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And now, MORE bad news: Hurricanes defensive tackle Forston out for the rest of the season with knee injury, AND DT Luther Robinson and DE/DT Jalen Grimble just announced injured and out for Va Tech

Cane fans, even more bad news for the Hurricanes, per UM, in addition to University of Miami defensive tackle Marcus Forston suffering a non-contact knee injury during practice on Wednesday (Oct. 5) and being out for the remainder of the season.

This just released in UM's injury report: D-linemen Luther Robinson (tackle) and Jalen Grimble (end/tackle) have "lower extremity'' injuries and are out this week for Virginia Tech game.

Forston, the junior Miami native, had five total tackles and a sack in three games as a starter this season.  Forston earned a medical redshirt following the 2009 season, in which he played in three games but did not record a tackle.  He still has one year of eligibility remaining and will be a senior in 2012.

Forston is the second defensive starter to suffer a season ending injury in the last week.  LB Ramon Buchanon was injured in the Bethune-Cookman game and will miss the remainder of the 2011 season. Coach Golden said that he is hopeful Buchanon will receive a medical-hardship and be able to compete in 2012.

Also out for the season with injuries are TE Cory White, OL Eric Lichter, TE Blake Ayles and DL Curtis Porter.

    OK, so the Canes, who play at No. 21 Virginia Tech, are getting too used to facing adversity. Now we know that moving Adewale Ojomo to defensive tackle was the right thing to do. The Hurricanes also lost fellow defensive tackle Curtis Porter to the season, something that was announced last week. Porter didn't play at all this season. 

   You have to feel horrible for Forston, who really was determined to make a comeback this season. Actually, that whole defensive line is in dire need of some help.

   UM was almost done getting all its suspended players back, too. Two more games before defensive end Olivier Vernon returns from suspension. The Canes need him badly. Vernon will be back for Georgia Tech.

   For those who still don't know, the Hokies this week also lost starting defensive tackle Antoine Hopkins for the rest of the season.



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We are the canes
We need facilities
A stadium would be nice too
I saw a DVD of Va Tech and we can beat them
We can beat anyone, I saw a DVD of the canes
So what if it was a decade old
Seantrel will fill in at DL
The holes will be plugged
Jaccory at DB, INT magnet
Ray Ray can play the wildcat
We will run all day, don't fear the INTs
We are the canes, we are baaack!

We are the 'Turds
Our fans need teeth
A home not built on wheels would be nice
We can't afford DVD players
Teabag's magic is gone to the NFL for -1 yard
Weis can help block for our sucky QBs
Muschump's butt will be plugged
Brantley's ankle left on the field
Our five stars will dominate Bama and LSU
We are the 'Turds; pass the moonshine

Guys if you read the post Grimble is out for this game. We are in big trouble and it's going to be a long afternoon imo.

forston is a bust anyway..no big deal..

Luther robinson is been out with an injured extremity all year..What is it? Did he crap his pants or something? He is another bust so far!

Ugh, don't you guys ever get tired of ripping on college players?

Forget the "facilities" and the stadium, UM's local fanbase is far and away the biggest deterrent to potential recruits.

Who would want to come here and subject themselves to this crap?

I hate to sound like U'all NEGATIVE bUbba Cane rUffians. But Miami is toast this Saturday against RUN DOMINATING Beamer Ball. Especially with the UNFORTUNATE lost of Marcus.

In other words, it would take the BEST of BEST CASE SCENARIOS for Miami to escape with a victory against Beamer Ball. And I just don't see that happening now.

Nonetheless, I'll still be backing the Canes!

I wish nothing but the best for Fortson. I am a big of Regis and feel like he's a bit underrated. That Smith guy MUST step up now, this is what the U is about.

We are the canes
We are in troUble
Grimble, Forston and Luther Robinson out
What about Luther Campbell?
We sure could use you now
Some say we got no facilities
I say we got no stadium
Some say our fans are a deterrent to recruits
I say what fans?
We do have a bunch of NFLers though
That Sam Shields, what a corner
Excelling just like he did at Dah U
What you mean he was just a backup WR ?
Dah U, we sure know how to use personnel

For a team that has been mediocre for 10 years you sure spend a lot of time hating on us.

Is that a personal void in your life or is your own team not worth talking about?

I don't wish any ill will on any kid, but Forston does us better by being out. Gives a chance to one of the younger kids to fill that position. Hopefully Grimble can recover because he has alot of potential, I use the word carefully around here. Porter has spend more time in rehab than a career meth user. Luther Robinson must be his best friend because he like joining him. I say encourage both Robinson and Porter to transfer to make room for additional recruits at that position. Scour High Schools, JC'c and prisons if necessary but get us some studs on the DL! We could end up being 4th in our state never alone our division. The teams that win the trench battles win the game. What does that tell you about our chances. We better get used to eating pie from G'ville and T'hassee because we are not even at their low levels of competitiveness. Alabama has laid the blue print to stopping Wiese's offense. New England has long ago moved away from the offense they ran back then and Charley doesn't have Bellichek and Brady to make him look like an offensive guru.

Canes are falling HARD. There may be 6 K fans at the next game, if you include the event staff, players, coaches, and media.

Delusional canes fans are classic. After that Miami Northwestern recruiting class they were all talking NC game. Then, they were too young. Then, it was next year. Now these overrated 5 star scrubs are upperclassmen and are flat out terrible. Jacory throws more to the wrong team than his own. I dont think he has hit a squat rack since he stepped foot on campus. Forston, mister cocky 5 star recruit, was invisible for his entire career only recognizing him when he gets hurt. There is no doubt he will be going pro in something other than football.

Since then, Miami has lost coaches left and right, has been caught in a massive scandal that will for sure lead to some sort of sanctions, and will probably have their new coach defect to another team at the end of the year. Needless to say, Miami aint sniffing a NC game or even an ACC title game. Heck, they may even drop below FIU. Have fun! I'll enjoy watching this burning, sinking ship!

You know whats funny--in the main article on Marcus Forston, they show him in a three point stance. Typically, for a good player, they would show them making a sack, recovering a fumble, or even making a tackle, but for Forston they show him in a three point stance.


Seriously. Cane haters and gator lovers. What?

The gators were overrated and that is why they were ranked. Of course, since they played uab, fau, and pathetic tennesee and kentucky. Next up LSU:

Uf 12
lsu 48


Rawpimple is the spawn of seventh floor crew, they all tagged momma in a row.

Here! Here! this girl want some sex!! Line up Line up!

The question I have is who is left to play defensive tackle on this team? I hate it for Forston but maybe he'll get an extra year for the injury or something. Three hundred pound guys at DT aren't the easiest to find.

Hey Gayturds! They be having a 2 for 1 at the Perkins off of I-75.

Just got to bring your main squeeze with you to get it.

So get your livestock or your sisters dressed up real pretty & come on down, you hear.

You guys are about original as a Jacory Harris INT.

When you guys gonna show up to the ACC title game? Forget winning it, just show up!

Your team is too busy losing to sorry Kansas State at home. What a pathetic excuse for a team.

Feel bad for Forston, but not worried about him returning.

Might as well play the freshmen at this point. The season's a wash already anyway.

I remmeber ppl posted comments of Shannon no conditioning players properly and Strength Coach Swasey needing to be replaced in the wake of multiple injuries. Don seem to hear that foolishness now.

Get over the racial crap Boss, Shannon had 3 years to do something and didn't get the job done so he was canned. Try given Golden at least the same time before throwing crap at him and try being objective for a change.

YO-YO-YO...Canes...remember...it's not the dog in the fight...it's the FIGHT in the dog...smok da hok...ies

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