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Gaines talks winning TD play; Jacory said he'll be ready for Duke & other UM post-game notes

SUN LIFE STADIUM -- The mediocrity continues.

The Miami Hurricanes (4-4, 2-3 ACC play) still haven't won three games in a row since Oct. 2009 and they've got nobody to blame but themselves. Dumb penalties, blown coverages and an inability to execute when it mattered -- the same old losing recipe -- is what hurt them in Thursday's 28-21 loss to Virginia.

Here is some of what we learned post-game:

> Linebacker Jimmy Gaines, beaten on the game-winning 78-yard touchdown pass from Michael Rocco to Perry Jones, said he thought he had safety help in coverage and said that's why he lunged for the ball. Of course, Gaines didn't and Jones ran untouched into the end zone.

"Every play is full of one-on-one battles. On that play, I didn't win mine," Gaines said. "I didn't win the battle. I was hoping somebody was back there. I was just trying to make the play and I didn't. I have to make sure I use the proper technique, get him on the ground."

Of course, it would have been nice if somebody else -- say Vaughn Telemaque or Ray-Ray Armstrong -- were around. But they weren't.

> Quarterback Jacory Harris wasn't on the field for the final plays of the game. Although Al Golden said Harris has been "banged up" for a few weeks and needs rest, Harris said he'll be back for Duke. He finished 21 of 30 for 311 yards and three touchdowns and was sacked three times.

" I'm cool. No matter what you'll still see me on the field," Harris said. "Broken leg, whatever it is, I'll be there. Been doing it my whole career.

> Since climbing to as high as the third-leading rusher in the country (135.4 yards per game) on Oct. 9, North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Virginia have made it a point to try and take Lamar Miller (5-11, 212-pound redshirt sophomore) out of UM's offense. They've stacked the box with eight and nine man fronts, forcing quarterback Jacory Harris to try and beat them instead.

Although Miller had 93 yards on 27 carries and a touchdown Georgia Tech, he's been held to just 3.2 yards per carry over his last three games -- a total of 192 yards on 59 carries. Al Golden said that's not good enough.

"We have to examine the whole thing," Golden said. "I'm not going to sit up here and say it's one guy. We're just not running the ball as effectively as we need to and we're not staying on track on first and second down efficiency."

Harris said it's up to the passing game to make plays. "When teams stack the box we have the passing game open and I guess we don't enough there to win the game," Harris said. "I guess we have to step it up passing wise because teams are going to sell out."

> Receiver Tommy Streeter had a career-high seven catches for 176 yards and two touchdowns including an amazing 51-yard TD grab between two defenders.

"I just trusted him," Harris said. "I knew he would make the play. He basically had one guy underneath him and the other guy was just one-on-one with. So I said I'm just going to trust him to make the play. We needed something to spark us and fuel us to go forward. That was our momentum."

> UM, penalized just four times in their previous two wins, was flagged five times for 51 yards. The big dumb ones -- roughing the passer on Olivier Vernon on and incomplete pass on third down (Virginia scored its second TD three plays later) and a roughing the kicker penalty in the third quarter (Virginia missed a field goal, but ran 10 more plays after it).

"Clearly we had some penalties that were just absurd," Golden said. "We can't have those penalties and the mental breakdowns we did. The blocked field goal too. We weren't sharp and we didn't execute and that starts with me, period."


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I really could use the entertainment...


What U got CanestillUisdead ? "This" ? "Reality" ?

Posted by: De Ja vU U ... again

5 Rings Baby, NFL too you are being entertained by 'Canes every Sunday don't U forget that.
Go 'Canes

Please Cane fans, tell me all about the different Scenarios how U can still make the ACC Championship game, win the ACC, win a BCS Bowl game and finish in the Top-10 springboarding U as a National Championship contender next year...

I really could use the entertainment...


What U got CanestillUisdead ? "This" ? "Reality" ?

Posted by: De Ja vU U ... again | October 28, 2011 at 04:34 PM

Man at least we are relevant. What has uva done for college football in the last 30, no wait, 50 yrs? Nothing. We're in the rebuilding stage with a new coach and new system plus have had to deal with situations this year that your team didn't have to and your cadavers got away with the win. How much did it cost you guys to buy the refs for the first half? I'm curious, really shoot me a number. The first half was gift wrapped for you guys by the refs. With that much help you should have had a better score. I don't believe in moral victories but even the losers have to win once in a while.

Here's a scenario, when uva does half for college football as what the Canes have done for college football, then you can run your mouth. Get to work cause it'll take you about 50 yrs just to get half of that list done. Now stop making crystal meth in your mom's trailer because you're gonna blow it up and stop having sex with your sister cousins because that's how retards are made.

GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw that, this was the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed in my life. The whole first half there was pass interference the whole time. Even with a poor Oline, Harris still threw for over 300yds. Dammit! I only wonder how the refs got out of there last night.....

I still believe and love My Canes.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 28, 2011 at 09:23 AM


Typical Cane loser excUse mentality comment ...

"The Refs" ? Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ...


And please Cane clUcks, enlighten me to how Duh U is just a few plays away from being 8-0 ...

Everybody was frustrated after the Va Tech game because UM only rushed four linemen all game long and kept everyone else in coverage. The coordinator said he was playing safe by design because he didn't trust his players not to let up a big play. Should have stuck with that strategy against UVA.

Telemaque and Armstrong have no discipline and they feed off of each other when they're freelancing back there. Telemaque wasn't nearly this bad when Armstrong was suspended.

Offensive Coord. have to go or he has to become more aggressive early in games. Why in the hell do we start the game off with WR screens,heck our WRs do not or cant block, Travis B. and Tommy S. are downfield threats, Hurns is our pure route runner and over the middle type WR. I just dont get it, and the coaches know our WRs cant block. Our offensive linemen are big, strong, and very slow, that has become very obvious. Our Defense has no playmakers besides Spence. Yes, I do believe the team will be better next year, as I dont see not one Junior worthy of leaving early and that has also become very obvious. Well, maybe one, Streeter, a 6'5 210 WR who can run and catch, will always get drafted, but everyone else should be back. Once Again, A no-name QB beat us, and freshman RB that virginia threw out there, am sorry, when is the last time a true freshman RB had that many yards against a Miami Defense. All underclassmen will return, bet on it.

Typical Cane loser excUse mentality comment ...

"The Refs" ? Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ...


And please Cane clUcks, enlighten me to how Duh U is just a few plays away from being 8-0 ...

Posted by: De Ja vU U ... All Over Again | October 28, 2011 at 05:10 PM


Just do half of what we have done. Just half.. That's all I'm asking. You want to take pride in beating a team under a new coach and new system then go ahead. If that kinda of win makes you happy then more power to you. I like playing people at full strength across the board so that nothing can be said at the end. That is something that UVA has never done to The U. Ever. Only times you have beaten The U is when we were at our worst. If it what it takes for UVA to beat The U is for UVA to play the best and The U to play their worst, then you can have and keep that victory. UVA is still worthless in my eyes. Don't kill anyone while driving after all that meth.

Go CANES!!!!!!!

lets get to the meat and potatoes of it.. until the randy shannon recruited rejects are out of this roster,which will take a couple more years,this will be a mediocre team at best..

Posted by: canedude1 | October 28, 2011 at 07:35 AM

That's what U said about Coker the last 4 years and exactly what U'll say about Golden in 4 years...

Those of you who want D onofrio gone and Golden gone and fire this guy and that guy eight games into the season you guys are idiots. Idk what you guys expected this team to do this year win a national title, cmon people, have we not seen these same players the last few years. Some of them have played better this year like jacory but cmon, ray ray, telemaque fortson, regis, ojomo, who else the list goes on and on, these guys are just not that good plus their football iqs must be just as bad as how they look. I agree that some of the younger guys need to see more action like perryman needs to start and play the whole game bc futch is another bum that I can name here. I mean I knew this year was going to be like this. I was though a little dissapointed with the effort last night bc one thing they have shown this year is plenty of effort, but last night was a dejavu of the last seven years.I know Its hard to be patient right now but I know Golden and his staff are dissapointed with some of these players and the constant mistakes that are being made and I know that hes going to turn this around once he gets his type of players in here.

Yup I agree with you all, I couldnt sleep last night after that pathetic showing , after 40 yrs Im throwing in the towel. I packed all my canes gear, shirts wheaties box,Bar BQ sause hell even my canes TIE and Canes football and took it all out of my office and put it in the attic. I have finally come to the understanding the canes team I loved and lived to cheer for is dead and gone. No point in waiting all yr and hopeing for a good season just for dissapoitment and loss of sleep. I myself and tired of "I'll be rdy for next week" or "was mistakes" WTF--- enough excuses!!!!

Posted by: keith | October 28, 2011 at 07:43 AM


Welcome, glad U decided to join Us ...

ATL, Coaching has nothing to do with Miller running like he's scared to get hit. It has nothing to do with the ball slipping out of Harris's hand while we were in scoring position, it has nothing to do with running into the punter to give them a first down, nor does it have anything to do with the safetys letting a reciever by them on a 3rd and 11 when their offense pitches the ball to a back on a sweep, that is players doing their own thing and they cost us that game. U want to talk about coaching being a problem this staff is the best we have had since Butch was the HC. The players have to take responsibilty for their play and quit acting like they are eighth grade kids. These are supposedly grown men.

Disappointing loss. I live in Virginia and it's hard to believe that VT and UVA own the hurricanes. The Canes are not a good team this year but they have improved from last year. I grew up in Miami and remember the good days when Defense was the cornerstone of the program. Those days are gone. The current team plays with no heart or passion. Miami has much more talent then many of the teams they play. Most of those teams outwork and out play them for 4 quarters. I thought the humidity of South Florida was the Hurricanes' advantage. Nope. Miami gets tired before the other team does when they play at home. It's sickening. It's really hard to watch Miami these days. It hard to watch guys play with no passion and no heart. Time has come to start working on next year. I hope Coach Golden starts to play the younger guys at running back and DB. Another toilet bowl year for the U if they can muster up enough heart to win 2 more games. The pain of this season could go away a bit with a big win in two weeks against FSU. Time to bench the Safeties.

Go Canes. Good luck against Duke. It will be a struggle I'm sure. We Canes fan just want another win.

I think the school should ask ESPN to not show overhead views of the empty stadium during games. It's really sad how far the U has fallen.

hey deja douche listen up....

All time since 1996 till the present you're beloved cadavers are merely 4-5 against The U, of those 4 wins, 2 of them came against The U while under the new coaching staff's first season. That 0-48 was against Randy's first season as head coach, and now this win of 21-28 against Al Golden's first year at the helm. Lets see how the rest of Golden's time here will do for your beloved trailer lovers.

Take over the series and then run your mouth.


Simply at a lost for words.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 28, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Then do us all a favor and SHUT THE FU@K UP U blinder-wearing, blowhard embarrassing homer. You talk more sheet with making the least informed points than anyone here. Rah Rah, Blah Blah, Rah Rah . Jesus, enough already.

And do you actually think anyone here cares how you told a Virginia fan to shut up ? And what you do for a living? And that you were a 5-6 RB/DB/PR/KR in high school ?

So please do the rest of us Cane fans that see things for what they are instead what people like you hope for a huge favor and stick true to your word and stay at a loss for words.

Jesus man, take a break with all the rah rah delusion and just come to grips that this Miami team is average at best.

How long have you been reading this blog "canetillidie...dh"?

That guy who writes cutesy little posts with capital U's and his clUcks and his riiiieeeets is a Gators fan, he's completely obsessed with UM, watches every game so he can come here and make cute little remarks.

He's been on UM's nUts for years.

Hey Chris nice to see you. Such a way with words you have much of them unwarranted. Just ease yourself in, sarcasm there

my final post on this...cane fans you must except this is not a very good team...randy shannon has set this program back 5 years...this is what happens when you hire a carrier assistant and put him at the helm of a top d-1 football program because he's a minority and an alum...not being racist here but the pressure of these schools to hire minority's put pressure on the school and this is the end result..shannon,whether white or black,was not ready to take on this challenge..now,i have faith that golden can turn this program around in a couple of years when he brings in his type player..we,cane fans,must be patient...it will happen....also heard second hand that a long time major booster said no matter the sanctions,miami will do what it takes to keep golden here..even if that means making him the highest paid coach in college...

Please Cane fans, tell me all about the different Scenarios how U can still make the ACC Championship game, win the ACC, win a BCS Bowl game and finish in the Top-10 springboarding U as a National Championship contender next year...

I really could use the entertainment...


What U got CanestillUisdead ? "This" ?

"Reality" ?


still waiting

Damn man last night I was this close to knocking out a cadaver fan just to remove my frustration.

Posted by: CANETILLIDIE....DH | October 28, 2011 at 01:17 PM


And there U have it ... The Official face of Cane Fan... 5 foot 5, 230lb, shaved head, U Tat, goatee, #26 Cane Jersey, liquid courage and ready to fight with his fellow 20k clones.

That's 3 in a row ova U CANESSTIFF...DickHead

R. Armstrong has no pride, no brains, and no idea how to be part of a team. Hello BCookman and let him be a overrated, me first player there. L Miller is not tough enough to play for the UM. He does not want it which is evident when he does not finish his run. Another overrated egotistical individual who only thinks of himself and not the team. Let him go to BCookman too. Where is the pride of being a UM player?


Agreed. Miller is soft and does not show heart. He does not run with authority and break tackles because of desire. He can hit an open hole, often too slowly.

Did anyone notice how often the UVA running backs continued forward after we hit them? Bet it was 95% of the time. Those guys did not quit.

Another victim of UM hype, NL expectations, blah blah. Same junk with Armstrong. Give some new guys a shot, like Eduardo Clements and AJ Highsmith.

I have said this for years and will continue to beat this drum. I have been a Cane fan since 1966 so I have earned the right.
The problem here at the U all started when Donna Shalala got here. If you go back to our 01 National Championship you will see the decline in this program from then until now. That was Butch's team. Coker walked into a goldmine. So, he leaves. Her and Butch didn't see eye to eye and after Coker ran out of NFL 1st rounders, he runs for the hills. Greg Shianao saw the something Butch did and said, "No thanks." As have every decent coach that Miami has tried to lure into this program. This woman is committed to academics, NOT athletics. Plain and simple. Until she leaves this university, we will continue to have mediocre
teams in every sport btw, not just football. All that being said, I will continue
watch and support my home team and hope someday the tables will turn...Go Canes!

Dave you hit the nail on the head about shalalals. Her record was as you described at Wisconsin. Davis saw it and went pro and schiano turned down a opportunity to come back home.
She has led from the rear in the NCAA stuff and even accepted 50k from a known low life.
Golden is a good coach, hope they can keep him.

I can't believe we are accepting a Senior QB planning on continuing to start. Time to get ready for next season guys. JH has NO upside left. We owe him nothing. Lets see what Morris has.

I've seen a couple of posts allude to it; namely We won't play at an optimum level until Golden gets his own guys in here and or gets a chance to coach up some of Shannons recruits who Shannon did VERY LITTLE WITH during his time as coach. Golden obviously inherited a team that was the equivalent of a dysfunctional family. Shannon bled Hurricane colors but unfortunately his toxicity poisoned his players and severely compromised the team. The half life of that toxic mess will have to wear off before anything good happens. I doubt we improve too much next year either but then my expectations weren't too high like some Canes fans who were saying BCS bowl and NC. Yup some even thought that. I still love the Canes. We'll be back!

For over 50 years i've hung with my Canes, and I'm not stopping now.
saw my first game in '57! (I was only 1 at the time..LOL)
As y'all know, things often run in cycles. We've been in our down cycle.

I really feel this coach will eventually get us back to 10-2 sooner than later, even with the penalties. I'm not worried about the "no bowl game" thing. it's the loss of scholarships that kills a small private school like ours, though Donna will LOVE saving the $$$ and awarding 10 extra scholarships the team loses to "students" from the Dominican and Paraguay, etc.

As CANES rule 21 (and others, including moi) have said, if we had our own close to campus stadium. we could re-build the tradition. Not saying that's the solution, but it would sure help recruiting, and certainly establish a REAL home field advantage. Imagine 40k + rockin the stadium, like in the OB days?!

I'm bleed UM and will continue to do so. I also think our guys are doing their best. Therein lies the problem. Their best is just not quite CONSISTENTLY good enough.

Go Canes.

Golden should take the "U" off the helmets of these mutts. They haven't earned it, they've disgraced it.

JMAN...you can make it happen...get those big guys on the same page even if ya hafta yell at em...use the TE early n often...MORE TRICK PLAYS...laterals...onside kick to start the game...nothin to lose...single wing with fresh legs to start the 4th quarter...w RayRay at QB...


Golden was outcoach let,s blame Randy

Donofrio has adapted, defense scheme excellent, big plays were spence fault. Gaines admitted it was technique he should have tackled

they stink

Jesus man, take a break with all the rah rah delusion and just come to grips that this Miami team is average at best.

Posted by: Chris H. | October 28, 2011 at 07:09 PM

Hey Chris

If you have a problem with me being passionate about my team that you have a problem. I've always been this passionate about the Canes and I'm sorry man, but I'm not gonna stop so just doing read my posts if they bother you. It is a free country and you can choose to read what you want. Plus the only reason we are "average at best" as you say, is because we still have way too many of candy randy's players left on this team. Fig, Horn, Harris, Whipple, Byrd, Gunn, Ivory, A.Smith, M.Robinson, Futch, Chambers, Nicolas, Ford will all be gone. Didn't mention someone seniors because they were brought in with Golden like Ayles and Williams etc.. Once you remove these guys from the squad there is a young team there that has been getting experience and will be ready for the upcoming season. Like I've been saying since the beginning, we need to give Golden the same amount of time we gave randy. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair simply due to the fact that he has to deal with players that haven't been developed nor are players that he possibly wouldn't have recruited in the first place. Just need to stay positive and optimistic through it all. That's what I did in the 90's with all of the suspensions and then we took over college football all over again. For the Canes, history always seems to repeat itself. No one can argue that.


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