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Buchanan will have MRI on his right knee; Canes banged up heading into Va. Tech

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- Just when they were starting to get some guys back, the Canes lost a few to injury on Saturday.

Starting strongside linebacker Ramon Buchanan, fifth on the team in tackles coming in, was injured in the first quarter and watched from the sideline with crutches nearby and an ice pack on his right knee. UM coach Al Golden said he was worried about Buchanan and would know more about his injury after an MRI is performed -- maybe as late as Sunday.

"I'm sad for him," said linebacker Sean Spence, who led UM with eight tackles, a sack and two tackles for loss. "I don't know what the injury is. I don't know if it's bad or good. But I told him I'm going to pray for him. Hopefully everything is okay. [He means] a lot. He's a senior. He's been four years. He brings a lot of energy to the defense. It's sad to see him go down like that."

Senior Jordan Futch and true freshman Denzel Perryman filled in for Buchanan, who has started 16 games in his career. Perryman finished with a career-high seven tackles.

"Here we have a next man in mentality," Spence said. "Denzel has been coming off the bench, making a lot of plays, bringing energy to the defense and the team."

Others who left Saturday with injuries: cornerbacks Brandon McGee and Lee Chambers and freshman receiver Phillip Dorsett. McGee, making his fourth straight start, left in the second half and tried loosening himself up on the sideline, but never returned. Chambers, injured in the second half, had x-rays performed on him after the game. Dorsett, who caught two passes for 16 yards, was in street clothes on the UM sideline in the second half.

On the positive side for UM: sophomore Seantrel Henderson, who had back surgery August 8th, saw his first action of the season on a pair of first half extra points before finally getting in at right tackle in the second half. Malcolm Bunche, who sat out against Kansas State for an undisclosed reason, came in for a series in the first half at left tackle and played some in the second half. Defensive end Shayon Green saw action for the first time this season.

Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong, suspended for the first four games of the season by the NCAA, will be back next Saturday at Virginia Tech.

"I know he's ready to play," Spence said. "He's been itching pretty bad. He's been waiting for this opportunity. Sitting and watching these games, I know it's been killing him. I've been talking to him and I know he's happy it's over."


"Touchdown" Tommy Streeter is beginning to live up to his old nickname -- the one he earned when he and Jacory Harris were stars at Miami Northwestern High.

Streeter only had two catches Saturday, but both went for touchdowns -- a 56-yarder and a 27-yarder. UM's second-leading receiver coming in, Streeter had six catches for 156 yards and 1 touchdown prior to this season. He now has 12 catches for 213 yards and a team-leading three touchdown catches. All three TD catches have come in the last six quarters.

"He's finally coming out of his shell and showing what type of player he is," Harris said of Streeter, who celebrated his second TD catch Saturday by chest bumping offensive tackle Joel Figueroa and nearly falling to the ground after it.

Said Streeter: "Sometimes when I think back to a play being called, I think back to my high school days and I go into that mentality. I'm having fun again."

As for the chest bump with Fig, Streeter said: "I was talking to him about that on the sideline. I said 'Bro, you're coming at me with a full head of steam.' I kind of gathered myself and then I fell. It was a funny moment."


Despite trailing after the first quarter 7-0 to a Football Championship Subdivision team, UM coach Al Golden didn't think his team came out flat.

"They came out on fire with nine days to prepare. We knew they would have new wrinkles, be more rested and they were," Golden said. "What I didn't expect was three penalties in the first drive to give them the points. That can't happen -- especially on defense."

After giving up 219 yards rushing to Bethune-Cookman, Golden said the Canes still have a long way to go when it comes to tackling.

"We're getting a lot of open field tackles right now," Golden said. "Too many times were isolated or lose leverage. That's apparent whether its the first team or the second or third team that was in there at the end of the game. That's our football intelligence. That's understanding where you help is and your leverage. Again, we're going to face it like we face anything right now -- head on. We're not going to sideswipe it."

Golden said Harris continues to play well at quarterback. Harris finished 12 of 17 for 175 yards and two touchdowns. That, following a strong second half against Kansas State.

"I'm pleased with what he's doing. A couple of times there he's trying to make something happen where he doesn't need to," Golden said. "He just needs to put the ball away and run. He'll learn from that. It's his third game now in a new system. I think he's playing winning football right now and excited about the direction he's going."

Golden said the reason Mike James only had one carry Saturday was because he was still banged up from the K-State win. He also tried to limit Lamar Miller's touches. Miller carried 14 times for 102 yards and 2 TDs.

"He's just going to need another week until he's ready to go," Golden said of James. "Those two guys are fighting through it a little bit. I was real pleased with Lamar's effort. I think he did a real good job just being patient. Again, he didn't get as many touches. That was probably by design. We didn't want to get him in that 25-30 range."

> Backup quarterback Stephen Morris saw his first action since the Maryland loss and finished 3 for 3 for 34 yards.


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Sorry but got to agree with Coach. Team was VERY FLAT in the beginning!

Coach didn't say that. Penalties were the problem. Just a sloppy start.

Bad start, fine finish, Clemson dealt Va Tech an ACC loss, evening the playing field going into next week.

UM still controls their own fate.

If we run the ball and play good defense we can beat va-tec I watch them play today there offense only runs good there passing needs some work.
We can beat them in Blacksburg,,

They are a different team without Tyrod Taylor. Clemson's D shut them down.

Um cant beat virginia tech on the road!!!! Its been years guy lol

If this team wins four games, it'll be a miracle. Worst Canes team EVER, even including the '60's and '70's. Stupid penalties, turnovers, and horrendous defensive play. This team is just plain AWFUL! A disgrace to all the fine players who have worn a "U" on their helmets. These guys SUCK!

Congrats Coach Golden and the canes on your win. OBSERVATION: we are being outplayed in the trenches and will not advance against any of the good teams if we don't win at least some of those battles inside. consider returning jeremy lewis along with ben jones inside to help along that interior defensive front. the guys need relief. Eduardo Clements needs more touches he can truly be a blessing in disguise to this football team. he runs with more authority than miller although not as fast. We are going to have to get some production out of our tight ends. Bud Foster will design a defense to smother us if we do not come out prepared and hitting on all cylinders. I know the def coordinator is your boy coach, but he has got to be a bit more creative with the defense. finally, linder and number 66 are not getting any kind of a push at the guard spot. You need big bodies like seantrel and 72 at those positions to help the running game inside. Watch the film and be honest, it does not lie. Finally, Jacory, you will have to be patient and utilize your backs against v-tech. They will try and take away that long ball from you for sure, so you will have to be smart and focus on moving the chains. and when you have a chance to break the pocket, RUN FOR POSITIVE YARDS AND DON'T BE INDECISIVE!

Kstate win? Im pretty sure we lost that game unfortunately

We control our on destiny in someone's fantasy world, not reality in the ACC. If golden does not think they were flay in the 1st quarter then he is not as good a coach as we thought. Play like that in the 1st quarter bs VT and it's 28-0.
Jokecorey really looked good spinning like a top in the backfield.

I love all the negativity from our great fans

WE WON WE WON !!!!! i dont care feels better then last week lol...Cane peeps exhale i know some of you thought that golden was going to a nc in year one really ? really ? OK welcome back to the real world our beloved canes are rebuilding under a new complete coaching staff off field scandle and a bad past coaching staff not to mention a team last year that was average at best... so lets exhale my fellow caners we watch and see whats this team about ( cant stop the run ) wait and see if we get better everyweek and hope for a strong finish... with that bring on VT go have some fun stack the box and bring heat all day long ... GO CANES most of us thought 4-1 would be a great start 3-2 will do ....now need some asprin.... rum is bad haaha

Can the FIU dolts go back to their Westchester barrios and put their smack talk to bed for this year. Please.

Golden needs to refresh J12, we didnt play a good team and J12 was not good scrambling, VT will throw him on the carpet, he will make several mistakes. Jedd needs to use more imagination on plays and misdirection, Vt wiil stop end sweeps. Defense is going for rushing record most yards allowed, Mark you need to stop #4 Wilson small but powerful, QB is big like KSU, players need to stay home in middle and tackle him not ride him, OUR TEAM ISNT THIS BAD COACHS NOT MAKING RIGHT PLAYS ON BOTH SIDES OF BALL, j12 STILL ISNT QB THIS WILL BE MORE APPARENT IN NEXT THREE GAMES.

Maybe Randy wasn't the problem

VTech & Bud Foster D will pound Gumby & he will throw at least 3 interceptions!!

VTEch 31 - UM 13

Lock it up

Go Canes. Happy to be watch the rebuilding process!!! In CANES we TRUST.

Go Canes. Happy to watch the rebuilding process!!! In CANES we TRUST.

Until Shannon's emotionless 'no fire in the belly' kids are gone; the resurgence of this program will continue to leave us wanting.

Give Coach Golden a chance with the players he recruits. The success will come......

M.Robinson played well. D-Line is a concern, playing a running only VT team. We must tackle #4,good news he's fumbled 4 times already.VT receivers are not fast.Plz don't respect the pass. D-line must get penetration, Linbackers must tackle and DB's stay close to the Receivers. On Offense the same (no turnovers) I wish we would throw more on first down. One more thing, VT kicking game stinks. Golden's messege "Give VT two home losses".

I hope Coach Golden prepares his team for the weather. It's cold and rainy in VA!!! And for what I have seen of this team, they are not mentially ready for bad/cold weather. Please practice in bad weather this week. If not, look for a big win from VT.

In a synopsis....we were flat in the first half and then put everything in gear...Jacory needs to decide QUICKLY whether to run or throw the ball away...don't hold and get snuffed for lost yardage..if VT shuts down our passing game then dink and dunk... when they adjust to that hit them with the long passes on man to man coverage..VT has NO Offense or kicking game, and our defense will tighten up and get after them.Rain and cold is the pain, not just the cold..After warming up we should be ready to go..
go 'Canes.

We actually have a great football team that can beat you either on the ground or air (if there are not turnovers) and a defense that usually does not break and gives up field goals and not touchdowns. The problem is getting them to execute the plays.

The loss to KSU there were two defenders going for the RB and no one going for the QB. The defense needs to learn a technique called broken arrow. Get a heavy push up the middle between both tackles and Good thing will always happen. The defensive tackles may not come up with the sack or tackle for loss on the RB but they will open the door for another teammate to cleanup the mess they just created. The best way to do this is to stunt the DT especially if one of them is getting double teamed.

If that doesn't work then make sure the DT are coming off the line faster than the OL. It's about getting lower or stunting, but the DL is getting beat day in day out. We are at the bottom in run defense.

has anyone seen soldy where r u gayturd. u love talking trash at our expense.so 2-8 at home vs bama. wow talk about being powned.

Itcdolphin - are you a UM fan? Why do you hang around this blog? Could've sworn you used to like UM?

Canes will finish this season Strong!!!!!

Buchanan's injury looks bad. UM had several injuries in the game that could also hurt the defense. He'll be missed because of his experience. UM will have an awfully tough time against Va. Tech and it will be a major surprise if they win the game.

Eucalyptus. 50 years but who is counting. So what's your point???
Some realize that next week at vt is a serious reach. Last time in the rain it was with jokecorey and it was something like 31-3. Well noodle arm is NO better now and can't help the d and the d is playing badly oh well time will tell the future will .....,,.......

Bottom line this is the worst defense in the past 20 years, more then double our plays against B Cookman, our defense cant stop a high school team. This means J12 will press to make plays and we all know what happens then.

Is it me or orange the only jersey we have?

On a serious note. Our defense, needs to do some old school oklahoma drills. We can not tackle to save our lives. Our o-line needs to start pushing people off the ball. Next VA Tech a school that has owned us the past few years. Eventhough they lost to Clemson. They should be at least 10 point favorite.

Will need to create some early turnovers, maybe a big special team play.
Something to give us early confidence.

Jacory will have to play error free, use our TE this week & get off blocks AND tackle.

Forston & the plug feel to show up this year!!

I told yall long time ago that our defense sucks. But no one wanted to listen. Now u can see it with ur own eyes. But they have improved week to week and we will get Ray Ray back this week.

Denzel Perryman is going to be a stud, he will start in place of Buchanan. Also i seen that Golden and his staff moved Ojomo to defensive tackle late in the 2nd quater and the whole second half. He was the maker in that d-line. He had great levergae against double teams and one on ones.

The best lineup for d is: Ends Chick and Marcus, Tackes: Ojomo and Smith, Linebackers: Foutch, Speance and Perryman, Seconday: Chambers, Telemac, Ray, and Jo.

Mike Williams, Fortson, Gaines are terrible i just dont see what the coaches see in them. Fortson is overrated and gets no pressure, Gaines cant tackle also get push around, and Mike is just garbage all around he should have stayed at Wake Forest.

I must say i like the pressure he has created outta the 3-3-5 when he drops Marcus Robinson from end to lb and blitz a safety and Speace. Or both middle linebackers through A gaps.

On offense i would like to see up playaction out of 1st down more. But VTech will make these windows tight for JH. He cant look his targets down. They also going to stack the box and frop tackles and ends and the corners will be sitting on the outs and hitches. So guess what run run run and wait for the 1on1 and go to Steeter/Hurns up top. Also dont 4get about ur checkdowns.

tight game 21-17 Vtech (if raining and cold)
or 35-24 Mismi (if weather is fair)

Itcdolphin - I don't know, it just seems like you genuinely dislike this team. Of course winning at Va Tech would be difficult but to come away from a meaningless 45-14 game and seeing Va Tech yesterday sans Tyrod Taylor, I can't imagine anyone being so negative in their thinking that they believe a win next week is next to impossible.

The last time Miami defeated Beamer Ball in HICKSburg was back in 2005, and that particUlar Hurricane squad was absolUtely heads and shoulders above this current Cane squad.

It will take the best of best case scenarios for Miami to come away with an upset win over Va. Tech. Believe it or not.

Matter of fact, I'm speculating that the Hokies will OPEN as a - 7 1/2 or - 6 1/2 home chalk. Eh.

A college football INTANGIBLE to bloody well consider. It behooves the Cane rUffian to contemplate that Beamer Ball doesn't want to lose back to back A.C.C. games. Especially in HICKSburg.

Nonetheless, I'll still be backing Miami with full throttle sUpport!


I find myself hating this team at times. I'm not sure why, but they are just frustrating to watch.

I've just come to the conclusion that this senior class is horrible....the loss to UF in the swamp was their best game.

Well eucalyptus if you would read and please try not to put words in my mouth. Show me where I said next to impossible. Actually said something else and explained why. Our d is not good and we have jokecorey who can't play qb.

Sorry, Itcdolphin, I was paraphrasing winning at Va Tech being a "serious reach". Va Tech looked bad yesterday, not beatable, bad.

My guess is your comment has nothing to do with next week's matchup and everything to do with UM failing to meet your expectations over the past 7-8 years.

Most UM fans liked UM because they won championships and all those fans now hate the team with an equal passion because they feel entitled. Now is a perfect time for such fans to stop following UM.

There's no guarantee UM will ever be a perennial power again, so why put yourself through the strife of season after season where they lose games?

Mike james stinks
Put eduardo clements in with miller.
I kmow mike is a good guy, but its ovah. He reminds me of javarris james. He is good for 1-2 yds, thats it.

Defense still the worst ive seen.

Gators- lol. See what happens when you play a real team? Cant hide the fact that you are overrated, as is your morbidly obese oc, as is your tebow wannabe spritzel, or drippy or whatevr his name is!

Espn and the media keep ignoring wisconsin.

By the way, the streak consecutive weeks with a cane in the nfl scoring a td: still alive:



And counting...

And congratulations to Devin Hester - more punt return TDs than anyone before him!

Eucalyptus. Wow never seen someone think they are smart and always draw wrong conclusions. There is not one of my posts that say I dislike the team and do not root for them. Contrary to now there was a time I supported jokecorey until the fsu debacle last year. He and other MNW playets laid down in that game.
VT was playing a very good team and they were not as bad as you allude. Besides it was the same time as the U. You were not watching the U. Shame.

Actually I was at the game, saw some of Va Tech on my phone (justin.tv).

Clemson's good but Va Tech isn't the same team without Tyrod Taylor.

Although I was responding to your post, my comments are not aimed at you personally but at the majority of UM "fans" who are perennially dissatisfied by the team.

But needless to say someone who is so dissatisfied with a 45-14 victory that they assume that UM is going to lose to a Va Tech team that got manhandled that same day - well it seemed to me that you're one of the legions of UM fans that get more strife than joy out of following the University of Miami's football team.

If I'm wrong about you personally then good. Enjoy the Va Tech game, it's the biggest UM has had in a while.

Ga Tech is the hardest game left on the schedule.

FSU has talent but with the tackling we've seen thus far from UM, I would guess the triple option is going to be a problem.

The Miami Herald Sports Department is desperate to insult the Canes absurdly giving undue cred to FIU. While on their clear mission to degrade the Canes as much as possible...it is laughable to mention FIU in the same breath as the Canes.

Over the last number of years the Miami Herald Sports Department has had a man crush on the Gators...again, another childish slap in the face of the Canes. Their new love affair with FIU is not so much about FIU as it is about belittling the Canes.

As much as the Herald loves to bash the Canes and wish that FIU is somehow closing on the Canes it simply is not happening and will not happen in this decade or the next.

As usual Greg Cote and Mannny Navarro and their lackys always find a way to make any Canes situation negative!! This has been going on forever. They always find negatives and never positives. Cote is anti miami and always has been. It is time for him to be fired!!!!!!

I'll just point out that FIU fans are convinced Greg Cote is anti-FIU.

Truth of the matter is he doesn't watch enough games and he doesn't attend enough games to have an understanding of south Florida sports.

Thankfully the national audience doesn't appreciate Dan Lebatard and his dad. He'll be back at the Herald full time soon enough.

We are the canes
We just beat up on powerhouse Bethune CookieMan
Never mind they put up about 400 yards on our D
D?, What D?, Has anyone seen our D?
Anyway, Va Tech is next, we will beat them Hokies
If it doesn't rain
Or if it's not too cold
Hey, Jacory did not throw a pick against the mighty CookieMen
That means look out Hokie Pokies,dust out the pink suit, here we come
We are the canes, we can run the table
Dah U is back

Eucalyptus. Hope those tickets were free. To pay to see that garbage has to be hard.

It's not hard. It's a pleasure.

College sports are supposed to be fun. I can't imagine why you're still following the University of Miami with that kind of attitude.

45-14, stop crying you entitled little brat.

We are the canes
We put up 45 points on the mighty Bethune CookieMen
Va Tech is next
Did you see Jacory play?
He will sure look good in pink
Did someone say it was cold and rainy in Virginia?
No worries, in Golden Boy we trust
He said the team wasn't flat to start the game
He says Jacory is our best hope of winning
Look out ACC, here we come

And you are some guy that posts on another team's website. I genuinely hope it makes you feel better.

He is the same idiot that said UM would be better with Tom Brady and not jacory. What team college or pro wouldnt be better with Brady. I wont mention his name but he will respond.lol And his little crony posed a ? would the pats win with jacory at qb? There are some true jack a##### on this blog. total loser

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