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Canes' left tackle Brandon Washington irked his job is open for competition

CORAL GABLES -- If Al Golden's goal was to get under Brandon Washington's skin with his comments Monday -- mission accomplished.

Brandon WashingtonThe 6-4, 320-pound junior, who has started 20 consecutive games for the Hurricanes (second-most on the offensive line behind senior Harland Gunn), said he is irked his starting job at left tackle has become an open competition with Seantrel Henderson. Washington also seemed puzzled as to why.

"I have no idea," Washington said Tuesday when asked why Golden thought his performance Saturday at North Carolina wasn't good enough. "I was obviously frustrated with my play. I was going against a good player [Quinton Coples]. They were talking about him being a possible first round draft pick. I didn't give up a sack on him. I think he had one solo tackle. So, I don't know what the deal is. I just need to get better."

For the record, Coples finished with three solo tackles, three assisted tackles, 2.5 tackles for a loss and a sack. There's no telling exactly how many of those came against Washington (maybe offensive line coach Art Kehoe can clear it up since he broke down the film), but Golden was pretty clear Monday when he said "we're not getting enough out of the left tackle."

Washington was also pretty clear he was bothered by that. "Of course it bothers me," he said when asked if having his job up for grabs gets under his skin. "Like I said I was an All-Conference guard and they asked me to move out there because of the injury to Seantrel. Now, they're telling me the three inside guys are solid. And that possibly won't change.

"It's a tough adjustment," Washington said of moving from guard to tackle. "I was a dominant guard. I was an all-conference guard. I was a preseason all-conference guard, preseason All-American guard. Something changed with me going to tackle. I didn't just all of a sudden start to dominate guys as a freshman. I was a starter my sophomore year in what they called my come out year. I knew I could play. I got confidence in it. [Then] they moved me to tackle. I could use another year at tackle, and come out and execute the way I did at guard."

Lighting a fire under a player's butt is always a good thing if you can get more out of him. But in this case, it's clear Washington's feelings are bruised. Now, is he going to take a good attitude and approach to the competition? Or, is he going to sulk and become a problem?

Despite some of his comments, it doesn't appear Washington will do the latter. "I'm going to come out with the same composure, same humble guy I've been, play my physical brand of football," Washington said.

"[This] changes my mindset in a positive way, like just me wanting to get better, me wanting to execute my role even more. Now, I've got competition."

> So what was it that Washington didn't do right at North Carolina? The second time we asked him, we got a better explanation.

"Now that I watch film, we got this solid count with this head bob. [Coples] was beating me off the snap count," Washington said. "It was an away game. We had to go to a silent count. I was asking Tyler Horn could he do a two-head bob. He kept telling me 'Yeah,' but he wasn't getting there. I was doing the best I can. He was getting off the ball faster. I couldn't get my hands up faster. I couldn't get my hands on [Coples]. He was already on the edge."

Washington said making the switch from guard to tackle isn't easy and gave his explanation as to why. "You're in more space. The hand adjustment from the snap of the ball is quicker than at guard," Washington said. "You can handle it somewhat [at guard] -- opposed to a guy who runs 4.7, 4.6 speed, a guy who is big, fast and physical. You try and tie him with your hands. That's why I said I can use another year at it."


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Golden must see something young man, just keep lifting and your nose in the playbook.
The NFL is waiting for you, and that might be what he sees in you

Wat to go coach. Light another fire on your secondary and the d-line. Washingtons a good kid and I hope he gets moved back inside and Henderson actually lives up to the hype. If so J-12 will have all day to find an open receiver and Dash will run thru holes like Emmitt did with the Cowboys not holes hallways. LOL

Take it as a challenge big guy and get better. Washington is new to the tackle position and faced a 1st rounder on the road where crowd noise gives the home team's D-Line an advantage on the silent snap count. Without the noise, he would have had a better chance. Washington has to realize that everybody's job is up for grabs. If Shannon had held his players accountable, J.Harris would have stopped throwing so many interceptions earlier in his career.

He should be irked this is ridiculous! He's a guard! He took one for the team by moving to tackle. Now Goldilocks wants to call him out, how about calling out your weak D-lineman, or that poor excuse of a MLB, or those god awful CB's. Or your DC who can't seem to make adjustments. Real dumb move Goldilocks, real dumb move!


[]_[] GO CANES []_[]

Goldilocks is an idiot

Keep fighting B Wash!!!!!!!!!!

Lets hope Bwash takes this challenge and does well by it. Maybe golden knows something we dont. Just my opionion but he would be better served by checking his dc because that d looks terrible.

No Golden is not an idiot. Brandon, if you think this is bad, wait till sundays where coaches could give a hoot about you and bench you or cut you if you have one bad game

So take this as tough love, a teaching point and motivation. Otherwise, you could never learn to get better.

That said, look at this O-line. really. I mean. Against KSU all we needed was 1.5 yds. Against MAryland, we choked. we need to continue getting better.

I see this as a positive

He is not tackle is a natural at guard... coach should be happy he is even trying to hang.. he needs to look at the D-LINE THAT SUCKS. call out ray ray... he needs to get with the game or get out...

Too many excuses about him being a Guard, blah blah blah... Please tell me when this talk becomes more about football and less about how you feel and why should Golden be Happy he is trying Tackle he is in a scholarship do what your told and play the game... If he didn't want to then he should have transferred.

I'm irked that he Called out Brandon because he's one of our better lineman when Linder and Gunn were getting worked against UNC and Kansas State. B Washington gave up one tackle to a first round draft pick from UNC. WOW. he's clearly a guard that's playing out of position. Helping out a team that is Horrible. He was a All ACC performer at Guard last year. He's a 2 or 3 rounder at playing the guard position.

Confucius says- in the pros, the more versatile the offensive lineman, the more valuable the offensive lineman becomes. Should've redshirted Seantrel. B wash is the man, no doubt about it. So in the long run, its better for BW. As long as his starting job is not jeopardized for real, as opposed to being primarily a motivational tactic by Golden, his first round draft status should remain intact. Don't mess with a mans money, or future money for that matter.. This was Goldens first media related mistake, call out the people who continue to make mistakes like the DC, or.. the DC. Give me great coaches over great players and the coaches will turn the players great.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit – you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards- Bear Bryant

i like golden but hated this move. B Wash is a gaurd, a right guard asked to swicth hands and switch from inside to outside , that's much tougher than most O line switches B wash should be back at right guard and have Brandon LInder move over to Right tackle. Seantral should never leave the field...

He's a junior this is nothing more than motivation, next year the Oline will be much better then this year. But it is good for the NFL if you have experience at both guard and tackle. Golden is the man and if we keep our recruits we will keep getting better. Our D is awful because we lost good players like McCarthy to the NFL and Ray Buchannon for the year, cornerbacks are just not good although they played better against UNC.

I agree- dont call players out in public... in the press. Call them out behind closed doors. Call the DC out.

although he is being fair- he is NOT playing favorites- Even the punter gets the wrath.

On the other hand, on second thaought, MAybe he SHOULD call them out. We are 3-3, people! Not 6-0. No time to get sensitive. BW benefits from playing Guard or tackle or whatever. In the NFL, you want to make $, then you are flexible. Brandon, if you are asked to play corner, then play corner. Lord knows you cant do any worse than our current corners! No excuses.

I am hearing (through sources) that Golden is a hot head. Somewhat mean. Hearing around town that Nick Menochal totally disliked him and the way he treated him after Shannon was fired and after Golden was hired. Thast why he ended up at tech, b/c his family are all canes (were).

Let's bench our best lineman and see how that works out......uh yeah! Goldilocks is an idiot

Really? We are complaining that Nick Menocal, a 3 star, was "upset?"

Gee, I wonder if Trent Richards or any of the horses at Alabama get "upset" if coach Nick Saban yells at them? Is he a hot head?

Give me an f-ing break you candy-ass. Coaches yell and scream. That is part of the job description. Don't like it? Don't play sports. Better yet, check out from life altogether. That way you are assured of never getting "upset" when someone yells at you.

Washington is not the only guy playing left tackle, though he is there the most. Golden called out the left tackle position, not the player's name. Menocal was asked to move to the fullback position and he only wanted to play linebacker. That is why he didn't sign with UM.

Grind it out Washington we need you brother!!!!

Triple Option is a Triple POS. We've heard that bed time story before and dealt with it very well. Same QB as last year. Triple option gets crushed again. Enjoy.


GO U !

@Ted: Are you a true Hurricane fan? Or are you a gator in sheep's clothing? If you are true to the Canes, you would never disrespect your Head Coach with such an sillyl nickname. At the first sign of trouble, you are looking for scalps. People like you are full of hate and are quick to spread it behind the anonymity of the web. Go away!

My guess is that "Goldy wants to take the spotlight off of the clueless DC. I just don't think B-Wash is the problem, he knows how to play the OL even though he's out of position.

The real problem is the DB's, lack of stunts, blitz packages, overall movement and the development of players like Ray Ray, who his the whole package physically.

Why would anybody want to pressure the offense, when the defense is the big problem?

I'm w/ Bubba1010: Henderson should have been redshirted, I mean who really comes back from back surgery? GT and that option are going to be tough.

I heard this Finney guy can play, but I never see him.

No I'll stay here and criticize who I want to criticize and make up any name I want when idiot coaches are threatening to bench the best offensive lineman even though the teams problems are on the defensive side of the ball. You go away loser, who the he'll do you think you are, blog bully?! Lmfao! You think B Wash is the problem? You eating too much porridge, now you get lost loser! I swear you Internet tough guys

Coach Golden: You may want to consider very carefully how you go about motivating your players on your team, especially through the media down in this region. One thing you must know about these young men is that they are very sensitive that way and do not enjoy being singled out or more commonly referred to by the young crowd of today "PUT ON BLAST". It was not very wise or fair to him or your team to call Brandon Washington out in the media like that. Truth be told if you want to call him out then be consistent and call the Defense, Def Coordinator, Brandon Linder (who is horrible), Gunn (who is not getting it done consistently). You can possibly loose this team if you play favorites and don't allow them to earn their positions on the field. Another situation you need to be careful about is Chickalo. For a freshman he is very good player and no doubt will be an outstanding player. But he is not burning it up to be starting as consistently as he does. Other players have paid their dues and have worked extremely hard and are watching how you are laying your foundation as well as the South Florida recruits. You are being watched very closely and monitored as well. Just want you to be cautious about your approach and how you present your findings. Be careful Coach in your approach.

u guys keep talking bout the dc/golden/etc. trust me they are working with what they have an obviously we have a bunch of coaches making comments on this board,and all of them are negative towards the canes, this team is getting better week by week and the def is under a new scheme, guys this does not happen overnite, now if anyone making the negative comments can coach any better than u need to apply, but i seriously doubt it, im a supporter thru whatever situation the canes go through and believe me the golden era is just begining, great things to come just takes time.

Hey, Washington, what kind of fight do you have in you? Coach says right now you're one of the five best. Complaining means you're out of your comfort zone and you're not happy competing against Henderson. But apparently, you're doing better than Henderson. So quit looking behind you and focus on getting better.

I prefer my fam biz to stay inside my house. It really isnt any of our business. Kerp working big fella & I am sure the coach will con't to monitor the situation.

Coach knows what he's doing. If he's pushing Brandon's button, a potential first round NFL draft pick, then everyone else is fair game. Don't ever settle. Bring your lunch pail and get to work to get better.

Although we may be a little critical, and I use 'a little' loosly, we all want the same thing for the U. But it is the same reason Golden came to da U and left Temple, its because of the standards we have set. We demand perfection becasue we have tasted it, and that taste is now an obsession, and we yearn for it like no other. If they (coaches, players, fans) can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen. John Stuart Mill advocated the rights for the minority to voice their opinion. In one way or another everybody's view helps (even if it is an idiot opinion, it helps credit and validify those who speak with insightful, positive tones). Go U

Coach Golden is trying to play head games with Washington. Hope it works, but I am not that concerned with the O. It is the D that worries me. Triple option takes discipline and I don't think our DC can adjust in time. He will be exposed. However, I am hoping for the best. Let's GO CANES!!!

Brandon Washington isn't in the dog house and he isn't upset over Golden's comments.

This is just Manny hammering away with the same question to try to write a story.

We all know how impressed Golden was with Washington's leadership at halftime of the Va Tech game, and they both acknowledged that the position needs to execute better. There's no story here, move along.

Are there some really doubting or criticizing Golden here?

Clearly he sees Washington is not playing up to his potential at the position. You challenge the ones you care about and see the potential in.

Could it also be that Washington was one of the ones that Golden was alluding to when he said there are guys on the team preoccupied with things about self and not team like all american status?

This is tough love my fellow Canes fans because he has higher expectations for Washington because he sees the potential. He's saying get over it! Stop whining about the move from guard, go embrace left tackle, and go effing dominate because you can!

Golden knows what he's doing.

Washington, let this criticism roll down your back onto the ground and only take from it what you can and move on. You have held up your end at OT, after a move from OG; that is not an easy step to make and because you did it with some success, it demonstrates your talents as a player. If you are not the starter at LT, you will be moved back to a starting OG position. You are the best OL we have and Golden knows it; keep your head up and keep improving. When you are ready to graduate and move on, you will be a 1st round pick because of your demonstrated ability to play multiple positions.

Iy has to be a motivational tactic because there are 21 starters that should be called out before Washington. We have talent but lack D-tackles and lock down corners. If the committed recruits stay with us and we're able to get a couple D-Linemen we will improve significantly next year. By year three we'll be the feared CANES again. Of course that hinges on the feds, I mean the NCAA.

Whoa there guys! Some of you on here get it; some of you don't. Ted is obviously a seminole trying to start something. If anyone on this blog was a Cane fan last year, can surely see a difference in our play. Sure, we're 3-3 and at the end of the day it all comes down to the W's BUT....... Look at the heart, and the effort our guys are at least demonstrating on the field. Last year I was frustrated because our D carried us in soooooo many games and kept sayin that IF our offense can just score, we'd be a force. Well, 12 months later its just the opposite but I see progress. I see suspensions, lack of depth especially at DB and CB and young players in general. Last year we saw the "leadership" give up when they were down, or got burnt. The point being is the heart these kids are playing with. The motivation by Golden is obviously working, see prior statement. So if this is how he see fits to do something, and BTW, he knows these players a little better than any of us and I'm sure he's figuring out his "hot button". Obviously Washington knows he's good and that kind of motivation tactic may be exactly what pushes this guy from being an all conference guard to being an all everything tackle.

Wow! I remember when Coach RS called out TB and blames the OSU interceptions on him. The fan base went crazy and said RS was doing a terrible thing. No one said, "coach knows best." Everyone killed him on this blog.

I like coach calling out players to get them to improve, but Coach Al picked the wrong player in this case and I hope it doesn't negatively affect the team.


If any remember, did you ever, ever ever hear Howard Schnellenberger say anything negative about his players- never
just opinion

Have any of you even played football at the college level? B washington is a hell of a player it's an adjustment just keep working big man you have great feet and by the end of the season you'll be well adjusted. The defense actually played better saturday they just need more time in the system it's not as easy as playing a video game you have to have depth and guys playing on one accord give them some time.

A Seminole fan.....wow you're dumb! Golden is open to criticsm like any other professional, get real loser

I hope this is one of those motivational ploys where you go after one of your better players as an example for the others that you can go after anyone. Cause I can't think of a player who's been more consistent over the last 2 years and who went to a position where we needed help and performed. To call him out can have a bit of a negative affect on others. Lets see how it plays out. Clearly to me, BWash is definitely one of the top 5 out there and should play, whether Sean is ready or not. Just my opinion.

BW can be irked all he wants but in the second half they played like ass. Stop complaining and do better. FIND A WAY to get it done. The BS about he might be an NFL first rounder means you think you're less than that? PLEASE LEAVE THE TEAM IF YOU DO. Think about how that statement would wash with Bryant McKinnie. Shut your mouth and get it done!

Randy Shannon finally spoke about Nevin Shapiro on ESPN. He basically denied he ever knew the guy.

That just leaves our troll president as the only person to answer questions on Shapiro.

Brandon Washington needs to take all of that anger out on somebody from GT. Bury your man and it won't be an issue. I have a hard time critcizing anyone from the O-line after the VT game.

Ted...please go take your medication. Your "over the top" routine is laughable. I look at this as Golden simply mind playing his players and not letting them get "to comfortable". All the great coaches have done it....Jimmy Johnson being one of them. Did Washington perhaps not have the greatest day on Saturday against a future #1....yes. If there was EVER a time for a coach to perhaps "show his fangs" it's this week. It is VERY possible this team has turned a corner after losing to VTech and then going on the road and beating North Carolina. Golden said it himself...."we need to get tougher"....I belive he means physically and MENTALLY....C'mon people....either you get it or you don't. Half of you don't. My response to Washington....dude...you know your good....you know we need you....suck up the critism....BE TOUGH MENTALLY...go out there on Saturday and prove your coach wrong....an as Michael Irvin said...."and well see you in the championship game".

RS made the same stupid mistake w/ Franklin last year and w/ Fig. Let these guys do what they do best. B.Wash was an All-ACC player as a guard last yr. Dont try to fit a square peg in a round hole

You can do it, man!
Keep plugging away at LT!

B. Washington in an open competition for a job? HUH?

Golden is fair game for criticism. As good as the offense looks the d looks that much worse.defense has given up at least 200 yards rushing a game. We gave up 214 yards rushing to bcc. I'm sure there are some others that can be called out as well.

Bubba, If Golden had asked Seantrel to red-shirt, he (Seantrel) and his dad would have most likely left UM. Apparently there were some rumors of misunderstandings between Golden and the Hendersons.

Eventually, when totally healthy, with his added mobility Seantrel will replace Brandon as the starter.
Perhaps Al will move Brandon back to guard, ya never know.

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