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Canes' left tackle Brandon Washington irked his job is open for competition

CORAL GABLES -- If Al Golden's goal was to get under Brandon Washington's skin with his comments Monday -- mission accomplished.

Brandon WashingtonThe 6-4, 320-pound junior, who has started 20 consecutive games for the Hurricanes (second-most on the offensive line behind senior Harland Gunn), said he is irked his starting job at left tackle has become an open competition with Seantrel Henderson. Washington also seemed puzzled as to why.

"I have no idea," Washington said Tuesday when asked why Golden thought his performance Saturday at North Carolina wasn't good enough. "I was obviously frustrated with my play. I was going against a good player [Quinton Coples]. They were talking about him being a possible first round draft pick. I didn't give up a sack on him. I think he had one solo tackle. So, I don't know what the deal is. I just need to get better."

For the record, Coples finished with three solo tackles, three assisted tackles, 2.5 tackles for a loss and a sack. There's no telling exactly how many of those came against Washington (maybe offensive line coach Art Kehoe can clear it up since he broke down the film), but Golden was pretty clear Monday when he said "we're not getting enough out of the left tackle."

Washington was also pretty clear he was bothered by that. "Of course it bothers me," he said when asked if having his job up for grabs gets under his skin. "Like I said I was an All-Conference guard and they asked me to move out there because of the injury to Seantrel. Now, they're telling me the three inside guys are solid. And that possibly won't change.

"It's a tough adjustment," Washington said of moving from guard to tackle. "I was a dominant guard. I was an all-conference guard. I was a preseason all-conference guard, preseason All-American guard. Something changed with me going to tackle. I didn't just all of a sudden start to dominate guys as a freshman. I was a starter my sophomore year in what they called my come out year. I knew I could play. I got confidence in it. [Then] they moved me to tackle. I could use another year at tackle, and come out and execute the way I did at guard."

Lighting a fire under a player's butt is always a good thing if you can get more out of him. But in this case, it's clear Washington's feelings are bruised. Now, is he going to take a good attitude and approach to the competition? Or, is he going to sulk and become a problem?

Despite some of his comments, it doesn't appear Washington will do the latter. "I'm going to come out with the same composure, same humble guy I've been, play my physical brand of football," Washington said.

"[This] changes my mindset in a positive way, like just me wanting to get better, me wanting to execute my role even more. Now, I've got competition."

> So what was it that Washington didn't do right at North Carolina? The second time we asked him, we got a better explanation.

"Now that I watch film, we got this solid count with this head bob. [Coples] was beating me off the snap count," Washington said. "It was an away game. We had to go to a silent count. I was asking Tyler Horn could he do a two-head bob. He kept telling me 'Yeah,' but he wasn't getting there. I was doing the best I can. He was getting off the ball faster. I couldn't get my hands up faster. I couldn't get my hands on [Coples]. He was already on the edge."

Washington said making the switch from guard to tackle isn't easy and gave his explanation as to why. "You're in more space. The hand adjustment from the snap of the ball is quicker than at guard," Washington said. "You can handle it somewhat [at guard] -- opposed to a guy who runs 4.7, 4.6 speed, a guy who is big, fast and physical. You try and tie him with your hands. That's why I said I can use another year at it."


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I think throwing a player under the bus in the media who does everything right is not fair to B.WASHINGTON.He never played tackle and he shouldn't be called out for it get on the d line,linebackers and secondary,always playing out of position good job Al Golden good way to light a fire on the wrong player.

He is aloud to say this as a coach, but I think it is unnecessary to throw brandon washington under the bus like he did, he needs to come out publicly and apologize if I was AL doesn't look good to recruits.

Why is it that between Miami's players and the opponents that they've played this year, there will be over 120 future 1st. Rounders in the next 2 years combined between them according to Cane fans?

Seantral should never leave the field...

Posted by: H Gui | October 18, 2011 at 02:00 PM


Great idea, but it might take away a little of his quickness having to roll around an oxygen tank with him on all the 3 n outs ...

I think throwing a player under the bus in the media who does everything right is not fair to B.WASHINGTON.He never played tackle and he shouldn't be called out for it get on the d line,linebackers and secondary,always playing out of position good job Al Golden good way to light a fire on the wrong player.

Posted by: MIAMI FAN | October 19, 2011 at 12:57 AM

He is aloud to say this as a coach, but I think it is unnecessary to throw brandon washington under the bus like he did, he needs to come out publicly and apologize if I was AL doesn't look good to recruits.

Posted by: MontanaCane | October 19, 2011 at 01:20 AM


if it makes U-2 and the rest of U whiney Cane pUUUssies feel any better for poor Brandon, I'm sure Goldy n Art will hand out lil plastic trophys along with a pat on the head to all the linemen at the seasons end banquet... Kinda like when Ur little league team finished last but still were rewarded so U would feel safe that all is fair in the world as a wUssy left-winged, everyone's a winner consolation prize ...

JeeezzzUs, bUck Up Cane ClUcks.

a bump for Warfield
good post...
glad to see the emphasis on motivation coach, but you be careful to be fair and consistent in your motivational approach.
I bet you picked on BW b/c of his great potential, but he does not know that.
Just don't do it in the media...No upside for you or the team.
We don't need to know about it...we will know when we see the results on the field.

F.I.U who ?

Posted by: Halelujia | October 19, 2011 at 07:11 AM

U Win 4 outta Ur next 6 ... Bowl game Win ?

8 n ?

While I appreciate BW's move to tackle to help the team, I believe every players position should be challenged every day so that the best player plays each week. His final stats that he admitted to from Saturday weren't that good. Again...I appreciate he's not as used to playing tackle as gaurd, but I say...prove you're better by playing better at the position you're assigned to play. As for the defense, I'm sure articles can be written about it as well. This one is about offensive line play. Let's focus on that, folks.

Coaching 101, you never call out or say negative things about a player or coach on your team to the media or general public. Why? The action will be seen as disrespectful, demeaning and distrustful by the targeted person as well as other players or coaches on that team. Regardless of that persons character or mental makeup, the outside influences and derogatory conversation surrounding the situation will ultimately cause the player or coach to respond in a defensive manner. This is exactly what we are witnessing transpire with Golden and Washington. The next thing that must happen is an apology by Golden to Washington in private and address the team of the apology or else he loses the family/team atmosphere which in his own words, he is trying to create.



GO U!!!!!

Posted by: play a song on Ur Violin Cane Fan | October 19, 2011 at 02:28 AM

if we played a song for you, it would be Taps. 2AM, and your team is in the toilet with three straight losses, so you show up here to attack:

1. The Canes? Nope, they had a big win, so you can't.
2. The Coach? Nope, because unlike mousetrap, Golden has his players going in the right direction.
3. Your Mom? Nope, because you haven't seen her in YEARS since that incident in the WalMart.

So you go with your old favorite, trolling Canes fans for daring to speak their OPINION on a BLOG. You were gone for a few days there, Curse, but the meds wore off and you are back to your insomniac pychotic behavior.

Gator Clause is now suffering thanks to your incessant attacks. You can't pretend to be a gloating Gator fan anymore, so now pretending to be a Canes fan over there is your latest attack, I see. I hope Matt finally IP bans you, so fans of BOTH teams can be free of your Sybil-like behavior.

Go Canes, beat the StraightJackets. Oh wait, Curse is the one in a StraightJacket, and he is already beaten. Go Canes, beat the Yellow Jackets.

He never called out BW specifically. he said the left tackle. BW and SH were sharing duties at LT. Ok they did well first half, but seriously. What happened in the second half? I know BW is a kid still. I know he was taken aback by the comments. Let me address that:

- BW: Develop thicker skin, son. Life is tough

Every day, every practice should be competition for your position. That was the cane mantra of old, and should be the cane mantra now. if you think your position is locked or cushy and you slack off or dont do as well in a game or practice, feel free to assume someone else will take your job. The days of complacency under Shannon are over. So take it for what it is.

The fact that you are showering the D-end from UNC with compliments about how good he is, and how hard it was to block him, means you arent confident enough in your own ability. You should know he is good but outwardly know or express your self-confience and say you are better. Translation: Swag.

Finally, just know that AG was trying to motivate you to be better. In the long run that will benefit you as will playing two different positions. The NFL likes players with diverse abilities!

Joe get over yourself. You don't have to like what I say, and you don't have to agree. You're obviously one of these guys that thinks Golden is always right! Which i find laughable. Well here he's wrong and I'm calling him out. The big guy has every right to be pissed after the sacrifices he's made for this team. Again Wash is not the problem, he should be pissed at his best friend the DC. Now get your head out of Goldilocks butt, we're still losing games we should win making the same dumb mistakes as last year, so until Goldilocks takes us to two straight national title games stop it with the JJ comparisons. Six games in I expect a full game, not good halves, and have we figured out that option play yet, because you know who we play his week? I hope the idiot yelling at B Wash does. But I'll let you go back to your man crush, I'll be focused on the defense.

I agree with you guys, Miami one of the top rushing attacks in the nation, and J 12 has all day in pocket to throw. If B Wash was at guard maybe we would have converted the 1 yard that was needed at K state. The U main concern is that garbage defensive line that gets jacked up every saturday. Hopefully O vernon can make an impact because D line is Trash.

B wash is legit hands down. Golden concern id D Line, O- Line is doing a great job. Golden is just protecting his hommie D onforrio D Coorindator because he kno that D onforrio sucks and a defensive coorindator , but B wash is the best lineman we have trust me I watch the film and the guards and centers are trash compared to b wash

I truly do not understand why you would move an all ACC guard to tackle. Apparently, we have 2 guards that can get it done. This moves Brandon to LT, a position that has been unsettled. It is a challenge for him and that is undertsandable.

We have a lot of good O lineman, but Brandon belongs at guard.

Maybe Gunn and Linder are best suited for guard, and Brandon can be a strong tackle. Then, what about Seantrel?

Wish we had the same problem on the D line!

Golden should get on these guys (maybe he's a natural guard, but how long has he been at T?) Seantrel is chomping at the bit to get on the field. Although Washington may not be at his natural position, we have to put the best 5 OL on the field to give us the best chance of winning. He should take it as a challenge ... man up and prove how good he is or he can back-up Seantrel. Go Golden!!! I have seen many improvements this year (although we're only 3-3) Penalties are down, Int's are down, we have been competitive in all games ... I just hope we hold this recruiting class together to get back to being deep in a few yrs. GO CANES!!!!

Great experience for this kid going from Guard to tackle. Now he has quality experience at both positions. Left Tackles also get paid more in the NFL. Keep working hard bud- good things come to those who work for them.

Golden is right on. this o-line pre-season was supposed to be one of the best in the country. They should dominate every game. if youa re playing against a #1 pick, step up your game and stop complaining. coach is just trying to help him become a better player. How many times does a lineman in the NFL have to play diffent positions because of injury?

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