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Always a good time for a feel-good story

If you're looking at the glass half empty, Shayon Green is an unfortunate soul.

If you're looking at it half full like I am, Shayon Green is a medical marvel.

Green, a Hurricanes defensive end, played his first snaps on defense last Saturday against Bethune-Cookman -- 41 for the game, he said. But what's most impressive is that he did it six months after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee -- for the second time!

The redshirt sophomore tore his right ACL the first time in fall camp as a freshman. This last time he did it at the end of March during spring practice. "I was the defensive end coming off the edge and I guess I stepped wrong,'' he said.

"I never quit.''

Golden rewarded Green's grit by giving him substantial playing time last week. Last year he played minimally on special teams.

"Really tough kid,'' Golden said of Green, who came to UM in 2009 as a middle linebacker with 225 pounds on his 6-3 frame. Golden switched him to end in the spring and he now weighs 255.

"First of all, an amazing story on his part just to be able to do what he did Saturday,'' Golden said. "Unbelievable. Just the amount of work he put into it. [It's] also a credit to our doctors for him to be able to come back that quickly. I had no idea. He brings a real presence, a toughness and explosiveness that we need."

Golden said Green's move to end helped the Hurricanes "make some moves,'' such as Adwale Ojomo going from end to tackle. "We'll continue to use him more.''

Green is from Tifton, Ga., and was rated the No. 65 weakside defensive end prospect in the nation by rivals.com, when he played for Tifton County High.

Green had three tackles against Bethune, including sharing in a tackle-for-loss with Marcus Robinson in the red zone.

"The first play I was so excited I guess I overdid it,'' he said of last week. "As the game went on, I got more comfortable at it.''

Did he think he'd be back on the field so soon?

"No, I didn't think I'd be back this quick,'' Green said. "The doctors told me I had seven to eight months and I set a goal and reached it, accomplished it early. It was very easy the second time because I knew what to do, knew how to accomplish thing.''

He had surgery in April.

"My knee is great. It's back to 100 percent,'' Green said. "It's not bothering me at all.''

He said his doctor said he had never seen a recovery quite like his.

"It made me feel great,'' Green said. "I put in so much work for it. I deserve it. I think I needed a break.''






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Great stuff Susan. Keep up the good work Shayon. Go CANES!!

Way to go, Shayon!
Put it to the Hokies!

Oh I thought the feel good story was we got the green light on the new stadium.

I know 305 but its great to see Shayon back. Way to work Shayon and good luck.

Glad to see he was able to recover so thoroughly.

[]_[] GO CANES []_[]


Ever heard of jumping the shark?

I can't believe Shayon Green has been able to stick it out through everything that he has gone through in his career. Amazing. Hats off to you Green, you get my vote.



truly god,s hands are somewhere in this. make the most of the opportunity, much like frank gore maybe you will get the chance to tackle frank on sundays. go canes

welcome back, Shayon! Very proud of you, and I wish you the best!!

Good story.............

Posted by: Broken record...idiot

Shark week with the great whites in South Africa, yeah so? Those muthas are like the canes championship days. we need to get back like that and we only can with a a stadium.

Jayron Hosley - We need to get this fool. Dirty or clean...all the same.

ojomo to d.t is not a good move....his quickness and speed would better serve this team from the edge...c'mon golden..

canes305u enough already about the stadium..it is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work on improving what we have, and where we are..support the team in a positive mode..remember the OB was home but NOT on Campus..and we won WITHOUT our stadium...Beat the Hokies.
Go Canes.

Well say all u guys want to say, but u will be crying for a new stadium, when u finally realize that this program as far as recruits will continue to decline. keep living in the 80's times have change and if we dont keep up with the college world, we are going down. the old days will be part of history..I guess we will have this debate in a 1 year or 2 when u guys come to the same conclusion that good recruits want better facilities. not a hospital expansion....

Actually,as previously mentioned in another post.....before a stadium plan can begin....on or near campus......is there any available land and streets able to carry increased traffic flow during game days in the Coral Gables area?It s a terriffic idea but the logistics part may be too challenging.Otherwise.................seems it would have been done or at least discussed.Seems there s no room anywhere in that area for one.

Hey cane305u are the recruits and h-schoolers choosing a facility or a program and Coach..I think your priorities are skewed if you think that a facility outweighs these other factors...90% is the Coach, 5% is the school, and maybe 5% is the facility..those are the barometers... and all those kids in South Florida ALREADY know about the facilities and STADIUM talk but Coach G still signing a good class....They are buying the LEGACY..
Go 'Canes

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