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D'Onofrio says Canes are finding more guys on defense that can execute

CORAL GABLES -- UM defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio didn't have a great first half. But he started the second half of the season with a bang -- shutting down one of the nation's most potent rushing attacks and scoring offenses in Georgia Tech on Saturday.

Mark D'OnofrioHe called the team's defensive performance against the Yellow Jackets "gratifying." While he said he didn't care ultimately how many yards Georgia Tech ran for, his goal was to eliminate "the explosive plays," "cheap touchdowns," and "make them drive." Georgia Tech's longest run from scrimmage was 11 yards. The Yellow Jackets' longest pass was 17 yards. So, mission accomplished.

"We tackled really well -- at the 90 percentage, which is our goal, which isn't easy. That's the second time we did that (Ohio State was the other)," D'Onofrio said.

"The biggest thing I took away from that game was how hard we played, our finish grade. This is the game where we had our least amount of loafs -- where guys weren't running to the ball hard. We finished plays with toughness and we tackled well. Those two things are indicative of what type of defense you have. You can throw everything else out the window if you can control those things and those are things you control. No penalties, finish and tackle well. Those are prerequisites. Those core things we've been trying to dictate since we got here. Those showed up Saturday."

D'Onofrio said he put Sean Spence at middle linebacker in part because he wanted him to be able to cover both sides of the field. "[Denzel] Perryman was playing the strongside and Jimmy [Gaines] played weak. I was trying to get a faster lineup out there based on what they did in the perimeter," he said.

"If you look at the stat line and you look at the amount of guys who got snaps in the game, a lot of starters didn't have to play 60-70 plays, they played 40 plays become somebody got in behind them and played 20. That's why we played fresh and why I think we played at that high finish level. The more guys we can play that can execute, the better off we're going to be."


> UM coach Al Golden wasn't happy starting right tackle Jonathan Feliciano injured himself Saturday celebrating Lamar Miller's 14-yard touchdown run right before the half. But he isn't about to start teaching his guys how to party after a touchdown either.

"If I got to coach the celebration now, we're in trouble," Golden joked. "We should have a no air policy for our offensive linemen."

Feliciano remains doubtful for Thursday's game against Virginia in Golden's words. Feliciano is wearing a boot on his left foot. He was injured after leaping up and landing awkwardly on a teammate. Tight end Chase Ford was apparently Feliciano's intended target of a chest bump that never happened.

"That was scary," quarterback Jacory Harris said. "I was actually running in the end zone with Mongo and Seantrel [Henderson] right next to me. And I see [Feliciano] go up in the air and come down, so I thought he tripped. And me and Seantrel are trying to pick him up and we just hear him saying `Ahh!' We got scared, but he'll be okay. I'm pretty sure he'll fight through it."

> Golden seemed pretty happy junior Darius Smith played well enough Saturday to possibly knock Micanor Regis out of a starting job. "You can create competition, but when other guys see it on film, that's real competition," Golden said. "Darius is going to be tough to supplant in there now. He's going to compete."

As for the state of his defensive line, consider Golden a happy camper now that there are more healthy and able bodies around. "We're as deep right now as we have been since Aug. 13 or 14," he said.

> The reason Ray-Ray Armstrong hasn't taken the safety job totally away from JoJo Nicolas is because he's still taking too many chances.

"I think he's progressed," D'Onofrio said of Armstrong. "I think he's practicing better. I think he's more confident back there. But the biggest thing right now is not trying to do too much. He's a guy who has playmaking ability, but we keep trying to preach the plays will come. Guys got a chance to make plays by doing their job, letting plays come to them. Everybody shines when that happens -- not when guys try to go out of their way to make a play or go outside of what their job description is on that play. That's really what we need from Ray."

> The reason we didn't see more of freshmen Olsen Pierre at defensive tackle before he provided two tackles Saturday? Apparently, a bum ankle.

"He's kind of been nursing it all the way through," D'Onofrio said. "We really haven't seen him play up to his capability. What we saw on Saturday was a little glimpse of what he could do. He played with a better pad level, played with a better get-off, played with a better motor. He took some steps in that regard."


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Keep em coming Manny.

Got to use Cain, Finney much better. Ray Ray has all the talent, but seems a little loss at SS. I don't think he knows where he supposed to be and doesn't know which players on offense he should be mindful of.

I saw a better effort on D, but still no real schemes, comprehensive blitz packages, stunts, etc.

UVA won't give game away.

No schemes? really? Moving players around to get speed out of the LB position and shutting down the option wasn't a scheme? the best scheme thrown against CPJ/GT in quite a while, if ever.

Why would you blitz and/or stunt on an option team? Who does that and stops the option?

True, the best way to attack an option offense is with assignments. Meaning, don't lose sight of exactly who you are responsible for. By the same token, no defense should ever be "predictable." Even in an option O, there are a lot of defensive formations that can be used, which the UM DC appears to be clueless about.

And John P, I just don't want to get into the passing defense, which GT did to keep D off balance.

The sole bright spot on D is spence.

Bloody toUt of the week. Your Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes are a convincing - 14 point home chalk.

So, moi's sagacious advice is that U'all Hurricane wannabe' gamblers lay the bloody points! Eh. Because I'm absolutely going too!

Miami Hurricanes 35

Cavaliers 10

D'Onofrio's REKINDLED defense keeps on keeping on and Fischer, Jacory, Miller and the rest of the Hurricane O-unit rebounds from a servicable offense performance against a jacked-up Fumbling Bee squad.

Miami Hurricanes 35

Cavaliers 10

U'all came across the toUt here first. Say it ain't so.

just play hard for 60, and don't make mistakes that hurt the team. VA will come to play...don't we still owe them for the 48-0 beating they put on us -- on the LAST GAME @ THE ORANGE BOWL? Thursday night games...Canes are notoriously tough at ome on Thurs nite...let's do this make us proud, make your coaches proud, make your families proud, make yourselves proud, and make VA glad next years game is at least 365 days away!!

Cool Cat - Denzel Perryman and Anthony Chickillo aren't bright spots?

We need to blow UBS out of the stadium on Thursday. Let's not forget last year.

Good game against Ga Tech. Now, let's put it to Virginia big time! Remember last year and bring it all on every down.
Great job by the D!
Go Canes!

Cool cat and all of the other Donofrio bashers that have been calling for his head as of just a couple of weeks ago, like Anthony wherever he dissapeared to. You guys need to dissapear already, They did blitz and stunt so Idk what game u were watching, they shut em down period. Go bash Cristobal for a while clowny.

maybe RRA is more of a "me" first than a team first. no way you push JJN out of the line-up after last week. disicipline is what makes this team defense to show as it did this past wk against GT. Until RRA shows discipline and a team attitude he sits.

Touchdown Tommy Streeter had a great game, but what happened to Byrd?

AAAAAHHHHH very satisfying win. Shutting down the TripleShit offense again for the 3rd time in a row. GT still hasn't learned that they can't bring that offense against a fast defense. Hell, our defense is depleted by multiple injuries and a suspension. Take that Georgia Technical garbage. Now bring on uva so we can slap'em across the face and send them back to the blue ridge mountains.

I'm calling a shut out on this one. 21-0 U !

GO U !!

R u kidding me chick and perryman r beasts. Need to use Cain and finnie more. Ray Ray needs to get off the field, real talk he is always outta position.






Some one clue me in as my perceptions of what I saw on TV may be wrong- I have only been to the Stadium twice. I just did not see 43,000 in the stands. to me on TV the upper deck was virtually empty maybe 10% filled at best, and the lower portion had the endzones packed but on the sidelines in the lower deck, especially between the 30's all I saw were empty orang seats. a friend of mine went down said it was over half full I think they are vastly inflating attendance- am I wrong?

It depends on what time of the game was the camera panning around. There was actually a good amount of people in comparison to other home games. That's about all I can say. I sit in the lower bowl section 122 by the visitors section. Dunno about 43,000 maybe 40,000. Whatever, I'm glad to see more people showing up to the games. But that falls on the shoulders of all of those bandwagoners who are now fiu fans.


You are wrong. They are not inflating the numbers.

If you saw the upper deck it was probably a blimp shot at the beginning of the game when half the fans still hadn't shown up.

Low 40's was a good number, not inflated...
I'm not worried about attendance anymore. I've been around a long time and very little has changed. I'm going from memory but I think we averaged 47k in 2001.
Even from here in NJ, I go to 4 games a year. I don't want a pat on the back, it's what I'm supposed to do.

Now I'd like to hear from the group that predicted a couple of weeks ago a 4-8 year.


G O C A N E S ! ! !

I hope Ray Ray steps up his game. He has been widely recognized as a player with next level potential. Maybe he thinks it is a done deal. We need guys with desire who play disciplined and are about TEAM. I like true frosh Denzel and Anthony C. These guys are going to be great players for the Canes. Keep it coming, guys, and punish Virginia on all sides of the ball! Humble their vaunted defense and put up 40!

and speaking of 40, let's fill the stadium this Thursday night and support our players and coaches! Go Canes!

Where are the Gator trolls at?? Probably in their trailer polishing their sisters, errrr, wives toe nails. I hope they are ready to go down for the 3rd game in a row to UGA this weekend. The loser trolls are so mad that their team stinks and UM is on the rise. It is sooooo good to have UM fans talk UM football!!

If yall didnt realize UM is the hightest rank Florida team in the latest top 50 BCS standings. UM 35, UFelonys (Gayturds)48, Seminholes 45. Funny how yall punks was talking FIU, USF, Gayturds and SeminHoles were better teams than the U. Sorry wrong again, i told yall its a process and we are just getting better and better taking it one game at at time.

Simply we can be underfeated or have one lose right now, but still no excuses. Man cant wait til next year when our system has been in for a full year and these guys get bigger stronger and faster.

Mane its going to look bad for the rest of Florida and the ACC.

PS: Told everyone b4 season started SeminHoles follows our tracks every year. U C the the trend.

U still sUck, but God Bless U anyways.

the problem with ray ray is he came in with way too much hype...in other words overrated..it takes more than hype to wear 26 on this team...

Agree with canedude1. Ray Ray seems to always be looking for that killer hit, killer tackle that will make sportscenter or the pick 6 int. How about being in position, doing your job, like not allowing a 19yd up the middle game winning TD by the QB?

cool cat- you are one clueless m---f. You say the same things over and over "stunts, blitzes, blah blah blah". You cant do that with theh triple option. Don't you know that?

rich- I cold care less if Um is ranked #3 and FSU #5 and UF #6. Bottom line it aint good enough. I wouldnt brag that we are #35.

Keep Sean Spence in the middle!!!

Home Game. Honoring the 2001 Championship Team. National TV. Bring the hurt, bring the wood. Last Saturday's win doesn't mean anything if they do not take care of business Thursday night. Go Canes!

Feeling real good up here in Gainesville about them Canes.
Every win for us and every gaytor loss this town is getting quite, and gaytor mouths are closed.
Ahhhhhh back to normal

quiet. ooops

Cool cat, you been playing too much X-box dude- leave the defensive scheming to the coaches. You wouldn't know a rip move from a swim technique from a 34x. Stop pretending.
I am not pleased with the 35th place ranking, but we are improving and becoming a team again. I love the Golden, he is everything I thought he was. I pray he stays for a long, long time and Cane faithful, we will see titles again real soon with his leadership, passion and vision. Canes for life!!!

Thursday Night guys lets do this!!!



C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!!!!

@best college football in 32 years

First of all I'm not satisfy with us being ranked 35. My point was that other college fans were on here bashing TheU. I want them to realize that all that hype in the beginning of the season is bull cramp. Week 1 we had most of our starters out and we wasn't buying in the what the coaches were selling. Now they are and if you can't see the improvement from one game to the other I wouldn't be excited either.

But been a true fan even through the hard times I'm just excited what I am seeing from this Cane team. That's why I said next year is going to be a great year.

@canedude I always said Ray Ray was overrated never had covering skills. That's why he need to be a outside linebacker. He loves to be around the backfield so let's use his aggressiveness for the better.

Armstrong has never lived up to the hype.At best..he s an average player.He s a hair better than McToast.

Ray Ray needs to have a long talk with Ed Reed B4 Thursday night game and understand that there is a reason that the position is called safety. I played it I know if you don't do your job and try to do too much you put the whole d at risk because you're the Saftey-aka-last line on defense in case of missed tackles, blown assignments up front, mircle move or whatever.
Second its nice to see the coaching take hold in these kids and I agree with everyone who wonders what would of happened if Golden had this team two years ago. Not happy being ranked 35 would be happy at 3 or 5 its #1 or your still chasing.

Go Canes turned down a great dinner concert to stay home and watch this game Thursday so don't let me down Va 10 U 35.

Long time Ravens fan - Ed Reed is the absolute worst person Ray Ray Armstrong could talk to about doing your job at safety.

Ed has given up more big plays than anyone, he has absolutely no discipline and he doesn't always make up for it with his free lancing. He's personally lost more games for the Baltimore Ravens than he's personally won.

That said he's my second favorite UM player (after Santana Moss) and my second favorite NFL player (after Ray).

You gotta love how Tommy Streeter is developing. Fast, long strides, big, good hands. He is responding well to the coaching and could be a top receiver nationally. Hope he has a huge game against the Cadavers this Thursday.

Eudo. No way.

Is that why he is often called the best safety of all time? Is that why he is in the probowl most of the time? I guess he has given so many big plays that its his fault, not the pathetic offense's fault that Baltimore hasnt won a superbowl in a while


Ed Reed will go down as one of the Greatest NFL safeties, Period!

Steady progress men! That's what we want to see. Clear land, lay foundation, add walls and a roof. Build fence around house (State of Miami) and whammo! Canes Are Back! Decrease loses by 2 per year and recruit players not stars and we'll be a fixture in the top 5 like we should be. FYI....I passed thru G'ville on way bqack from Charleston to Tampa. When the Gainesvillians saw the U tag on front of the G37 they all ran for cover. Heard them yell, INCOMING!!!

One last comment. I would like to see OL come off the ball more aggressively, lower the pad level and maintain their blocks longer. This will allow for more running lanes and open seams for the passing game.

Ahh, the peace of a great blog free of trolls.

Win streak for the Canes? Check.
Losing streak for the Gators? Check.

Yep, normally could care less about the biggest hick drunk party of them all (or whatver they call that excuse for the Gators dodging the Canes), but a UGA win will mean another week of our blog freed from the incessant whining of trolls suffereing from an inferiority complex for being down 9 to 3 in the things that matter, national titles in football and baseball.

Eudocimus, C'mon man!
All the people who were 'tough' on our DC did their job, and the DC responded. Period. Keep the expectations high. What was happening before was not acceptable, and he was being held accountable for. I wouldn't underestimate critical blogs, but the people spoke, and his job is safe, lets keep it like that. GO Canes. Derseve Victory!

Cool Cat the predictable defense beat GT last year, and did it again once more..
If it did not take schemes and planning to accomplish that win, then I cannot acknowledge your comment about about predictable schemes as factual...Open your eyes and face reality..for the first time Coach D said guys are playing in rotation and because of this we can finish stronger and play through the 4 th quarter.. what part of that don't you understand...
Go 'Canes...

Again, he's one of my favorite players and THE greatest playmaking safety of all time.

But I'm not wrong and any Ravens fan would agree with me. He's let up a ton of deep balls by being out of position over the years and he is the least qualified person in the world to coach another player about discipline and playing within a defense.

Thats like saying dan marino was the greatest qb of all time but he lost a lt of games due to ints. Come on man. Or... Yeah, jerry rice was great nut hedropped a lot of balls. You kidding me? Ed reed is feared by qbs. Even peyton manning knows not to throw his way. Big ben felt otherwise and he made him pay this yr with two ints.

Ok. Youre entitled to your op, however flawed.

More like asking Devin Hester to come back and teach receivers to have soft hands.

Hester's a great player, but he has terrible hands. He can teach other things. But not that.

The billions of people in the world who have never seen a football are all better equipped than Ed Reed to teach a player discipline and playing within a defense.

Ed Reed would tell Ray Ray Armstrong the wrong thing.

If Miami win's these next 2 games they are 6-3. 15 points is the only difference between Miami undefeated. I believe Miami is the most underrated team. They should have won against V-tech, and K-state. But if you look both teams are ranked up around the top 10 so it doesn't look that bad. Let's hope GT gets there sh*t together and upsets Va tech so Miami has an opportunity to win the ACC coastal division .

Miami has a reasonable chance to go 8-4 (UVa, Duke, BC, USF. They win a bowl, they finish 9-4.

If they do the unthinkable and win out, they could finish 10-3

If either of the 2 scenarios occur, Al Golden and his staff should get multi-year contracts with raises and bonuses

And I disagree that Miami should do a self imposed bowl ban this season if they qualify so that they can avert worse NCAA penalties. If the have a chance to play in a decent bowl with a decent record, they should play!
There are seniors on this team, and there are others who could bolt next yr. I say give them the bowl (if they qualify). Unless they finish 6-6 and play on Dec 20 or soemthing. Then I would be ok with that.

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