tie it up at the half. Instead, they convert and score. So that was a dagger. Jake's kickoff wasn't selfish, but certainly unacceptable. The next play they score on a 60-yarder. I think three of them are selfish in nature, personal in nature. We have to get them cleaedn up. But I'm real disappointed to go into an environment like that, don't turn the ball over, get 500 yards of offense and something we can control like penalties turns out to be a major factor in the game. That should never be that way. I'm going to continue to work until it gets fixed here."

Q: Lamar Miller is third in the country in rushing yardage. Is he in a zone right now?

A: "I wouldn't call it a zone. The last two weeks he wasn't running like he was running last night when he was running like he was running against Ohio State. Clearly, he's healthier now than he had been the previous two weeks. In fairness to the kid and appreciation for what the kid really worked through, he was really struggling with that shoulder for a couple weeks there. And he fought through it.  I'm proud of him. He and Michael [James] were running the way they're capable of running. And that's what we're going to need here the rest of the season. We're going to need that type of running. Clearly, Eduardo is carving out a little niche for himself. That's what we need. I think Lamar really ran hard. He really finished his runs and so did Michael. And I think the offensive line was finishing better."

Q: Is the offense just going to have to carry the load moving forward?

A: "I don't think there's any question. We're all watching the same game. We're trying to do everything right now on defense. We've had multiple defense lineups. But we've got to stay healthy. We got to get some guys back. I don't know if at any point if we'll get guys back. Hopefully we'll get Ojomo back. And a week from now we'll get Vernon back. Hopefully we'll get to the point where Chickillio, Perryman and some of those other young guys are no longer playing like freshmen.

Q: You said it was an emotional halftime, what happened?

A: "I thought we were very calm at the half. There was a lot of good teaching going on. I think the one thing these kids are going to learn about our staff is we try to be consistent, we try to be the same guys -- no matter what. That's what we have to learn as an organization. Even at the three minute mark when we go ahead. We don't know how many times those last three minutes the ball is going to exchange hands. We just have to prepare to be a team that keeps working in a two minute situation or a four minute situation. We did that initially at the half. I said a few words and then a couple guys stepped up that hadn't stepped up. We left the room. I thought it was critical for guys to get out of their comfort zone and clearly they did that. They thought they were going to win and they believed in each other."


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Same old crap.

I dont know about everyone else out here but as a true Miami Hurricane fan and season ticket holder for about 25 years, Al Goldens post game press conference was very moving. I know everyone is upset with the defensive performance, and there is plenty of idiots that come on here talking about firing the coaching staff already, which is ridiculous. But I know he is doing everything he can to get this thing going again and I thought they played with alot of heart to come back on the road like that. They are a few plays from being undefeated, and with time I believe he will get this team over the hump just like Butch did, so keep working coach we believe in you.

A shortage of good players on the defense.
Good promise on the offense, lots of weapons.

Coach Golden is laying it out as he sees it. He is a forward looking guy. He will get it done.

And kudos to the players who stepped up at halftime to assume some leadership. A lot of good things happened in the game, but an L never works, ever.

So much easier to talk about a "great game" when you win!

I'll be in Raliegh this Saturday for the game. Looking forward to see how they rebound after a game like this one. Again, need to put a full game together; four quarters. Go Canes!

DaaaaU, it's Chapel Hill.

I would like to thank Coach Golden, Jacory Harris, Michael James, Tommy Streeter, Travis Benjamin and of course Lamar Miller for their great performance on Saturday, that is the best game that I've seen this team play in a long time, they gave a lot of effort and played with a lot of heart, something that i have not seen in this team for a long time, we came up short but the effort and performance of this team is greatly appreciated by this longtime CANE fan. I love THE U and hope this team keeps playing with the emotion and effort for the rest of the season as they did this past Saturday.

Thank you.

Im sorry but I love Coach Golden, his enthousiam, his fire, and his recruting BUT all 3 loses were winnable at the end of the games and it was HORRIBLE clock management and HORRIBLE PLAY CALLING (offense and Defense) that kept us from winning.

There is no question in my mind that Al Golden is the right man for the job. His diagnoses in these post game interviews are always spot on. This team is a few plays away from being 5-0, with a squad that had little quality coaching/development over the last few years. Given time the Canes will turn the corner (if the NCAA leaves them alone).

With that said, the usual loud-mouthed know nothings are on the loose after every loss. Golden needs some ACC wins soon...

Hokie Fan here. The Canes brought it big time to Blacksburg and all of the Canes faithful should feel good about the coaching staff and the young players. They played great and represented themselves very well in a tough environment. Tech had to play their very best on offense to win. Your running backs and line are incredible.

Very proud of the CANES' performance thus far -- begining to bring back memories of some of the great games of the past. We just need to play all 4 quarters with the same consistency, hunger, passion and tenacity as the 2nd half of the VA Tech game.

What a notable difference between the teams of the past few years and this team -- we're heading in the right direction under the leadership of Coach Golden and his staff.

GO CANES and Coach Golden!!

Very soon these 3 point losses will start turning into wins. These kids are learning how to win and that takes time. Once they do look out.

I dunno- I have been trying to be objective about things but sometimes is hard to do so. The first time I saw the Canes play don Bossler was the running back- A lot of good and bad times since then.
I never played football- am strictly an armchair fan- Had season tickets for 30+ yrs now age and distance is making going to the games difficult. That being said:
1 On the positive side. Then team seems to be playing with more enthusiasm and effort than in recent years. Also- offense looked good- 2full games + and Jacory has no interceptions
2 On the negative side- Um has no fan base in the stands- I just see what I see on TV- I don't get where they announced 40,000 for the last home game- The upper deck was almost totally empty and one the endzones in the lower deck looked full. It looked like the sideline seats down staris were about 20-25% filled- qn empty seat gathers no momentum UM ticket office has tickets priced like they were coming off 2 natl championships- I see rinky dink schools ie E Carolina, Cinn, Marshall, Rutgers with more in the stands. UM needs to drastically lower ticket prices- have giveaways- servicemen in uniform free etc.
What is arecruit going to think when they go to an empty stadium here and then to FSU or UF and see 70,000- 95,000 in the stands?
On the negative side- the defense coaches are no good. I just hope the excuses thety make are valid- I saw K- State run the same play over and over- no adjustments- no one stopping it- Same this week- rushed only 4 every play even passing downs-VaTech QB played pitch and catch all day
Good luck to all

If we had even an average defense we'd be undefeated right now. Questions...

Why can't our corners cover anyone? Was there even one pass breakup during the game?

Why do our coners play 4-5 yards off the receiver and give up the dinks, dunks and quick outs?

Understand why the DL depth issues make it tough to get pressure on the QB so why not blitz more than once a game?

Why can't we play the first half like the we've played the second half against Bethune and VT?

Why can't we spy the opposing QB so that he doesn't waltz into the end zone or kill us on huge runs? This has been going on for years.

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

what happened to jeremy lewis? i would think a 310 pounds senior would be better than a 270lbs true freshman in corey king

This is a 48-team and here's why:
...DT, DB are non-existent. Where was Ray Ray and Telemaque when VT QB scored on the sneak
...Why is Whipple on this team?
...Letz take our hats off to the NW8 and the very honorable J12. If U are smart U will go after Bridgewater fast.
...UNC is good, and U are losing games on defensive side.

Posted by: GL Armstead

Wow...thank you. Have a good rest of the season.

Agree st pete cane

I think golden is our guy. His press conference after the game show he loves this program. And loves the kids. The kids are responding, but what is he going to do with a nin com poop like donofrio as dc.

I think golden is hee fir the long haul. Kids will satrt seing this, and recruits will stay. But realistically he needs to close out the yr with some good wins and a bowl,,, and a bowl win. That will go very very far.

Right now, with the defensive injuries and personnel problems i am afraid that miami is at best 8-5, more likely 7-6, with wins at nc ( yes, they will win next week), duke, uva, bc, and possibly usf, but will lose to ga tech, fsu

But donofrio needs to realize that giving wrs 15 yds of cushion basically plays into every teams hands. Id rather they get beat one on one on a battle than to allow teams dink and dunk us like maryland did

We must bounce back and go beat UNC!

Let's go Canes!!!!

The Canes played a great game, I can't think of the last time I was this proud of the team.

I don't see how anyone can be critical of the game called by Fisch. He was great, stuck to the run, took shots downfield, trick plays, and new wrinkles. People...c'mon.

The defense needs a lot of work. Like I said at the begining of last week...we're going to have to outscore everyone on the schedule. This is an a typical Canes team with a really bad defense.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Ray Ray and Telemaque? Who are those guys? Did they play yesterday?

Seriously, Ray Ray got toasted on the long pass play. McGee got burned, but that can happen to any corner. Getting burned like that as a safety...wake up Ray Ray.

We will loose to UNC,FSU,Clemson and GT. Don't know about the other is 50/50. So why not start playing for next season. Maybe we can be 500 next season at best.... Also we can start looking for a real DC ... ans stop blaming the Kids...

No bowlgame this year and if we go .. as always to get our Azzzz whipped by another lowly team!!!

Jerrycane um doesnt play clemson this year you dumbaazz.

ok 1 less loss jajaja!!!

Giving WRs a 10-12 yard cushion on every play is a coaching decision. All it does is allow the other quarterback to complete every pass (other than 1 intentional grounding and 1 dropped pass). This an insane philosophy, and the best you can hope for would be a shoot out, like yesterday. If the other team has a stout defense, you have no chance. Period. There was zero creativity or imagination or desire to adjust on defense. Blame whoever you want.

2-4 ? 2-5 ...

remember Cane fan, Ur just 3 plays away from 5-0 ...

right ?

I dont know about everyone else out here but as a true Miami Hurricane fan and season ticket holder for about 25 years, Al Goldens post game press conference was very moving.

Posted by: Jortiz | October 09, 2011 at 06:10 PM


aawwwwee ain't U sweet

Hey Cool Cat....Go after bridgewater? Dude he plays for Loiusville...he played Sat..where have you been? While your on the subject, I'm so glad he went to Louisville instaed of Miami. He's not all he was hyped to be. Good riddance to him.

Now for the Canes...just be patient. Golden will turn this ship in time. Each week will better than the week before. These guys are finally getting an identity. Something they have never had under Shannon and his "dog house" coaching.

Sweet like your mamma last night biooootch.

Long time Cane fan....few thoughts: First...I am a little dissapointed with the defensive play calling yesterday. On a 3rd and 1....there was a HUGE space in the middle of the D line that made it VERY easy for their QB to run a sneak for the first...he did so. Also....after we go ahead...they drive down the field....again...a 3rd and long....I'm saying to myself....PLEASE WATCH THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD....THE QB IS GOING TO RUN UP THE MIDDLE....sure enough...he drops back....and decides to run up the middle for a TD. I dont know about you all....but...it doesn't take a genius to figure out....WOW...THEY PROBABLY SAW GAME TAPE OF US AGAINST KANSAS STATE.....HMMMM....GO FIGURE. On a positive note...I am very proud of the way we fought back....the offense did their job tonight....it's games like this that potentially turn a team around....into winners.

WHAT ABOUT THE FAKE FG..... Dont let golden keep talking like a pol aticion.. Why wasn't that discussed.. I dont believe the hype

Chubby what do U call VA Tech's defense dummy? We shredded it on offense. The Canes will be fine. At least we are on the way back to the top instead of floundering like we have been under Coker and SHannon. This team is reminscent of the 1998 team who could score on anybody but defensively we are finding our way. Fishe is by far the best offensive coordinator we have had since Chud and the boys on defense are learning how to play disipline. I like others would like to see our Corner's come up and press the receivers more and force the QB to make a perfect throw. The thing is our run defense other than a few key spots was much improved yesterday. Once these guys put together a full game pass defense and rush defense along with our offense and special teams playing lights out then we will be unstoppable. UNC has a good QB and a pretty good team but without Butch they are lacking coaching. So that being said we come in play our game and we win.

Ray Ray played his first game of the season, yesterday, dont forget, any coach, any player, any anlyst would agreed, it take time to re-adjust yourself to the speed of the game and to get back into the proper conditioning, with that said, RA would probably agreed he didnt play well, and yes, the team lost again, tough loses, and sorry to say, i believe if Shannon was here,this team lose by 30, insead they lost by 3, here is the deal, the schedule will get slightly difficult, but overall, miami will win the rest of thier games...

Backspace, that wasn't a bad call it just got stopped. If we had walked in with a TD everybody would be saying what a great call U jackass. Who cares whether U believe the hype or not. If U can't tell that this is an improved team then U don't know jack about football.

Do U finally realize whom U be ?

they're coming aroUnd Arty ...

Al Golden and his coaching staff have this team playing with heart to the final play - something that's been missing for the past few years.That some players are not as coachable as they would like is an understatement. I'm encouraged and accept they need their own players to fill the holes in depth and talent so apparent on the defensive side of the ball.NC will not be ale to stop this offense.

The problem is defense, why don't we blitz more often. Thomas was 22 for 25 I believe. Make him earn it not just dink and dunk on our sorry prevent to win defense. If Golden wants to be a legendary coach he will need sec quality defense. We used to have that before, maybe a new defense coordinator like peleini at Nebraska

Dude forget the sec...this is Miami. We just need to play Miami defense and take of business. Lets get some really Miami players in here and see what we can do.

We just need to play defense like the Canes of old and that is better than any SEC defense on any team in that conference. We have some young players that are getting valuable experience this year and are getting better each day. The offense is playing great and special teams are solid. The defense will come around.

the problem with d'onfronio and the defense is he's a 3-4 defense guy, not a 4-3... But this isnt the pros where you can hire the necessary personel. It will take recruits to set up this new 3-4 defense and then he can shine

Some of you fans need to wake the hell up... We are making to many excuses for a talented 2 - 3 team and the Shannon comparison makes me want to vomit. How can anyone whole heartily trust this coaching staff when you lose 3 winnable games against Maryland, K-State and VA-tech in that type of fashion. Maryland got pounded by Temple and no one gave Coach Snyder Staff any credit and all he has done is simply out coach his opponents all year. I honestly think K-state would have beaten us by 3 scores if they had UM's level of talent. This coaching staff has not gotten the job done so far but I will support them because I simply love the U. The offense does look improved but the slow starts have really disappointed. Our defensive preparation, the lack of mid game adjustments and rediculous penalties looks like de ja vu to me. I am sure our coaching staff has told these recruits the cure for our empty seats and it innvolves winning. If we can put together a win streak of 4 or 5 games, the Sun Life will be rockin! Coach D'Onofrio let's get creative with the D, Sir!

I get a kick out of the comment by G. that the problem with the D is experience. What does he mean by experience?
I think he means experience is learning and executing overly complicated defensive schemes and reads etc. The fact of the matter is coaching is causing paralysis from analysis( thanks Bob Toski)on both sides of the ball.
Further, by the time a player gets to university, he probably has played nine years of organized tackle football, that is over 72 actual games plus practices. What more experience is needed?Coach G can B.S. himself, the other fans, but not me and others who played the game.

Like a friend said to me " miami needs some more gold teeth and dreadlocks on the sidelines...bring back the thugs". On a real note, i was extremely proud of this UM team on saturday. To be very honest when i saw our boys fight back like that it almost brought a tear to my eye. I was hype (and drunk), but that makes for a good football experience. Reminded me a lot of the ed reed days, when we had players that were willing to follow instruction, go out on the field and lay it down!Very encouraging...now i hope that we can build on that, and i think we will! Go Canes

I think Al Golden is being objective and analytical with the press when he states the problems with the defense and with penalties,; he is not making excuses. The offense is playing very well and Golden and his staff instilling discipline and providing leadership. The team needs a good foundation with players who
are eager to accept good coaching and buy into a system that will prpepare the players for the games and for life. Golden has the team moving in the right direction at a pace that has exceeded my expectations. I am willing to invest in Golden for the next 3 years and watch him recruit agressively and build a great program that will succeed for many years to come. I think the DC has limited options at this point and I believe that Golden will hire and fire coaches when he feels it would benefit the program.
In two years the program will be highly competitive and the perception of the program by high school coaches, recruiting prospects and fairwheather fans will be significantly different than it was during the final years of the Shannon era.
I think the poor coaching and recruiting by Coker and Shannon have left the team poor shape. I have confidence in Golden to revitalize the team in the short run and for Golden and his staff to maintain an excellent team for many years to come. Golden is an excellent investmentm who clearly wants to be at The U formany successful years.

We do need more thugs...especially on defense.

K. Butler,
Thank you. You said that from your heart,
and many of us felt the same way about our team fighting back. Great fight by Jacory and the O line starting to dominate, as they should.
Our time is near!

I dont know about everyone else out here but as a true Miami Hurricane fan and season ticket holder for about 25 years, Al Goldens post game press conference was very moving. I know everyone is upset with the defensive performance, and there is plenty of idiots that come on here talking about firing the coaching staff already, which is ridiculous. But I know he is doing everything he can to get this thing going again and I thought they played with alot of heart to come back on the road like that. They are a few plays from being undefeated, and with time I believe he will get this team over the hump just like Butch did, so keep working coach we believe in you.

Posted by: Jortiz | October 09, 2011 at 06:10 PM

I couldn't agree more. Golden is slowly but surely changing the mentality of these players, and it is showing on the field. We as fans simply must be patient. Golden is doing a tremendous job and I am excited about what is to come. I know the loss against VT hurt, but I have to admit I was excited about the way the 'Canes played. Coach Golden, keep up the great work! ... and as Jortiz said, "...we believe in you." "GO CANES!

Agreed. Fake field goal was a really dumb call. After a good opening drive, secure the points, period.

If you are ruinning a fake, don't do it with an option play against a defense known for penetrating on kicks. Throw the ball!

A fake field goal suggests a need to surprise the opponent early in the game because you do not have the expected winning edge.

The way to surprise the opponent on the road was to run it down their throats on 2nd and 3rd and 1, and take it in for a score. Or why not throw the ball? The team, was moving it through the air very well.The O line we saw in the second half was not around in the first half.

The issue is the defense. The safeties need to start playing up to their press notices, especially on coverage. The D backs must play up on the receivers, and the LBs need to show up as gap fillers on a consistent basis.

I hope we beat UNC. Their offense is no powerhouse, but ours can and should be.
Go Canes!

Some positives from the game,
Lamar is a stud, he had a monster game
Jacory did not throw a pick, he played well
Bad news, we still lost the game
even with the monster effort by Lamar and the mistake free game by Jacory
What will happen when Jacory has a typical multiple pick game?
Hey we are almost 5 - 0, if we could play defense or if we could pick up 2 yards at the goal line
We all love Golden, even with that stupid fake field goal call.
Even if his D coordinator doesn't make adjustments
Golden talks a good talk and one day, down the road he will win, maybe next year, or so
We will definitely beat Duke, Wake looked pretty good, good thing we don't play them, or Clemson

I thought going for it on forth down was the right call; however, I would have lined up and ran the ball for one yard. The fake field goal was too risky without an athlete as a holder making the play. J12 has come around and if he had better OCs over the past three years, he would be an All American.

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